Problems and dilemmas facing the curtain wall industry

First, the market demand for the industry, the curtain wall consulting industry has played an important role in the construction of the project.

The curtain wall is novel in appearance and rich in façade form. Especially the glass curtain wall has the unique advantages of light weight, light transmission, high strength and durability. The skyscrapers with a height of more than 500 are all made of glass curtain wall. With the rapid development of China’s economy, China began to build a large number of curtain wall buildings after 2000. The curtain wall consulting industry has flourished in China in recent years, mainly in the following aspects:
(1) The curtain wall is getting bigger and bigger. The structure is also becoming more and more complicated. Architects and owners are in urgent need of finding a curtain wall consulting company to participate in the design stage of the preliminary plan, and propose rationalization suggestions for the design stage of the curtain wall, including: curtain wall material selection, structural force, cost control, etc.

(2) Subcontracted form is completed by the owner of the early curtain wall project by the owner to the construction party general contractor and the construction party, and the deepening design is completed by the curtain wall company responsible for the construction, with the curtain wall construction The increase in volume and the curtain wall are the key external protection structures. In order to better control the cost and the façade effect, Party A began to change the form of the package, which was changed from the previous large package to the curtain wall directly by the owner. The company, the owner needs to find a professional curtain wall design consulting company to provide tender drawings.

(3) The curtain wall belongs to a professional and strong industry. The owner needs to find a third-party consulting company to control the quality during the construction phase.

The curtain wall consulting company can provide high-quality solutions and technical consulting services to the owners from the construction design stage, material selection, cost accounting, tendering stage and construction process. In recent years, curtain wall consulting companies have played an important role in a large number of buildings.

II. Problems and dilemmas facing the curtain wall consulting industry

1. Construction of curtain wall technical talents

Curtain wall consulting company backbone strength Mainly from the curtain wall engineering company, the colleges and universities have not opened the curtain wall profession. The technicians who are engaged in the curtain wall profession generally come from the civil engineering and mechanical professions and gradually grow up in the curtain wall company after going to the society. With the rapid development of curtain wall consulting companies and curtain wall engineering companies, there is a lack of technical talents in design, materials and construction technology.

2. Evaluation of professional titles of industry practitioners

At present, the professional title evaluation of curtain wall practitioners in most areas is “decoration class”. It is understood that curtain wall industry in some areas of China Professional title assessment is more flexible, such as structure (curtain wall), machinery (curtain wall), and the title review department is recommended to draw on the management model of these regions.

3, the industry has a technical level of uneven, chaotic charges of vicious competition chaos

because the consulting company does not have the qualification requirements, so a small team of several people can be established Curtain wall consulting company, in order to survive only low-cost to undertake business, small team technical strength is not enough, difficult to handle large, complex projects. It is recommended that the industry should do its best according to its own strength. Only a certain profit can provide better and more valuable services for the owners. Survival by quality is the only way for the development of the enterprise.

4. It is recommended that the curtain wall consulting company apply for the special design qualification of the curtain wall

The majority of the curtain wall consulting company is not qualified. It is understood that a few companies in the domestic curtain wall consultation have obtained the design qualification of the curtain wall. A very small number of consulting companies have a Grade A design qualification for the curtain wall. At present, the curtain wall consulting company that has not obtained the design qualification can only provide the plan map for the owner, and then the construction unit that wins the bid (the curtain wall construction enterprise generally has the qualification of the curtain wall design) to deepen the inspection and submit the construction drawing review, so that the following problems will occur. : (1) The depth of the plan map issued by the consulting company cannot be judged. If the depth of the plan is insufficient, the owner can not accurately calculate the cost, which will bring unnecessary troubles to the bidding of the project, especially for some projects that carry out the total price. Provide detailed construction drawings. (2) The winning bidder will carry out the second optimization design according to the plan map provided by the consulting company, and there will be a link between the winning bidder unit and the owner and the consulting company, and even affect the construction period.

So now more and more owners will choose a consulting company with design qualifications, requesting the drawing design to the construction drawing depth to be submitted to the owner for bidding, the construction unit according to the map construction, which greatly improved the work The efficiency provides great convenience for the owner to carry out the bidding and construction smoothly. If there is any change involved in the construction process, the curtain wall consulting unit must issue a design change order to construct, and play a greater role in the role of an independent third party.

In 2013, Fujian Province (2013) No. 28 Document “Notice on Strengthening the Planning and Design Management of Building Glass Curtain Walls” stipulates: “The project of selecting glass curtain wall, the construction unit shall The architectural glass curtain wall and the main building shall be commissioned simultaneously, and shall be submitted to the construction drawing review agency for review; Article 8 stipulates: “The construction glass façade project that is strictly required to perform the basic construction procedures and has not been approved by the construction drawing shall not be allowed to be constructed. The bidding may not organize the construction, and the construction administrative department may not issue the construction permit. This way, the owner needs to find a design-qualified company to provide the preliminary technical services, the construction drawing deepening design, and the drawings submitted for trial, so that the project can be carried out smoothly.

5. The publication of the “Guidelines for the Advisory of Building Curtain Wall Engineering” is a milestone for the healthy development of the industry

Recently led by the Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall Committee of the China Building Metal Structure Association, housing and urban and rural areas The “Construction Guidelines for Building Curtain Wall Engineering” prepared by the Institute of Standards and Statistics of the Ministry of Construction will be published in China Construction Industry Press. Shao consulting fees curtain wall, curtain consulting service rules, drawing design depth, the publication of the standard curtain wall for the healthy development consulting industry has played a landmark.

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