Precautions for laying the floor

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Xiaobian today shares the key points of the floor with you to create a comfortable home environment.

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1. The floor should be laid in the late stage of construction and should not be cross-constructed. It should be sanded and painted as soon as possible after laying. So as not to soil the floor or deform the moisture.

2, before laying the floor should be unpacked and placed on the paving site for 1-2 days, so that it adapts to the environment, so as to avoid expansion and contraction deformation after laying.

3, laying should be well protected against moisture, especially in the lower ground and other humid occasions. Moisture-proof measures include moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof film, and use of padding.

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4, the keel should be flat and firm, avoid using Cement reinforcement, it is best to use expansion bolts, US solid nails, etc.

5, keel should use lard, Liu An and other wood with strong nail holding power. The moisture content of keel or wool floor should be close to the floor The moisture content of the keel should not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. The two ends of the floor should be implemented on the keel, and should not be left empty, and nails must be nailed on each keel. Water-based glue should not be used.

P>6. The floor should not be laid too tightly. There should be enough expansion joints (0.5~1.2 cm) around it, and it should not be super wide. If it is wider, it should be separated and cut, then press the copper strip to transition.

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7, floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen room, etc. The ground level junction should have thorough isolation and moisture protection measures.

8, the floor color difference is inevitable, such as the high requirements for chromatic aberration, can be pre-sorted, take a gradual transition method to reduce the visual sense of mutation.

9, avoid using water to rinse, to avoid long-term sun exposure, air conditioning continuous direct blowing, the window to prevent rain forest, to avoid hard objects hit the friction. To protect the floor, wax can be applied to the painted surface (from the perspective of protecting the floor, waxing is better than painting).

The most important point of the floor laying work is the moisture-proof work of the bottom layer. If the moisture-proof measures are not done at the beginning, it will cause hidden dangers such as wet up arching and moisture cracking.

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