Polar route, free, heavy recruitment

Extreme routing free of charge to recruit marketing partners

Free routers have been doing so many times

Friends should have mastered

How to free GET skills of a high-end router

[I don’t know how to get a free router stamp here]

Directly share a marketing partner please poke: http:t.cn/RppWZwZ

I don’t know how to be a partner, but I want to sign up: http://t.cn/Rp0URyF

In the past activities, my friends often asked Xiaojijun

Xiaoji, I am so hot to my friends, all of my friends are Amway

I don’t have any reward for you!

Ok~ Xiaojijun is good at being good!

Just join the pole routing [marketing partner]

and enjoy all kinds of rebates. Hey!

What is the marketing partner?

Good next is the focus! [Knocking on the blackboard!!!]

Lay Earn


Marketing Partner Newbie Manual

What is a marketing partner?

A marketing partner is a sharer of polar routing, and a partner who makes money together. Simply put, the product of the polar routing (currently only supports sharing route B70 [i wealth exclusive]), through the share button, share to QQ, WeChat, circle of friends, self-media and other channels, as long as someone through the channel of sharing Buy, give the sharer rebate, the more rebates sold, the more the rebate will be doubled!

How to become a partner

At this stage, becoming a partner is very simple, no need for cumbersome registration certification, as long as you have a small account, click the share button in the Xiaoji Mall [Peer Routing B70 Free] page, share To become a partner in a variety of channels, you can enjoy cash back in a single order

Why partner?

B70 is a very affordable and profitable event, recommending him to a router Friends who are keen on wool, friends get benefits, you make money! Mutual benefit ~ super suitable for wool party and student party!

How to attract everyone to buy

Anyone who purchases the polar routing products from the partner sharing page is shipped from the official uniform, enjoy the official warranty, the invoice is issued by the polar route, that is, from the partner sharing page In addition to sales of all the items sold, the rest of the problems are extremely routing protection, everyone buys the rest assured; the price of the product on the sharer page is lower than the official website! Currently B70 [i wealth user exclusive] on the share page each sale than the official website The price is 10 yuan! Enjoy 0 yuan purchase service!

How is the partner’s income

At present, the partner income (only B70 [i wealth user exclusive] a product) is as follows:

sold 1-10 units (including 10 units), each cash back 10 yuan, the current period & ldquo Free access to the event in a single order, for example: 10 routers through the share link to place a successful order, partners can profit 10×10 = 100 yuan

sold more than 10 (excluding 10), each Taiwan returns 20 yuan, for example: 11 routers successfully placed orders through the share link, partners can profit 11×20 = 220 yuan. And so on.

Can I buy my own products?

Yes, and will drop Additional rewards. At this stage, you can get both the reduction and the profit of the partner at the same time, and there are additional bonuses of 5 yuan each!

For example: after partner A shares the link, he Buy 11 routers, enjoy a reduction of 10 yuan per set, you can also enjoy a reward of 20 yuan per unit and 5 yuan per unit, the cumulative income = (11×20) + (11×10) + (11×5) = 385 yuan!

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