People’s tastes gradually increase, and the value of sliding doors must of course keep up.

What should I do when I want to have enough light for the decoration and I want to have a reasonable area? Sliding doors are a good choice. Nowadays, the sliding door is getting higher and higher, and it is properly listed in the forefront of the most commonly used items in the decoration. Let’s take a look at these beautiful sliding doors and basic installation knowledge today. According to the installation method of the sliding door, it can be divided into the following types:
flat type

flat type is the most common installation method of sliding door, and the upper rail is installed or installed below. Ground rails, the door panel is flat on the wall, both inside and outside the wall. Glass sliding doors, lines and lines are the focus of decoration. The advantage is that the installation process is simple and convenient, and it is convenient to repair when problems occur. The disadvantage is that the sliding door will occupy a part of the wall area. The wooden sliding doors are more natural and have a stronger carving. The advantage is that the design of the pulley and the sliding shaft is hidden, and the vision is more beautiful. Once the rail rail has a problem, it is difficult to repair after the door jam is blocked. The net red barn door is exploding in a circle of friends with lightning speed. It’s really nice~


The effect of the in-line sliding door is to hide the pulley and the door shaft, and the visual effect is more beautiful. The advantage is that the design of the pulley and the sliding shaft is hidden, and the vision is more beautiful. The disadvantage is that once the slide rail has a problem, the door is blocked and it is difficult to repair.

Multiple push-pull

Multi-sliding push-pull design can be used as a flexible partition. The advantage is that the track maintenance is convenient, and a new small space can be separated in the original space. To maximize space utilization. Disadvantages: If the space is isolated, the sound insulation effect is not good.


The hidden sliding door has the advantage that it can be retracted into the wall to make the space wider. However, the wall is the precondition for installing the hidden sliding door. It is recommended to consider it before the decoration.

After reading so many designs, is it a heartbeat? Let’s take a look at the tips and considerations for picking the sliding door.

I. Look at the profile

The profile of the sliding door on the market is divided into aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. The high-quality sliding door profiles are made of aluminum, tantalum, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, which have great advantages in toughness.

Second, see pulley

The sliding door is divided into upper and lower sets of pulleys. The upper pulley plays a guiding role. The good upper pulley structure is relatively complicated, not only with bearings inside. Moreover, the aluminum block fixes the two wheels so that the orientation is smoothly slid, there is almost no noise, and no gap is left between the pulley and the track.

Third, look at the glass

Be sure to choose tempered glass, the cost of tempered glass will not be much higher, but relatively safe, the corner of the tempered glass will be printed with a 3C Sign.

Fourth, look at the track

The rationality of the design of the ground rail directly affects the comfort and service life of the product. Consumers should choose a good foot feel when purchasing, and it is good for Clean and hygienic style.

Five, look at hardware accessories

Hardware accessories: pulleys, locks, handles are the core of sliding doors, to ensure quality, as far as the economy allows, try to use domestic Or internationally renowned brand hardware.

Of course, people have their own good, just like some people like to move the door, some people like to push the door, I hope that these push doors for everyone today, everyone can like.

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