Magic carpet of the Sacred Heart Church okorder

A short, stunning work that brings you digital art. Works by French artist Miguel Chevalier. Working at the Sacred Heart Church in Casablanca, Morocco, he created a pixel masterpiece called “Magic Carpet” that projected onto the floor of a huge exhibition space. Just like an ever-changing textile white cloth and magnificent architectural stained glass, the light is installed out of Moroccan crafts.

These are not lucky enough, and the glory of the character in this work can still feel its pixelated nice. Shows how to create a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns and shapes moving outside the whitewashed church, which cites from microbes to embroidery.
“Magic carpets& quo;Revisit the tradition of Islamic art, especially mosaic rugs. The color and form of the world’s movement invites us to enter the magical world of “The Thousand and One Nights” and the Flying Carpet.

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Mauritius real estate is sought after by foreign countries okorder

Foreign direct investment in Mauritius jumped 67.3% in the first six months of 2014 to Rs. 792 million, with liquid capital invested in the help of Mauritian real estate. The island nation has been trying to transform the economy from traditional sugar, textiles, tourism, etc. to high-end real estate, offshore banking and medical tourism.
The largest part of the money entered real estate development, attracting the first half of 3.18 billion rupees, an increase of 2.94 billion rupees, compared with the same period in 2013. The Thai Investment Promotion Board News reported: “In terms of quantity, foreign direct investment flows into Mauritius are not high, but they are playing a significant role in promoting national growth”. The central bank of Mauritius also said that the current account deficit rose to 9.6 trillion rupees this year in the second quarter, despite the huge foreign direct investment inflows allowed to further accumulate the gross domestic product (GDP). It said that in the first quarter of 2014, the current account deficit, which was 30% higher than the second quarter of 2013, was almost doubled.

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Moving partitions create space and natural changes okorder

The project is an abstract landscape in which it is defined as a variable by its own changes and changes in natural scenery. In order to create a spatial scale in one place, the project process is simplified and a new architectural feature is identified; therefore, the object of the abstract landscape is proposed. The symbolic meaning of this work is still a variable, is it not obvious that it is part of the surrounding landscape.

Mobile partition” width=”550″ height=”387″ src=”/Upload/Other/jc20140913120.jpg” />

The time-space relationship is determined by the movement of the house partition; an example of crossing light and construction in an amazing space. It establishes a new space. The natural place no longer exists itself reconfigured to a new one. With the surrounding landscape and the internal frame: from the specific, the project is determined by the existing and new radiance. The boundary is from the vertical movement, where the visual sequence and the purpose of the program are set by the fusion of the two places: natural and Artificial. Space is a narrative that is completed relative to the existing space.
The focus of the project is on the ideas contained in the existing landscape space; such an architecture, related to external and internal experience. On the contrary, The idea of ​​existence, the working principle of the project, from persistence; the structure of reinterpretation.

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Unique hand-painted murals at Tokyo Garden Hotel okorder

Tokyo Garden Hotel accommodates guests in a completely unique suite, from standard rooms to hand-painted art. The hotel invites famous Japanese artists to paint the walls, the ceiling in the bed and bathroom, and decorate the space with their original pieces.
So far, 8 rooms have been completed in different styles and themes. The artist was recently energized by the artist Qihai Ishihara and borrowed a colorful cultural festival. The first room was undertaken by Kimura Hiroy in a more traditional shade and features a sumo wrestler pattern in an ancient pose and posture. Tokyo Garden Hotel plans to add 9 artists each year to create a complete art building (31 rooms in total) in the next three years as part of the artist’s hotel project.

The artist’s hand-painted room cites an eclectic culture that can be found on the streets of the city of Tokyo. The concept of the room: ordinary or ordinary, everyday or special. When I travel, I always feel that the destination is special. This is a special day that makes my heart beat faster. A very special day, a holiday. I feel that traveling to this place resonates with the excitement of the festival. I think this festival will never end. I thought I could draw this never ending festival. I hope that the joy of enjoying the holiday will be fleeting in this room.

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European application of wood and environmental technology in architectural design okorder

At present, Europeans have a strong interest in the use of wood in the construction of high-rise buildings. Pilot construction projects have taken place in Finland, Sweden, southern Germany and Switzerland. Due to the ecological benefits of the timber industry, some stringent restrictions on wood construction, especially related to fire protection, have shown signs of loosening or alteration in recent years. As for the extent to which the lumber market is booming in such a situation, how long its prosperous situation can last is yet to be verified. But we can at least be certain: in the future, the timber industry in Central Europe and Northern Europe is expected to maintain a double-digit growth rate.

Environmentally friendly building” width=”500″ height=”301″ src=”/Upload/Other/Denmark.jpg” />

Fantasy Villa at Dans Institute of Technology in Denmark, which attempts to incorporate recent scientific discoveries on architecture, energy and environmental protection into its own buildings, in addition to solar receivers and a low-energy device. The laboratory also uses wastewater recycling technology and leading communication technology.

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Simple design with modern elements okorder

The term modern refers generally to furniture and fabric accessories that do not require additional decoration, with fewer features, emphasis on space and simple styling. Several modern design boutiques appeared in the first 50 years of the 20th century, and their designers include Charles · Ames and Arn · Jacobson, etc. These works are still extremely popular and popular.
This is also the time when the architects Mies · Fan · De · Roe’s "less is more than" concept created with the simplicity of the wall, the neat environment and the quiet atmosphere The expression of neo-modernism (the best mitigator for a tense and busy life) is closely related. Because space and light are the most important components. The appearance of the attic actually sums up the essence of modern interior design. Commercial buildings that have recently been converted into apartments have also attracted industrial materials such as exposed bricks, cement and galvanized steel. If you want to get this look in smaller rooms and homes, you need to reduce the amount of it. Use light-toned walls, unadorned floors and minimal window coverings to keep these things light. White or neutral tones, lighter woodwork, and extensive use of glass will help in this style.

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German cat ear church okorder

Along the highway on the outskirts of Wilnsdorf, Germany, this chic chapel is undoubtedly a new symbolic symbol nearby. Designed by Schneider and Schumacher from Frankfurt, the Schagen Highway Church overlooks a busy highway surrounded by a gas station and fast food restaurant.

The architectural style is very special. The appearance of the two cat ears is like standing out in the surrounding buildings, pure white. The wall color, extraordinarily mysterious and eye-catching, the interior of the building is a grid-like wall style built with building materials. The simple and generous space setting highlights the stage of the church center, which is very eye-catching.

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Swiss Lino Castle Medical Center Children’s Castle okorder

The castle is the strongest fortress in the heart of the child. The home is the most tranquil and peaceful harbor for everyone. The medical center “Lino Castle” has undoubtedly done both of these things, “Lino Castle” is located in Switzerland. In the small villages of the east, children and adolescents have been serving as a juvenile psychiatric clinic.

The children here are suffering from different types of mental illness, including depression, school phobia, Attention deficit syndrome, borderline personality disorder and other traumas, where they get help and get a sense of security and protection. In August last year, the clinic opened its first guests. Through contact with the children who come here, as well as medical staff, experts, etc., the design team incorporates a spatial communication concept into the design of the clinic to further enhance the patient’s chances of recovery and allow them to This kind of temporary “home” creates a sense of intimacy. The design concept is deeply integrated into the whole project, not only the interior design, but also the decoration of each home and other accessories, which have such a “care concept”. The design specifications established by the design of this clinic have been adopted by many outpatient centers.
In accordance with the design guidelines, the architects made a uniform style of color, form, material, graphic drawing and home furnishings during the interior layout and design process, and created A relaxed mental state of the healing system. This design concept has received the attention of many disease experts and the media.
Designers use the element of “children’s” to develop the local historical humanities and medical records of small patients as reference, so as to design five cartoon characters with distinct characteristics —&mdash Alfa, Dipsta, Betha, Elysee and Calibri, these characters have their own characteristics, each of the five clinics in the Guardian Center: telescopes, steering wheels and treasure chests are essential equipment for Betha, he does not like to go to school, wants to conquer the ocean Explorer.

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Maastricht building okorder

Maastricht is located on the banks of the Maas River in the southeastern part of the Netherlands. There are three large-scale buildings, with empty spaces and green landmarks between the buildings. They are also used as office buildings and residential buildings. The design concept is relatively flexible and the space utilization rate is extremely high. A total of 92 apartments, of which 27 have a home office, a commercial area and 7 separate workshops.

The home office is designed in a 19th century style as an outbuilding, added to the apartment, usually a lawyer Doctors, architects, etc. live in it. This design pattern combines private housing with a studio, with different entrances, and offices and private spaces. Because the residential area and the work area are built in the same building, the hall is extra spacious and easy to enter and exit. The porch in the building is constructed of glass, which is equivalent to the public corridor of the apartment and office area.
At the time of construction, attention was also paid to the integration of the building and the surrounding buildings, and a more integrated feeling. When designing balconies and terraces, pay more attention to the shading effect. Folding blinds can be manually adjusted while filtering the lines, adjusting the light intensity according to the condition of each room. The design of these blinds also adds vitality to the room. This type of construction is not common. Usually, the apartments are connected, but in order to increase flexibility, the project has been built from the outside to the indoor straddle channel, connecting different floors. The city of Maastricht can be traced back. After a century of change, the industrial area now produces porcelain and pottery. In order to highlight the historicity here, traditional blue stones and red bricks were used for construction. The ventilation in the building is smooth and the traditional folding shutters are used to filter the natural light through the holes while protecting the privacy of the residents.

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Osaka Marriott Miyako officially opened okorder

Osaka, in the western part of Honshu, Japan, is the second largest city in Japan. More and more buildings are building up. In March this year, the local Marriott Miyako Hotel officially opened. This hotel is exquisite and warm, located in Tennoji. Near the train station.

Spacious air-conditioned room with a sili bed, coffee machine, electric kettle and minibar. Each room has ironing facilities, a safety deposit box and an en suite bathroom. All rooms are located above the 38th floor and offer stunning city views. Guests can work out in the fitness centre or go shopping at the Kintetsu Mall on the lower level of the building. There is a free on-site business centre and a museum and outdoor terrace on the 16th floor. 24-hour front desk Luggage storage and concierge service. Japanese and Western meals are served at the 57th floor restaurant, which also has teppanyaki grilled dishes.

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