The whiter the tiles, the more radiation? Beware of brighteners producing radiation

Radiation, for most people, is a familiar and unfamiliar term. Computer radiation, ionizing radiation, telephone radiation… These invisible and intangible radioactive elements are not harmful, which is quite helpless. Nowadays, the radiation of electronic products has long been eccentric, and for home products, attention is also rising.

Ms. Sun, who lives in Zijin Nanyuan, recently complained about the renovation. It is understood that when she was renovated, Ms. Sun took a fancy to the marble and did not expect to have an odor when she found it. Not only that, but after a long time in the indoor confined space, the eyes will dry and shed tears. To this end, Ms. Sun deliberately asked the environmental protection professional agencies to go to the door to check that it was caused by the marble radiation, which really made her miserable.

In response to the marble pollution incident of Ms. Sun, Xiao Bian immediately conducted a market survey, and 80% of the consumers were not clear about such pollution. However, after hearing about the radiation of marble, most people began to question the environmental protection of tiles. Tiles are an indispensable building material in the current home decoration. Is there any radiation? The vast majority of decoration users shouted ‘poisonous home really hurt! ‘

Market visit: natural stone pollution is even more whitening agent is the source of radiation

‘ Before, many home decoration will use stone, natural stone led by marble, granite is widely used Laying on the ground and on the wall. However, since natural stone itself has radioactive elements, it will cause certain radiation. Liu Fang, head of the home improvement department of Marco Polo Red Star, said that the brand tiles are different from natural stones such as marble and granite. They are made of quartz stone, clay and other elements, and the radiation is almost negligible.

Liu Fang told Xiaobian that the use of marble in the previous decoration was derived from the effect style. Now the tiles are constantly changing with the color and texture, and the appearance is getting closer to the natural stone, even more Beautiful, the most important thing is that the environmental protection of tiles is much higher than that of natural stone.

Of course, marble and ceramic tiles cannot be compared in terms of environmental performance. However, this does not mean that there is no gap in the environmental performance of the tiles. Sun Xin, the manager of Nobel Tile Nanjing Sales Branch, said, ‘Some merchants add a brightener called zirconia to enhance the brightening effect of the tile surface during production, and this material is the main source of radiation. . ‘

Expert reminder: Dabai brick additive is not toxic and is not recommended for large-area paving

As the production process of ceramic tiles is gradually improved, the appearance is also comparable to natural stone such as marble, more and more The family chose to replace the marble with ceramic tiles. For the issue of tile radiation that consumers are very concerned about, industry insiders say that the pollution of large brands is negligible. Of course, for the rookie-level decoration users, the relevant experts also gave a unique purchase insight.

‘First of all, choosing a regular, qualified brand is actually a quality guarantee. Every aspect of the production of large-name ceramic tiles is tested. From the procurement of raw materials for ceramic tiles, the sources of pollution are eliminated. After high-temperature firing, the production process is green. ‘The head of the home improvement of Marco Polo Red Star Store recommends that everyone choose a big brand. When purchasing, you can also ask the merchant to show the product test report. The radioactive standard is A grade.

In this regard, Sun Xinshen, the manager of Nobel Tile Nanjing Sales Branch, agreed. She also reminded the majority of the decoration owners, unless the glazed glaze itself is white, otherwise the large white brick is not suitable for large-area paving. If there is no way to identify it, try not to choose too white tiles, beware of illuminating agents such as zirconia to generate radiation, which is harmful to your health.

Release date: 2012/10/17 10:17:36

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In the information age, the lack of consumption data is the biggest flaw in home furnishing companies!

In the era of big data, the significance of consumer data for the development of the industry is self-evident. In the relatively traditional home industry, the data has great potential value. The core essence behind the new retail slogan is the data-driven consumption upgrade.

Sales of billions of home brands have not established their own consumption data, it is not a business risk. Consumption data is not available to the brand itself. It requires the brand to stand in the user’s position to participate in service and output service standards, and to move from a discrete dealership that has been in the past to a coalition-based user operation system.

In 2016, Trump, a US-based real estate businessman who was unobtrusive, was unexpectedly elected and was elected president of the United States. There are many reasons for this, but there is one reason that cannot be ignored: Trump’s campaign team makes better use of big data.

They build a model of countless user roles based on the personality and sentiment of different constituent groups, stratifying Trump’s erratic personality traits and language content through different social groups such as Facebook. Better than the campaign opponents to take care of the individual needs of voters and increase the chances of winning. A president’s election requires the support of data, and a brand’s victory should have data thinking.

The definition of the two words of data in the book “Data Thinking” says that everything that can be electronically recorded is called data. There are two key words in this sentence, “Electronics and “recording, behavior must be online and can be recorded and updated at any time.

The competition of modern enterprises is the competition of data. For example, Alibaba has become a business empire of rich countries in just ten years, because it has mastered considerable consumption and user data. Imagine if Alibaba had no data and how much value it has. Because there is data for sales, because with more data, businesses can make better sales.

Real-time interaction is a fundamental requirement for future consumer experience. Businesses and consumers need to establish pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales user dialogues. What products do merchants need to develop, what are the needs in the process of selling, and what is the experience after buying and selling. These need to interact with consumers and reduce development. And the blindness of sales. Enhance user perception and create a C2B sales model, which is completely different from the past sales of home building materials, which requires consumers to interact and dialogue effectively.

The sales channel of the home industry is the agent service model passed down in the past 20 or 30 years. The brand sells products to agents, agents sells to consumers, and almost all services are done by dealers. The advantage of this channel model is that the operation of the brand and the agent is relatively simple, the brand mainly manages the shipment, and the agent can do the product service.

However, the relationship between brand owners and distributors and consumers does not form an interactive closed loop, so that they cannot obtain consumption data. At the moment when competition is full of user experience, simple product services cannot meet the needs of users who are upgrading consumers.

In addition, the traditional home channel model is not beneficial to the three parties. Brands that do not consume data do not provide better products based entirely on user needs. Dealers lack sufficient service capabilities to barely complete product-functional services, and there is no capacity for brand-value-added services.

For example, a furniture brand, the brand has built a furniture product behind closed doors, and the agent provides basic delivery and installation services. However, for value-added services such as brand packaging and brand spirit communication, agents have no ability and willingness to complete, and just after 90 and 00, the consumer groups attach great importance to these experiences.

More importantly, the traditional channel model is destined to buy and sell. “It’s a lifetime, so you can’t consider brand stickiness, and you can’t build a product matrix that is open, profitable, and long tailed. In general, the channel is inefficient and does not meet long-term market competition. The aunts who sell tea eggs at the door of the community have their own user data, and the brands in the home industry that sell billions of sales do not have the consumption data. This is a business risk that cannot be ignored.

The future competition is data competition. Brands without data will gradually lose market competitiveness. It seems that no one will raise objections, but how can household brands build consumer data? Three suggestions are proposed:

First, the brand needs to serve the consumers with the distributors

Brands need to take responsibility for the service consumers, because of the service characteristics of the home industry, heavy personality At the same time, there are high requirements for regionalized services, so it is not realistic to provide services entirely by brands, but completely failing to take responsibility for services will separate brands from consumer information.

Therefore, you can choose to participate in services that can address the pain points of the dealer service, but also reflect the scale of the brand service and enhance the customer service experience, such as logistics for certain household items. After-sales consultation and so on.

The dealer will not cooperate with you to upload data because your brand needs consumer data. The dealer will only proceed from his interests. If he can help him solve the problem, he can get the best consumption data. the result of. This is why many big home brands in the past have spent a lot of money to build an IT service system, but they can’t get the data.

Second, establish a unified national commodity sales pricing

Products should have a clear pricing, the same goods can not see people starting prices, this is how basic business guidelines, but in the home building materials The industry has not done it. Why can’t household products be uniformly priced nationwide? The main reason is that merchants are not purely motivated, and they hope to meet the right opportunity to raise prices. Then why not get the profit in the normal way, but because of the personWhat is the price?

Because of the lack of premium on brands and products, there is a lack of normal competitive chips. If the brand is not close to the unified market pricing, then there is no way to share the online data, the brand is not convenient to participate in the consumer’s service, and more importantly, the dealer will also artificially create the information barrier, so it is impossible to establish a unified Service standards and common user interaction channels are even more difficult to talk about the closed loop of consumer data.

Personally think that home products can also have relatively standard terminal pricing. A brand does not have a unified market pricing. Just like a country does not have a unified currency, other things will not be discussed.

Third, develop information system tools based on user needs

If you can do the above two points, you need to use an information tool to connect the “people” goods to the field To make products and services online, brands need to have their own information system. The front desk of this system is the mall, and the back office is the relationship chain and service chain.

The definition of what is called data at the beginning of the article needs to be electronically recorded and updated from time to time. Remind again that the premise of informationization is based on user needs, including dealers and consumers. This system must first ensure that they provide convenience and benefits to them, or that they can provide convenience to the dealers, or Through the system can do services and business that could not be done before, if the starting point is their own needs rather than the needs of users, then the system must not run.

Everything in the above three points is very difficult to do. These three points may also be the key points to distinguish between brands and foundry factories. Brands should have service output in addition to household products, should have their own unified market pricing, and should have a service system that connects product services and relationship chains.

This is also the methodology of many new home retail brands in the market. It aims to upgrade service and new user experience, and establish a new alliance based on data and the relationship between people and people. The system of operation is different from the discrete operation of the traditional furniture brand dealers.

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Demystifying the working principle behind the power safe gas water heater

The active safety system is a term used in the automotive industry. Now it appears on the water heater in the market. What kind of working principle does this power active gas water heater use? Can it eliminate users? Concerns about gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.?

Powered New Upgraded CPU

Power Active Safety Gas Water Heater Series adopts the exclusive patent triple upgrade safety technology of Weien, through the upgraded version of the new CPU precision control, with high-strength pipe material design, high sealing fit connection and integrated retractable design, road protection To prevent any possible carbon monoxide leakage, to give users a safe and worry-free home environment.

The new upgraded version of the power can complete the high-precision logic calculation program in a short time, and complete the safety self-test process inside the machine. Every time the water heater is turned on, the machine will automatically open the self-test program. In addition to checking the performance of the machine itself, it will also detect whether the flue is in good connection. In case of non-standard, the machine will display the fault code and the machine will not run. Carbon monoxide leaks due to improper installation.

Powered High-intensity Intelligent Flue Design

This series of active safety models The hardness of the gas water heater gas pipe is increased again, reaching a thickness of 0.3mm. Compared with the traditional material, it is less prone to deformation and corrosion. With the technology of flange and rib reinforcement, the machine has a super long design life of 10 years, compared with ordinary water heaters. 25% higher.

Following the high quality style of German manufacturing, such a high-intensity intelligent flue is not only durable, but also can effectively prevent the wear and tear during use and may cause some leakage risks, allowing users to It is safer and safer when using a gas water heater.

Highly sealed fit and integrated retractable design

It is worth mentioning that the connection of the pipe to the pipe of the active safety water heater is sealed by a sealing ring and a locating pin. Completely sealed against falling off, replacing aluminum foil to prevent leakage due to aging of material connections. The flue passes the strict air tightness test, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and tensile, and fully guarantees the sealing performance. The series of water heaters are designed with louvers on the back air inlet, which is not easy to enter the water. The whole machine is filled with gaskets and the waterproof level is up to IPX4*. Therefore, this flue is not only smarter, safer and more reliable, thanks to its high-sealing fit and integrated retractable design.

Proactive security is to proactively reduce the possible risk to 0

The CPU is designed with high-intensity and high-density pipe, and this active and safe gas water heater can eliminate CO leakage from the root. Compared with the traditional CO alarm, the active and safe design allows users to use more peace of mind, without any operation, can use the hot water safely.

In addition to safety performance, the new generation of turboMAG pro and turboMAG classic gas water heaters have also been upgraded in terms of comfort performance, with thermal efficiency as high as 92%-94%, much higher than the national second-class energy-saving standard. , energy saving and environmental protection is more efficient. The ultra-high-precision microcomputer intelligent control design of more than 2,800 levels of the whole process, the constant temperature accuracy of the whole machine is up to ± 0.5 °C, which makes the bathing experience more comfortable. The ingenious bypass tube design can solve the problem of water temperature rise and condensate, effectively avoiding the temperature fluctuation caused by frequent start and stop of the user. The temperature rise of the water stop is only 1 °C, avoiding the sudden rise of the water temperature due to the random switch. Danger.

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The next generation of smart life, what is your “housekeeper”?

“China is currently welcoming an important opportunity to help China achieve great success in building innovation capacity, promoting globalization and enhancing national competitiveness. This opportunity is that “smart interconnection” will promote the coordinated development of multiple industries in the future, and China can upgrade its innovation capacity by striving for first-mover advantage in these industries. Guo Tao, vice president of Qualcomm Wireless Communications Technology (China) Co., Ltd., attended the China Merchants Summit Forum held in Shanghai on the 9th.

Indeed, the annual Asia Consumer Electronics Show (Asia CES) has been China’s most dynamic consumer electronics innovation front. At the exhibition held from 7th to 9th this year, combined with artificial intelligence, “Internet of Everything has moved from the industrial sector to practical use, and smart life is getting closer and closer to us.

& ldquo; At home, you can listen to songs, check the weather, and control home appliances with a single sentence. When driving, you can use voice commands to navigate, make calls, send and receive messages … … People’s time. Artificial intelligence is changing people’s lives by gradually implanting consumer electronics products, making people more free and comfortable. Chen Jisheng, vice president of IoT, Yunzhisheng, a speech recognition and language processing technology company, said.

However, in the future, we will use our mobile phones, home appliances or speakers to “order our smart devices to lead smart life. It seems that the entrance is not clear. For example, from the button, to the mouse, to the touch screen of the smartphone, with the development of technology, people gradually find that communicating through “voice” has become a new paradigm for human-computer interaction.

Not long ago, Apple launched its own home smart audio HomePod, which officially competed with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. Among the top three, the most popular one is undoubtedly Alexa. Its success is largely due to the breakthrough of the distance between the voice interaction and the effective extension of the voice interaction distance to a few meters away. It makes the voice interaction more natural, and initially dominates the voice interaction portal in foreign countries.

In China, smart speakers are also blooming everywhere. At the exhibition, companies such as Jingdong and the door-to-door have also released their own smart speaker products. However, it seems that there has not been a hot phenomenon in the country. The industry believes that there are still very few teams that can complete all the technologies independently in China, and the suppliers that can provide complete solutions are rare. The insufficiency of technology and the lack of market requirements are one of the reasons.

But this does not mean that the speaker will be the biggest “into the future” of intelligent life. At this year’s Asia Consumer Electronics Show, Changhong and other established home appliance manufacturers and Internet companies such as Suning and Jingdong have demonstrated their smart home solutions: smart refrigerators can identify the shelf life and one-click orders, and smart home appliances can be lighted on the APP through mobile phones. Lightly complete the switch and adjust — — mobile phones and home appliances themselves, have become the object of communication.

However, although the concept is hot, consumers are still holding the attitude of early adopters. The smart home field has indeed produced some “pseudo-demands. More application scenarios depend on continuing to find.

Some people said that only in the core of user needs, smart homes will have a market, and can not focus on equipment and hardware connections. The smart life of the future may be “distracted and intelligent, and the channels for obtaining information and communicating with objects are very diverse. Where do you appear, the smart hardware around you, like a housekeeper, can always upgrade your smart life.

Source: Xinhua News Agency Author: Zhou Lin, Zhang Xinxin

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Yang Zongyi: Thinking and Practice on the Road of New Industry

Mr. Yang Zongyi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzhong Group

by the business community The “2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum” jointly hosted by the media and Guizhou Liquor was held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from January 24th to 25th. “Business App is the only mobile information platform designated by the conference. It will release the on-site dry goods and dynamics as soon as possible.

The following is the speech of Mr. Yang Zongyi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fuzhong Group:

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I am very honored to participate in this forum today!

China’s private economy has developed to this day, standing in this new era, how to grasp the new opportunities of history, make accurate predictions for the future, master the way of integration, and let yourself link with the times. This should be considered by every entrepreneur. problem.

As a group, we were established in 1995 and we are regarded as a veteran traditional enterprise. From January 1st, 2016 to the end of 2017, we have established four intercontinental headquarters overseas in the past few years. We have established 12 regional headquarters in China, with 8 industrial sectors, and a total of 24 groups are operating.

In 1995, we started a computer in Nanjing. At that time, we carried out the so-called service model innovation and launched the 3+3 model. The first three years of replacement, the last three years of warranty, we were successful at the time. But then we were very embarrassed, thinking that instead of waiting for others to subvert, it is better for us to subvert ourselves.

I am a master’s student at Peking University and now I am a PhD in economics at Peking University. Peking University has brought me a lot of knowledge about the macroeconomic situation and future development trends.

China’s economic development to today can be divided into three stages:

First, in 1978-1998, we called it just reform and opening up. The original emphasis was on the national defense industry economy, which was already light after the reform and opening up. At that time, it was mainly for entities, drinks, health products, clothing, and later-sized home appliances. We started our business in 1995 and caught up with our tail. At that time, we did computers, so we also succeeded.

The second is 1998-2014. This stage was due to the Asian financial crisis that broke out in 1998. In response to the financial crisis, our country introduced a series of industrial policies, including the transformation of welfare housing into commercial housing and foreign trade import and export. The right is open to the private economy. After the introduction of these two policies, our real estate-based industries and their associated upstream and downstream industries, including steel and home improvement industries, have made a fortune.

There are also so-called BAT plus three major portals NetEase, Sohu, and Sina were established in the second quarter of 1998 to the fourth quarter. If at that time, still eat and wear. It will be eliminated with affirmation. In the 1999 Forbes Rich List, the top 60% were real estate. In this paragraph, Fuzhong caught up again.

Third, from 2015 to 2020, everyone knows that the Chinese economy has been calling the transition period of old and new kinetic energy since 2015. The growth is weak, and private capital investment has fallen sharply. It has almost negative growth at the end of the third quarter of 2016. Buffett said that when others are greedy, you should be cautious. When others are panicking, you should be greedy. During this period, we made accurate pre-judgment and thought that we entered the four new era.

After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese economy entered a new normal state. This is only the transition period from the previous economic cycle to the next economic cycle. What should we do during this transition period? Which four new ones are: new industry, new finance, new consumption, and new urbanization. This is not a concept with Ma Yun.

Everyone sees this as our judgment in 2015. 2016 is just our new round of five-year plan. When others panic, we realize the curve overtaking. Diversified industrial industries and diversified investment methods. We have witnessed no industrial instability, no trade, no real estate, no real estate. After 2015, it became no financial and no rich. In this case, how to combine industry and finance, how to connect industry and capital?

At this time, we started the pace of going abroad. Under this circumstance, we invest in equity, invest in excellent startups, and purchase and reserve genuine high-quality real estate, while investing in personal health and spiritual related things. This is a trend and it is definitely right.

Now is the end of the sea power era, the arrival of the era of road rights.

How do we accompany China’s “One Belt, One Road and Supply Side Structural Reform, how to lay out our industry? In this process, I decided to take me from January 1, 2016. The team is laid out across the country. At the time I was at Peking University Guanghua, several famous economists were sweating me, but by the end of 2017 they had a thumbs up.

First, we established an intercontinental headquarters in New York, a regional headquarters in Berlin, and so on. The United States is mainly engaged in financial and digital business empowerment. Europe mainly uses artificial intelligence manufacturing and commercial sector empowerment. In Israel, it is mainly innovative, empowering the big health sector, and Asia is mainly trade settlement.

Next, we established 12 regional headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Tianjin and Jinan. The first-tier cities in the old city are in the north and the depths of the city. The first place in the new first-tier cities is Chengdu, followed by Hangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing. Nanjing has become the fifth place and Tianjin is the sixth.

Eight industry sectors: digital commerce, big health, big real estate, finance, smart city, artificial intelligence, culture and tertiary services. Together, we took a short two years from In 2014, the sales amount was only 20 billion, toSales have now reached more than 80 billion. From 2018 to January 12, we have reached sales of 72.4 billion, which means that in 2018 it must have exceeded 100 billion, and it is possible to have more than 200 billion.

I can do this number, I think it is related to this era. Nowadays, this era is the best and the worst. See how you can grasp it and whether it can match the macroeconomic situation.

The Communist Party of China is a political party composed of 89 million elites. Our party’s anti-corruption has the ability to purify itself. This is very good. I am a non-party person. After I returned to China, I returned my eight-year green card because I have full confidence in the Chinese Communist Party. At the time of 2016 and 2017, when I was expanding across the country, every city had a contrarian expansion. “Confidence is more important than gold. This is entrepreneurship. You must dare to gamble, otherwise how to bend beyond.

If basic modernization is achieved in 2035, it means that China’s GDP growth rate must not be lower than 5% at the beginning of 2020, and it must be medium and high-speed growth. This is a hard constraint. Entrepreneurs must seize the situation to do it.

Everyone knows that in 2015 we decided to enter the four new era. The new industry is now not only the Internet +, but now it has already talked about smart business and smart business.

The country is now in the transition period between old and new kinetic energy. Our country’s reform and opening up has actually surpassed Japan, but our government stands higher and demands more from us. This is for our entrepreneurs. It is a very good opportunity.

The country has this confidence determination, why don’t we? So we have to follow the country.

Under the new normal period, we are looking for an industry that can support the growth rate of the next 15 years or even 20 years. Real estate still has a golden period of 5-10 years, so we dare to get all the industrial real estate in Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan. Now we are importing digital commerce, artificial intelligence and smart cities into industrial real estate.

Although everyone is propagating that real estate is going to die, you can’t touch it. But I made my pre-judgment, and a new round of real estate investment boom will come at the end of this year and early next year. This is what we have been judging since 2016.

So if the company achieves a certain scale and then start a business, it will need to work hard.

The first success may be a national policy, which may be accidental. Whether you can start a business again, this requires internal strength.

Therefore, learning and improving your own ability requires a pre-judgment of macro trends. Now our eight major industrial sectors are on the cusp, which is very much in line with what we have to do in the four new era.

I will give you a pre-judgment. Now it is the Internet+, but the Internet dividend will gradually run out, and the era of artificial intelligence + is coming.

What does Industry 4.0 mean in the era of information technology? From the era of complete automation to partial informationization to the era of complete information, the era of artificial intelligence is connected with everything. When unmanned or autonomous driving is industrialized, the prerequisite is the maturity of 5G technology. 5G is very important. The arrival of the 5G era is the arrival of the era of things and things, people and things.

Now the mobile phone is not a mobile phone, it is a mobile terminal; the future car is not a car, but also a mobile terminal. The future world is no longer how people work, and robots work for humans. Commodities will be greatly enriched. At that time, it is a commodity chasing person. The era of average distribution will come. It will be a subversive era to lead the whole society to black technology through technology. Everyone must do this preparation.

Nowadays, it is divided into infrastructure, urban construction and renovation. Fuzhong is now in the era of infrastructure construction. Huawei and BAT are in the stage of urban construction. Now it is building standards and building ecology. When it comes to the renovation stage, the stage of personalization will come again. One industry needs to be up, artificial intelligence will empower the Internet, and by that time there will be a bigger giant than the urban construction era. We have endless opportunities, thank you!

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Knowledgeable culture was invited to participate in the anniversary of the founder of the Guge Dynasty 8.18

On August 18, 2018, the Guge Dynasty, which adhered to the Chinese post-modern design for nearly two decades, ushered in the 16th year of the establishment of the Guge Dynasty, and the same day was also the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke. On the birthday, in the 16 years, the Guge Dynasty achieved a leap-forward development for the top 500 Chinese food companies and the world’s top 500 food enterprises, creating an overall output value of over 100 billion. In order to commemorate the moment of this glory and the next journey to open the Guge dynasty, the Guge Dynasty held a unique Greg Dynasty 16th Anniversary &middot in the French Indigo Wine Experience Store in Chengdu Yintai Center in99; Japanese cocktail party. And from the Internet promotion community in Chengdu, “扛 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂 懂

The theme of this reception is Guggen · The clothing of the Republic of China 120 years ago came to the reception. Founder Xia Ke mentioned that “the Republic of China was the most glorious period in China’s modern history for China, and this is exactly the same as the current situation of China’s booming development. The Guge Dynasty hopes to create for our lives in this beautiful era. More quality and valuable things. In addition, the Guge Dynasty also wanted to use this theme of the Republic of China to convey the four concepts of “release, innovation, change, and impulsiveness” to the guests present. It also shows that these four points are also the Guge Dynasty. The attitude that has always been upheld.

Before the event, the first one was first addressed by the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke, Xia Ke said “Thank you very much for the guests present today, to participate in the 16th anniversary of the Guge Dynasty, and to the employees of the Guge Dynasty for the contribution of Guge. In the 16 years of the development of the Guge Dynasty, the Guge Dynasty also met. The partners of common goals, I also believe that in the future, whether it is the Guge Dynasty or friends, everyone is like a family, and develop together and progress together!

During the event, the various departments of the Guge Dynasty also awarded awards, thank you for your continued sweat for the Guge Dynasty. Not only that, the various departments of the Guge Dynasty also gave birth to a birthday present for the founder Xia Ke. This family-like atmosphere is also touching, and 16 years of support and trust have condensed into the most powerful core culture of the Guge dynasty team. As an invited guest, knowing the culture also sent a sincere blessing to the team of the Guge Dynasty.

At the end of the activity, the knowledgeable culture also joined the group of Guge Dynasty’s team, and as a brand promotion partner of the Guge Dynasty, know how to do it. Culture has always insisted on showing people with results, and this kind of implementation spirit has also been recognized by many people present.

August 18, 2018, not only the 16th anniversary of the Guge dynasty but also the prosperity of Chinese design development Year. As a powerful brand promotion partner of the Guge Dynasty, the knowledgeable culture witnessed the rapid development of the Guge Dynasty and will continue to help the Guge Dynasty to go further and further on its own brand development path!

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Will the floor “frequent” maintenance be arched?

The new house has lived for less than half a year. Why the floor has been deformed?

Floor maintenance is too frequent and can cause problems such as arching and deformation. Because the wooden floor maintains the naturalness of the wood, it has a certain hygroscopicity to the moisture in the air. If the environment is too moist or too dry, it will cause dry shrinkage and swelling, resulting in deformation and cracking.

‘I sprayed the floor oil every three times, how to repair the floor, how can the floor arch?’ A few days ago, a floor fair organizing committee received a complaint from a surnamed Wang, reflecting The new house only lived for half a year, the house was not blistered, the floor was arched, and there was a problem with the quality of the floor. To this end, the relevant person in charge of the floor fair organizing committee Ma Dan contacted the floor manufacturer and reporters, together with Ms. Wang’s home to see the reason for the floor arching.

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Maintenance too frequent wet and dry imbalance leads to floor arching

‘Ms. Wang lived on the 10th floor and could not be affected by the tide.’ said Ma Dan, after the professional instrument test, there is no quality problem in the floor itself, the manufacturer has no responsibility. This result makes Ms. Wang Best Unable to explain, she told reporters, ‘I know that solid wood flooring maintenance is very important, so every four or five days, spray oil once, maintenance is done quite well, is this not enough?’

Madan I heard the key, she said, to know that the floor maintenance is too frequent will also cause arching, deformation and other issues. Because the wooden floor maintains the natural nature of the wood, it has a certain moisture absorption to the air, the environment has If it is too moist or too dry, it will cause dry shrinkage and swelling, which will lead to deformation and cracking. The oil can keep the floor bright and prolong its service life, but the oil contains moisture. The excessive use of Ms. Wang causes the floor to absorb a lot of water, dry and wet imbalance. Just arch.

Zhou Cheng, the person in charge of the organizing committee, reminded the consumers that the floor should be maintained once a month with oil essence, and it should be maintained once every two to three months in the spring. At the same time, the floor oil special maintenance should be purchased to avoid damage to the floor. In addition, daily maintenance should also be careful not to wipe with acidic liquids, avoid sharp objects scratching the ground, do not throw cigarettes on the floor or directly place too hot things.

Floor water maintenance must see: 4 major treatment schemes to prevent

The current common causes of households suffering from ‘floods’ mainly come from pipeline leakage, which can be divided according to severity:

1, large area of ​​water :The water pipe is cracked and the water is running.

2. Local water soaking: water pipe dripping, concealed pipe seepage, heating pipe dripping, water dispenser leaking, bathtub leaking, etc.

Soaking water reaction:

1. The edge of the floor joint is deformed.

2. The skirting board is deformed and bulged.

Treatment plan:

According to experts, if consumers encounter similar situations, they must follow the following Comprehensively preserve evidence, while minimizing losses, and provide sufficient evidence for future division of responsibilities and claims.

1. Find and cut off water sources in time.

2 Clean up the water on the floor.

3. Inform the property and related manufacturers in time.

4. Take photos on the spot to make evidence in case of disputes.

Floor repair:

1, a large area of ​​water: due to various reasons caused by a large area of ​​water, and the amount of water is large, the site is cleaned at the same time notify the floor manufacturers customer service, as far as possible The floor was removed in a short time. Because the rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen are generally not waterproof, it is necessary to clean the water on the ground as soon as possible to avoid further damage caused by soaking downstairs.

2, local soaking water: cut off the water source and timely clean the water on the ground, observe whether the floor has obvious changes, there is obvious warping reaction can notify the floor manufacturers to carry out Partial replacement, the worker will perform partial dismantling according to the site conditions, calculate the floor area required for maintenance, and calculate the relevant expenses.

3, need to replace the floor: Before the workers come to the door, you need to check the inventory and batch conditions of the floor to be changed, because only the floor with the same floor color and specifications can be used, otherwise it can not be repaired.

4, the overall replacement, partial replacement of the floor: it is best to maintain the normal ventilation, dry the ground for about two weeks, after the ground is dry, then refill.

Five major trends in the floor: Who will dominate the Year of the Rabbit ‘wind vane’

Today’s wood flooring market is very active, the importance of the floor is difficult to measure, the development trend is becoming clearer, showing a thriving scene. Today, flooring has become the vane of the family’s fashion elements.

Trend 1: Leading consumption after 80

Today’s consumer market is welcoming the newly emerging 80s consumers. Faced with this group of new humans who grew up with the information age, flooring companies launched new marketing strategies based on their consumption characteristics, and launched a series of different styles of products to cater to consumers who pursue individuality and fashion. A manager of the building materials market Anxin floor said: ‘Now the young people are more concerned about the color and beauty of the floor, especially the generation after the 80s. As a new generation of consumer groups, the 80s have become the main target of the flooring market. It is understood that in the major home building materials market, many flooring brands have launched products with personalized style to attract young people. According to Mr. Zeng, the living house of Baroque, the exotic styles such as American country style and European style are more popular among young people.

Trend 2: The long-lasting path of brand accumulation

At present, the homogenization of flooring products is serious. As the general manager of Nature Floor said: ‘Brand construction is the cornerstone of the future development of flooring companies, using quality to build the brand. The brand is like wine, the longer it is, the more mellow and fragrant. With the improvement of material living standards, people have higher and stricter requirements on the variety, function and use of wood flooring, and the degree of recognition of brands has also increased. The road to branding has become a development trend.

Trend 3: Group buy and win consumers

Group purchases are procured at the lowest price, and home appliance sellers can also increase sales in the short term to achieve mutual benefit, so it is very popular. The products with good quality and low price are the most favored by consumers, and the online group purchase gives consumers a realistic and affordable price to satisfy consumers.

Trend 4: Fully expand the prefecture market

‘To break the current market marketing deadlock, the second, third and fourth-tier markets are a good breakthrough. . Zhao Bin, general manager of the Shengda floor flagship store, said. Han Xiaofei, the general distributor of Nature Floor Beijing, also analyzed that the real estate market in the second and third grade cities has less bubbles and the market development is relatively stable, so the healthy real estate industry will promote the development of the flooring industry.

Trend 5: The construction industry becomes the economic pillar

In the 2011 development goals set by the state, the construction industry will become one of the pillar industries of the Chinese national economy. With the development of the construction industry, the interior decoration industry will have greater development, and wood flooring will also develop as one of the important materials for interior decoration.

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The three development status of the range hood industry, the overall trend of the kitchen power market surfaced

Image from “

For For the Chinese, the kitchen is the focal point of most family food culture. As an industry, the kitchen is a big business.

The kitchen is “big business, is being gradually detonated”

In recent years, as the attention of the kitchen appliance industry has been continuously improved, the kitchen economy has become a home appliance. An important topic that practitioners are eager to take. For example, 2017 was once considered a year in which the kitchen economy is expected to cross the “100 billion economy”.

In this year, major brand manufacturers have demonstrated their proud products, or accelerated the layout of the pan-industry chain. The boss released a central smoking hood, and Fang Tai launched a new smart lifting product. Haier shouted out “The chef’s electric strategy, Vantage accelerated the layout of the pan-entertainment, and also accelerated the continuation of the concept of smart fashioners … &hellip ;

At the same time, the kitchen power industry continued to grow in double digits in 2017, driven by further consumption upgrades.

According to Zhongyikang data, from January to August 2017, the kitchen appliance market reached 61.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.1%. It is estimated that the annual kitchen appliance market will reach 96.8 billion yuan. The increase was 14.8%. The kitchen business is expanding further.

According to Yiou, the main categories of the kitchen appliance industry can be divided into ten parts, namely water heaters, range hoods, water purification series, gas stoves, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, electric ovens, dishwashing Machines, steam ovens, and embedded all-in-ones, among these products, “smoke stoves and dishwashers” are the key categories that have been active in industry news in recent years.

Because of this, Yiou Home has carried out a series of researches in the near future, and the top one is the range hood industry. During the research process, Yiou discovered the three development status of the industry. It not only reflects the characteristics of this segment, but also closely relates to the overall trend of the kitchen industry ——"embedded products,<;the whole kitchen.

With the product as the entrance, the three characteristics of the range hood industry surfaced.

Through a long-term offline investigation, Yiou Home has drawn the range hood industry. The three development statuses, from the three aspects of product iteration, consumption upgrade and integration trend, have prospects for the development of the 2018 range hood market.

Feature 1: Side suction range hood products increase, behind the scenes is the iteration of consumption patterns and product upgrades

Billion Ou Home in the last research article By the way, according to the way of smoking oil, the range hood can be divided into direct suction type, side suction type and integrated stove type. However, during the investigation, Yiou found that the side suction range hood products sold more than the direct suction range hood.

From the results of the offline survey and actual observations, this is actually a reason. In combination with the principle of the suction of the top suction type (ie direct suction type) range hood and the side suction type range hood, the side suction type range hood has two advantages:

1) From the construction point of view, the side suction type range hood is not easy to pick up compared to the top suction type, and the appearance is more scientific and technological. Traditionally, since the soot of the top suction hood is moving upwards, on the one hand, it has the advantage of better smoke; but on the other hand, the flat top shape is also easy. Let the user accidentally pick up the head when cooking.

In contrast, the side structure of the side suction hood avoids this kind of trouble, and at the same time has more imagination in terms of appearance.

2) The side suction hood has a golden angle of 35 degrees on the side, and the suction space is not small. According to the clerk of a kitchen appliance brand, the suction effect of the side suction range hood is not low, and most products can adapt to the cooking needs of domestic users.

Feature 2: The trend of increasing the amount of exhaust air is obvious, but the pain point also surfaced.

In the field investigation of the middle and high-end stores, the exhaust air volume of the range hood was obtained. Very large improvement, overall, the exhaust air volume of the range hood products on the market from 15m & sup3; / min to 22m & sup3; / min, and possibly even higher.

Along with consumers’ further re-enactment of environmental health, “great suction has become an important product indicator pursued by kitchen appliances such as Fangtai, Boss and Vantage. For example, the suction of a certain smoke machine of a boss who has been researched in the home of E-home has reached 19m³/min, and the exhaust volume of Fangtai’s twin-turbine machine with a single turbine has reached 15m³ Min, its product power has reached 358W, and Vantage’s product display in the Dazhongsi Home Plaza store has reached 22m³/min.

However, while brand kitchen appliances have increased their “strong suction layout”, there are two problems that are rarely mentioned by the initiative. One is the size of noise, and the other is the actual maximum. The uncontrollability of the exhaust air volume.

A practitioner of a brand of kitchen appliance manufacturer told Yiou that during the development of the range hood, as the wind increases, the noise will actually increase gradually. Therefore, the large suction force Although it brings a good smoke effect, its noise also brings other troubles to the user. Although many manufacturers have already focused on solving this problem, as of now, this problem is still veryHard to solve.

Feature 3: The actual exhaust volume of the range hood is subject to a variety of factors.

Speaking of the amount of air exhausted, it is necessary to mention the range hood. “History. The hood products were first introduced to China from abroad, but there is actually no real hood product in foreign countries, because the foreign hood product name is “Exhaust hood”.

In fact, the first Western-style hood that was introduced to China was just an exhaust fan in the kitchen and the whole machine was installed outdoors. The original function was only suitable for European-style fire-free cooking. The air volume is only 13m³/min, which cannot meet the needs of the real smoke of the Chinese people. Later, based on the cooking habits of Chinese people, domestic manufacturers made major changes in the internal movement structure, stove and exhaust volume.

However, it is worth noting that there are many factors affecting the actual exhaust volume after installation of the range hood, such as the air pressure above the room, the location of the specific floor, the size of the pipe, and the ventilation of the room. The situation and so on will interfere with the actual amount of exhaust air.

In other words, the exhaust air volume of the range hood product during the promotion cannot be directly equal to the actual use effect after the consumer purchases and installs.

In addition to the above three characteristics, Yiou also found that the market sound of the whole kitchen is getting bigger and bigger in the process of researching kitchen appliances. The most obvious example is that cabinet companies are also starting to Make a big push into the overall kitchen industry.

According to the “2016-2022 China Whole Kitchen Industry Analysis and Market Forecast Report” published by Zhiyan Consulting Group in 2016, the overall kitchen market in China has reached 40 billion yuan. However, in China’s approximately 100 million urban households, the overall kitchen ownership rate is only 6.8%. This figure is far lower than the average of 35% in developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, there is huge room for growth in the overall kitchen industry in the future.

This is also an important reason why many companies have entered the kitchen. They include professional cabinet companies such as Europa, Kebao and Ile, as well as home appliance brands such as Haier, Vantage and Fangtai. And their overall kitchen products are also different.

However, according to the offline research, there are not many users who actually buy kitchen appliances and cabinets together. Many users consulted most during the purchase process. ——“Can I buy the XX brand range hood and match your whole kitchen cabinet? The store clerk has repeatedly calmed down. Said yes. This means that as the whole cabinet and the whole kitchen of the brother industry, it will take a long time to really get through.

Because of the huge market development space of the whole kitchen, Yiou Home will also conduct research on the topic of “the whole kitchen”, and as the industry with the largest increase in the overall household appliance market, kitchen appliances It will still be a key area of ​​concern for Yiou Home for a long time.

We believe that the kitchen power market will undergo more changes in 2018. In addition to the overall kitchen, popular keywords such as the Internet of Things, human-computer interaction, and big data will also generate more linkages with kitchen appliances under the development of technology. By then, there will be more emerging products in the kitchen appliance industry. By that time, the real “smart kitchen appliances” will be full of vitality.

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Things you must learn to maintain solid wood flooring

First, waterproof and moisture-proof: air conditioning dehumidification function to get home After installing the wooden floor, the home needs to pay attention to dehumidification. Experts believe that it is not necessary to spend a long time, as long as you go back to work and watch TV while turning on the air conditioning dehumidification function, 2 or 3 hours a day is enough. After returning to Nantian, there is no need to damp, as long as the home often opens the door, open the window and ventilate the air. Second, the wooden floor cleaning should pay attention to: Do ​​not use the wet mop When handling the wooden floor, the moisture is necessary to pay special attention. When cleaning, do not use a wet mop to mop the floor. All the wooden floors can’t stand it. It is best to wipe it with a dry rag. There is also a place where there is water in the bathroom and the kitchen. Waterproofing must be passed through, and no leakage will occur. Otherwise, it will leak under the wooden floor and will arch, deform and expand for a long time. In addition, living home Baroque floor Li Gongbo specifically reminded netizens: Shenzhen has arrived in the typhoon season, and the wind and rain are falling down. The house should pay attention to closing the doors and windows. If it is ignored, the rain will come in, and the floor will definitely have problems. . If the heater leaks or there is water stain on the ground, it must be wiped clean in time. Do not let the sun explode or bake directly in the electric oven to avoid drying too fast and the floor cracking. Third, reduce the long-term direct sunlight to paint the good floor for a long time, do not live, do not cover with plastic cloth or newspaper, time will be sticky, tarnish, and avoid hot water pot, hot rice pot, etc. Place it on the floor and apply it with a wooden board or a straw mat to avoid scalding the paint film. After laying the paint floor, try to reduce the direct sunlight of the sun, so as to avoid excessive exposure of the paint to ultraviolet rays, premature cracking and aging. Place furniture on the floor with rubber or other soft objects to prevent scratching the floor paint. Fourth, the best use of cloth slippers in the home When walking on the solid wood floor, should wear cloth slippers, preferably bare feet. Put the soft bottom protection pad on the ‘foot’ of the furniture to avoid the ‘foot’ of the furniture scratching the wear-resistant layer of the solid wood wooden floor, do not let the heavy items smash the wear layer. Do not use sandpaper, sanders, steel brushes, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean solid wood flooring. If you have cats in your home, you have to find a way to solve the damage of cat claws. 5, to maintain indoor dry and wet moderate solid wood flooring after paving should stay within two weeks, long time non-resident or often do not live in the room, should put a few pots of water in the room or use a humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should Increase ventilation. Keep indoors from being too dry or wet.

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Business Leaders Annual Meeting Guest Dangdang Li Guoqing: Husband and Wife

2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum Fellows Series Report ㉕

Dangdang Co-founder and CEO Li Guoqing has confirmed attendance at the “New Change and New Beginnings & Mdash;— 2018 Business Leaders New Year Forum hosted by the Business Media Group. On January 25, 2018, he will give a keynote speech in the search for the variables of the times.

Time is like water, it can smooth the edges and corners of men’s character, but it does not destroy the blood of men’s hearts; can take away the woman’s youth, but can’t erase the wisdom of women’s life; perhaps, the meaning of life Yes, accumulate a long stream of emotions in the time, and slowly approach the ultimate goal of life in the bottom of my heart.

One is a brave copper tooth, one is an elegant and wise lady & mdash; — Li Guoqing and Yu Yu have gone through more than a decade of marriage, and have gone through the long journey of Dangdang. . Dangdang’s story is actually a period of time, about blood and struggle, and love.

Twenty Years of Heat and Blood

Li Guoqing is an authentic Beijing man. In 1983, he was admitted to the Department of Sociology of Peking University with the first place in Beijing. Beijing, Peking University, and sociology, the three elements of this life are intertwined, and they have shaped the distinctive personality of his fingertips.

The young Li Guoqing had a bloody daring to break the old rules. At the time he was at Peking University, he was the vice chairman of the North University Student Union. He often swears for the students. Today, Li Guoqing’s bloody and mavericks have not diminished with age and experience.

After Dangdang’s online market in December 2010, Dangdang’s CEO Li Guoqing, who was unobtrusive on Weibo, quickly became the most sought-after entrepreneur. This man who has been low-key for many years, like Dangdang online market, is like playing chicken blood & mdash; — self-exposed former girlfriend, war “Da Mo female, dead Jingdong, angered Baidu, Alibaba, stunned a word is not amazing death Endless party.

Just two days before the Dangdang banquet for the Morgan Stanley team, Li Guoqing fired on the Weibo, in a period of “rock and roll”, and the price of the Dangdang.

Behind the fierce battle, he broke the tacit understanding between IPO companies and foreign investment banks with extremely extreme words, bringing people a series of precious thinking & mdash;— communication skills between enterprises and capital, China’s capital market The rise of the local investment bank ……

In fact, foreign investment banks have almost monopolized the channels of Chinese companies’ overseas IPOs, so Chinese companies’ overseas IPOs have long suffered from discounts and are unfamiliar and complicated. The rules of overseas capital games, Chinese entrepreneurs with grassroots and barbaric growth, often seem to be at a loss, and have to be led by foreign investment banks. After the IPO, the two sides, in order to maintain the public image, even if they are dissatisfied, will also be whitewashed and toasted.

The reporter asked Yu Hao: What do you think of her husband’s Weibo? Her answer is straightforward: nothing to look for. And finally let the dispute return to the calm person, or Yu Yu. In the face of public opinion, she played 50 boards each time, saying that Morgan Stanley had apologized and said that Li Guoqing’s words were not correct, leaving both sides with a step.

In Dangdang’s business decision-making, the couple have always been a combination of swords and swords.

Flowers on the trash

Before Li Guoqing went to the United States to meet Yu Yu in 1995, his life and business were quite bleak.

This year is the year when Chinese Internet leaders have embarked on a journey. Zhang Chaoyang, who is the same age as Li Guoqing, received a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ma Yun, who is still a teacher, began to try his own business and founded a translation agency called Haibo. Li’s northern master Li Yanhong was at that time. In the tide of studying abroad, I went to the United States to study for a master’s degree in computer science.

At that time, Li Guoqing found a few friends in the publishing industry. He rented a basement of the General Staff in Xiaoxitian as an office space, but his business has not been done much. Carrying millions of dollars in debt, going to the book club everywhere, and getting through the distribution channels of Xinhua Bookstore,

The former leaders Zhou Qiren and Lin Yifu, after hearing about Li Guoqing’s experience, sighed: “> The National Day is so talented, let’s go ahead in the basement, how can I go to the basement to start a business? Many of my classmates and friends around him, not the vice president of the state-owned enterprise, became a senior government official. When everyone gathered, in front of friends who drove a high-class car, Li Guoqing looked gray and self-deprecating. Even the first love girlfriend who started a business together eventually left him and said that he was dancing on the trash.

In 1996, Li Guoqing was sighing with anger: I was going to make a splendid flower on the rubbish! With the chief representative of a multinational company in China, I was sitting on the top floor of Guomao in a premium car. Dream, Li Guoqing went to the United States to look for opportunities. In the United States, “the chief representative’s dream has not made any progress, and he is ashamed to say “small business is frequently mentioned by friends.”

The turning point of fate appeared in a dinner arranged by a friend, and Li Guoqing met Yu Yu. At that time, Yu Yu had an MBA from New York University and started a financial consulting company. He has already found a world on Wall Street. After five months of acquaintance, Yu Yu and Li Guoqing got married and gave up the cause of Wall Street. Together with her husband, she returned to Beijing to manage the publishing company.

You are Sun ZhongShan, I am Soong Ching Ling

Recalling the feeling of meeting for the first time, Yu Yu said: “I don’t know why, I think of Guo Kaimin in the movie “Love in the Mountain”, he is smart and assertive. Young man. I told him how to raise money. He took notes carefully and I was happy when I saw it. That note paper, Li Guoqing saved to this day: “At that time, Yu Yu talked about the talents and insights shown in the spit, shocked me, only that she was really a talented woman.

At that time, in order to further understand the relationship, Li Guoqing also asked a friend: “I am in love with Yu Yu, do you say she will go back to Beijing with me?” The friend answered with surprise: “Daughter, what do you think, do you know who is chasing Yu Yu in the United States? They are all pursuing her with a private jet.

Li Guoqing was a bit discouraged. However, Yu Yu’s later answer made him happy and moved to this day. Yu Yu said to him: “National Day, you are wrong, my money is more than you. But you are the one to be assisted in my life. If you are Sun Yat-sen, I am Soong Ching Ling.

After Yu Hao and Li Guoqing returned to Beijing, they found that her husband’s book publishing business was not warm and difficult to grow. This made Yu Yu quickly associate with a year ago, an online bookstore called Amazon, which swept the United States at an alarming rate. She has also experienced this convenient online book-buying method. So, she asked Li Guoqing to open the Amazon page on the Internet: “We bought books abroad.”

Li Guoqing, who has a keen sense of business, quickly discovered the great superiority of online bookstores— in traditional publishing channels, there are many links between publishers and readers, and the Internet has established both Direct contact between. “This is a revolution in the distribution of books!” [p>

In October 1999, with $6.8 million from IDG, Softbank and Luxembourg Cambridge, the model of success in the United States was borrowed from Amazon. Li Guoqing and Yu Yu launched Dangdang. Interestingly, the husband and wife respectively have a unique title —— co-president, the specific division of labor, Li Guoqing, who is experienced in the book publishing industry, is responsible for the internal operations of Dangdang, while Yu Yu is responsible for capital operation and administrative personnel. .

Ten years of time, once on the list

At the moment when many companies successfully listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq, the founders of the company could not help but shed tears of excitement. Li Guoqing and Yu Yu did not cry because they knew that the growth of wealth was not caused by overnight listings, but that the team was paying bit by bit, in exchange for the increase in monthly sales and the increase in profits.

It’s not the result of the summit, but the process of going over the mountains.

Once, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu took their son to Sina’s president Wang Yanjia to play. After returning, the son said to Li Guoqing: You are not as successful as Uncle Wang Yan. You see that you only have 600 people. Uncle Wang Yan’s has 2,000 people.

The standard for sons to measure success is childish. However, in the heart of Li Guoqing and Yu Yu, what is the real success of life?

In 2004, Amazon opened a $150 million acquisition of 70% to 90% of Dangdang’s equity, and even raised 1 billion. The dollar can be talked about. Wang Yan advised the couple: “How are you so stupid, $150 million, hurry to sell it!

Yu Yu once had some shakes, and felt that Dangdang had little room for future. Li Guoqing firmly told his wife: “I am well aware of the sales performance of Xinhua Bookstore, a major city in the country.” According to our annual sales growth rate of 100%, it will reach 1 billion yuan in 3 years, then the market value will also be 300 million US dollars.

After convincing Yu Yu, he explained to the shareholders that the international giants are absolutely not more efficient and more familiar with the market. How do you sell books in the Internet in China, do they really understand?

At the crucial time, the shareholders and the couple stood together and firmly said: We will put the treasure on both of you! In the end, Dangdang rejected the news of Amazon’s sky-high price acquisition, which shocked the domestic Internet community.

The Amazon that hit the wall turned to $75 million to acquire the rival network of Dangdang. Later, the fact is that Amazon replaced the former local team with the international management team. Because of the dissatisfaction and strategic misconduct, it was gradually left behind by Dangdang.

Someone asked Li Guoqing, what is his ideal Dangdang? Li replied, an online retail empire that sells billions of dollars a year. A key bottleneck is that the total domestic book market is only 70 billion yuan.

In 2005, the couple spent eight months secretly meeting more than 80 executives from retail companies such as Wal-Mart, RT-Mart and Watsons, and dug many of them to Dangdang. Over the years, through these talents, in addition to consolidating the dominance of online books, Dangdang has also attacked digital products, maternal and child supplies, home, apparel and other fields, pointing to the department store market with market capacity of several hundred billion yuan.

In fiscal 2010, Dangdang’s net revenue was 2.28 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 56%, and net profit reached 30.8 million yuan, an increase of 82%. After the listing, Dangdang is moving towards the goal of both couples —— online Wal-Mart.

When Dangdang was listed, Li Guoqing originally planned to buy an SUV, but he was vetoed by Yu Yu. The reason was that “life should be low-carbon. Now this family of three still shares a car. Usually, Li Guoqing is rushing to the subway to go to work.

In some entrepreneurial forums, the entrepreneurs who participated in the meeting only heard that Li Guoqing was also there, and they were somewhat embarrassed. Once in YunnanOn the spot, Li Heqing and Li Guoqing questioned Wang Shi and Zhang Ruimin. The two big men were speechless and the scene was in a short embarrassment.

There is no shortage of deaths and sorrows in this madman. People are stunned and more questionable: What is his innermost thoughts?

Some people question He can influence other people in a positive way. For example, Kai-Fu Lee has become a life coach for young people. Why do you have enemies on all sides and make troubles?

However, if criticism is not free, praise is meaningless. In this era, Li Kaifu is needed, and Li Guoqing is needed. Only the latter must have a strong heart to bear the loneliness and misunderstanding brought about by criticism.

Li Guoqing said that this state is very good, unless Yu Yu wants him to change. Because he needs her love.

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