Interior designer Samuel finds new materials to make furniture okorder

For the interior designer Samuel, an elegant and unique living space is not enough. He feels that the living space is not only good in environment, but also needs some good furniture to be able to live a better life.

Therefore, Samuel established his own studio in New York in 2013 to manufacture furniture. In just a few months, a custom furniture service was launched. Samuel’s studio, from the design of the furniture, the selection of materials, the manufacture of the products are strictly controlled, and strive to create high-quality furniture. Samuel said: “It is important not only the novelty of the style, but also the selection of materials. We have found new materials —— cement to make furniture, which can be used for lamps, bookshelves, chairs, etc. novel. ”

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Turkey’s new brown sofa is very comfortable okorder

All living rooms require comfortable seating, not necessarily elegant and beautiful, so that people can have a comfortable seat in the living room, let people relax and spend time with their families.

Sofa” width=”400″ height=”223″ src=”/Upload/Other/QQScreenshot20141212101002.jpg” />

Turkey has introduced a brown sofa. The average size of a sofa is usually 6 to 8 feet, about three people, but this sofa can seat five people, making the family more comfortable. It’s leather, it’s comfortable but warm, and there is a single sofa, not only where you sit, but also a place to let your legs rest on the sofa, very comfortable.

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Old William Byrd School in the United States sells school furniture at a low price okorder

The school is a place for students to learn. There are a lot of furniture, desks, chairs, drawers, bookcases, conference tables, computer desks, bookshelves, cabinets, etc., so that children can learn better.
The old William Byrd School in the United States has been closed, and the furniture inside is useless. Although some furniture is worn and outdated, there are still many new furniture that can be used. In order not to waste these furniture, let the furniture dust in the old William Byrd school, the relevant person in charge of the old William Byrd school decided to sell the furniture and electrical appliances in the school to the local residents at low prices, not only tables, chairs, but also There are fans, air conditioners, etc. The furniture sale time starts on December 13, 2014, and ends on December 14th. The daily time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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One of the smallest houses in Colorado okorder

We have proposed several small houses until now. But this time it may be the smallest one. It is located in Colorado and it belongs to Christopher and Muller. They lived there for three months, but they already thought it was their home. The house is only 127 square feet.

The couple liked this location very much. This is one of the most beautiful areas from the southwest of Colorado 100 miles. The house, although very small, is very comfortable and sustainable. There may not be many, but this is their home, this is the most important.
Christopher is a director, graphic designer, always wants to own a house in the nearby mountains. He always thinks that this is a dream and will never come true until he has such a house in this beautiful area.

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American Huntsville School sells old furniture from the school okorder

Furniture is an item that everyone uses, but many furniture purchases may be more expensive, and second-hand furniture is not brand new, but it is beautiful to repaint it, even without processing. And increase the recycling of furniture, reduce the waste of resources, reduce the use of wood, metal and other furniture manufacturing materials.
The Huntsville School in northern Alabama is preparing to sell the school’s old furniture and some other supplies, including classroom tables and chairs, computer desks, desks, conference tables, cabinets, bookcases, sofas, computers, Speakers, fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, etc., by selling these items to purchase new furniture, the event starts on December 5 and ends on December 14.

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Seniors apartment building in Beech Grove, Ohio okorder

American construction developers set up a $10 million senior apartment in Beech Grove, Ohio. This senior apartment requires residents aged 55 or older (including 55) to qualify. Mayor Dennis · Barkley and the building developer at the end of Wednesday morning at the Beech Forest scene, witnessed the construction of the elderly apartment. Mayor Dennis · Barkley said: “The bedding forest apartment for the elderly is an outstanding example of helping people improve their community life, especially to improve the quality of life of older people. ”

The high-rise apartment housing in Beech Forest aims to attract low-income and middle-income seniors. Each house has two bedrooms and a garage. There are also community spaces nearby: courtyards, picnic areas, computer centers and social service areas. The elderly apartment is expected to be completed in 2015 and the date of completion is not yet determined.

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Inflatable armchair with a wooden base okorder

The inflatable armchair is an inflatable chair with a translucent, inflated section, a wooden frame and legs. The designer created this amazingly convenient, space-saving and comfortable chair at the Bisale Art Institute and completed the final project design in Jerusalem.
The designer reinterprets the simplicity of the materials used in modern furniture design, assembly methods and modern aesthetics. The designer’s furniture is from the norm, but exciting and convenient.

Presenting the design concept of the chair, recycling this unique furniture product, moving freely, and adding a beautiful style to Modern interiors. Modern furniture design changes, free from interior and filling materials, while creating the advantages of easy packaging, space saving and comfort.
The idea of ​​inflatable structures and wood is very cheap, reflecting the retro style of modern furniture design in the 1960s. In an effort to ensure that the chair works in the existing living room furniture pieces, the inflatable armchair is supported by a wooden base that blends traditional and modern parts with unique furniture design.
A powerful framework in modern chairs. The expanded portion makes the seat easy to transport, install and repair. This is a look that adds a nice style and interest to the upholstery, revealing that the wood is cheap and convenient.

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Australian Glass Villa Wirra Willa Pavilion okorder

Wirra Willa Pavilion is a private villa located in Somersby, Australia. It was a place designed and built by Matthew Woodward, originally an orchard of citrus fruits. The house is a glass house surrounded by lush vegetation. It is a multifunctional flexible structure. The setting of the glass wall makes it dangerous to expose privacy, but this feature also gives it a view of the landscape and its fascinating view.

When the villa is in the spring, you look from a distance and seem to float on the water. In fact, water plays a very important role in its design, not only because it surrounds the building. Inside the house, the floor opens, revealing a buried bathtub, which is an amazing natural element, while also taking into account the location. The material selection for the project is to coordinate the building and the natural environment. The building is facing the northeast to make the most of the sun and cope with the prevailing winds. The sliding glass panel keeps away from all the light and can be turned on to let the beautiful summer winds come in.

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The design of the coffee shop concept in Tanglou Cafe okorder

Designer Innarch developed and designed a wonderful cafe in Kosovo. Tanglou Cafe, what is the way to name this cafe. Completed in 2013, this interior design uses 1365 of the finest plywood pieces to create a warm impression, classic design.

In addition, this art cafe combines traditional interior design with contemporary. Located in the crowd, this special café will give you a different feeling than other cafes, where you have met. Everything here is made of wood and has a darker tan. Every piece of furniture and style makes careful arrangements. The interior design concept of the most striking café is the separation of art walls. It is laid down from the top like a coffee sack. Chandelier-shaped coffee beans are hung on wooden ceilings. Although they have been built up as decorations.
Every corner makes the interior of the cafe blend in creating high quality coffee and harmony. Customers can not only taste the pleasant coffee taste, but also impress the mixture of interior design of the cafe, in a pleasant free.

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The green roof of the cabin boasts the smallest carbon footprint okorder

The Chilean hotel designed by architects, they carefully built buildings that have visual beauty and competition in the wild. The result is a small wood-like house with a green roof at the top and mostly natural materials built to match the local style. Designed to gently step into landscape vision and eco-friendly, the 280 square foot two-story hotel minimizes its carbon footprint with energy efficient features.

The architect first carefully selects the location and building orientation to reduce the energy consumption of the home. Special attention has also been given to the windows, which are strategic locations so as to promote cross ventilation in the summer as much as possible in the winter. The micro-structure is an insulated green roof for the “five façade” project consideration.
Insulation is an important driver in the design process and has a significant impact. Wall construction includes mud-coated straw bales, and the local materials are extremely rich in the area and are highly efficient. These bags are made of a layer of transparent polycarbonate that is protected from rain by the straw. The top and bottom edges of the structure. The interior is painted white to create the illusion of a sense of space and to reduce the artificial light.

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