What are the differences between rubber flooring and plastic flooring? Is the rubber floor soundproof? Is there any way to clean the rubber floor in the home?

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First talk about rubber flooring, as the name implies, the floor made of rubber. Rubber flooring brand products are made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials. Butylbenzene, high benzene and butadiene rubber are synthetic rubbers, which are petroleum products. Natural rubber refers to artificially cultivated rubber trees. Rubber collected. Rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly floor, because all materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and polymer environmentally friendly materials.

As for plastic flooring is a collective concept, usually meaning Plastics include pvc, PU, ​​silicon PU, acrylic and EPDM.

In general, plastic flooring generally has a wear layer, rubber floor structure is more single.

plastic floor The biggest difference with rubber flooring is that the materials of the two are different.

The main component of plastic flooring is polyvinyl chloride material. At present, plastic flooring is mainly divided into two categories, one is homogeneous and the same. The texture of the pattern from the bottom to the surface is the same. If the surface of the plastic floor is burned out or scratched, it can be rubbed off with a sander and re-waxed as new. There is also a compound plastic, that is, the top layer is pure pvc transparent layer (pvc resistance) The grinding performance is very good. Then the printing layer and the foaming layer are added underneath, so the fireproof performance of the composite material is not like the quality of the core material. The plastic floor is widely used in home and business because of its rich colors and various colors. Aspect.

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Rubber flooring is made of natural rubber or recycled rubber and Natural rubber composite flooring. Because of the strong color absorption of rubber, the coloration of rubber flooring is difficult, so most rubber floorings are relatively single.

At the same time, plastic flooring and rubber flooring, rubber mats have in common, that is, they can be made into anti-static flooring. In other words, the anti-static floor may be a plastic floor or a rubber floor. Plastic flooring and rubber flooring are not made of the same material, so they are not the same in terms of construction and maintenance.

Is the rubber floor soundproof?

Rubber floor due to soft texture, good sound insulation, can absorb sound, can reduce the noise generated by walking.

Cleaning method:

The rubber floor must be cleaned after 48 hours of laying, and should be removed before use. The product on the floor surface protects the wax before it can be used.

First remove the garbage and glue on the floor surface, and then water according to the requirements of the wax-to-water ratio. Use a low speed wiper or use a long handle brush to remove wax. (The scrubbing machine usually uses red brush)

When cleaning, the ground should maintain a certain amount of water. It should not be too wet, so as to avoid seeping into the ground along the wall and gap. Now grind and wash the ground, do not suck the water, keep it for 10-15 minutes, then wash it again.

Use a mop or water aspirator to remove the turbid water, then wash it again with water, then absorb the turbid water. Dry it with a dry mop and use it. (Because the ground is damp and easy to retain dirt, it is necessary to dry or dry the ground)

Different cleaning methods, utensils and cleaning times for different occasions, cleaned by a special person. Usually keep it clean at least once a day. In public places with frequent flow of people such as hospitals, exhibition halls, stations and airports, it is cleaned several times a day, weekly and monthly.

When cleaning, use ordinary and high-efficiency detergent according to the site pollution, proportioned with water (preferably warm water), small area or stairs can use long handle brush. A large area can be scrubbed with a special scrubber. Note that a red brush is usually used.

Use a wiping machine or a long handle brush to clean the surface with the cleaning agent in the place where the ground is polished and scrubbed, and the local pollution is serious. Wash it again after about 10-15 minutes. The turbid water is then removed with a water aspirator or mop.

Use a scrubber and a mop to wash the water on the ground, then dry it with a water aspirator or mop.

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What causes the floor life to be shortened?

Wood flooring is an important part of the purchase of building materials. It took a lot of money to buy a wooden floor to go home, and if it was prematurely scrapped because of improper use, it would be a pity.

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1. Oily


If the floor oil is not treated in time, it will cause oil stains and discoloration. Therefore, after the floor is stained with oil, it should be cleaned immediately with detergent, water, etc.


2. Daylight

After direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays will cause cracking on the surface of the floor. When decorating, the owner should consider At this point, use curtains or blinds to avoid direct sunlight.

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3, accumulated water

After the surface area of ​​the water is not treated, it will lead to Floor discoloration, water and cracking. Therefore, when using the floor daily, you should wipe the water stains in time to keep the floor dry.

4. Pharmacy

If the floor is accidentally contaminated with chemicals, it should be wiped with detergent and water. . In addition, chemical agents also reduce the gloss of the floor surface, so you need to polish.

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5, heavy objects

After the floor is finished, do not move the furniture into the new house immediately. After 24 hours, you need to lay the floor under heavy objects such as solid wood furniture and refrigerator. The pad is protected to prevent the local load from being too large and the floor is sunken and scratched.

6. Raining

The wooden floor is inherently water-repellent. If it is rained, the surface of the floor will be discolored, cracked, etc. Therefore, after the decoration, the floor of the home should be waterproof.

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7. Air Conditioning

When air conditioning is used for a long time, the indoor air will become extremely dry, and the floor will easily expand and contract, which will cause gaps and sounds on the floor. Therefore, when using the floor daily, it is necessary to ventilate the room frequently.

8. Pets

Pet excreta can cause alkaline corrosion of wood, causing discoloration and stains on the floor. So owners who have pets in their homes need to pay attention to this.

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9, detergent

After the decoration, the alkaline cleaner should never be used when wiping the floor. The ingredients in the wood will react with the alkaline substances, causing the floor to change. Or produce stains. After using the cleaner, wipe it with a wrung rag.

10. Floor wax

After the decoration, you should use the suitable floor wax. Before the floor is waxed, you should first try the small floor area in the corner of the room or other unobtrusive places, and confirm that there is no problem before starting to fully wax.

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Wood floor maintenance has a trick to achieve 3 points to win all maintenance methods

Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof are the three-proof functions of the mobile phone we often say. For wood flooring, maintenance needs to do the following ‘three defenses’.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021721461011.jpg”> 1. Protect against strong long-lasting sun exposure to prevent strong long-lasting sun exposure to prevent the paint from being exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time. Prevent aging and cracking in advance. Avoid hot and cold wind blowing and bake the floor of household appliances. 2. Soak the floor with rainwater to prevent rainwater from soaking the floor, prevent overflow in balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Please close the faucet when going out or stopping water; In particular, it should not be in contact with hot water. If it occurs, it should be dried in time. 3. Anti-heavy metal sharps prevent heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, studs and other hard objects from scratching the floor; when moving furniture, it should not be pushed and pulled directly on the floor. Lift and move gently. Frequently moving furniture can be glued to the bottom of the rubber. For consumers to buy wooden flooring, it will look at its stain resistance, water resistance and wear resistance, but the wooden floor is still mainly Need to be carefully cared for.

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Geothermal heating floor installation and maintenance

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Before installation

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Some Opinions on the Brand Competitiveness of the Floor Industry

As a traditional industry, the threshold of the flooring industry is relatively low, which has caused the size and dispersion of enterprises. How do companies stand out in the flooring industry and continue to make the brand bigger and stronger, this is a problem that the industry has been discussing. This paper analyzes the importance of brands in the flooring industry for core competitiveness from the perspective of improving the brand competitiveness of the flooring industry.

The brand is the comprehensive performance of core competitiveness

In the modern market competition, the comprehensive performance of competitiveness is mainly reflected On the brand. A brand is not just a sign, but a comprehensive indicator of the quality, performance, and reliability of a consumer’s utility. Especially for the flooring industry, the brand is the soul of competitiveness. How to make a brand, a big brand, and a strong brand is of great significance for enhancing the brand competitiveness of China’s flooring industry.

A brand condenses the scientific management of the enterprise, the market reputation, the pursuit of perfect corporate spirit and many other cultural connotations. Once the brand is established and maintained, it will occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers and gradually develop into a famous brand. Its competitiveness will have a full product diffusion effect and a collective effect of industry organization. That is to say, a competitive flooring brand can make a series of products of the same brand competitive, and a group of companies gathered under the banner of the same floor brand has the ability to fight the market storms.

Because the brand is at the core of the factors of product competitiveness, in order to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the brand, it is necessary to make a fuss around improving the competitiveness of the brand. To improve the competitiveness of products, we can further enhance the core competitiveness of the entire enterprise.

The competitiveness of the floor brand is concentrated on the core competitiveness of the company

1. Floor brand competitiveness is reflected in the product. Market development. Brand is the product of market economy and market competition. The advantage of brand is inevitably first manifested in market competition. The essence of market competition is to compete for consumers. The main purpose of the brand strategy is to enjoy a better reputation than other brands among consumers, and to occupy an advantage in competing for consumers;

2, floor brand competitiveness also performance In the ability of the company to continue to develop. The asset status of an enterprise is the basis for the enterprise to obtain economic benefits, and is the basis for the continued development of the enterprise. The brand has the ability to continuously store the tangible assets and intangible assets that the enterprise continuously accumulates and develops. The former president of the Coca-Cola Company said: ‘Even if the Coca-Cola factory is destroyed, as long as the name Coca-Cola is available, I can rebuild the world’s largest beverage company within a year. ‘In the fierce market economy environment, dare to say such things, it shows confidence in the more than 30 billion intangible assets Coca-Cola condenses;

3, floor brand competition The performance is expressed in personalized service. Personalized service is an important part of brand competitiveness. It is difficult to replace high-level, high-quality personalized service that will directly enhance brand value and enhance brand competitiveness.

Wood flooring as a terminal product directly faces consumers, many companies and their numerous brands have participated in the positive competition for the attention of consumers, plus foreign and listed companies The large-scale entry of capital has correspondingly improved the level of technical equipment in the industry, as well as the transformation of corporate organizational structure and brand and marketing strategies. As the market competition intensifies, 20% of the brands will occupy 80% of the market share, and the status of well-known brands will become more and more prominent.

Release date: 2012/3/12 11:19:40

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Can the expired milk Taomi water really maintain the wooden floor?

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors is a matter of learning. Let’s listen to the advice of Song Guangsheng, an expert in the China Interior Decoration Association. Expired milk to maintain wooden floors. When the milk expires, the taste will become sour, which will increase the lactic acid content of the milk. Lactic acid is a natural detergent that cleans wooden floors. 600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170058778.jpg”>

In addition, the protein and fat contained in milk can be formed on the wooden floor. A protective film not only makes the floor bright and new, but also protects the surface of the floor from being excessively worn or scratched. The grease in the milk is rubbed on the surface of the floor, and the original color is maintained by the floor, which is not easy to discolor or discolor. It is not easy to deform the floor.

When rubbing the wooden floor, first pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then dilute it with twice the water. Then damp the rag and wring it out. Wipe the floor. If the amount of expired milk is relatively large, you can wipe it once a week with milk.

Taomi water can also maintain the wooden floor. The rice water contains crude fiber, potassium and starch, after one to two. The secondary rinsed rice water is weakly acidic, has detergency, and can also clean the wooden floor.

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The first floor market is saturated. The second and third line markets have earned money.

The author learned during the visit that the reason why these flooring brands are such a vibrant scene in the second and third tier cities is to look at it from three aspects:

First, due to the excessive pressure of survival in the first-line home stores and the viciousness of the store The competition is intensifying. Nowadays, the number of home stores in first-tier cities has exceeded the actual consumption needs of urban residents, both in terms of quantity and scale. Often in some home stores, there is no consumer from top to bottom, and a large amount of consumer demand is dispersed, resulting in a large part of the home market is not enough, and some even on the verge of bankruptcy.

However, the most affected brands are the many brands that have settled in the store. When these brands found that first-tier cities had already saturated due to excessive development, they had to turn their development to the second- and third-tier markets that are still in their infancy.

Second, the second and third floor market in the initial stage is another important reason to attract many brands into small cities. After the first-line market is saturated, there is not much room for these brands to survive, and they can only enter the second- and third-line markets with wider space. As the brand awareness of these brands occupies a clear advantage, consumers are more recognized for their brands and products, and brand-name companies that have entered the mature stage will sooner or later enter these places to seek development.

Third, with the rise of the national real estate market in recent years, the pace of urbanization has accelerated, and more and more floor consumer demand has been highlighted. Therefore, the real estate market has also invisibly promoted the development of the flooring industry in recent years. Where there is demand, the product will radiate where. In the past one or two years, due to the obvious overheating of the domestic real estate market, many major problems have been caused that seriously affect the national economy and the people’s livelihood. The first-tier cities are particularly obvious.

In order to control the excessive and rapid development of the real estate industry, the state issued a series of control measures to curb the rapid development of the real estate market, and also targeted the first-tier cities. Although house prices have been contained, consumer demand has been ruthlessly suppressed. Business is getting harder and harder, and many brands are forced to develop in the surrounding second and third tier cities. The situation that has caused today can be said to have a lot to do with the state’s regulation of the real estate market.

Release date: 2012/1/6 13:13:14

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Is the domestic product more than the foreign brand?

Domestic and imported flooring are slightly different in material. The former uses eucalyptus, eucalyptus and two-winged beans, while the latter prefers birch, oak, eucalyptus, and cherry wood. This is due to domestic and The geographical environment and living habits of foreign countries are different, and there is no distinction between good and bad. But many consumers are often danced, thinking that the latter’s wood is more expensive than the former, but in fact, these solid wood flooring is not necessarily what you really need.

In China, flooring companies mainly produce solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. In the West, the floor companies used multi-layer solid wood and laminate flooring to avoid waste of wood. Although the latter is conducive to protecting the natural environment, from the consumer’s point of view, domestically produced products are more healthy and environmentally friendly.

In the appearance of the floor, China’s floor tends to be artificially carved, and strives to refine the experience of the floor, so the wormholes, nicks and the like on the wood are generally filled, and the imported floor is more inclined. In nature. They are often deliberately left behind. Therefore, many consumers are misled into the imported floor is definitely the choice of solid wood, while the domestic is the impression of using the laminate floor to counterfeit solid wood flooring. This is not true.

More importantly, due to labor costs and tariffs, imported products are often much higher than domestically produced, and are not guaranteed after sale. Therefore, Xiao Bian advises consumers to be cautious when choosing the floor. Don’t think that importing is necessarily good.

Release date: 2014/10/17 9:35:54

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Maintaining wooden floors with expired milk

Speaking of wooden floor maintenance, housewives must have their own tips for maintenance.

After the milk expires, the taste will become sour, which will increase the lactic acid content of the milk, and lactic acid is a natural detergent that can clean the wooden floor. In addition, the protein box fat contained in the milk can form a protective film on the wooden floor, which not only makes the wooden floor bright and new, but also protects the surface of the wooden floor from being excessively worn or scratched. The grease in the milk is rubbed on the surface of the solid wood floor, and the original color is maintained by the wooden floor, which is not easy to discolor or discolor, and it is not easy to deform the wooden floor.

When wiping the wooden floor, first pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then dilute with twice the amount of water. After smearing the rag and wringing it, you can wipe the wooden floor. If the amount of milk in the expired milk is large, you can wipe the wooden floor with milk once a week.

In fact, in daily life, many daily necessities can play a role in the maintenance of wooden floors. For example, the rice water contains crude fiber, potassium and starch. After one or two rinses, the rice water is weakly acidic, has detergency, and can also clean the wooden floor.

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Can the color adjust the body and mind to change feng shui? do you know?

The color mixing must be exquisite, and the color has a great influence on the human physiological function. Because we see all kinds of colors every day, reasonable blending can make people happy, happy, and efficient. However, the same color is not the effect that everyone can have physical and mental pleasure, and the life is full. People who want to be different from each other and different numerology have different colors. Over the years, many people have been curious about color, lacking professional guidance, and arbitrarily matching colors, causing family disharmony and all things are not smooth. The whole family is dead and too much, it is very pitiful, especially in recent years, the divorce rate is amazing, which is related to the indoor color imbalance and the indoor layout. There are also children whose personality is weird, making the whole family feel restless and autistic. There are also a lot of violent ailments. Today I will explain the rules of personal experience as follows: All the dark blue in the home, for a long time, the home will be invisibly sullen, all negative, and the family is also owed to peace. There are many purple paints in the home, although it can be said that the purple gas is full of room fragrance, but the red series that is replaced by purple, invisibly gives a glare color; easy to make people feel at home. The pink paint in the home, the most fierce color, pink is easy to make people feel irritated, prone to squabbles, frequent disputes, quarrels frequently; especially newlyweds, in order to adjust the atmosphere, it seems to be very romantic in people’s eyes However, with the disharmony of the tones, after a period of time, the mood of the two will produce an inexplicable heart, easy to quarrel over the sesame trifle, and finally embark on the road of divorce, today’s social divorce rate Amazingly, this factor also accounts for a large proportion, so designers should note that it is best not to use this color, this color tone can also cause neuropathy. If you paint more green in your home, it will also make the will of the home gradually fade. It is not the general saying that the eyes should be green. In fact, green refers to the green of nature, not artificially green. Therefore, it will inevitably result in The interior is dead and lifeless. The red in the family, the Chinese always think that red is auspicious, but the Korean custom is represented by red cloth in the dead family. These are just human customs, but the red series is too heavy, and the burden on the eyes is too heavy. People’s mood is easy to be violent, so red can only be used as a part of the color of the match, not as the theme of the color, but the Buddha Temple is different from the home. The color of the home is best milky white, ivory, white, these three colors and human visual nerves are most suitable, because the sun is a white series, representing the light, the human heart. The eyes also need light to reconcile, and the white series in the home is best equipped with furniture, and the white series is also a hope. Many people in the home are yellow and sorrowful, and they are anxious and annoyed. There is a feeling of sorrow that can’t be said, so the brain nerve consciousness is full of multi-layered illusion, and some neuropathy people are most afraid of this color. More oranges, although full of freshness, very warm feeling, but too much orange, it will make people feel bored. The wood color is the best color! The primary color of wood makes people inspiration and wisdom, especially in the study room. It is best to use the primary color of wood as much as possible. In short, the various shades should not be too much, just the right principle.

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