Spectacular residence okorder

BoandyneThe house is located in Turak, Victoria, Australia. This is in 2014year completedSVMSTUDIOResidential Project. The house offers a total of 5382 square feet of living space, with a strong appeal.

The house is located on a gentle slope and the building design needs to make the most of natural light, vision and environment. The stone path leading to the entrance area creates a simple and modern look.
Architect wants to have a strong connection between the house and the outside. So they gathered a series of small fitness pools, gardens and large open decks that let them surround the house and wrap it with their magic.

At night, warm light is reflected in the pool. The rock in the river adds a beautiful texture to it, with light and shadow interlaced.

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Sabine: Furniture system can reduce sound okorder

Johan Kauppiand Bertil Harströ mfor SwedenGlimakraThe new furniture system was introduced to reduce the sound. Now that more and more offices are moving towards non-small compartments, audio has become a real problem. Sabine not only to provide much-needed office storage, but also to reduce noise.

After integration with the audio panel, the storage section provides an effective means of absorbing and reducing sound. They can even provide a little partition for an open office.
The felted shell has sound-absorbing foam that gives each piece a minimal mesh look. The grooved design has a good sound absorption frequency, ranging from 125Hertz to4000Hertz.
Available in four widths and four heights, with coal grey, grey, white and green.

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The lights are inspired by the Moorish charm of the Alhambra okorder

DesignerAlessandro ZambelliSelettiDesigned the latest lighting work, recently with him.exnovo.The luminaires introduced are completely different styles. MoresqueThe series is inspired by the charm of the old world evoked by the Alhambra. There is a new contemporary style of rotation.

made of fine porcelain, each luminaire is made up of rings of various sizes, just like the halls and courtyards of the Alhambra. Each ring has a different pattern and color, with a soft shade of birch, pale blue-green, indigo, pale green and tile gray.
Can be used as a chandelier or table lamp.

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Tiled apartment okorder

This is what this small apartment looks like after renovation. The project attempts to maintain a large number of original features and emphasize the authenticity of the overall design, rather than focusing on replacing everything.

A total of 40square meterThe living space is divided into social areas including kitchen, dining and living space, one bedroom and one bathroom. It is easy to observe all the unique design details in the living space, such as exposed bricks on the wall.
Use environmentally friendly, natural and durable materials in the transformation. The floors and sashes are made of oak, and when combined with exposed bricks, they create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere with a touch of rustic and industrial charm.

The kitchen is hidden in a corner to gain some privacy. It has white cabinets and brick walls, and wooden countertops can be used as a bar or even a dining table.

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Amazing puddle reflection magic version of the daily scene okorder

Between city streets and huge stone buildings, photographersDaniel Antunes captures the reflection of these upside down worlds. The Lisbon photographer used creative techniques to discover that the water in the puddle can project a brilliant reflection of the surrounding city. Historical monuments, a motorcycle driver, ordinary passers-by can see themselves in these visually complex and stunning images.

AntunesThe photos have an incredible clarity, even echoes in the water. They are usually not large enough to reflect the entire building or a group of people. Instead, they are small patches in gravel roads and cobblestone passages. These are surreal and pleasing accessories to the real landscape. AntunesThe eye’s capture of color and texture gives these everyday scenes a magical feel.

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Mirror with secret key holder okorder

Teun FleskensDesigned a mirror called Egg, can be easily hung at your entrance so you can quickly organize yourself before you go out. This mirror is developed for RiZZ, which is also used to match The Cabinet——A key holder hidden behind it.

The Cabine made by Corian, is also the same egg shape, can be placed behind the mirror perfect Disguised. When it hangs on the hook, you can The EggSkip aside to get your key.
The Egg
Mirrors are made of cedar and teak in white and coal grey.

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Vienna Tower like game blocks okorder

At first glance, Hochhaus Tower resembles a similar structure,就Like the building blocks of the game. This is a Dutch studioMVRDV; works, can find a good reason for their unconventional plans.

The building will be built in Vienna,Austria,This is a strict partition The city of regulations. No structure can put neighbors in the shadows in a day more than 2hours. The higher the building,The more sunlight you cover. In order to circumvent this rule , MVRDVDesigned for multi-purposeHochhausTower,Pre-10layers are all positioned at a slightly different angle. This means that the building will never cut off the rising sun,and it Take the strong wind from the square.
Innovative design has30Floor Height,Pre-10 has an outdoor terrace space. The remaining 20layers have more traditional layouts and12FootHigh ceilings and lots of natural light. Concrete slabs and steel and glass facades make up an impressive building.
The tower will be located in the West Merlin area of ​​Vienna near the famous Gasometers. Construction plan begins next year,2018End of the year.

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Calm home designed for restaurant owners okorder

Jon Mikulic is Newline Design, he just completed the house in the suburb of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, which was designed for local restaurant owners. The original house was built in a corner. Mikulic The task is to design a new family home with work, life, play, and art areas

The design has an additional condition that is combined with the original structure and allows New space and greater flexibility.
The wall is opened to connect the kitchen, living room, dining room and study, and is also connected to the outdoors. It can be seen that the blue sky is a key point in the design.

I like them to use primary colors Mix dark and bright wood.

The new design also includes sleeping areas and bathrooms.

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Half cabinet – ROSSELLA RAMANZINI okorder

Italian artistRossella Ramanzini A considerable part of modern hand-painted furniture has been accumulated, and her work does not carry all types of preconceived ideas. Marocchino is her latest cabinet design, its design is solved from a typical double door cabinet It constitutes a half cabinet. The cabinet with one door shows the iconic layered labyrinth design features of Ramanzini<span style="font-family: Times New Roman;

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Architect’s apartment in Beirut, Lebanon okorder

ArchitectKarim Andary Stayed in Paris before deciding to move to Beirut, Lebanon 20year time. Living in a small apartment in Paris for so long, his design focuses on maximizing storage space and creating a spacious living space.

AndaryIt seems that small houses provide us with shelter and storage, while larger houses provide us with non-satisfaction while meeting these needs. Utilitarian spaces such as leisure and architecture.

The living room or lounge has a full wall that serves as the main storage space for the apartment. It is covered by glass and a smooth surface, and the reflected light makes the room look bigger.

The middle storage wall is a glass box that can be seen from the lounge to the hallway. Family members can place their most important items there.

A video projector turns the room into a cinema

Stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen hide cooking equipment Let freedom counter looks clean.

In the kitchen, the change of lighting provides a different atmosphere at different times. A corner dining area is inspired by the local 20Century70<span style="font-family: Song; mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman"

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