Environmental protection, price hikes, tax adjustments… new changes in the sheet industry in recent months

Time Value April, 2018 More than a third of the past, the plate industry from the early years of environmental storms, price increases, tax rate adjustment and other factors, can not help but have many changes. The only thing that remains the same is the change itself. Only by actively and flexibly coping with change can we make ourselves profitable and avoid disadvantages and maximize benefits.

So close What new changes have been made to the plate companies in the month? Let’s take a look.

Environmental protection storm shut down a large number of factories, Hebei vigorously rectified

Henan Province Wen’an has the reputation of “the hometown of Chinese plates”. However, due to the lack of environmental protection concept and backward production, Langfang promotes the environmental protection of plates and eliminates backward production capacity and non-environmental enterprises. In 2017, Langfang City screened and rectified 12003 “disorganized pollution” enterprises, and closed down 86.2% of the total. More than 200 plywood production enterprises in the Chinese An County were consolidated and more than 200, and more than 2,700 “disorganized pollution” at the end of the industrial chain. The enterprise completes the governance. This strength is quite large.

To prevent ” The influx of enterprises has rebounded and revived. Langfang, Hebei Province has once again carried out “retrospective” corporate rectification and “deep look” and deep investigations. According to the Langfang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of March, they again checked and completed the rectification. “There are 536 companies.

Last year, Wen’an Many of the rotary wood mills and wood-based panel factories have stopped production and rectification and even closed down. Even now, the Wenan County sheet metal processing plant has basically resumed production. However, due to the recent environmental supervision and “disinfection” rectification, the sheet metal enterprises still have to receive the notice of suspension of production from time to time. The production of sheet metal has been seriously affected. Also slightly increased.

Artificial sheet to cancel E2 new national standard 5 Implemented on the 1st of the month

Not long ago, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee officially released the revised “Formaldehyde Release Limits for Wood-based Panels and Their Products for Interior Decoration Materials” (GB18580-2017), and the new standard modified formaldehyde. The test method and its formaldehyde release limit value will be tested and will be implemented on May 1, 2018.

Since 2011, China’s production of wood-based panels and wooden flooring ranks first in the world. In recent years, the annual output of wood-based flooring of enterprises above designated size has reached 400 million square meters. The release limit of formaldehyde is an important environmental protection for wood-based panels and their products. Performance indicators are an important factor in promoting the green development of the industry. They are also one of the national and local quality inspection and inspection projects. This year, the AQSIQ listed the man-made boards in the “Quality Inspection and Sword” campaign for building materials products. Product Catalog.

GB18580-2011 “Inner decoration materials and formaldehyde release in wood-based panels and their products” is the only mandatory national standard currently in the industry. The standard will be implemented on May 1, 2018. In the new standard, it has been improved. The formaldehyde release limit requirement is that the formaldehyde release limit value is 0.124 mg/m3, the limit mark E1, and the original standard E2 grade is eliminated; the unified formaldehyde detection test method is “1m3 climate chamber method.”

Formaldehyde emission limit and test method are already in line with international standards, and the environmental protection requirements for wood-based panels and their products are stricter.

2018 After May 1st, products sold in the domestic market must meet the new standards.

The introduction and implementation of the new standard will promote the development of the wood-based panel industry and its products in a more healthy and safe manner, and promote the active transformation and upgrading of the industry, which is conducive to environmental safety, but this The development process is also the process of eliminating inferior enterprises.

Tax rate In addition, the original sheet can save 1% cost before 5.1

According to April 4, 2018, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance issued: Caishui [2018] No. 32 document, the original applicable 17% and 11% tax rate, tax rate They were adjusted to 16% and 10% respectively and officially implemented on May 1. Seize the opportunity to save 1% more than the peers.

If the sheet is distributed The merchants will pick up the plates before May 1 and collect 17% of the invoices issued by the supplier. Compared with May 1st, they can only get 16% input tax, which can get 1% input tax, which means more savings. % tax,

For example: before May 1st, the purchase price of the plate purchased by the plate person is 1 million yuan (excluding tax). The input tax amount for this month is: 1 million*17%=170,000 yuan.

in May After 1 day, when the sheet man purchases 1 million yuan of sheet, the input invoice obtained is 1 million yuan (excluding tax amount), and the same batch of goods is imported.The tax amount is: 1 million * 16% = 160,000 yuan.

If you purchase in advance Into the plate, the more input tax: 17000-16000 = 10,000 yuan, that is, pay less than 10,000 yuan.

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I don’t understand these big losses before buying wooden floors! I suggest you understand and buy again!

As a very important part of home decor, floors can be said to determine the tone of the entire home. So what are the issues to be aware of in the purchase and color matching of wood floor? How to choose the wood floor color that is consistent with the whole room decoration style?

Common Mistakes in Wood Flooring


Miscellaneous 1: Focus on color Ignore the whole. There are many consumers who habitually choose wooden flooring according to the color of the wall. Its solid wood flooring is the focus of the whole home decoration. It is laid on a large area, and the focus should be on the wall. , furniture, soft decoration, etc., focusing on the overall purchase.

Mission 2: It’s beautiful to be neat and tidy. Xiao Bian found that many people prefer to choose neat tone and texture when choosing wood flooring, and sometimes even choose to choose the color for paving. In fact, this has artificially destroyed the overall appearance of the floor. The natural wooden floor is well received by the people because of this informal “innocent” attribute.

Mission 3:All are paved with a colored floor. In fact, different environments can be used to lay different floors, because different elements are also reflected in the decoration, so the wooden floor can be paved according to these characteristics.

In the case of American style, the American style advocates returning to nature and is suitable for larger rooms. Space can better show the owner’s taste and taste. However, the American-style furniture is generally larger, so the room with an area of ​​more than 150 square meters and good lighting is more suitable for decoration.

The modern style that is more self-sufficient than simplicity has become the pursuit of many young people. We don’t follow the common deconstruction of the space, the strong bold color contrast, and the soft and soft wooden floor, we can see the shadow of liberalism. However, you should also pay attention to the actual use of the function, not flashy.

Recommend European style, people will unconsciously associate with gorgeous crystal lights, large Thick sofas, in fact, the simple European style can also make those small-sized houses really enjoy the pure European style.

From the whole to the local, indoor to the room, the lines are simplified, and the lines are carefully crafted. In the small-sized space, the crowded feeling is abandoned. Creates a European style.

Make a detailed style plan before picking the wooden floor, do it seriously It seems that it is very necessary to read the homework before you buy it! You are not afraid to understand these things! In the beloved home, in every space that is carefully designed, it is the true meaning of life.

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The “full house customization” wind will continue to blow. At the end of 2018, the industrial scale will reach 150 billion yuan.

Search engine to enter “full house Customized, behind the 9.45 million pages, highlighting the current fiery word.

With The overall consumption level of residents and the popularity of one-stop services, the consumption environment of the traditional home building materials market is quietly changing, “full house customization” has begun to become a trend and is popular in the capital market. In 2017 alone, there are 6 “full houses”. Customized “concept company landing on the motherboard.

Industry Data It is predicted that the domestic custom home furnishing industry will reach 150 billion yuan by the end of 2018. Faced with this huge cake, building materials, decoration, furniture, home appliance companies and even real estate developers have the ambition to occupy the market and expand the industrial chain.

Why is the whole house custom so hot?

“Full House Customization” currently has no academically accurate definition, but in practice it has been interpreted as a home furnishing company to create exclusive homes based on consumer design requirements.

Fuyuan Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that introduced the concept of “full house customization” earlier in China. Its general manager Fu Yuan accepted an interview with China Economic Weekly and said that the whole house customization is to design, produce and install hard and soft equipment. As a whole solution. From the decoration design to the floor, wooden doors, stairs, wardrobes, cabinets, walls, ceilings, furniture, curtains, lamps, etc. to customize the production of all wood products, ultimately to meet the individual needs of consumers, but also to achieve the overall style Uniform, installed in place.

“Now It is no exaggeration to say that 70% of furniture companies are doing whole house customization. Whether it is used to make cabinets or wooden doors, or to make panel furniture or solid wood furniture, all are custom-made.” A door and window brand marketing director Li Gang told the reporter of China Economic Weekly.

Li Gang In the past, the company only used to do the doors and windows, and just joined the “full house customization” ranks last year. “An industry can maintain a growth rate of 30% to 40% per year, which will naturally attract more and more companies to join.” Li Gang said.

Reporter During the visits of many large-scale home stores in Beijing, such as the Real Home, Lan Jingli, and many other stores, many stores have set up special booths to create a “full house customization” advertisement to attract business.

“Many The furniture looks very beautiful in the exhibition hall. It is not so beautiful when it is placed at home, or the size does not match, or the style is not good.” Ms. Li, who is consulting the “full house customization”, told the China Economic Weekly reporter. “I want to buy all the furniture in one stop, and I want to reflect my personal preferences in style, color and design. The whole house customization is satisfied.”

Industry believes that in addition to changes in consumer demand, the rise of “full house customization” will be understood in the context of the current home industry facing profound changes.

Executive Secretary-General of the China Timber Distribution Association Plate Branch Xiao Ming told the China Economic Weekly: “The real estate market has directly affected the home improvement market. The real estate market is declining and the demand for new decoration is reduced. Home furnishing enterprises urgently need new growth points; consumers are personalizing and user experience. The demand for feelings has rapidly increased under the development of the Internet economy.

” In this context, whole house customization as a new concept can both attract consumers and increase their added value.

Shaw Ming said: “In addition to consumption upgrades, changes in customer demand and other reasons, more companies are borrowing the whole house to customize the wind, to carry out enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Traditional decoration companies may face “no room to install”

In the first and second tier cities, home improvement integration and whole house assembly have become the mainstream According to the statistics of China Index Academy, in Guangzhou, the proportion of newly-built houses in the main city has exceeded 80%; in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other cities, the proportion of fine decoration in the main city has exceeded 50%, and It continues to increase every year; in addition, the proportion of fine decoration in third- and fourth-tier cities is also on the rise.

In addition, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Anhui and other provinces have introduced policies to encourage residential hardcover, Jiangsu Province requires renovation of new homes by 2020 The proportion should reach more than 40%, south of Jiangxi Province Changzhou City has banned the sale of rough houses since 2018.

With the emergence of more and more hardcover houses, real estate companies with “flow” have integrated services from construction to downstream services such as design services, construction services, and furniture appliances. As a natural platform for the whole house customization, taking Evergrande as an example, since 2016, it has successively signed strategic cooperation with a number of domestic first-line furniture, home textiles, and home appliance companies to form a family-wide alliance partnership. Evergrande owners have realized a real “bag”. Check in.

Insiders said that it is foreseeable that the whole house customization will bring a lot of subversive “revolution” to the traditional format.

The first thing to do is the decoration industry. “The rise of personalized consumption has given custom designers more opportunities to participate in consumer decision-making, and custom-made homes will gradually seize the market of traditional decoration industry.” Fu Yuan told China Economic Weekly.

Fuyuan It is believed that in the era of whole house customization, the biggest impact of traditional decoration companies is “no room to install”. “A large number of traditional decoration companies will disappear, and a large number of renovation company employees will be diverted. Those who have design advantages, deep involvement in material business enterprises, and the whole house customization program will greatly enhance the design capabilities of material suppliers. Those construction workersMember, may turn to cooperate with real estate companies.

” The whole house is customized. The wind will continue to blow. Last year, 6 custom home enterprises landed on the main board at the end of 2018. The industrial scale will reach 150 billion yuan

“Crowd up” needs to think calmly

2017, become the first year of the custom home business, the European home Six custom home furnishing companies such as Zhibang, My Le Home, Piano, Gold Kitchen Cabinet, and Filminger landed in the main board market this year.

The industry leader in Europe last March, 603833.SH, 2017 In the first three quarters, the revenue reached 6.903 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.20%; the net profit was 945 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.17%. As of January 31, The stock price has risen from the issue price of 72 yuan to 142 yuan.

“Veteran” is also not to be outdone, the first listed company in the custom home industry, Sofia (002572.SZ), the first three quarters of 2017 achieved revenue of 4.251 billion yuan, an increase of 43.07 %; net profit of 576 million yuan, an increase of 41.05%.

In Xiao Ming’s view, there are currently four types of companies involved in the whole house customization field: first, the brand that has been focusing on customizing the home and starting early; secondly, the leader of the cabinet industry. Brand, “Since last year, the cabinet home brand has set off a boom in the market, and these brands have all announced that they will enter the custom home sector through self-built production systems or mergers and acquisitions. “Third again is the traditional finished furniture brand.” Several listed furniture listed companies have plans to intervene in the whole house customization and have even stepped in. “The last is the pan-home brand including home textiles. They are still in the beginning and exploration stage compared with the previous ones.

It is worth noting that with the development of the whole house customization industry, some well-known plate companies as upstream raw material suppliers are also accelerating the layout. The whole house custom industry. For example, Dawang Coconut Plate has launched the Bransha Whole House Customization, and Moganshan Plate has launched the Moganshan Wardrobe, which is a case of cross-border innovation.

However, “one-on-one” full-house custom businesses, they are ready Dehua Bunny (002043, shares it) Decoration New Materials Co., Ltd. (002043.SZ) Shen Jinxiang, deputy dean of the institute believes that the whole house customization from consumer demand analysis to ordering, organization of production, distribution, home All aspects of installation and after-sales service must be interlocked, and there are many plate parts and hardware involved in the product customization process. A slight deviation. This requires that the enterprise management system must be rigorous, the work must be meticulous, and it also tests the overall quality of the employees in each key position of the entire order process.

Shen Jinxiang said that the current domestic Dongguan, Zhejiang Nanxun, Jiangsu Wujiang and other regions The production companies and decoration companies represented by the wardrobes, cabinets, wooden doors, stairs, floors, etc. are all undertaking the overall customized business with experiential marketing methods. “But some enterprises often use the methods of false exaggeration of physical functions and fictional renderings to harm consumers. Seriously disrupted the market order, there is no standard in the industry, and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are difficult to be guaranteed.

In addition, the whole house customization also has “hard injuries.” The trend is that the update speed is getting faster and faster. It may take more than 10 years to renovate. Nowadays, it pays attention to soft decoration and vision. Many consumers want to change their feelings in three or five years. The finished products can change direction and move position. House customization needs to think about how to solve this problem. Fuyuan said. (Source: China Economic Weekly)


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Policy guidance + consumption upgrade assistance

Industry Overview: The residential decoration industry is growing rapidly, and the concentration is increasing year by year

The residential decoration industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with the number of teams, scale of operations, management level and The economic benefits have been developed rapidly, and the scale of the industry continues to expand. The total value of residential renovation and decoration for the whole year of the year was 1.89 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.g%. The China Building Decoration Association estimated that the total output value of the national residential decoration industry in the 17 years will reach 2.16 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.3% year-on-year. The speed is further improved compared with 16 years. However, due to the low threshold of decoration and decoration industry, the overall concentration of the industry is low, and the market share of leading companies is relatively low, showing the situation of “big industry, small enterprise”, but the number of enterprises has decreased from 145,000 in 11 years to 13.2 in 16 years. Wanjia, the concentration is increasing year by year. It is expected that with the increase of the market share of leading companies in the future, the income side will show better flexibility and its performance is expected to further improve.

Horizontal comparison: The advantages of full decoration are obvious, and the policy promotes the penetration rate

Completely decorated rooms have obvious advantages compared with traditional rough houses and simple houses. On the one hand, there are few secondary renovations, which avoid material waste and environmental pollution, and on the other hand reduce safety hazards. The development of China’s full renovation started late, and there is still a gap with developed countries. The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of the construction industry clearly requires that the newly-opened and fully-renovated finished residential area in urban areas will reach 30% in 2020. In the past two years, under the initiative of the central government, local governments have introduced corresponding “completely renovated” local policies. Clearly improve the coverage of the entire renovation, and strive to improve the penetration rate of the entire renovation. Simultaneously. In many places across the country, the developers who use the full decoration mode have been given tax concessions. In addition, some areas such as Chengdu and Hebei offer preferential treatment for the fully-renovated housing loans, and increase the total decoration consumption preference on the demand side. The penetration rate of the decoration. At the same time, in July 17th, the nine ministries and commissions jointly issued a document, clearly requiring all localities to build a housing leasing trading platform, and selected 12 cities as pilot units to accelerate the development of the rental leasing market and promote the rise of long-term rental apartments. It is expected that with the promotion of local policies, the full renovation will usher in a period of rapid development.

Industry Outlook: Five driving forces boost housing expansion

except for national and local governments that explicitly propose full coverage In addition to the specific requirements, there are five major driving factors to promote the expansion of the residential full-renovation market capacity:

(1) The concept of consumption is gradually changing, people will be more inclined to fully renovate the house, and the current decoration grade is relatively low. In the future, with the increase of military and civilian income, the decoration grade will gradually increase, the quantity and price will rise, and the decoration will be comprehensively improved. industry.

(2) The country actively promotes the development of the green building industry, while vigorously supporting the assembly The development of the building: by 2020, the urban green building will account for 50% of the newly built buildings, the newly-built fully-renovated finished residential area will reach 30%, and the prefabricated building area will account for 15%, which will help to improve the coverage of the entire decoration.

(3) The decoration industry belongs to the real estate post-cycle industry and is expected to benefit from the previous period. Strong real estate performance: Since 2017, sales, new construction and investment in the real estate market have exceeded expectations, and the decoration industry is expected to benefit. Simultaneously. The concentration of the real estate industry is gradually increasing, especially in 17 years, and the real estate leader prefers to fully renovate and contribute to the further improvement of the penetration rate of the whole decoration.

(4) The urbanization process is accelerating, bringing huge demand to the housing market : Urbanization will bring a broad market space to the residential decoration industry.

(5) The era of “rental and sales” is coming, all the renovation benefits Long-term rental apartment development: If the overall rental property real estate becomes a trend, the fully renovated house will inevitably become an option, long-term rental apartmentWill give birth to a huge full renovation market.

Source: Zhongcai.com


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Home lighting is a good match.

The importance of lighting design in the decoration is self-evident, there are still many people Pay little attention to lighting. In fact, reasonable home improvement lighting can not only protect the family’s vision, but also help to improve the overall level of the home environment.

How to configure the lighting of the room so that each The atmosphere of the space is more comfortable and healthy? Bulls love eye LED products related person in charge, scientific layout plan, the main lighting and auxiliary, functional lighting, reasonable matching and high quality lighting products are the key. The layout of the luminaires should be considered comprehensively based on the properties of the room. For example, the living room often carries a variety of functions such as leisure, entertainment, and meeting guests, so its lighting solutions reflect comprehensive and diverse characteristics.

Wide Lighting: Ceiling Light Master Lighting + lights to help create a warm atmosphere

In most cases, the designer would recommend a ceiling light as the main illumination and an LED light strip as an aid. Among them, the role of LED lights for the atmosphere can not be underestimated. In the product selection, such as “Bull Love Eye LED anti-stroke light strip” and other mainstream products on the market, it provides four color temperature light sources such as warm white light and natural white, and has the characteristics of small power, large brightness, etc. Practical functions such as electric and anti-surge safety functions, meter mark and convenient buckle can fully meet the needs of daily lighting functions. According to the designer, the auxiliary lighting layout of the main lighting, LED strip and ceiling light of the ceiling lamp can make the living room appear bright enough to create a warm home atmosphere, while the appropriate brightness and eye protection also take into account the eye health of family members. .

Reading lighting before going to bed: small angles for private reading without disturbing people

In addition to work and study, people often need a quiet, comfortable corner to enjoy reading at home. For this segmentation demand, some brands in the market have pushed the corresponding lighting products in time, and the typical eye-catching LED reading lights of the Bulls. Bull’s eye-catching LED reading light uses 15osmall angle of light, private Enjoy reading does not affect your family’s sleep. It is understood that the Bull’s eye-catching LED reading lamp has a color rendering index of over 95. According to the designer, the high color rendering index product can fully restore the true color of the pattern, making the text more clear and distinct, and the object is closer to the real color, so that the human eye can be in a comfortable, real light environment.

Local accent lighting: ceiling lighting rich indoor lighting level

?? In the event of a friend gathering, the light and shadow level created by a ceiling light can greatly enhance the spatial sense of the entire scene, even Many people will not feel depressed. The smaller illuminating angle enables more concentrated concentrating to achieve partial accent lighting, which makes the indoor space atmosphere and home decoration taste fully visible. At the same time, the light is projected on the wall’s paintings, works of art, and collectibles, which can achieve a focus on the rich artistic effects. In addition, the downlight with the astigmatism as the light source can compensate for the lack of local illumination brightness such as the bar and the teahouse when the polymerization light source is not suitable, and prevent the visual fatigue caused by the long-term use.

Daily supplemental lighting: flexible use of bulbs to enhance brightness

In addition to the lighting products described above, you have to mention the ball Bulbs, easy to replace bulbs can be flexibly used in the lighting layout of each room. According to the designer, the high-end bulb products on the market have reached a very high cost performance. For example, the bulls love the LED bulbs, using the curved surface design and high-quality SMD2835 lamp beads to ensure high brightness and avoid brightness. insufficient. The life of up to 15,000 hours has reached 2.5 times that of general energy-saving lamps and 15 times that of incandescent lamps.

Designers say that reasonably healthy lighting often adds a finishing touch to home renovation. Thanks to the growing market of LED lighting, there are more and more choices for consumers to design lighting layout solutions.


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Advantages of the marble coffee table

Marble coffee table has a hard texture, scratch resistance, non-deformation, solid structure, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and easy maintenance The advantage is that most coffee table consumption is the first choice, then follow the small series to enjoy several high-grade marble coffee table pictures!

marble coffee tablehas a hard texture, scratch resistance, and is not easily deformed The structure is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and easy to maintain. It is the first choice for most coffee table consumption. Then follow the small series to enjoy several advanced marble coffee tablepicture!

Marble Coffee Table Figure 1

This is a simple and comfortable American style marble coffee table without aristocratic atmosphere. The products in the picture are selected from the finest high-quality solid wood and beautiful. The tabletop is a marble surface with a pattern. The color is elegant and noble. It has the function of anti-impact and anti-corrosion. The retro handle is high-grade and beautiful, and it is noble and reflects a romantic life.

Marble Coffee Table Figure 2

This is a simple Nordic style Marble coffee table, the marble plate surface is smooth and wide, elegant and generous, the round corner design avoids bumps and injuries. The traditional enamel process makes the joints natural and durable, and the load-bearing feet are firm and stable. A design detail can withstand scrutiny, presenting a comfortable home life.

Marble Coffee Table Figure 3

This is an American country style The white ice carved marble coffee table, the corner R design makes the surrounding smooth and intimate, expresses a kind of care and care, the open storage cabinet, convenient to place common items, unusually intimate, four drawers can be classified and stored. The sturdy feet of the rut can make the items piled up with peace of mind. The surface of the paint is made of a healthy green paint, and a cup of coffee is poured. The thoughts are far away. Life is simple and beautiful.

Marble Coffee Table Figure 4

This is a black + brown Shell marble coffee table, high quality marble countertops, bright and moist, delicate and lustrous, luxurious atmosphere, easy to care, easy to clean, not easy to deform, highlighting fashion temperament, after many processes of fine work, better effect, feel and delicate, high quality sheet paint It is also more heat resistant and has excellent insulation stability. The feet of stainless steel, with the combination of marble, are more dynamic, more suitable for the aesthetics of modern people, and more enduring. It shows a simple, stylish art atmosphere.

Marble Coffee Table Figure 5

This is a double-layered rotating marble coffee table. The white marble has a clear and natural grain pattern. The rounded corners have a humanized design that can effectively prevent bumps, quality, elegant lines and uniqueness. The shape creates a warm and gentle life.

Aboutmarble coffee tablethe picture is appreciated, Xiaobian will share it here, I hope to help you. If you need to know more about decoration, building materials and home, you can pay attention to Qijia.com, and more information is waiting to be shared with you.


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Home improvement blackboard | Cabinet to buy those things!

[ Home Improvement Blackboard】Select the most practical home decoration dry goods, communicate with the owners and share the experience of home decoration to help you master the home decoration essentials directly. Knowledge and practice are combined, and home improvement professionals are invited from time to time to answer questions. Knock on the blackboard! Focus on the key! Home improvement must learn dry goods all here.

this topic

Home Improvement Blackboard | Cabinets to buy those things!

The choice of cabinets is A lot of doorways, how to choose cabinets, what kind of plates are used for cabinets, the classification of cabinet countertops, how to buy hardware, how to price cabinets, what to pay attention to when buying cabinets, these are best to do homework before you go to the store. To understand the basics and the introduction of the guide and the actual situation in your home can choose the right cabinet, then don’t worry, today’s home improvement blackboard newspaper to help you summarize a series of questions in the cabinet purchase. I believe that it can play a role when you buy cabinets.

focus is coming

Cabinet to buy those things Budget

Singer says:Everything that goes out of the budget to talk about purchases is not reliable. For the choice of cabinets, in the case of the same price range, we are more than accessories, quality, environmental protection, and the appearance of the pleasing to the eye and then choose the most suitable for yourself.

Cabinet budget How to do it?

Cabinet budget generally consists of three parts , wall cabinets, cabinets, countertops. In the real calculation, these three parts will be combined together, collectively referred to as “Yanmi.” Now the merchants are quoted according to Yanmi, such as how much a meter is extended.

1Measure the basic size of your kitchen</span

thisIt is best to measure it yourself, including length, width, and height. And estimate the general area of ​​the cabinet, one is conducive to the cabinet budget, the second is to prevent the late cabinet designer from reporting the size.

2Get a Merchant Quote

Go to different grades of building materials shopping malls (such as large chain home stores, Medium comprehensive building materials market, small and medium-sized building materials market near your home, etc.), to understand the general price of various cabinets. Now the merchant quotes will not report the overall price, but report the price of the rice, such as how much a meter is extended. (A length of rice is equivalent to one meter in length) Of course you can ask the merchant to give you an estimated price based on the size you provide. (This price tends to be different from the actual price, so it is for reference only)

Shopping options for those things to buy in the cabinet

One: Table Top Material Selection

台面Material quality, processing accuracy, strength, hardness, non-toxicity, and non-radioactivity are all key indicators for measuring the quality of countertops. When purchasing, the main considerations are whether it is scratch-resistant, temperature-resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

two: door panel material selection

The kitchen cabinet door material can be divided into double finishes, baking varnishes, fireproof panels, plastic blister, molded door panels, solid wood and so on. The kitchen decoration style should be decided according to your home decoration, and then the kitchen cabinet door panel should be selected according to the style and price budget.

three: cabinet substrate selection

A cabinet we can see 80% of the part by the cabinet Composition, not only that, hardware, door panels are directly connected to the cabinet.

The vast majority of cabinets use particleboard and a small number of medium density boards. Particleboard is the main material of the current cabinet cabinet because its waterproof function is better than medium density board. In addition to paying attention to its waterproof and moisture-proof performance, the cabinet should pay special attention to the formaldehyde problem.

four: hardware accessories

If you compare the cabinet to a person, the hardware is the bone, which is directly related to the cabinet. Convenience, why many customers complain that the door panel is loose, tilted, and the sound of screaming is that the hardware selection is not concerned.

The function of the kitchen cabinet needs hardware support. The hardware accessories are usually hinges, slide rails, damping, gas bracing, lifting code, adjusting feet, skirting boards, etc. The quality of hardware often determines For the service life of kitchen cabinets, it is best to choose the hardware products of big brands.

Hardware purchase tips

1 slide rails, door handles are hardware that often rubs

The hinges, slides, and locks with good sealing performance should be selected. It is flexible and convenient to open and close and pull several times during purchase.

2 should choose a lock with good performance

When you purchase, you can plug the key a few times to see if it is smooth or not.

Select all kinds of hardware with good appearance When purchasing, it is mainly to see if the appearance is defective, how to polish the gloss, whether the hand feels smooth, etc.

In addition, the biggest problem with hardware is the installation, the door is out of order, mostly because the installation is not in place or the operation is not possible, not the quality of the hardware is not good. Therefore, choosing a general brand of hardware, strict installation is also an effective method.

five: size height

the height of the table is 80-85 cm;

The distance between the work surface and the bottom of the cabinet is about 50~60 cm;

stove top height is preferably no more than 60 cm;

The depth of the cabinet is 30-40 cm, the height is 50-60 cm, and the length is 120-390 cm;

The distance from the edge of the cabinet to the wall is 76-91 cm;

The distance between the sink and the stove is 8-10 cm.

dry goods summary

problem to be aware

1 look at the edge of the board

The edge of the high-quality cabinet is fine, smooth and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joint is fine. The professional manufacturer uses the straight edge banding machine to finish the edge sealing, broken head, trimming, chamfering and polishing. To ensure the most accurate size, the workshop-style small factory is glued with a brush, manually pressed and sealed, and trimmed with a wallpaper knife. It is polished with a manual polishing machine. Due to uneven pressure, many places are not strong and will cause Hazardous substances such as formaldehyde evaporate into the air.

2 See punching

The current panel furniture is based on The assembly of the three-in-one connector, the fit and precision of the hole position will affect the structural robustness of the cabinet.

3 Look at the board

Cutting board is the first process of cabinet production. Large-scale specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saws to input the processing size through the computer, and the computer controls the material size accuracy, and can be used once. Processing a number of plates, the performance of the equipment is stable, the size of the plate is very high, and the tolerance is in micrometers.


The door panel is the face of the cabinet, just as important as the human face. The door panel produced by the small factory is susceptible to moisture deformation due to improper handling of the substrate and surface.

5See the assembly effect of the entire cabinet

any dimensional error in the production process will be displayed on the door panel, the small factory will produce the combination cabinet, the door panel will have the door seam It is not straight, the gap is uneven, and there are big and small.

6See the slides of the drawer

Although it is a small detail, it is important to affect the quality of the cabinet section. Due to the hole position and size error, the sliding rail installation size is inaccurate, causing the drawer to pull unsmoothly or loosely left and right, and also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is uniform.


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What is the market position of the “special brick” that has been neglected?

The big companies on the market serve the most profitable customers, one by one from new companies The low-end market, which is not visible, started and grew up step by step. Since 2015, along with the collapse and bankruptcy of the ceramic industry, special bricks have sprung up overnight, spreading in many ceramic trading markets such as Huaxia Ceramics City, Yimeijia Ceramic Sanitary Ware World, and Shagang Ceramics Wholesale Market.

Now, with the increasing competition in the ceramics industry, special bricks can be said Growing up in the cracks stimulates and inspires more people to join the market. In the past year, what was the special brick market? Does it still continue the myth of “a million dollars a day” two years ago? In the past few years, what kind of market transformation has been made in the special brick market? What is the outlook for 2018 and where will the future go? Take a look at this article~

On the “thief boat”

Just after the Lantern Festival in 2018, Yang Bo immediately plunged into intense work. At the entrance of the office, there were scattered debris left behind by the firecrackers, indicating that the battle had started. When he was too late to greet him, he organized a meeting of colleagues to deploy the specific work to be completed that day.

“Today’s meeting, there are two main things. First, all Colleagues follow the same method and steps to call back to the customer. Second, open the XX Ceramic WeChat public number, download the marble tile series product information and pictures, one does not leak!” After finishing the work, Yang Bo phone rang, he side Answer the phone and pick up another phone and quickly reply to the other party’s information.

This kind of work status is quite normal for Yang Bo. He has been in the industry for a long time. He previously worked in a ceramic tile brand. In 2016, a ceramic raw material supplier friend was owed by the manufacturer, and millions of purchases were difficult to recover. On the occasion of being guilty, Yang Bo offered to help his friends to deal with it, because the price was too cheap and the quality was too good. These backlogs, which were considered by friends to be “hot potato”, were quickly changed. Yang Bo, who tasted the sweetness, simply quit his job and pulled up a few like-minded insiders, and together they set off special bricks.

After two years of development, according to Yang Bo, thrown away everywhere The special brick exhibition hall is only a special brick sales team composed of three or five people. It is conservatively estimated that there are no less than five hundred, but these large and small teams are hidden in the inconspicuous office building, which is difficult to find.

Yang Bo always felt that he was on the “thief ship.” He has the same feelings, and Li Ying.

Before 2016, Li Ying operated a ceramic glaze company,” Selling bricks has never been its main business. However, the collapse of a ceramic enterprise in Qingyuan changed all of this. Li Yingjin’s 3.5 million yuan has not been recovered. In order to quickly withdraw funds, he can only accept the other party’s bricks.

Millions of products are in the hands, Li Ying had to find a way to build The sales network digested. For this reason, in the same year, he took a booth of more than 400 squares in Porcelain Sea International, and went up and down on two floors, while continuing to make ceramic glaze and selling bricks.

Because of the cheap price, in the low-end market, special bricks are very popular. In addition to rushing bricks, Li Ying will also take over the backlog of some manufacturers to deal with, “such as manufacturers backlog of 100,000 boxes of goods, I can help him all digestion, manufacturers can not let these products rotten in the warehouse, the product is not old Some of them are still of good quality.” During the peak period, Li Ying had sales of more than 4 million yuan a month.

In the same period as Li Ying entered the special brick market, and Su Chang. In November 2016, Su Chang and a fewTogether with the partners, they won a showroom of more than 300 squares near Taonan Road. The lower floor is used to display products and the upper floor is used for office.

According to his memories, the overall brick market has developed rapidly and is easier. Get started and have low risk. Although it missed the most insane period of special brick sales, everything is still in the normal trajectory. Its annual sales in 2017 reached 30 million, and the monthly sales during the peak period were between 3 million and 4 million.

Su Chang said frankly, the current special brick market and the first two years of gold The period is unparalleled. It is reported that before and after 2015, the daily sales of special brick companies that have done well are over 10 million, and the best of them – Xingjiang’s monthly sales can easily reach 30 million. Although it is impossible to verify with the other party, it may be a glimpse of the madness of the special brick market. As a result, the supervision department of the Foshan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce raided the Taonan Road of Huaxia Ceramics City, demanding that the special brick merchants’ exhibition hall image display and propaganda copy should not appear “special price”, and said that the offender will be fined.

Today, Taonan Road special street, no “special offer” Words, more, are “XX brand ceramic tile wholesale center”, “XX ceramics famous product exchange”, “XX ceramics summary” … everywhere you can see the “super low-cost sales brand name factory brick” propaganda slogan.

In Su Chang’s opinion, the word “special price” is numerous for Huaxia Ceramics City. Brand companies have caused a certain degree of influence and disrupted the market order. “It is not unreasonable for the government regulatory authorities to do so. Otherwise, Huaxia Ceramics City has passively posted the label of ‘special offer’.” Span>

Price is transparent, profits are bottoming out

The difference between the former and the stable operation mode is that the Guotao Famous Porcelain Collection located in Taonan Road, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City has been in operation since 2015 and expanded to three stores in just one year, all located at Huaxia Ceramics Expo. According to the person in charge of the city, Liang Rongjian, he included some special brick shops in the surrounding area. He was operating in the Shagang ceramics wholesale market in the early days. Later, due to the concentrated brand of Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, the supply was abundant and the company moved to this place.

After more than two years of operation, currently only two exhibition halls of a ceramic enterprise The area is 3,200 square meters. It is conservatively estimated that its sales will reach 180 million in 2016. The sales in 2017 will grow steadily and the sales will exceed 200 million. During the peak period, monthly sales exceeded 30 million.

But compared to the previous two years, in 2017, Liang Rongjian’s biggest feeling is the source of supply. Although the channel is much richer than the original, but with the growing number of special bricks, the price of the product has been very transparent, and the profit has gradually bottomed out. At the same time, in 2017, all production areas strictly adhere to environmental protection. Under the violent impact of the environmental protection storm, the normal production of some manufacturers was affected, and the survival suffered a severe test. “If the supply is affected due to environmental problems, or the manufacturers are not benign Operating, it increases the risk of cooperation.”

The same feeling, also There is Yang Bo.

He admits that the 2017 opening year is very different from the feelings of the same period last year. It has been deserted a lot. The special bricks have not been done well in the previous two years. In this market, such as Xingjiang and Yuxuan, they are far ahead, and they are getting bigger and bigger, but they have also withdrawn from the market. In the past year, from the outside world, Yang Bo’s company management is still acceptable, and 100 million business targets have been completed 60%, but only he understands in his own heart, how much business pressure.

As time goes by, Yang Bo clearly feels the profitability of special bricks. Start to lower. “The amount of special bricks is no problem. We have a team sales of 3 million a month, but the profit is very thin. In the past, we fixed cooperation with several factories. The unit price advantage is very obvious, but now there is no money to make, no matter what Manufacturers are still us, they are very passive.”

In addition, due to the extremely low barriers to entry in the special brick market, the industry is uneven, and there are even some unsatisfactory Merchants disrupt the market. Liang Rongjian said that in the past two years, there have been a number of special brick brands shoddy, replacing the first-class products with the packaging of superior products, stealing the column, although the current earned fast money, but also equivalent to losing a customer.

Crazy “Derivative Mode”

” 800 polished glazed bricks, Foshan Xiqiao delivery! Single large quantity!”

“Today’s main push, the price is super low and super discount. 800 diamond crystal marble, excellent products, large color number, large quantity, suitable for the construction site.”

“100,000 pieces of 600 white cloth are on the line, can be sent to the package, Nanzhuang pick up the goods, can be trusted, can be taxed, can produce white bags, export, pressure warehouse, speed electricity.”

These promotional terms, which only the industry can understand, are special brick sales. An important way to promote. Yang Bo is also currently training several newly recruited salesmen on how to edit and promote terminology, what to say first, what to say later, and what format.

This seemingly simple job, in Yang Bo’s mouth, became An instruction that must be implemented in accordance with standardization. Under normal circumstances, a salesperson who makes special bricks, the daily WeChat circle of friends pushes more than a dozen, which can be compared with Weishang. At the same time, this information needs to be sent in groups of 200 people. According to Yang Bo’s experience, at least 2 of the 200 people will come to inquire and reach a cooperation. If the customer asks about the product color or price, Yang Bo has also set a set of standards for the salesperson to quickly respond to the customer’s effective information and try to seize the customer as soon as possible.

It may be for most people to promote this “micro-business” The method is too simple and rude, but for the special brick sales team, it is the most direct and effective way to promote, and no cost. In addition to directly reaching cooperation, it can also absorb powder and accumulate a large number of human resources. For the sale of special bricks, the most important thing is resources and contacts.

Today, Yang Bo personally registered two micro-signals, an average of WeChat In addition to the number of friends more than three thousand, in addition, he also added dozens of large and small circle groups, sending promotional information from time to time. This seemingly ordinary move is an important part of Yang Bo’s daily work.

In addition to WeChat, telemarketing is nothing more than an important marketing Ways, special brick sales are rarely on business trips, they communicate with the outside world, in addition to WeChat, is the phone.

Yang Bo’s sales Xiaohe said that it’s the biggest feeling of special brick sales. It is to be diligent. In the early stage, I contacted the customer on my own initiative, and fixed the call greetings every day. In the later period, Xiao He’s phone never stopped. “Receiving the phone is part of the daily work. Sometimes I go to work from morning to work, the phone does not stop, and there is no time for rest at noon. At that time, the whole person’s state is holding the phone ear and worrying.” But Xiao He also Clearly, there are many calls, which means that the supply is large and there is business to do.

often the most primitive and stupid way to train people . Xiao He’s growth rate is also remarkable. Shortly after he joined the company, he began to bring new people and become group representatives. When he did well, he earned more than 40,000 a month.

in brand manufacturers and private throwing factories

Strong Survival in “Cracks”

In the opinion of many respondents, the 2018 special brick market is still not clear, Yang Bo’s plan is, and The manufacturer maintains cooperation for engineering customization. “The products we choose are either the latest, not found in the market, and have a price advantage at the same time; either the most ‘old’ and the lowest price.” In fact, he wants to try to find a fierce market competition. “Differentiated” products.

At the same time, Liang Rongjian also said that the business philosophy of the big three yuan has always been ” People have no me, people have me, people are good and I am honest. In any case, they must reflect their own advantages. In 2018, Liang Rongjian prepared to cooperate with manufacturers in the form of shareholding manufacturers to ensure the quality of goods and products.

The industry insiders said that the special bricks have always been in the brand manufacturers and privately The factory’s “sandwich” survives, and its vitality is strong. Although it is not as crazy as the previous two years, the special brick market will continue.

Yang Bo said that the special brick market has already passed the era of huge profits, and gradually Return to reason. However, it is still an eternal topic in the ceramic industry. As long as the products of the manufacturers are updated, there will always be slow-moving products, first-class products, and eliminated products. It is also necessary to have such a digestive system to help them digest.

“It’s going to be better, but it’s getting better, but there are people I don’t know how to do it, because the ‘special brick’ sounds low-end, and there are more connections, resources, and cash. When the capital can’t keep up, it will be difficult.”

The above views have also been recognized by Liang Rongjian. For the 2018 special brick market, he expressed confidence. Up to now, Dasanyuan has cultivated a professional sales team, and the team is still expanding, broadly developing the terminal market and sales outlets, and has cultivated its own brand. In his view, since the special brick exists, there is Its rationality, the future test is the team, resources and comprehensive services.


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Which materials are good for home improvement carpets? How to choose comfortable carpets?

The carpet will also be in our home Yes, so many people still pay more attention. This way our residence will be more comfortable. But when choosing, everyone also chooses the material for us. This can also be taken care of when using it. Let’s take a look at the following renovation >Home Furnishing CarpetWhich materials are good? Let everyone come better Choose our material.

One, which materials are good for home improvement carpets

1, special cheap plastic carpet, plastic carpet with plasticizer. The feeling of use is also very comfortable. A variety of auxiliary materials such as polyvinyl chloride resin and plastic carpet have the characteristics of bright color, non-flammable, not afraid of wetness and anti-slip. Because plastic carpets are water resistant, they can also be used for anti-slip effects in bathrooms.

2, chemical fiber carpet is also very popular. Chemical fiber carpet materials, also known as synthetic fiber carpets, are also a good choice for environmentally friendly homes. For example, there are polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, polypropylene chemical fiber carpets, nylon carpets, and the like. The chemical fiber carpet material is made of a synthetic layer of fibers by tufting or weaving, and then stitched to the bottom of the linen. Suitable for floor decoration of general buildings.

3, acrylic carpet is also the first choice for living, in peacetime The more common kind of life is also a good choice for our home. The acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber made of a polyacrylonitrile or an acrylonitrile copolymer having an acrylonitrile content of more than 85% by mass. Acrylic fiber is known as artificial wool. It is not easy to dye and has a bright color. It is also very suitable for use as a carpet material.

Second, how to choose a comfortable carpet

1. When we choose to see our appearance quality, the shape is the detection method that should be ranked first. Some of us pay attention to it. The specific method is also very simple, that is, to carefully check its surface On the one hand, check the flatness, on the other hand, check the color for inconsistent chromatic aberration. Avoid the subsequent sticky and greasy phenomenon.

2, we have to consider the carpet density of the carpet, it can help to achieve a certain sound insulation and anti-slip effect, we have Note that the density of the pile is the key factor affecting these two points. Not only is it very resistant to abrasion, so it is recommended that you try to buy a tightly woven carpet with your hands.

3, and our color fastness . One method that is most easily overlooked by many people, we have some understanding. Frequently, the owner complained to the merchant that the carpet was bought and used for a while and then faded heavily. floorAll are dyed. Then you can basically judge the quality of the product is poor, it is best not to buy.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Glazed Tiles

With the continuous improvement of the decoration grade, All-glazed tiles occupies half of the home-made tiles, and is favored by countless consumers. All-glazed tiles is good, but there are some shortcomings. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of full polished glazed tiles? Below, Xiaobian will give you an analysis of All the glazed tiles “those things.”

I. All-glazed tiles advantages and disadvantages

1. Rich in color and strong in decoration

full polished glazed tile compared to polished tiles, its calcination process makes it a variety of colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, etc. are common colors, and the saturation can be chosen. There is no color that can’t be made, only the color you can’t think of. Texture, delicate and round. The size of the fully polished glazed tile is generally not too large, which makes its construction very flexible. Wall and cylinder are suitable.

2. Abrasion resistance, antifouling property

All-glazed tile, who has not lost in smoothness, in all tiles The top ranks are in the category. Because of its high smoothness, it has a very strong anti-fouling ability and is easy to clean. Compared to the microcrystalline stone series, the full polished glazed tile has lower maintenance cost. The walls of the kitchen and bathroom are perfect for fully polished glazed tiles.

3. Good water absorption and breathability

All-glazed tile unique calcination process, making it more symmetrical, more stable structure, fine, so it has good breathability and water absorption. For decades, the appearance is bright and clean, and it is not easy to fade and grind.

4, insufficient anti-skid and anti-collision ability

As we all know, the surface of the fully polished glazed tile is very smooth, which leads to its lack of anti-slip ability. Xiaobian suggested that all-glazed tiles should be used for wall and column decoration. If the bathroom floor is often used with water, it is not recommended for everyone. The full-glazed tile has limited impact resistance and is not suitable for use on the ground in the hotel mall.

2,All-glazed tileHow to deal with scratches

1, wiping method

If the tile surface is not serious, you can try to apply toothpaste and wipe with a soft cloth. .

2, touch method

You can find some paints with the same color and tile color, brush on the tile surface.

3, replacement method

If scratches affect the overall beauty, try to replace it with new tiles to ensure the overall aesthetics, However, this method is too costly and you should choose as appropriate.

4, waxing

Washing scratches are not particularly obvious, you can also apply a layer of wax on the scratches, which can be played down The effect of tile scratches.

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