The scale of the door and window industry is expanding, and the market share of high-end doors and windows is still expected to increase.

Benefiting from the development of the downstream real estate and construction industry, the market size of the door and window industry reached 665 billion yuan in 2017.
  The expansion of the door and window industry, the market share of high-end doors and windows is still expected to increase. According to the “2018-2023 China Door and Window Industry Market Prospect and Investment Planning Analysis Report” issued by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the market size of China’s door and window industry keep increasing. Benefiting from the development of the downstream real estate and construction industry, the market size of the door and window industry reached 665 billion yuan in 2017, with a four-year average compound growth rate of 10%. Under the background of a prosperous market, there is an increasingly fierce competition. How to build your own brand competitiveness and break through in the era of thousands of sails is the most concerned topic for all major door and window brands.

   high-end door and window market is promising in the future

   With the upgrade of consumption, middle and high-end door and window products are beginning to be favored by consumers, and the market demand is constantly Expanded, the high-end market gradually showed a prosperous scene. Some people in the industry have said frankly that “the high-end market is not only one of the means to differentiate the brand, but also to obtain higher profits, which is very beneficial for the manufacturers.” Of course, the high-end doors and windows themselves have high value, whether it is In terms of use value and performance value, we can give consumers better quality and quality products. More and more door and window companies are beginning to position themselves for high-end and branding, and consumers’ demand for doors and windows is gradually becoming higher-end. Future doors and windows should be developed in the direction of high technology, and the custom door and window industry has unlimited potential.

  Home improvement “cake” should not be underestimated

   China’s door and window industry market scale has shown a leap in growth since 2012, the market size in 2013 It has reached 458.9 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 80 billion yuan over 2012. The market growth rate of the door and window industry in the three years from 2014 to 2016 has decreased compared with the previous period. The market size has also remained between 550-600 billion yuan, but the market still maintains growth. . In 2017, the market size of the door and window industry reached 665 billion yuan, mainly benefiting from the positive development of the downstream real estate and construction industry. Personalized and customized, the “cake” of the home improvement market is getting bigger and bigger. The enterprises that once focused on the engineering doors and windows have gradually begun to transform and gradually turn to the home improvement market, and develop in depth into the home improvement field. The unlimited development prospects and profitable space of the home improvement market are attracting more and more enterprises to enter.

  branding, the road to scale is inevitable

   the market’s survival of the fittest and layer shuffling, after more than a decade The development of the small factory is growing in the direction of enterprise grouping. It must be developed and strengthened in the fierce market competition. The development of enterprise group is the only way out. Groupization is inseparable from the complete production equipment, and it is inseparable from the complete talent reserve. Therefore, large-scale investment and large-scale production are the development trend and the only way to the group. The so-called “homeopathic”, in the face of the current development trend of the door and window industry, door and window enterprises also need to understand the current situation, grasp the trend of the times, the most important thing is to be down-to-earth, starting from the actual situation of the enterprise, Develop a reasonable development plan to seek profitable space for the company and strive for long-term development.
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Titanium crystal door plate

What kind of door panels do you usually use in the cabinet? In addition to introducing several conventional door panels, we will introduce you to a high-tech new product, the titanium crystal door panel, and dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of the titanium crystal door together with Xiaobian.
What is the material of the cabinet door panel

The porcelain door panel

The porcelain door panel is a relatively high-grade product in the door panel material, the surface feels the feel of the glass, the reflection It can also be used as a mirror in the state, with resistance to discoloration, no aging, and new surface.

Mirror resin board

Its characteristics are similar to those of baking varnish. It is more fashionable, has more colors, and has waterproof performance. However, the surface is easily scratched and maintenance is difficult.

Multi-frame door panel

The frame-type door panel is more fashionable and more personal, belonging to the MDF. It is easy to clean, not deformed, etc. It is also one of the choices of modern people for cabinet materials.

Metal texture door panel

Metal texture cabinet door panel is very popular in foreign countries and is a popular material. The processing of this door panel is specially oxidized, finely brushed and polished, and the surface can form a protective layer.

Crystal door panel

The color of the crystal door panel looks more romantic. The material of the panel is made of white fireproof board and acrylic, which is environmentally friendly and three-dimensional.

Blowout door panel (pvc molded plate)

The plastic plate belongs to the MDF, the color is uniform, and it has the characteristics of no cracking and deformation, and can resist scratch, heat and resistance. It is one of the more suitable materials for cabinet door panels.

Trihydroiamine veneer type

The cabinet panel has many colors, and the texture of the panel is mostly different. The surface is relatively flat, it is not deformed, and it has wear resistance and erosion resistance. specialty.

Solid wood

The solid wood cabinet door has natural texture and is more environmentally friendly. The surface of the solid wood door can be embossed and painted. It looks more upscale. .

Fire door panel

The color of the fire door panel is brighter and has many characteristics. It is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, etc. It is also easy to clean, moisture-proof and fade-free. Etc.

Painted door panel

The paint board is rich in color, the surface is bright, and easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof.

Kitchen cabinet

Titanium crystal door cabinet concept

Titanium crystal door is a door made of transparent material like titanium crystal-like drawing pattern Titanium crystal is one of the crystal group of titanium crystal inclusions. The titanium crystal with excellent yield and excellent appearance is one of the most precious crystal gems of today. Titanium crystal door plate mimics the hydrophobic, dust-proof and self-cleaning principle of natural lotus leaf. It uses the binary synergy of the nano-material to match the leaf-leaching mechanism, combined with high-tech nanotechnology, with very low surface tension and strong adhesion in titanium crystal. The surface of the board forms a unique molecular-scale nanostructure that is highly resistant to dust, grease and dirt.

Titanium crystal door cabinet advantages and disadvantages:

Stain resistance: Titanium crystal door panel unique anti-dust, anti-grease and anti-dirty ability, even in the harsh unless It is also very easy to clean in the environment, greatly reducing the cleaning power and time, and shortening the cleaning cycle.

Water resistance, deformation resistance: The panel and substrate of the titanium crystal door panel are very stable even in harsh environments, completely waterproof and never deformed. Antibacterial property: The unique anti-fouling property of nano-glass makes the titanium crystal door plate dry for a long time. Combined with the high-density material of titanium crystal door plate, bacteria and viruses are difficult to stay in the titanium crystal door plate, and there is no survival condition.

Anti-destructive: The utensils used in the kitchen can not cause damage to the titanium crystal door panels, because the titanium crystal door panels and other wood material door panels are incomparable in hardness. The titanium crystal door plate fundamentally eliminates the common problems such as lacquering, falling off, blistering and scratching of the wooden material door panel.

Fire resistance: The whole of the titanium crystal door plate is made of high temperature resistant material, especially your glass. The surface layer has a high temperature resistance of more than 1400 degrees, which makes it have very good flame retardant ability.

Titanium crystal door cabinet advantages and disadvantages: shortcomings

Since the manufacturing process of titanium crystal door panels is exquisite, the materials are more precious, so the price of titanium crystal door cabinets is relatively high, and the general material Compared with the price of cabinets, the cost is relatively high for ordinary people.
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Six kinds of cabinet handles, who do you want to pull?

The cabinets are the furniture that every household needs. For the chef who pursues the cooking experience, the details of the kitchen reflect their love of the kitchen; therefore, for the kitchen where the space is small, each The details are worth paying attention to in order to create a comfortable kitchen. Today, let’s talk about the handle design of the cabinet~
First, the dark handle cabinet

This cabinet handle is usually hidden in the gap of the cabinet door, this design It may not be accustomed to use at the beginning, but it is OK to use it for a long time! The point is that the handle is so simple and simple that it will not interfere with the existence of the brush. I personally like this kind of cabinet handle.

Second, ear handle cabinet

The so-called ear handle is the handle that looks like the ear, if you say you don’t know what it grows Look, then after reading the pictures below, I believe you will suddenly realize it! I believe most people have used such a handle in the 1990s!

Third, the retro wrought iron handle cabinet

retro wrought iron handle, installed in the cabinet is also very grade.

Four, European-style handle cabinet

In the European kitchen, the European-style handle with metal + ceramic combination is the most common design.

Five, one-handle cabinet

The so-called one-handed handle, the shape of the handle looks like a word, the text description is really hard to say , directly below the picture. .

Six, round handle cabinet

There is also a round handle, which is directly attached to the cabinet door like a suction cup, which is relatively simple direct.
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Bathroom companies should be aware of the importance of thinking change

An ideal entrepreneur wants to advance his career to a higher level. A promising sanitary ware company is of course inseparable from an open market. Today, the demand for domestic sanitary ware market is slowing down, more and more sanitary ware enterprises Realizing the importance of “going out of the country”, how can we really stand on the international market? Thinking change is very important.
     broaden the export channels of sanitary products
   At present, China’s sanitary enterprises “going out” have the following modes, some ceramic enterprises have passed Domestic export agents, small and medium-sized enterprises in this way use more, mainly led by domestic export agents, expand and obtain overseas orders, and then purchase from domestic manufacturers. This model has lower development cost and more flexible operation, but often the order value is lower and the order continuity is poor. There is also a model in which the sanitary enterprise self-built overseas expansion business department, through this self-service initiative to find and contact overseas customers, it can solve the problem that the overseas customer resources cannot be accumulated in the previous model, and can continue to cooperate deeply. Increasing the order volume and order value of each customer to obtain long-term business income. However, the main problem of this model is that the expansion cost is higher, the expansion speed is slower, and the expansion scale is limited. After all, the overseas business expansion by the enterprise itself is relatively weak. Later, companies can also participate in professional exhibitions held overseas. This approach is a relatively straightforward and long-term benefit, but at a higher cost.
  Deepening the concept of “going out” of enterprises
   China’s sanitary enterprises “going out” is not the end The purpose, enterprises must truly enter the international arena, but also need to enter the psychology of overseas consumers, so that enterprises will do long. First of all, it is natural that Chinese sanitary ware enterprises need to have this awareness and establish the confidence of “going in”. It is necessary to know that sanitary ware enterprises do not simply sell products, but rather establish Chinese brands and reverse the low-end and low-quality low-priced products made in China on the international market. The inherent impression has become the builder of the new order and new pattern in the international market. The international business is different from the simple export of some enterprises. The first is to provide perfect after-sales service. Together with these value-added services that provide overall space design, the customer sees the effectiveness of the overall space solution, which largely avoids the price-based care based on pure product materials and effectively enhances us. Bargaining power in the international market.
  rooting the international market is not an easy task. It requires entrepreneurs of sanitary ware enterprises to have a long-term vision and extraordinary courage, which requires sanitary companies to strictly cultivate internal strength. To lay a solid foundation for entering the international market.
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Three major elements of the cabinet

Cabinet design plays a decisive role in the entire kitchen space, from appearance to function, can affect the mood of the chef. What three elements are really a “easy to use” cabinet? The following small series will bring everyone together~
First, the color of the door panel

The color of the door panel is definitely the first factor affecting the beauty, because the entire kitchen cabinet or even the whole kitchen is basically The kitchen cabinet door is the main color. The color of the kitchen cabinet door is basically white, gray, and wood color occupy a large proportion, and other colors are relatively small.

White is a versatile color, basically suitable for any style of kitchen. If you choose a color, it will definitely not go wrong with white.

Gray and white are similar, and can be used with any color.

This dark wood color is often used in solid wood kitchen cabinets, usually with Chinese or American styles.

Light wood color is also relatively easy to take.

Tianhu blue can also be beautiful.

Second, door panel texture, texture, shape

In addition to the color of the door panel, the texture, texture, shape, etc. of the door panel will affect the aesthetics, and these factors are usually related to the material. Great relationship, because the material determines whether certain shapes can be done.

Matte texture white kitchen cabinet door, there is no light pollution problem.

Bright white kitchen cabinet door, easy to clean.

The door panel may have texture in addition to color.

For example, different wood grain.

The most common flat-panel door, almost all materials can be done.

『回字形』 is the most common door panel shape, simple and generous.

Third, the color of the countertop

The color of the countertop is relatively small compared to the door panel, but it is also a relatively large part of the kitchen vision.

The wooden countertops are actually no problem.

Whether it is quartz stone or composite acrylic, white is the most common, although white is easy to stain, but white is best matched, there will still be many people.

Gray countertops with white kitchen cabinets.

Black countertops, no longer afraid of seeping.

Light blue countertops are more fresh.

Basically grasp the above points, you can grasp the aesthetics of a set of kitchen cabinets, the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet is well grasped, basically control the aesthetics of the kitchen. In addition, in the daily use process, maintaining the cleanliness of the countertop can effectively control the color value.
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About the brand of lighting

In our home decoration, lighting is an indispensable lighting product. With the constant changes of the times, people’s eyes are getting higher and higher, no matter the function, style and brand of lighting. Then, the following small series will introduce you to the top ten famous brand rankings.   Lighting Top Ten Brand Rankings  1, Lighting Top Ten Brand Rankings Philips    Philips International Famous Lighting Brand, Founded in 1894 in the Netherlands The brand is the most powerful brand in the industry. After years of efforts, it is in the leading position in China’s lighting industry.    2, lighting top ten famous brand rankings Opus     Opp China famous lighting brand, product quality is unanimously recognized by the public, is one of China’s top ten lighting brands, It is also one of the most popular lighting brands on the market.    3, lighting top ten famous brand rankings NVC     NVC Guangdong famous enterprise, is one of the most competitive enterprises in China’s lighting industry, it is a A well-known listed company that integrates research, production and sales of products.   4, lighting top ten brand rankings Sai Duo    Sai Duo famous lighting brand, is also China’s top ten famous brand of lighting, the brand products are the most cutting edge Design concept and European and American elements.     5, lighting top ten brand rankings Panasonic   & #8195; Matsushita Electric was established in Japan in 1984, is a well-known brand in the Japanese electrical industry, the brand is the largest large-scale at home and abroad Multinational corporations.    6, lighting top ten famous brand rankings Foshan & #8195; & #8195; Foshan was founded in 1958 in Guangdong, China’s famous lighting brand, one of the most influential companies in the market industry.   7, Lighting Top Ten Brands List Osram    Osram International Famous Lighting Brand, founded in 1906 in Germany, it is one of the world’s two major light source manufacturers, also in the industry One of the most innovative companies.    8, lighting top ten brand rankings flower art    Huayi lighting industry is a famous brand in the lighting industry, and is also one of the top ten brands of China’s lamps, the brand is in the industry Leading position.    9, Lighting Top Ten Brand Rankings TCL    TCL was established in 1980, one of the top 100 enterprises in China’s electronics industry, is the leading brand in the industry, after twenty Years of hard work have become one of the most valuable brands in China.    10, Lighting Top Ten Famous Brands List Sunshine    Sunshine is located in Zhejiang, China’s top ten famous lighting brands, is a high-tech product development, production and sales Technology company. ​ (provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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This area has re-adjusted the mining, pricing, and sales of river sand mining.

Recently, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province held a mobilization meeting for the centralized management of river sand mining, and re-adjusted the mining, pricing, and sales of river sand mining in the city to improve the “parity” Sandstone into the community” way of activity. For rural residents, the government subsidizes the premium of more than RMB 65/ton.

First, establish a labor employment model

Cancel the current labor management contracting mode of the sand mining yard, and hired workers from the company to organize sand mining production.

Second, preferential sand for urban and rural residents

Urban residents use sand, to the company’s parity The sand distribution point or packing point purchase, the price of sand purchased will be published on July 16, 2018, and will be uniformly distributed by the company to the downstairs of the urban residents.

The sand for rural residents, through the township (town) government After issuing the verification opinions, the purchase will be made at the market price. Afterwards, the local (town) government entrusted the local (town) government to grant a full subsidy to the premium of more than RMB 65/ton (purchased at the municipal level sand supply point, The subsidy is subsidized by the company in the township where the company is entrusted.

Third, strengthen transportation management

Before the end of December 2018, the city and county level The sandstone transportation logistics management company was put into operation to carry out the transportation business of sand and gravel. Strictly investigate and deal with the overloading, sanding and dripping of sand transporting vehicles and sand transport without documents.

Four, price bounce

Advance the price of Fuzhou City and the average price of the surrounding cities, According to the average price of the current sandstone market in the three cities of Nanchang, Shangrao and Yingtan, the sales price of sandstone in the main city of Fuzhou (including Linchuan District, Dongxiang District, Fuzhou High-tech Zone, Donglin New District and Jinxi County) is determined. The sales price of sandstone in the main city of the city will be implemented at 80 yuan/ton (including the shipping cost of the sand yard) from October 1, 2018. Establish a price dynamic adjustment mechanism, and the price adjustment is determined in principle every two months.

V. Strictly reselling sand and gravel

Strongly crack down on illegal sandstorms Sand mining, on-site management personnel illegally sell sand, falsely open to prove sand-sanding behavior, focus on crushing sand and sand-slipping behavior of mixing station and key construction sand construction units; participate in mixing station and key construction sand construction unit Sand and sand-selling, once discovered, are strictly punished according to the relevant provisions of Fufu Office [2018] No. 47 document.

The above decision since September 21, 2018 Execute from day to day.


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Stone home improvement, what kind of stone do you use instead?

As a high-grade building decoration material, Stone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. The stones commonly found on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone. The national stone production bases are mainly distributed in: Laizhou, Shandong, Yunfu, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Fujian, Xiamen, Guangxi, Guangxi, Nanyang, Xinjiang Stone, Beijing Banshi, Zanhuang Banshi, Hebei Quyang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei and other places.

   I will explain to you today, how to choose materials in the following places, what are the advantages and disadvantages of stone:

   What stone is good?

   The threshold stone is generally made of marble, the most commonly used is Chinese black and black sands.

   China Black is cheaper than Black Sands. However, since other stones are cheaper than China Black, many black-hearted merchants will use black dye to dye ordinary stone into Chinese black. Therefore, everyone should be vigilant when purchasing. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the cross section of the stone is also completely black, because the dyed Chinese black has only a very shallow layer of black, which will fade after being soaked in water! It is best to watch the business on the spot and process the stone. The origin of black sand sand is in India, which belongs to a kind of granite. It is a relatively high-grade stone! The price is more expensive than the black sands. Black sand has the distinction of large, medium and small sand. There is a thick and thin part. The stone used for the door stone is black sand. The thickness is 1.5cm, which is about 1.2-1.4cm. The threshold stone is very holistic, that is, the threshold. Stones are generally a piece of stone. Our doors are generally around 90cm. Tiles often have seams when they are used as door stones, so marble is more suitable for being used as a threshold stone.

   The area where the threshold stone is used at home is not very large, so the total cost is not very high. In addition, the threshold stone is to be stepped on every day, so it is still necessary to buy a better quality! Also remind the threshold stone to buy a bigger one, to exceed the door line, otherwise the time will be long, the door line will rot.

   What kind of stone is used for windowsill?

   Choose a lot, in general, quartz stone, marble, artificial stone, etc. can be used on the window sill In the decoration, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the most beautiful decoration app here to inform everyone, I hope that everyone will have some help in the later renovation. The sill decoration stone can choose marble and artificial stone (color stone), quartz stone, etc. These stones are currently used most in window sill decoration. Different stone materials have their own characteristics. The specific comparison is as follows:

   1, marble

   The advantages of marble are hard, with natural texture, very natural and beautiful.
There are many disadvantages, such as stitching and seaming, easy penetration, easy to produce natural cracks and different degrees of radiation.

   2, artificial stone

   The artificial stone (colorite) is characterized by seamless splicing, dense structure and non-invasive bacteria. Not easy to fade, healthy and environmentally friendly.

   The disadvantage is that the hardness is slightly worse, and the inferior artificial stone may have problems such as discoloration, deformation and even cracking. Therefore, if friends choose artificial stone, it is best to choose artificial stone of famous brand.

   3, quartz stone

   Quartz stone is also generally used for interior decoration, and has begun and quickly replaced the former two because It has very good performance.

   Advantages: On the basis of ensuring high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning, there is no radioactive element harmful to human body.

   Disadvantages: higher price

   Special reminder: Because quartz stone has higher requirements on processing technology, the quality is also divided into three or six, etc. Therefore, in the choice, we must pick a brand with good reputation and guaranteed service.

   The window sill should not use artificial stone as much as possible, and it is not resistant to sun and yellow. Try to use natural granite stone as much as possible. There are tens of dollars and one square meter of cheap Jinanqing, Fengzhenhe, Luoyuanhong, Taohuahong, Dahuabai, etc., slightly more than 200 yuan a square meter of Egyptian beige, brilliant, black and white Gold sand, yellow diamond, basket drill, British brown, etc., all of which belong to Class A stone can be used with confidence in Class 1 (residence, office) environment.

   What kind of stone is used for the bay window?

   The newly renovated house is generally designed with bay windows, which are also a highlight of modern architecture. The bay window can illuminate the room and beautify the shape. The presence of the bay window allows the view of the window to be seen. It can not only enjoy the caress of the sun, but also relax. The materials commonly used on the bay window are stone, marble, artificial stone, granite, which are rich in color and expressive, and are indeed suitable. So what kind of stone is used for the floating window?

   If from an economic point of view, you can choose granite or marble with lower price. The common specifications are 800mm wide. According to an industry decoration company, it is generally priced in meters. , generally 60-100 yuan / meter.

 &emSp; If you choose a luxurious atmosphere of marble, those imported marble prices can be as high as two hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The price of artificial stone is generally higher than that of marble. Therefore, which kind of stone is used is related to your preference and is also related to economic price considerations. In combination with these situations, the most beautiful decoration app suggests that you have a choice of marble, affordable, color and so on. For the bay window, use marble, use yellow series, 200 yuan / square meter. Red stone, don’t use it, it is fake and dyed. South Africa red, Indian red is more radioactive and should not be used.

   What stone is good for the stove?

   Finally, come to the kitchen stove in the new house, what stone is good for the stove?

   There are two main types of stone used in stoves, natural stone and artificial stone.

   Natural stone countertops: including granite and marble.

   Advantages: The density of natural stone is relatively large, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is very outstanding, the wear resistance is good, the texture is very beautiful, the cost is relatively low, the most common The price is only a few hundred yuan or so, which is an economical type of countertop material.

   Disadvantages: natural stone has pores, easy to accumulate grease;

   artificial stone countertop: natural ore powder + color masterbatch + acrylic resin The plate treated by high temperature and high pressure has uniform texture and no pores.

   Advantages: Artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has strong functions such as impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance and penetration resistance; it can be seamlessly bonded at any length. The adhesive of the same material will be polished after the two pieces are bonded together, and the seams will be seamless.

   Disadvantages: The raw material of artificial marble is a derivative of petroleum, which contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene.

   If the quality of the table is now the best granite is the granite, granite is now used in kitchen countertops, is the best in the countertop.
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Pay attention to these before installing the floor.

The new house is installed on the floor, and these 4 points cannot be ignored. Now everyone’s living conditions are much better than before. When I bought a new house, it was no longer the same as before, just thinking about saving money. Now more emphasis is on practicality and aesthetics, so many people now choose to lay a variety of different types of flooring at home. Because the floor is laid, not only can the interior look warmer, but also create different interior styles, which can make the home look more upscale. However, when laying the floor, you can’t do it at will. The new house is installed on the floor. These 4 points cannot be ignored. I am afraid that I will only be upset and regret it.

1. Finding the ground

Before we ask the decorator to install the floor, the first thing to note is that the ground before laying the floor must be level, especially some corners. The dead corner of the cockroach is likely to be neglected because of carelessness. If the floor is not leveled, the floor will be laid. In the future, it may happen that the floor is empty. If it is serious, the floor may be cracked. It is very troublesome to repair afterwards.

2, the ground should be cleaned

Before laying the floor, the putty will be scraped on the wall, and there will be a lot of drops on the ground. Dust and the remaining paint, the decorator can’t completely clean you, and there won’t be so much patience, so it’s best to do it yourself, and clean the corners, so as not to clean it. Lay the floor and let the underside of the floor become a hotbed of bacteria and mites.

3, reserved space for expansion

When we choose flooring materials, most people choose ceramic tile or wood flooring materials. The density is not the same. If it is a tile, it will not appear too much thermal expansion and contraction. However, if it is a wooden floor, it is easy to expand and contract due to temperature changes, if there is no reservation. The telescopic space, when the wooden floor is swollen in the summer, it is very likely that there will be a drum phenomenon, which is very troublesome in the later processing.

4, the ground should be kept dry

The last step before we lay the floor is to ensure that there is no moisture when drying the ground before laying, it is relatively dry, If the floor is laid when the ground is damp, the floor may be deformed and uplifted due to moisture. Therefore, it is best to let the room ventilate for a few days before laying the floor to ensure that the floor is dry before laying the floor.

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Strengthening the floor laying method Strengthening the floor four maintenance methods in detail

If there are too heavy items should be placed smoothly, in daily life Do not pull or drag the items to avoid affecting the overall effect.

Strengthen the floor What are the steps for laying the way? For the house Renovation, the floor is one of the most important projects, and it is the most negligible problem. There are many types of flooring, and the laminate flooring is one of them. The advantage is liked by everyone. So what is the method of strengthening the floor laying? How to carry out maintenance? Let’s take a look at the detailed content.

First, introduce the method of strengthening the floor laying

1. Before laying the floor, first we need to check whether the floor belongs to the same batch, is it the same model, if it is not the same batch of floor, do not install it, the effect is different.

2, in To drill holes on the surface, be sure to pay attention to personal safety. Make sure that each hole is at the same height. Do not twist or twist. Avoid other pipelines.

3, the prepared wooden block is fixed in the hole, to maintain the distance between the nails, generally about half a meter is most suitable, not too wide or too narrow.

4. The floor can be laid in the early stage of work, and the floor laying is very simple, because it is a standardized product that has undergone various tests, and does not require too much thought to select the color and color. You don’t have to think about the gap, you just need to lay the floor according to the process.

5, after the floor is laid, the kick line is fixed, the foot When the kick line is fixed, make sure that the gap between the floor and the wall is connected to ensure that there is no gap. Use materials to select formaldehyde-free glue as much as possible.

Second, laminate flooring How to maintain

1. After the floor is laid, always keep the air in the room.

2. If there are too heavy items to be placed smoothly, do not pull or drag the items in daily life to avoid affecting the whole due to scratches. The effect of using.

3. In the process of using, avoid the sharpening of the floor as much as possible, and the situation of soaking the floor should not occur. Keep the floor in a dry state. It is best to use a clean mop for cleaning as much as possible during daily cleaning.

4. Place the pad before entering the door, which can effectively reduce the damage of the gravel to the floor. When cleaning the floor, use the floor cleaning agent as much as possible. Never use a corrosive product for cleaning.

Summary of the series: The above is about laminate flooring The whole contents of the laying method and the maintenance method are introduced, and they are all important knowledge. I hope that everyone can remember that these things can be effectively avoided in daily life.


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