Problems and dilemmas facing the curtain wall industry

First, the market demand for the industry, the curtain wall consulting industry has played an important role in the construction of the project.

The curtain wall is novel in appearance and rich in façade form. Especially the glass curtain wall has the unique advantages of light weight, light transmission, high strength and durability. The skyscrapers with a height of more than 500 are all made of glass curtain wall. With the rapid development of China’s economy, China began to build a large number of curtain wall buildings after 2000. The curtain wall consulting industry has flourished in China in recent years, mainly in the following aspects:
(1) The curtain wall is getting bigger and bigger. The structure is also becoming more and more complicated. Architects and owners are in urgent need of finding a curtain wall consulting company to participate in the design stage of the preliminary plan, and propose rationalization suggestions for the design stage of the curtain wall, including: curtain wall material selection, structural force, cost control, etc.

(2) Subcontracted form is completed by the owner of the early curtain wall project by the owner to the construction party general contractor and the construction party, and the deepening design is completed by the curtain wall company responsible for the construction, with the curtain wall construction The increase in volume and the curtain wall are the key external protection structures. In order to better control the cost and the façade effect, Party A began to change the form of the package, which was changed from the previous large package to the curtain wall directly by the owner. The company, the owner needs to find a professional curtain wall design consulting company to provide tender drawings.

(3) The curtain wall belongs to a professional and strong industry. The owner needs to find a third-party consulting company to control the quality during the construction phase.

The curtain wall consulting company can provide high-quality solutions and technical consulting services to the owners from the construction design stage, material selection, cost accounting, tendering stage and construction process. In recent years, curtain wall consulting companies have played an important role in a large number of buildings.

II. Problems and dilemmas facing the curtain wall consulting industry

1. Construction of curtain wall technical talents

Curtain wall consulting company backbone strength Mainly from the curtain wall engineering company, the colleges and universities have not opened the curtain wall profession. The technicians who are engaged in the curtain wall profession generally come from the civil engineering and mechanical professions and gradually grow up in the curtain wall company after going to the society. With the rapid development of curtain wall consulting companies and curtain wall engineering companies, there is a lack of technical talents in design, materials and construction technology.

2. Evaluation of professional titles of industry practitioners

At present, the professional title evaluation of curtain wall practitioners in most areas is “decoration class”. It is understood that curtain wall industry in some areas of China Professional title assessment is more flexible, such as structure (curtain wall), machinery (curtain wall), and the title review department is recommended to draw on the management model of these regions.

3, the industry has a technical level of uneven, chaotic charges of vicious competition chaos

because the consulting company does not have the qualification requirements, so a small team of several people can be established Curtain wall consulting company, in order to survive only low-cost to undertake business, small team technical strength is not enough, difficult to handle large, complex projects. It is recommended that the industry should do its best according to its own strength. Only a certain profit can provide better and more valuable services for the owners. Survival by quality is the only way for the development of the enterprise.

4. It is recommended that the curtain wall consulting company apply for the special design qualification of the curtain wall

The majority of the curtain wall consulting company is not qualified. It is understood that a few companies in the domestic curtain wall consultation have obtained the design qualification of the curtain wall. A very small number of consulting companies have a Grade A design qualification for the curtain wall. At present, the curtain wall consulting company that has not obtained the design qualification can only provide the plan map for the owner, and then the construction unit that wins the bid (the curtain wall construction enterprise generally has the qualification of the curtain wall design) to deepen the inspection and submit the construction drawing review, so that the following problems will occur. : (1) The depth of the plan map issued by the consulting company cannot be judged. If the depth of the plan is insufficient, the owner can not accurately calculate the cost, which will bring unnecessary troubles to the bidding of the project, especially for some projects that carry out the total price. Provide detailed construction drawings. (2) The winning bidder will carry out the second optimization design according to the plan map provided by the consulting company, and there will be a link between the winning bidder unit and the owner and the consulting company, and even affect the construction period.

So now more and more owners will choose a consulting company with design qualifications, requesting the drawing design to the construction drawing depth to be submitted to the owner for bidding, the construction unit according to the map construction, which greatly improved the work The efficiency provides great convenience for the owner to carry out the bidding and construction smoothly. If there is any change involved in the construction process, the curtain wall consulting unit must issue a design change order to construct, and play a greater role in the role of an independent third party.

In 2013, Fujian Province (2013) No. 28 Document “Notice on Strengthening the Planning and Design Management of Building Glass Curtain Walls” stipulates: “The project of selecting glass curtain wall, the construction unit shall The architectural glass curtain wall and the main building shall be commissioned simultaneously, and shall be submitted to the construction drawing review agency for review; Article 8 stipulates: “The construction glass façade project that is strictly required to perform the basic construction procedures and has not been approved by the construction drawing shall not be allowed to be constructed. The bidding may not organize the construction, and the construction administrative department may not issue the construction permit. This way, the owner needs to find a design-qualified company to provide the preliminary technical services, the construction drawing deepening design, and the drawings submitted for trial, so that the project can be carried out smoothly.

5. The publication of the “Guidelines for the Advisory of Building Curtain Wall Engineering” is a milestone for the healthy development of the industry

Recently led by the Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall Committee of the China Building Metal Structure Association, housing and urban and rural areas The “Construction Guidelines for Building Curtain Wall Engineering” prepared by the Institute of Standards and Statistics of the Ministry of Construction will be published in China Construction Industry Press. Shao consulting fees curtain wall, curtain consulting service rules, drawing design depth, the publication of the standard curtain wall for the healthy development consulting industry has played a landmark.

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Aluminum alloy door development guarantees basic product and individualized extension quality

Aluminum alloy doors and windows currently occupy an important position in the door and window market, and have achieved unprecedented development after the reform and opening up. They have also made great progress in the production process and production level, and embarked on the road of professional development. Faced with a good development situation, aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers ensure that product quality is the first priority!


Aluminum doors and windows With the development of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for home windows and doors are getting higher and higher. First of all, aluminum alloy doors and windows should have basic product quality, that is, strong, durable, practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly; secondly, aluminum alloy doors and windows should be consistent in style, aluminum alloy doors and windows and home decoration style should be consistent, but also consider To match the furniture; once again, the design of the aluminum alloy doors and windows needs to take into account the daily activities of the owners, so that the owners can have a quiet and comfortable residence.

At the end, aluminum alloy doors and windows can also develop a personalized customization model, which is in line with the modern consumption pattern of modern people. The goal of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers After understanding the market requirements for aluminum alloy doors and windows, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers should carry out a series of improvements for the market, and truly move towards professional development!

1. Guarantee basic Product quality, while introducing new technology, paying attention to aesthetics, and ensuring its practicability;

Second, ensuring the extension quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, meeting the decoration style and cultural concept of office space, and meeting the daily work of employees Demand, and personalized customization according to consumer psychology, can be favored by consumers. Nowadays, the aluminum alloy door and window market is in the trend of rapid development, and to truly go to the professional development path, we must ensure the basic product quality and personalized extension quality!


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Choose a shower room that suits you.

  Do you want to install a shower room at home? The main reason for this confusion is that the shower room will occupy half of the bathroom space, but in fact, the shower room can really reduce the humidity of the bathroom by more than 90%. And as long as the bathroom area in the home is not too small, it can be installed in the shower room! So, what are the styles of the shower room?

 1, one-shaped shower room

   one-line shower room has two forms: closed and semi-open . The small bathroom is suitable for this style, especially the semi-open type, which is simple to install and saves space. If the home is a small, small bathroom, you can choose a shape.

 2, curved shower room

    curved shower room can choose a corner, using two walls, customized according to size, so whether it is large or small bathroom is very suitable. This kind of shower room has a variety of shapes, stylish and beautiful, and the overall is stronger.

Anwar bathroom shower room

  3, square shower room

   square shower room suitable for The bathroom with square space and large enough space has a large space, so it is not suitable for small apartment toilets, but it is the easiest to clean compared to other styles of shower room.

4. Install the bath screen on the bathtub

   I like to install a bathtub in the bathroom at home, but once the bathtub is installed, there is basically no space in the shower room, so smart friends will install a glass door or sliding door on the bathtub to design a barrier from waterproof. In the sense, it is also a “shower room”.

  Depending on the bathroom in your home, choose a shower room that suits you! It is really convenient to have a shower room at home, and the bathroom will be more dry and hygienic!


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Diatom mud is a new type of environmentally friendly material

Diatom mud is a new type of environmentally friendly material. It not only makes wall decoration more beautiful, but also purifies indoor air, so it is very popular in China. However, there are relatively few diatom muds in foreign countries. Why are diatom muds not popular in foreign countries and what are the deficiencies of diatom mud? Let’s take a look at the introduction of the following article with Xiaobian!
  Why diatom mud is not popular abroad

  1, different consumption views

   There is a big difference in the concept of consumption. The frequency of changing items abroad is relatively fast. For example, the bedding products we use are basically replaced once a year in foreign countries, and at least several years in the country. Therefore, in terms of wall material selection, diatom mud is more expensive. If it is replaced frequently, it will increase the cost, so they do not like to choose diatom mud.

  2, foreign building materials testing standards are more stringent

  In some developed countries, their economic level is better, so the environmental protection of building materials The testing standards are also stricter. Diatom mud is an environmentally friendly product for domestic use, but it may not meet environmental standards abroad, so they also do not like to use this product.

  3, foreign labor costs are larger

   foreign labor costs are much higher than domestic, so they choose those who can manually Renovated products. Such as latex paint, wallpaper is very popular, and diatom mud needs to be a special texture master, relatively troublesome.

  4, the color of diatom mud is relatively not bright

   Why is diatom mud not popular abroad? Of course, from the diatom mud itself, the color of diatom mud is more elegant, mainly matte. For those who like bright spaces, it is unacceptable, so many people abroad choose latex paint or wallpaper to decorate the wall.

  What are the deficiencies of diatom mud

  1, poor hand feeling

    First of all, the diatom mud feels bad after being applied to the wall, and its use period is relatively short, and the discoloration will occur more quickly under the sun exposure.

  2, can not be scrubbed

   diatom mud surface can not be cleaned, if the child accidentally left fingerprints and footprints while playing Classes can’t be cleaned, resulting in beautiful decoration.

  3, not waterproof, not moisture-proof

   diatom mud is mainly composed of reticular molecular structure of diatomaceous earth raw material, easy to absorb water And the diatom mud is easy to fall off when it is wet with water. Moreover, diatom mud is not painted on the wall like latex paint, but sticks to the wall, and its adhesion is poor, and it is not moisture-proof.

  4, the color is not rich

   Although the price of diatom mud is more expensive than wallpaper, it is mainly available in elegant colors. There are fewer colors and patterns, and fewer people like them.
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What to pay attention to when buying a bed

Having enough sleep is a full day of energy protection, and people can’t get out of bed when they sleep, so the quality of the bed has a great impact on sleep. Nowadays, there are so many brands of beds, so what brand of bed to buy is good, what should you pay attention to when buying a bed? You may wish to find out!

What brand of bed to buy?


IKEA furniture is a very good brand. The brand was founded in 1943 and has a history of more than 70 years. Although IKEA is a foreign-invested brand, it has a very large share of the same industry in China, mainly in the middle and high-end furniture, and its quality is also very reliable.

2, Xilinmen

What brand of bed is good? Let’s take a look at Xilinmen. The brand was established late, but the brand awareness is still very good. It is the preferred brand of many consumers. The brand has always been committed to people’s healthy sleep, constantly developing and innovating new products.

3, Musi DeRUCCI

Muss Furniture Brand was established in 2004, specializing in human health and sleep, its design concept is derived from In Europe, ergonomics and sleep environment are integrated into bedding design. For example, the Musi brand bed, which holds a high position in the furniture industry.

What to pay attention to when buying a bed

1. The bed is in direct contact with our body, so the bed must be selected when the bed is selected. Pay attention to the environmental protection of materials. Conditional families can choose solid wood beds, such as red pine, cedar, and yew. The beds of these materials are environmentally friendly and healthy, and no chemicals are added during processing. It is worth buying.

2. The bed is an important piece of furniture in the bedroom, so you should consider the overall decoration style of the room when you buy the bed. If the room is decorated in a Korean style, then the bed should also choose a simple, natural pastoral style. In addition, the size of the choice is also determined by the bedroom space. Never choose a very large bed in the small bedroom, it will be very crowded.

3. To buy a bed, you need to pay attention to the quality. If you want the quality of the quality bed, you can see it from the details. Be sure to choose a fine, smooth, fine joint furniture bed, you can open the mattress to see the bed, if the bed has a heavy texture without any noise, it can be said that it is a quality bed.

! The bed is a must-have for every family, and the use of the bed is related to people’s health, so be very cautious when buying a bed. When choosing a brand, look at the quality.


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What is the problem with the glass window always fogging?

Many small partners in the north have such troubles: once in the heating season, all the inside of the window glass is condensed water, and the serious window sill is full of water, even flowing down the wall, and the window sill is near It is wet, even the skin is peeling and moldy. Households in the South will encounter such problems if they turn on air conditioners when they are cold. Is it because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too big? No, it is also a heating zone. Some people have no such problem. If you are flying, the cabin temperature and high air temperature often have a temperature difference of 30 to 40 degrees, and you have never seen frost on the aircraft window. Is the humidity at home too big? It’s not that everyone who drives the heating feels panic and needs extra humidification. Where does the moisture come from?
Does the glass window always fog? That’s why you didn’t install it.

In fact, the problem lies in the sealing and insulation of the window. In order to keep warm, the windows in the north are mostly double glazing. However, the double glazing and the real insulating glass are still different. The process of double glazing is not high, and the vacuum is not in the middle. The heat can be easily transferred between the two layers of glass. In addition, the more common windows are still made of plastic steel, which is not a particularly good material for heat insulation, and there are gaps between the window frames, especially the gap between the sliding rails of the sliding windows is large, the sealing is not good, and the insulation is relatively poor. The cold air outside is easy to run into the house. In this case, the thin window glass is like being placed outdoors, cold and ice. Do not believe that you touch the frosted windows, the glass is frozen like ice.

There is heating in the house, the air in the room is very warm, the warm air touches the cold window, the water vapor in the air will liquefy into small water droplets, stick it in the cold On the window, the windows are all over the water. This principle is like we will fog when we breathe into the glass, because the warm air touches the cold glass. But the windows have been very cold, and the home has been warm, so the water drops on the windows will hang for a winter, dry and foggy. Smart, you asked again, but why did the house that I lived in when I was a child, even a single layer of glass in a wooden window frame, did not fog? Because the old-fashioned radiators are installed under the windows, although the windows are not well insulated, the heating has been baking the glass, the glass itself is baked hot, and the water vapor will not be cooled into small droplets.

The little friends who drive must know that fog will also fog on the windshield when it rains and snows. Light rubbing is useless. When the glass is blown with cold air, the water drops will soon disappear, but the people will be too cold to accept. This is the way to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the car. The most effective way to cure the problem is to open the heat and the inner circulation. The hot wind blows the windshield. Although it takes some time for the mist to slowly disappear, there will be no fog on the way, and people feel very warm. And now many of our radiators are not installed under the window, or simply changed to floor heating, the windows have been cold and ice, and will be drowning throughout the winter. So, the easiest way to solve this problem is to move the radiator back under the window. However, if it is installed with floor heating, or if the home is a floor-to-ceiling window or a large bay window, then the most effective way is to replace the window and change it into a broken aluminum hollow glass window (double-glazed is not enough), preferably a casement window, that is Windows that open inward or outward are more sealed than sliding windows. When installing, be careful not to damage the insulation layer that comes with the wall. Fill the styrofoam between the window frame and the wall. It must be filled until both inside and outside are overflowed, so that it is completely filled with gaps. The sealing is very good.

If you are in an emergency, you can buy an anti-fog agent for automobiles and spray it on the window glass. This will also prevent the glass from fogging to some extent. The window glass in the south is mostly single-layered, and the insulation is even worse. Therefore, the weather is a bit colder. Air conditioning at home will also encounter such problems. However, the south is not as cold as the north, and there is more sunshine. If the sun shines directly on the glass, the water vapor will disappear quickly. If the fog is heavy, you can also refer to these small tips:

1, try to use insulating glass, hollow glass can greatly avoid this phenomenon.

2, glass gasket should be installed, the spacer should be arranged 1-2mm from the glass, and 3-4mm from the lower side of the glass. This can avoid the contact of the septum with the water. Of course, it should be better to choose a septum with good quality and low water absorption.

3, the sealing of the glass should be tight, the operation should be carefully and carefully, the main cause of this problem in actual production is caused by poor sealing.

4. A layer of glass glue on the outside of the spacer in the bottom layer can relieve the septum from rain.

5, the opening of the air pressure balance hole and the drainage hole is very necessary.
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What is the reason for the toilet blockage?

Blocking the toilet is a headache. However, this problem often occurs in life, causing a lot of inconvenience. Then, why is the toilet blocked? In fact, the toilet blockage has a lot to do with the quality of the toilet. For health, please try to buy a quality toilet, do not be cheap and inferior products, the quality of the toilet is directly related to your health!
The culprit of the toilet blockage

—cause of the blockage [1]—

The quality of the glaze is low

It is easy to hang dirty, causing blockage

Toilet ceramic glaze quality is very important. Good quality toilet, smooth glaze, smooth and smooth appearance, no blistering, soft color, smooth and fresh after repeated washing. On the contrary, if the quality of the glaze is not good, it is easy to hang.

Container blockage

—Cause of blockage [ 2 】—

Not all pipes are glazed

Easy to leak

In order to save costs, many toilet manufacturers are working inside the toilet. Some of the water return bends have no glazed surface, while others use a gasket with small elasticity and poor sealing performance. Such a toilet is both prone to fouling and is prone to water leakage. Therefore, when you purchase, you should put your hand into the dirt in the toilet and touch it to see if it is smooth. The smooth feel is glazed, and the rough one is glazed. Therefore, the choice of 360 ° pipe glazed toilet directly affects whether it will block the pollution!

Toilet blockage solution

—cause of blockage [ 3 】—

The toilet is installed incorrectly, causing blockage

The errors occurred during the installation process are mainly that the bottom outlet is not aligned with the drain, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely sealed, the toilet water is not smooth, the water level of the toilet tank is not high enough, and the flushing effect is affected, so the toilet is best installed. Find a professional. In addition, the toilet blockage is closely related to the habits of life, and it is easy to cause blockage by pouring some hard or leftovers into the toilet. Of course, there are many ways to solve the blockage of the toilet. The most common ones are: pouring the dishwashing essence and hot water into the clogged toilet, and dredging with plastic wrap. And if you want to solve such problems fundamentally, you still have to choose a quality toilet.
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Living room floor tile purchase strategy

  The living room is the main activity area of ​​the family, so the floor materials need to be wear-resistant and durable, and the floor tiles become the first choice. How to choose living room floor tiles, how to lay floor tiles, are many people want to know, the following article from the floor tiles to the pavement have a detailed explanation for your reference.

Tips: The types of floor tiles are all-body bricks, glazed tiles, whole-body polished tiles, permeable tiles, bleed polished tiles, etc. These floor tiles are not all non-slip, especially for the elderly and children at home. Be sure to do a non-slip test at the time of purchase to avoid problems.

  1, determine the style, consider the personality needs

   When purchasing tiles, you should first consider your overall style, determine the general color tone of the tiles, in order to coordinate with the overall style of the room, but also pay attention to consider some of their own individual needs, the most important two types of tiles are now divided into two categories. : Vitrified bricks and glazed tiles, now commonly known as antique bricks are mostly referred to as glazed tiles.

  2, how to determine the specifications of the floor tiles

  In consideration of the specifications of the floor tiles, pay attention to the following two aspects: First, the size of the living room, do not Blindly pursue large-scale floor tiles. In general, it is recommended to use the 600*600 specification below 40 square meters, and the 800*800 specification is recommended for the above 40 square meters. When choosing, you have to consider the actual area that people can see after the house is finished. If the visible area is small, the specifications of the bricks are too large to be coordinated. Second, you must pay attention to the same series of tiles. The larger the specification, the higher the price will be, and the place where the decoration can be saved must be saved.
3, how to choose the matching products of the floor tiles

   the supporting products of the floor tiles mainly include the horizon, the ground parquet, the kick line and so on.

  Horizontal: It is mainly used to make the living room floor more changeable and looks very simple. It is mainly made of tiles that have some distinction between the color of the floor and the main body. It is mainly processed with dark tiles, and some antique tiles also have some matching horizons to choose from. It is mainly used in the vicinity of the ground or in the aisle.

   Ground parquet: The floor decoration painting made of ceramic tiles, now basically can buy bricks can be commissioned processing, there are many patterns to choose from, choose to pay attention when processing The base color of the mosaic should be consistent with the other tile colors and patterns on the ground! Mainly used at the entrance or in the living room, dining room, coffee table, under the dining table.

   kick line: mainly to protect the wall skirt.

   Optional use can be done in one of two ways: First, it forms a large contrast with the color of the floor tiles, but pay attention to selecting products of the same color as much as possible in order to maintain The uniformity of the overall style; the second is close to the color of the floor tiles. In this case, it is recommended to add a contrasting horizon to the surrounding area.

  Kicking corners can buy finished products directly, or you can entrust the seller to process them. In general, if you use glazed floor tiles, choose the glazed corner line. It is a vitrified brick, and you choose a vitrified brick kick angle.

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Bathtub maintenance, separate material and operate

How to maintain the bathtub? Ask for advice! In fact, this is also a problem that many people will encounter in their daily lives. Today we will focus on it.

  Bathtub should be divided into materials for maintenance

  The maintenance of the bathtub is similar to our skin care. Different skin types are suitable for different products and maintenance. The way is different. The bathtubs on the market mainly include: the current bathtub materials on the market mainly include: acrylic, cast iron, wood and steel.

  Acrylic Bathtub Care Tips

   Acrylic Bathtubs are very common in the market, this material bathtub is not expensive It is easy to shape, light in weight, and has a good surface finish and good thermal insulation. It is especially suitable for cold places in winter. But the acrylic material is not so hard, and it is easy to scratch if it hits a sharp object.

   Once the acrylic bathtub is used daily, it should be carefully cleaned to prevent dirt from remaining in the bathtub. Even if you don’t use it every day, you should always wipe it. If it sticks to dirty things, it will not be cleaned up. When cleaning, be sure to avoid using steel balls, which are easy to scratch. It is recommended to use neutral detergent. Some organic solvents can easily burn the bathtub, causing surface softening and cracking. If there are some small scratches, you can use different types of sandpaper, add water and polish, it will not look out.

  Cast iron bathtub maintenance techniques

   cast iron bathtub, as the name suggests, the main material is cast iron, so this bathtub is generally heavy. Durable. In order to make it smooth and beautiful, the surface is covered with enamel. Cast iron bathtubs are generally more expensive and require more maintenance.

  Share a few tips for the maintenance of cast iron bathtubs: First, it is best to use special detergents, right There is no harm on the surface of the bathtub, and it saves time and effort to remove scale and soap residue. Secondly, you can refer to the method of glass cleaning, wipe with a newspaper, and the surface is smooth and non-staining. Third, if there are stubborn stains on the surface, you can soak the rag In white vinegar, put it on the stain and put it on for one night. On the next day, use a soda powder and vinegar to make a paste. Then use a shoe brush to wipe out the “special detergent” and clean it with water.

 Steel Bathtub Maintenance Tips

  Steel Bathtub is also made of enamel on the surface of the steel plate. The characteristics of grinding, heat resistance and pressure resistance, moderate price and high cost performance have been favored by many families. For daily maintenance of this bathtub, it is recommended to wipe with a soft dry cloth. If there is a slight stain, gently wipe it with a soft cloth or sea surface. If the rag is too rough, the surface will be tarnished. The steel bathtub is a bit more critical. It is best not to put iron objects because it is easy to rust.

  Wood tub maintenance tips

   The wooden bathtub is best to choose hardwood such as cedar. The density of the wood is high and it is not easy to absorb water and deform. The most important thing about wooden bathtubs is moisture protection, which is also an effective way to reduce the mildew and bacteria in the bathtub. Therefore, the material of wood is especially important. Every time the wooden bathtub is used up, it can be gently brushed with a brown brush. Because there are many wooden gaps, it is not clean enough to wipe with a rag. Wash it out with water, but don’t expose it to the sun. In the bathtub, the wood is prone to moisture loss and cracking. Wash and dry, and occasionally sun-sterilized.

  The above is the maintenance method for different material bathtubs. It is recommended that netizens can learn more about the material of the employer’s bathtub home and carry out bathtub maintenance according to different materials. Extend the life of the bathtub by effective maintenance.


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Tile maintenance is a compulsory course for high quality homes

For the owners, the worst thing is that the tiles are stained with stains that are difficult to remove. Don’t look at the smooth surface of the tile, the hardness is high, in fact, it also needs to be loved. As a “face project” in the home, everyone can’t be sloppy. So how do you keep the tiles bright and beautiful? Next, Xiaobian will teach you a few small tricks.
1, decontamination and waxing

polished tiles are not easy to accumulate dust, easier to clean. However, after a long time of use, the fine pores on the surface of the polished tile are exposed, and the dirt is also sucked, making the polished tile difficult to clean, the surface tarnished, and getting old. Therefore, we should wax it regularly, with a time interval of 2-3 months.

2, clean texture

Antique brick, the surface has a concave and convex texture, in order to pursue the realistic effect of the log, you can follow the texture when cleaning. If tea or other daily necessities are attached to the tile surface, you can use household detergent and water to clean along the texture to make the tile more shiny.

3. Cleaning the seams

The cleaning of the glazed tiles is relatively simple, but the seams of the tiles are easy to hide. First use a toothbrush and a little decontamination paste to remove dirt, then use a brush to brush a waterproofing agent in the gap, so that it can not only prevent water seepage, but also prevent mold growth.

4, stubborn stains

In addition to daily sweeping and mopping the floor tiles, we can use more stubborn stains on tile gaps and corners. Functional decontamination cream, regular cleaning and maintenance, keeping the tiles clean and bright.

5, tile scratches

For tile scratches, toothpaste is very busy. The smooth and flawless tiles accidentally left small scratches, so anyone who looked at them was very distressed. At this time, we can apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe them with a rag to repair them.

6, tile renovation

Renovation of old tiles. It is necessary to pay attention to the entire tile, and then replace the new tile. The color of the new tile must be the same as the original one, otherwise there will be chromatic aberration, so it is recommended to leave a small amount of tiles in the decoration tiling for future repair. If you don’t have reservations, it’s best to take the pieces of the tiles under your arm and replenish them at the store.

Tile maintenance is a compulsory course with high quality home, practical skills, please be sure to use it, but also a clean home environment.
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