Builders’ eyes expand globally

There has always been a lot of movement in the post-construction technology space. M&A (mergers and acquisitions) are reserved, and construction software providers are also making global technology strategies for mobile development worldwide. But what kind of contractor does these announcements mean? Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the most recent plans to announce its global expansion. The technology company began its service in the US residential construction market as early as 2007. Since then, it has evolved into large commercial projects in airports and educational institutions, in many other services.
Now, the company has announced plans to adopt its global technology. The company’s president and CEO, Louis · Pascual said the company has strategically concentrated in the North American market and is now ready to expand internationally for the past six years. This news is a new web-based application for your Multivista, considering the workflow design and the published high heels. The purpose of the new product is to get the right visualization of the data in the hands of the right person, while also giving the worker the ability to manage the data and increase the productivity process at the end of the day.
Multivista said that international market expansion efforts will bring technology back in the fall of 2013, with new locations and future updates. In addition to joining the international location, the company will also continue its growth in North America, choosing a location under the franchise distribution model. Of course, for Multivista, this move marks the company’s readiness for global economic growth itself. When the company expands into a new market, what does this mean for a construction company?
San Bruno, California, is a classic example of the original technology supplier to the Australian construction market, but its coverage has expanded to North America. Today, large-scale construction projects around the world continue to increase the company’s technology, and operators continue to introduce significant product upgrades, liquidity, BIM (Building Information Model), and more. The software for viewpoint construction, Portland, Oregon, also did an action to expand beyond North America and enter the Australian market. As the company has already begun this effort, it has also upgraded its products to target this new market. In particular, at the end of June, the company announced the latest version of the Viewpoint V6 software, which will include the Australian Taxation Office’s AP taxable form, along with other updates that allow construction companies to comply with regulations. In addition to the United States, Canada, Australia, the views also serve the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. However, the integration of some other companies into the global market has already slammed the initial announcement after expanding from technology suppliers. Of course, the construction industry has seen a lot of transformations in the past few years, and it will be interesting to see how the market is gimmicking in the next few years.

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How will the smart home industry move?

[Guide] In the field of smart security, Google and Amazon can stand up to court.

In the field of smart security, Google and Amazon can stand up to court.

In the past year, Amazon’s Ring and Google’s Nest have released DIY security systems and added smart doorbells and visual cameras. In addition to being able to weaken competitors in price, the two companies can also rely on other products, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers to form a unique integration. For example, Amazon’s Echo series of speakers can monitor whether the glass is broken in real time and warn the Ring home security system in a timely manner, while Home allows users to view the monitoring through the smart device. Recently, Amazon’s acquisition of home router manufacturer Eero has sounded the alarm for small start-ups: it is more difficult to establish an industry competition.

In the face of such daunting competition, it is curious to see how companies like August, SimpliSafe, Wyze and Netatmo will use their real-time monitoring and security systems to turn around. Here are the strategies they have tried to go beyond the tech giants:

Source: Mapworm Creativity

Insist on details

For SimpliSafe CEO Chad Laurans, taking over such a large company has received much attention. For each sensor, surveillance camera and keyboard sold, SimpliSafe charges a $15 monthly monitoring fee. The company currently has more than 3 million paying users, up from 2 million in early 2018.

“We are thinking about how to improve security and how to create better value propositions in terms of security every day,” Laurans said. “I strongly suspect that big technology companies don’t think this is a top priority. They Open your eyes every day and just think about how to use data to create greater profits.”

A small company with a focus on business competes with large, difficult competitors, but Laurans points out that SimpliSafe The unique mission has advantages in many ways. For example, Nest outsources its customer support and home monitoring services, which means the team may miss out on valuable customer feedback. He also criticized that the Nest alarm device can only be placed on the desktop, and this design is an “important security hole.”

“We studied how people use security systems and learned that if you don’t design the keyboard on the door, people won’t use it,” Laurans said. “We are constantly working hard to study all the factors.” , including a good experience and a bad experience, took the lead in 10 years.”

Laurans also made a similar criticism of Ring, pointing out that SimpliSafe’s touch screen and motion sensor have longer battery life. And the battery life is up to 10 years, and Ring is only 3 years.

He said: “It’s great for checking the security system framework, but it doesn’t make sure that every sensor works the best, providing any information we can feed back.”

In addition, SimpliSafe has successfully withstood the test from a larger competitor. Laurans pointed out that before Amazon and Google entered the home security field, SimpliSafe had to compete with mobile phone operators, retailers and well-funded DIY startups (some of which have long since failed or failed). For example, Verizon’s smart home service was discontinued in 2014; Lowe’s also closed the Iris platform launched two years ago last month; Wink seems to be able to maintain it.

“We are not very scared of Google and Amazon,” Laurans said. “I sometimes feel scared for their customers. If the two giants lose interest in family security, I don’t know the whole format.” How to change.”

Privacy first

Many of the companies I interviewed believe they can provide more privacy data than tech giants. In response to this problem, the case of the French company Netatmo may be the most convincing. The company originally built weather monitors, and the business expanded to security and smart doorbells and visual cameras.

Unlike many other companies like Amazon and Google, Netatmo does not upload any monitoring content to its own server. Instead, it is stored on a MicroSD card. Users only need to connect to the home network to view monitoring. Users who want to get a cloud backup can choose to link the camera to Dropbox, but Netatmo’s business does not have a corresponding subscription component.

Mathias Thibaud, product marketing manager at Netatmo, said: “We don’t want to charge users for free and private information.”

Although Netatmo does not use privacy as a marketing point, Thibaud said that users will gradually like this feature after setting up the device. In Netatmo’s home security camera, face recognition is handled on the device itself rather than in the cloud, while its outdoor camera and the upcoming video doorbell are not equipped with face recognition. When registering an account, Netatmo doesn’t even ask for the user’s name, just an email address.

Thibaud said: “Because of the lack of subscriptions, people buy products. After the products are installed, they realize that this product is very safe, while other products are not.”

Another path

For its part, August Home may have the opportunity to address the challenges of technology giants as it expands from smart door locks to video doorbells. But at the end of 2017, the company was acquired by Swedish smart lock giant Assa Abloy, working together to study access control, working together on smart locks and security monitoring in an integrated solution.

“Our goal is not to create a smart home with lightweight controls and thermostats. From start to finish, we are a security company,” said Martin Huddart, head of smart home division at Assa Abloy.

As Jason Johnson’s co-founder and CEO, Huddart and Jason Johnson believe that Google and Amazon will not soon expand the smart lock business, even if they have this plan. This explains why Amazon embeds Asa Abloy’s Yale brand in its Amazon Key home delivery service, and why Nest and Yale collaborate on the smart lock component of the Home Security Suite.

Huddart said: “The design of the lock is quite difficult. If the mechanical part is not perfect, it is equivalent to laying a potential risk. I think experience is very important in the design of things like locks.”

As a result of its scale of operations, Assa Abloy can continue to sell its main hardware, and as the current smart lock giant continues to introduce new features, August can complement its software expertise. Still, Huddart said Assa Abloy is using its newly developed smartphone to try new things. For example, last year, the company launched a grocery distribution program with the UK’s high-end supermarket chain Waitrose. Huddart believes that the plan is extended to other areas, such as home repair, dog walking and furniture distribution.

“Our products are in charge of millions of families around the world,” he said. “So, as a broker for the CMM and access control, this means a lot to us.” p>

Good price and excellent price

Although most smart home security companies are likely to lose money in the face of price wars by technology giants (tech companies offer at lower prices) A similar alternative), but Wyze’s powerful camera with a price as low as $20 is an exception. Despite its low price, Wyze’s surveillance camera features 1080p ultra-clear video and comes with many useful features such as motion detection zones, two-way audio and integration with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

In the past 18 months, the camera has sold 1.5 million units and is now available for a wider range of security applications with a $20 touch screen and motion sensor. In addition, smart bulbs that can be activated via Wyze cameras and sensors are also coming soon.

For Wyze, low pricing is a good game. Although the company has a meager profit on the hardware, it also lacks a marketing budget, but it still needs to pay staff salaries and product development costs. To this end, Wyze recently received $20 million in financing from Norwest Venture Partners, but the company is still developing its final business model.

Wayze co-founder and COO Elana Fishman said: “We are still in a growth model. As a start-up company that has been established for only one and a half years, we will definitely invest heavily in business expansion and product development. “

Despite the uncertainty of the business model, Fishman said that their goal is not only to give back to investors, but also to build a smart home ecosystem that can compete with technology giants. Although their current main business is selling cheap hardware, they are also trying to build relationships with their customers. (Example: Wyze’s product roadmap is publicly visible, and customers can vote or comment on new features.)

Elana Fishman said: “We invest heavily in our product ecosystem and become smart homes. One of the main players is full of confidence. This is not just a buying game of ‘big fish eating small fish’.”


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Flexible family homes Toronto’s changes

Partners have revealed the flexibility of housing, the core of multiple generations living together in Toronto, it is increasingly difficult to reach homes with high home prices, the city has responded by allowing existing residential land to be cut, resulting in two The number of houses in the new freehold lot has doubled. These families will be built, and the core of the front and back is the land.

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What are the options for curtain selection?

Curtains are one of the indispensable contents of home soft decoration. It is not only used as a “decoration” for sun protection or privacy protection, but also can beautify the decoration of the home and enhance the taste of life. How to choose the curtains that meet your own personality needs and are in harmony with the overall interior decoration style is a problem that every owner will consider before soft decoration.
Selection of curtain fabric texture

First of all, you need to understand the texture of curtains. At present, there are mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum alloy and so on. When choosing the texture of the curtain, you should consider the function of the room. For example, the bathroom and the kitchen should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style is simple and smooth. Luxury and beautiful fabrics can be chosen in the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are the places we should worry about. It requires thick, warm and safe to ensure privacy and sleep comfort. The study curtains should have good light transmission performance and bright colors. They use elegant colors to make people stand in the middle, and they have a stable mood, which is conducive to work and study. The choice of curtain fabric texture should also consider the seasonal factors. Summer curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk to make it breathable and cool; in winter, thick woolen cloth should be used, thick and warm; floral curtains should be suitable for all seasons, but especially spring is lively. Bright.

Selection of thickness and rigidity of curtains

This should be considered according to the surrounding environment. If the room is located in a high-rise building, the outdoor space is empty and can be moved to a thin, gorgeous, elegant, Light and elegant; on the contrary, the room is in a densely populated, noisy place or on the ground floor of the building. Like blinds, it controls both luminosity and air permeability without affecting the display of items in front of the window.

The choice of curtain color

Because the curtain occupies a large area in the living room, and it is in the brightest part, it should be selected with the indoor wall, floor and furnishings. The color tones of the objects are matched to form a unified and harmonious environment. The walls are white or lightly ivory, the furniture is yellow or grey, and the curtains should be orange. The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be white and blue. The walls are yellow or light yellow, the furniture is purple, black or brown, and the curtains should be yellow or golden. The walls are pale green, the furniture is yellow, green or brown, and the curtains are preferably green or grass green.

The choice of curtain color should also consider the use and season of the room. The living room should be chosen dark, and it looks like a grand party. Older room, optional dark flowers and natural color. The room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and colorful to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn are suitable for medium color, such as beige, light dark green, yellow, pink, etc.; summer is white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green, etc.; winter should use brown, dark green, purple , dark coffee and other colors.

There are two main types of curtain fabrics, namely: abstract (also called geometric), such as squares, circles, stripes and other shapes, and natural material patterns (such as animals, plants, landscapes). Scenery, etc.). When choosing a curtain pattern, it should be noted that the curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and the effect of pleating should be considered. It is not advisable to choose a beveled surface for the curtain pattern, otherwise it will cause a sense of tilt. Large rooms should have a horizontal pattern.

The choice of curtain size

The length of the curtain is slightly longer than the window sill to avoid the wind curtain and the outside. The width of the curtain depends on the width of the window, so it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrower windows should have wider curtains to block the seemingly extraneous walls on either side. Also, whether the curtains are pleated or double-layered, it is necessary to choose according to each person’s preference. The pleating has a rhythmic beauty that changes dynamically; the double-layered curtains have a unique effect inside and outside.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Rear row toilet installation method

Rear-mounted toilet installation method
  1.Checking the sewage pipe and ground level Before installing the toilet, the sewage pipe should be inspected thoroughly to see if there are any mud and sand, waste paper and other debris in the pipe. At the same time, check whether the floor of the toilet installation position is horizontal or not. If the ground is found to be uneven, the ground should be leveled during installation.

  2. Determine the core of the sewage pipe

  turn the toilet, determine the core on the toilet drain, and draw the cross core line, the core line should Extend to the foot of the bottom of the toilet.

  3.fixed toilet

   align the cross line on the toilet with the floor drain, keep the toilet installed horizontally, and press hard Tight seals, mounting anchor screws and decorative caps.

  4.Bottom seal

   Install a special seal on the toilet drain or put a circle of glass glue (putty) around it or Cement mortar, cement to sand ratio of 1:3.

  5.Install the water tank fittings

  Purge the water for 3-5 minutes to ensure the cleanliness of the water pipes; install the angle valve and connection Hose, then connect the hose to the installed water tank fitting inlet valve and press the water source.

  6.Debug inspection

  Check the inlet valve and seal of the inlet valve for normality, check whether the installation position of the drain valve is flexible, whether there is a card Obstruction and leakage, and whether there is a leaking inlet valve filter device.

   rear-seat toilet purchase tips

   toilet purchase tips I. Weight

  The heavier the toilet, the better, the average toilet weight is about 50 kg, and the good toilet is about 100 kg. The heavy toilet has a high density and the quality is relatively good. A simple way to test the weight of the toilet: pick up the lid of the tank with both hands and pick up its weight.

   toilet purchase skill 2, water outlet

  The drain hole at the bottom of the toilet is one, and often the drain holes of many brands are 2- 3 (according to different calibers), but the more the drain holes, the more impact the impact. The outlet of the bathroom has the following drainage and horizontal drainage. It is necessary to measure the distance from the core of the drain to the wall behind the tank. Buy the same type of toilet to “sit the seat, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drain should be The height of the horizontal drain is equal to the height of the horizontal drain, which is slightly higher, so that the sewage is smooth. The 30 cm is the middle water toilet: 20 to 25 cm is the rear water toilet; the distance is 40 cm or more for the front water toilet. The model is slightly wrong. The water is not smooth.

   Toilet buying skills III, glazed

   pay attention to the glazed surface of the toilet, the glazed surface of the good quality toilet It should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated in color. After checking the glazed surface of the outer surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it will easily form a hang in the future.

   Toilet purchase skills four, caliber

   large-caliber sewage pipe and the inner surface of the glazing, it is not easy to hang dirty, the sewage is fast and powerful, effective prevention of blockage. Test method, the whole hand Put it into the toilet seat, you can have a palm capacity.
(Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The water tank toilet is good, what are the advantages and disadvantages, and it is summarized.

   Nowadays, people are getting higher and higher requirements for living standards. Many people want to install a waterless toilet, but they don’t know whether the water tank is good or not, so let’s summarize it together.

  1, the advantages of the tankless toilet

&emsp ;  First of all, the tankless toilet is more intelligent and convenient. Under normal circumstances, the installation of the tankless toilet can be directly controlled and used, and the use of more advanced technology, as long as the water pressure is within the specified range, under normal circumstances, it can be washed normally, while the water tank toilet flushing effect is also very It’s good, and judging from the noise, basically it can be said that there is no noise. Secondly, the waterless toilet can be used normally without using electricity. Because the tankless toilet is equipped with a dry battery, it can provide sufficient power to the tankless toilet, so it is safe to use. Finally, the tankless toilet is also very convenient to rinse. Flushing is more thorough than the siphonic toilet in normal life. Therefore, it is not easy to produce dirt and bacteria during use, which affects human health.

 2, the disadvantages of the tankless toilet

   the tankless toilet is a new type of water-saving type used in the city. The toilet, so the waterless toilet can directly use the city tap water, so the normal flushing cannot be achieved under the condition of insufficient water pressure, and the tap water pressure used in the waterless toilet must be greater than 0.05pa, otherwise the water tank cannot Normal work, so in general only in the city can achieve this condition. Moreover, because this is a new type of toilet, it is generally more expensive in terms of price.


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Those phones that are made into luxury goods

If you are a BlackBerry fan and want to match the gold iPhone, it will only cost you $26,700 – Porsche design from the UK.

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The rapidly increasing architectural style of the global population has also changed

Some experts predict that by 2025 the global population will reach an alarming 8 billion. Driven by medical advances, our mobile population has increased the immunization and disease eradication programs and gradually slowed down international mortality. With a wide range of family planning programs, government organizations and non-profits around the world, our global population continues to rise.

The design industry is now under pressure to find a solution to this expanding population, which will be the focus of the architecture summit in New York this October. In preparation for this discussion, the WAN asked experts in different areas, and how their ideas can support the estimated 8 billion people by 2025.

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Classic production of royal furniture

It is often misunderstood that the words “design” are used, and people often use the word “design”. In fact, the meaning of design should be broad and in-depth, not only in the external surface modeling, but also in the spirit contained in it, as well as consideration of natural environmental issues.

Furniture” width=”491″ height=”317″ src=”/Upload/Other/23333341262575352345.jpg” />

The international design guru has been active in the creative fields of environment, space and industrial design for a long time. It is also committed to revitalizing and activating the local craft industry, applying traditional techniques and materials to modern design and integrating resources. Re-use and use; in the international awards in Italy, Japan, Korea, China and other international design awards, such as Japan GoodDesign, Spain DeltaADI-FAD Design Award, International Design Competition Audit Committee Chairman, etc., and the Singapore government with the design as the main strategy of the country Inviting courtesy, went to work as a design consultant and other important positions. WAJIMA paint dish Xi Duojun when he first came to Italy to develop in Milan, he was amazed that after the second war, Italy not only quickly rebuilt, but has become the center of the world design trend.
He found that the main reason for the development of the Italian design industry, in addition to the government to adopt a national policy to help improve the design of the living environment, plus furniture or household items At this time, the operators have undergone a major transformation of emotional life, cultural cultivation, behavior and behavior, and form a common deep foundation. Therefore, Xi Duojun often mentioned that design is to find inspiration from a beautiful life, when design and life When it is cut off and only considered in industrial products, designing it has no meaning at all. That is to say, if there is not enough dialogue and interaction between people, it will not produce a good design.
MOTCollection series sofas, Kita Jun will be the first to publicly publish the “MOTCollection” brand sofas in cooperation with Zhongtai Life Development. This is not only the first furniture brand that Xi Duojun has cooperated with Taiwan, but also one with Osaka and Tokyo. The success story of the combination of traditional industries in the two places; one of which was produced by the Osaka Centennial History Sofa Manufacturing Association, and the other was produced by the classic master of Tokyo’s long-established royal furniture, at the beginning of the exhibition. In addition to the debut, the future “MOTCollection” series will also be sold exclusively at MOTCASA.

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Visual Culture Museum mortgages at West Kowloon Cultural District

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (West Kowloon Cultural District Authority) announced the appointment of Herzog and De Meuron + TFP Farrells to design the M+ Visual Culture Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District (West Kowloon). The team will be in the next four years, the visual culture of the 20th and 21st century, is expected to complete the design and provide world-class facilities in 2017, the Hong Kong House Future Pavilion and the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

After the announcement of the appointment, the West Kowloon Board of Directors last week at a meeting, the chairman of the board, Lin Zhengyue said: “We are very Happy to be the flagship facility designed by world-famous architects, in the community, the West Kowloon Authority’s leading practice in Hong Kong, together with the design team, will continue to engage in the art community to ensure that the detailed design of the building will meet their needs and duration. Hope. ”

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