Stunning cantilevered glass floor platform

This is a glass floor platform, an arc-shaped cantilevered glass floor platform 918 feet above the ground, Canadian architect Jeremy Sturgess has been here for the past three years. , working hard to achieve your own design.

This design began with Jones Christopher Engineering (RJC) and the project began. In 2010, it is planned to create a completely unobstructed tourist area overlooking the Athabasca Glacier 120 miles.
Jeremy Sturgess said: “Build a circular pedestrian bridge with an obliquely inserted sorghum as a diagonal support system, with this cantilever as a horseshoe The volley terrace is above the mountain, and there is no object that can interfere with the sight of the tourists standing on it. This is the purpose of our design. ” This project of Sturgis was approved in January 2011.

On May 16th, this pedestrian bridge and exploration center has officially opened to the public. Open, the 1,500-foot walkway of the treaty welcomes an endless stream of visitors to see the magnificent scenery of the surrounding mountains.

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Old car flower bed as a unique point of the courtyard

Large flower beds and garden sculptures decorated with lush vegetation are beautiful courtyard decorations. Creating flower beds with old cars, bathtubs, boats and car tires is a great way to recycle and decorate your outdoor living space. Recycle ideas and convert them into spectacular collections of decorations.

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The longest side of the corner of the clay slab curtain wall is 9 feet.

Terrart-Large offers large-format elements of clay slab curtain walls, based on individual manufacturing, project specifications. A consideration for projects where large or very large elements support wind loads and structural and aesthetic design.

A single ceramic component can be adjusted up to 6 feet in length. The height can be adjusted to the desired horizontal grid. The hollow chamber of the clay slab curtain wall can be made into curved, chamfered elements or corners. The specially designed corner plate has a maximum side length of about 9 feet.

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California rises in sustainability

California has greatly improved its ranking in the LEED certification program of the US Green Building Council. Last year, it rose from the ninth to the fifth. Out of San Diego County, the top 10 status is calculated by per capita.
According to leading energy and environmental design, builders get a project with high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and then their silver, gold or platinum ratings to attract environmentally conscious tenants. Then tenants can realize that they are in an earth-friendly operating space.
The LEED program includes analysis of construction projects in terms of energy efficiency, water use, recycling of building materials and other factors. In the 100-point system, the project can be certified for 40 points, up to 50 points for LEED Silver, 60 points for LEED Gold and 80 points for LEED Platinum.
Contractors and developers typically spend about 5 cents per square foot to process certification applications. However, it can cost $10,000, depending on the size of the project, to hire consultants who calculate the various levels of points required.
The builder pays for the upgraded cost structure, heating and air conditioning systems to achieve low energy use. This does not add to the obvious, if at all, the overall cost is higher than the standard item.
But in the highly competitive commercial real estate market, top-end developers often need to spend money to achieve LEED ratings as tenants are reluctant to be seen as environmentally responsible.

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Serbian cafe, comfortable space design

Serbia is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe. The architectural style is based on comfort. The name of this café, Stoke, is a retail store. In order to transform the previous retail space into a coffee shop, the design team will be indoors. Unnecessary elements have been removed.

Concrete ceilings, walls, pillars, etc. are bare, and the new building has two L-shaped spaces. One after the other, from the visual and spatial listings connected by the atrium. A 10-meter-long, 5-meter-high wall extends indoors, used as a blackboard, and has some hand-painted decorations made by artists. The design elements of many walls, including wood and concrete elements, make interior spaces more popular. The placement of the furniture makes the cafe look relaxed and casual. The entire indoor space is 100 square meters and there are 50. The lighting made of metal basin reflectors and natural paper hangings make the interior very comfortable and suitable for this industrial space.

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Defender of history

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in central Asia. It is located in the heart of Asia. In recent years, it has suffered from war. Most of the culture has been destroyed or abandoned. In order to recover and save these losses. The wealth of Afghanistan has established a national museum.

The design concept of the Afghan National Museum revolves around the Afghan floral arches. TheeAe Architects used this design opportunity to bring back the lost tradition. Architectural design is mainly concerned with not only these collections, but also emotional space. People need a place to rest, enjoy the joy of nature in a safe and reliable traditional space, and retain their cultural assets to bring hope and enlightenment to the people of the region. necessary.
The original intention of the design is to express its culture by emphasizing the natural environment, a large number of excellent sculptors, empty valleys and bright light penetrating the pattern frame, just as these heritages have always accompanied the country. For centuries.

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Pure metal texture living room design concept

This special room went to a complicated person. The subtle combination of silver and white is never boring. When silver gives a metallic appearance, the overall effect of white sublimation is cool. The TV field has a unique shape and ample space to keep the TV under other accessories or next to it.

The light and white lights on the ceiling are elegantly accompanied by a simple and perfect example. The three-sided sofa and leather center table with pearl white add to the beauty of the living room. The tiled floor has a reflective surface that is quite cute. This is a unique design, the center table is based on white, and its legs are intended to adjust the arrangement of the TV. This special interior can be marked as the ideal arrangement for future generations.

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Type of vaulted ceiling, how much do you know?

The vault is attractive and complex. The vaulted ceiling is in the form of an arch that creates space than a traditional ceiling. The vaulted ceilings are usually very tall and ventilated, often with large rooms, formal dining rooms and similar areas. Several types are used on the ceiling, depending on the type and architectural style of the building.
Arched ceiling design concept and type of vaulted ceiling:
This very simple vault form forms a half sphere in the room. The dome can be a completely round or slightly pointed top. The dome is probably the earliest type and is the simplest of them. They all built masonry, made in ancient times, or using wooden or concrete ribs that were constructed around a fixed point.
Barrel 穹窿
Barrel 穹窿 is also based on a half circle, but the finished roof is half a cylinder, not a half sphere. Barrels are also quite old, with examples that appeared in the Middle Ages, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Barrels are still used in corridors and similar long areas, but less common rooms.
Inguinal vault
This type of vaulted ceiling is more open and airy than a barrel. Structurally, the simplest groin vault is made up of two barrel-shaped vaults that are built into each other at right angles. The inguinal vault has a cross-shaped intersection in the middle that requires a thinner wall thickness and supports less than the barrel vault. The earliest groin vaults appeared in the Roman to Roman era, but today they are still used in the structure of the city hall like Switzerland.
Rib vaults
The rib vaults are intersected by several barrel vaults at different angles to create a ribbed pattern. The old structure of the rib vault often decorates this pattern to make it stand out. The ribbed vault is a fairly common early Gothic church and lends a medieval feel to the building.

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India launches building materials technology exhibition

“Building the Internet-2014”, the 7th International Construction Trade Fair was held in India in February, showing the latest materials and the latest technology available for the construction industry.
Creating an English chairman S Manivasakam told reporters that the fair is to make people more aware of environmentally friendly building materials, components and machines.
In order to reduce the carbon footprint and promote the green concept, the Coimbatore Small Industry Association (CODISSIA) has reached an agreement with the Indian Green Building Council on a sustainable environment.
Another exhibition, HEXPO-2014, also shows people the construction equipment and materials.
CODISSIA said more than 250 exhibitors showed off their equipment, including from the US, Germany, Italy and China. He added that the construction trade fair generated a turnover of about Rs 1 billion. Whether it is in India or abroad, many visitors have visited this exhibition.

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Sydney’s beach residences are full of tropical flair

Sydney, Australia has a famous beach, Tamara Mar, which is an excellent residential site. A family recently settled here to build a tropical family home to enjoy the beauty. Beach landscape.

There is a tropical garden behind the original house. The designer made some expansion reforms in the living room and put This garden is connected to the living room with a door. The structure is designed around the longitudinal load-bearing partition of the wooden. At the end there is a large concrete cantilever that extends from the garden to block the sun. The rest of the house is wrapped in long wood, and the glass blinds maximize natural ventilation. There is a large glass wall in the middle of the house, and the atrium can give the center of the house light. Most of the homes designed according to sustainable principles are made of natural materials such as fine wood. The home has 3 bedrooms and a family room upstairs, downstairs is an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen, separate bedroom, laundry room and guest bathroom.

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