The contribution of recycled wood to house decoration

Now many houses are rough houses. After they are bought, they need to decorate their own homes. This is indispensable for interior design and furniture. There are many styles of house decoration, from modern to rustic, such as clear glass, gray glass, Carrara marble, concrete, crape myrtle, teak and recycled wood. Coloring, crepe, cracks and nail holes, like recycled wood, are naturally old. A layer of tung oil or paint is applied to the surface of these recycled wood. The furniture made of recycled wood is a good decoration.
Black steel can be used in the vignetting of the restaurant, which is solemn. Placed in some recycled wood dining chairs, with white or light-colored walls and multi-colored carpets or wooden floors, under the sun, it will have a modern atmosphere and a heavy feeling.

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Dropbox headquarters is an entertainment-themed design

It is important to have fun and feel comfortable in the workplace. After all, just like your second home. Most large companies understand that we see a lot of beautiful headquarters and office interiors that focus on making employees feel attractive and comfortable. This is a good new example. This is the new Dropbox headquarters, which is located in San Francisco.

This is a project designed by Geremia and Boor Bridges. The space is full of energy and it has a vibrant and fun interior. The team is focused on maximizing its entertainment features and also making the space feel comfortable. They use modular furniture and green design. Open space and functional groups are open to better serve employees. It also includes a range of informal lounges, kitchens and meeting rooms. Playfulness seems to be a theme. The name of the conference room is “Romantic Room” or “Broken”, and there is a “Back to the Future” meeting room. There are also a variety of familiar messages and phrases written on the wall, such as the legendary “accept challenge”. Workspaces are organized in a way that is based on the concept of teamwork. Of course, there is no shortage of art elements. There is a cultural wall and an art exhibition hall.

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British Airport Commission veto Thames Estuary Airport Plan

The UK Airports Board, responsible for planning future London airport infrastructure, has finally ruled out an ambitious plan. A design at the Thames Estuary Airport was designed by Foster Office. The committee stated that the proposal has been ruled out because economic chaos will be huge and environmentally hampered, it may prove impossible or time consuming.

Instead, the Airport Commission will choose between three options to expand London’s Heathrow or Gateway. One of the existing airports of the airport. Gatwick is not a long-term solution and how can it be foreseen that Heathrow Airport’s expansion, which will cause incredible levels of noise, disease and pollution, is not a better idea for a new airport, For the East End of London. And this will create jobs and economic growth, and the country needs to remain competitive. However, despite the exclusion of the plan, Mayor Boris · Johnson still believes that this is still an option. With the final decision of the Airport Commission next year.

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Australia’s modern office design concept

This is the modern office design concept of the Andrews Group in Australia. The design of the office highlights the modern character of the office in terms of shape and color, and is very popular with people.

The walls of the office are white, with a few black chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, which are bucket-shaped, Triangular, with a basket shape, gives people a feeling of change. On the ground is a tiled tile. According to different color combinations and graphic matching, more patterns are stitched together. It is a modern design that makes people dazzled but feels full of art.

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The freight container is transformed into a giant guitar

We have seen a lot of conversions from shipping containers to offices, homes and even luxury restaurants on the outskirts of Paris. But here is what we never thought about. We will see the Kobe Biennale from Japan, which transforms a container into a giant guitar as a product of artistic cooperation. Artists experience this immersive sound experience and let visitors feel.

The giant guitar consists of eight giant steel strings that straddle the interior of the container. The horizontal rod at one end of the string is held in place and the frame is at the entrance. The vertical end is equipped with a tuning peg, which can really change the sound of the instrument! For those who want to practice their solo, it’s actually electric, with two input jacks plugged into the corresponding amplifier.
Exploring the interior of a huge guitar at the same time is a visual experience in itself, and the artist is also interested in the space of dynamic vibration and physical reaction. With this in mind, they are convinced that the guitar strings shine in the dark, allowing visitors to experience interactive sound containers through different visual environments. As the lights go out, visitors can choose to close their eyes, feel the resonance of the guitar or turn them on, and witness the playing of the strings while dancing in the dark.

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Villa in Almere, The Netherlands

This villa is located in Almere, the Netherlands, the smallest city. It has a building area of ​​4,154 square feet. The price is around 60,000 euros and is an ideal family. The southern end of the entire corridor is the area of ​​the residence.

Entire bedroom, hallway through master bathroom, wardrobe, kitchen, dining room and living room. The roof of the dining room and living room has been slightly tilted to break the flat pattern. To the north of the house is the child’s room, bathroom, living room and utility room and other important functional rooms. The home is worth mentioning for its impressive interior, modern style and minimal furniture, advanced lighting and plenty of free space for a comfortable stay.

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The concept of rolling home is in modular design

The Lithuanian architect is currently developing a residential concept called “Rolling Homes”. Located in an ideal setting next to the green plains. The housing prototype deviates from the traditional vertical wall structure and introduces a new form – the infinite loop of life.

The wood covers the section pipes in the same direction, and the horizontal exterior wall has a full glass curtain wall for you to enjoy the scenery. The evolving floor plan has three effective organizational levels: the input area is arranged from the bottom edge of the structure to create a covered porch; the second floor is used for social areas, including the living room, dining room and kitchen, and the top floor as the bedroom. Their modular nature allows them to be located anywhere, creating an informal grid between them to accommodate a variety of societies and environments.

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A complex apartment design in downtown Warsaw

In general, modern apartments are focused on visual effects, which are usually done by color or by other means. Creating a focus in such a space is usually bold and eye-catching. However, there are also tendencies and minimalist designs with neutral tones, and combining these two concepts is not as easy as it seems. There are many examples of successful projects, and this is one of them.

The apartment was designed by Architektury. It has a simple and complex interior, where the atmosphere is calm, warm and elegant. The apartment covers an area of ​​180 square meters and is located in the top floor building, close to the centre of Warsaw.
In this location and situation, the apartment design is not only satisfied with a beautiful interior, but also wants to see the beauty of the city. In fact, this place has the best view of the town. The apartment overlooks the Vistula River and faces the National Stadium, the Old Town and the Warsaw Library and some universities on one side.
The decoration here is very simple, with clear lines and simple forms. Oak floors add warmth to the room, while marble surfaces and silk wallpaper give them some complexity. The palette includes neutral and vibrant tones. The navy blue and orange accent colors are meant to create bold contact points and add some energy to the room.

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Several design solutions for Asian-style bathrooms

The Asian-style bathroom gives you the perfect place to rest and relax and restore a quiet space every day.

1. A color that makes people feel comfortable. Soothing shades, such as crisp white, earthy brown and warm neutral colors, are often used to decorate Asian bathrooms because they provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Black is also another color that often appears in Asian-style bathrooms, including this luxurious bathing area.

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Transparent house alternately connected to the floor through multiple stairs

In the vicinity of Saitama Prefecture, there is a transparent house with an extraordinary, avant-garde geometry. Created by Yuusuke Karasawa, located in Tokyo, the two floors are divided into five levels on the wall, and the room has more than a dozen criss-crossed stairs and diagonal beams.
Modern homes in the room require careful browsing of the complex levels, some floors contain two rooms, and others include voids. From the study of nature and space, the structure flows upwards, with alternating solids, and an impressive display of angles.

According to the designer, the intricate structure is based on the lack of privacy on the client side and as our Internet information age is growing The response of a complex network. He said, “Our hope is that this complex, layered cyberspace will become a new form of architecture, capturing the proof that today’s information society, diversity and order are being asked at the same time activity. ”

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