For equipment installation “wisdom eye” for the machine vision industry 4.0 build four core competencies

Throughout human history, before the industrial age a few of productivity growth can not detect, and leap in productivity and changes in the past 200 years it has benefited from the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine as a symbol of the Industrial Revolution mechanized 1.0 liberated people’s physical and significantly improved; to power as a symbol of the Industrial Revolution 2.0 electrification to achieve a large-scale assembly line , creating a product batch standardized production of the new model; electronic and computer automation as a symbol of the industrial Revolution 3.0 implements a program of automated production, not only the liberation of manual labor, but also took over the mental part, the industrial into the “no (little people) of.” Social progress never leave people-oriented, industrial production to meet people’s basic needs in the future, certainly in the direction of more and more sophisticated, humane, personal development, we must move towards unmanned production, agile manufacturing road, the industrial age only 4.0 the development of intelligent manufacturing, there is no alternative.
First, the technical characteristics of the industrial age 4.0 – vision and image technology is the core (the “smart eye” to “Homo sapiens”). State Department “Made in China 2025” very pragmatic, the next 10 years the primary purpose of intelligent manufacturing of our country is to achieve productivity and further improve production quality under the premise of the liberation of labor, we believe core competencies or “fast” and “accurate” than that of ( precision is the ability, but also the quality). Intelligent Manufacturing is the core of “wisdom.” What is the core of “wisdom” is – that is, access to information fast and accurate, fast and quasi-information processing. A person’s level of martial arts, to look at “hand-eye body and steps”, in order to become a martial arts master intelligent manufacturing, the “eye” level and “tactics” are among the core of the core. Vision and Image Technology is one of the greatest technologies of the 20th century. People perceive the outside world information through the eyes of 80% is obtained, the amount of information contained in the image is the greatest. Information Age CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , especially industrial information age CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , visual imaging technology destined to become carry the tripod. Visual technology, which greatly improves the ability to obtain information in the industrial automation, the information will no longer be a simple data single dimension, but the massive wide-area three-dimensional data, while greatly exceeded the human eye in speed, size, and other dimensions of the spectrumlimit. For example: the visual system basically covering the whole spectrum, resolution up to 1 micron, speed can reach the one hundred million per second, which is on speed and accuracy are far beyond the current industry manufacturing standards, even more sophisticated to meet the future for quite some time, more high-speed manufacturing requirements, fully guarantee fast and accessible information in quasi-industrial manufacturing. On the other hand, the rapid development of image technology, so that the massive image information to high-speed, real-time, intelligent analysis of the use, greatly improving the speed of human judgment, closer to people’s level of intelligence, quick boost industrial production in information processing and associate. Vision and Image technology is a combination of industrial equipment to install a pair of super “wisdom eye.” Future industrial production will be “wisdom eye” as the core equipment in the tens of thousands, all kinds of equipment, command a variety of “hands, feet, body” action, to achieve ‘depth perception, the wisdom of the decision-making, automatic execution “as the” Homo sapiens “so intelligent automation industrial manufacturing wings to take off! Second, the industrial vision technology services technology architecture 4.0 – four intelligence (intelligent recognition, smart metering, intelligent detection, intelligent Internet). Visual images in the end what technology to develop, how exactly will change our industry, let us imagine the scene in the future production of it. In the production plant the various components and the size of a chip electronics has been reduced from several mm to several tens mm ~ several microns to tens of microns, such as welding and assembly of components produced by the robot guided by a vision system do surgically delicate operation, because of the size and quality of the device are reduced hundreds of times, a substantial increase in speed of assembly, hundreds of times per second to complete the operation, production efficiency is improved a hundredfold, one containing thousands of components electronic products in assembly-line manufacturing in just 10 seconds to complete. Vision system 10 uses the imaging unit simultaneously, multi-angle stereoscopic imaging, imaging millimeter wide and ultra precision micron imaging combined velocity of each imaging unit have reached more than 1000 frames per second, while the entire system acquires image information over 10,000 per second can be processed in real time and comprehensive targeting complete, accurate measurements, precise operation command issued. Meanwhile, the imaging unit 10 Further product immediately multi-dimensional multi-angle scanning, to confirm whether the quality standards. Suddenly, a product of a solder joint problems, the acceptable weld area of ​​2 microns, actually reached only 0.85 microns, which would lead to signal transmissionImpedance increases the operating frequency is less than the normal range, the system immediately visual inspection robot guidance, to eliminate waste branch repair step. Assembly plant over 500 monitor various environmental indicators imaging unit and the image data and all the other integrated data to the central information server CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , through analysis, the instantaneous deviation occurs joints, total It found that five abnormalities, including a small fluctuation of the drive current, a small block action …… problems found, the image analysis and historical data analysis found that nearly one joint lubrication lifetime maintenance, lubrication automatic compensation, hidden faults immediately ruled out, system running fast as usual …… above scenario is far from covering all industrial 4.0, but the piece of a jigsaw, is evident. Faced with these requirements, the visual image technology need to focus on building the four core capabilities. First, identification. The purpose is to identify the next step is to find the target, found a large number of key feature information from the target recognition, vast amounts of information need to be fast convergence, which requires a high degree of intelligence, accuracy and reliability are crucial. Second, smart metering. Measurements are basic industries, there is no measurement, no product, measuring the level of effort depends on accuracy. Third, intelligent detection. Detection is accomplished on the basis of the measurement, according to the deviation between the target and the measurements, determining whether or not qualified. But the results of testing is often not a single index of comparison, need more information and more comprehensive analysis indicators, intelligent judgment based on complex logic is the key. Fourth, smart and connected. “The future is the world’s data,” data association will burst forth infinite creativity. Like the human brain neurons, and node information when more than a certain amount, and can create self-learning, self-creating ability to create is wisdom, is to create a source of development. When the mass data capture an image in a multi-node network, while the personnel, equipment, production materials, environment, data association process, etc. , will be derived from the depth study, intelligent optimization, intelligent and so the ability to predict innovation, showing the charm of big data, will demonstrate the true power industry 4.0. Future-oriented industrial visual images of hardware, software, integration technology development, will enter the target escalating, technical excellence, innovation and unceasing pace of the times! While Chinese enterprises engaged in machine vision coincided with itsWhen should strive to develop core competencies and strengthen innovation, while vigorously United automation equipment manufacturers, robot manufacturers, “the machine implanted in the eye and brain,” so the visual image technology has become the backbone, carry the banner manufacturing industry to upgrade! Third, the election of the times, the industry Fortunately, Chinese lucky! Industry 4.0 concept, the biggest beneficiaries of China, to taste the sweetness in the labor-intensive era and is not sensitive to the threat of China’s manufacturing industry such as wake-up call, deemed sobering. China’s manufacturing industry is the development of a national strategy, “Made in China 2025” has made clear the government’s determination and tempted, once a high-speed launch will change the situation, our industry will also move towards new heights. Machine vision industry key focus service industry. In the past many years of development has always been small in scale, R & D multi-project operations, large-scale high-volume product development rare, far amount to anything, which is China’s manufacturing industry generally low level of automation, self-driven innovation is weak due. But China’s pioneer of machine vision actively expanding in a relatively small space, energy savings, accumulated a considerable number of personnel, technology and management experience, for example in high-end technology with foreign imaging and lighting, and other basic software algorithms or gap is quite small [123 ] CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , even in some of our product performance and technological innovation than similar foreign, despite the reliability, ease of use, the presence of such shortcomings in terms of products, but the gap is not very big. At present, the reform of China’s manufacturing industry will set off a visual image of the rapid development of China’s machine vision must also be duty-bound to take on this mission, and help China’s industrial transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector, despite the difficulties, come from behind! Vision and Image technology is an important industrial core 4.0, promoted by the development of technology is inevitable, it is the choice of the times. The development of Chinese visual industry for 30 years, the historic opportunity not to be missed, then do not moan when it is not every time, what we need is to act quickly, to play a vigorous intellect, show strong innovation, Heroes in the trend of the times!

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