From artificial intelligence to the cloud, Intel’s open-source software stack technology to promote innovation

May 14-16, hosted the annual Intel Open Source Technology Summit (OSTS). The summit is derived from an internal meeting in 2004, only a few dozen Intel engineers participated from the beginning, to expand the scale of today 500 people in attendance. This year the summit is by far the most open session Control Engineering Copyright , from Ali Baba * Amazon *, AT & T *, Google *, Huawei *, Jingdong *, Microsoft *, MontaVista *, Red Hat *, SUSE * * wind River executives who gathered to discuss hardware optimized for Intel’s open-source software. These and other open source software will learn about the next generation of data-centric technology innovation from the cloud to the edge of the field and then to the workload between devices such as pushing the container, artificial intelligence, machine. Vice president and general manager of Intel’s Software Products Division Su Yide (Imad Sousou), said: “Intel’s software is a key strategic asset that will help us tap the commercial value of the real overall growth potential of the company’s release of Intel in the entire open source. ecosystem collaboration, our contribution and initiative are leading the industry to promote age-oriented data-centric products and services innovation, “Su Yide introduced:.” Summit on open source technology is essentially a technical meeting, its greatest value lies in depth technical content and interactive projects, as well as concern for the community. this year CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , we have this open source summit was ‘open source’, for the first time to invite customers, partners and the industry to participate. I very pleased to have this opportunity to internal Intel to promote open-source talent with the open source community to build an exchange platform “on open source technology summit, Intel shared the latest contributions and key progress made in the following areas:. ● adapt the core infrastructure of Intel architecture now Β° ModernFW Initiative of the goal is to remove the traditional BIOS code, and to improve the scalability and security through modular design. Provide appropriate code to boot the operating system kernel, this approach helps to reduce security risks, and simplify user management. Β° rust-vmm provide a set by Intel and Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Red Hat and other industry leaders to develop a common virtual machine components CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , it is intended to provide specific usage scenarios targeted hypervisor. Together with its partners Intel has released a special type of cloud-based rust-vmm virtual machine, providing a safer, higher performance native container technology for the cloud environment. Β° Intel is also committed to advancing critical systems infrastructure projects, assign developers to contribute code CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and our “0-Day Continuous Integration” best practice extends beyond the kernel Linux * technology. Intel plans to contribute to these projects πŸ™ including but not limited to) Bash *, chrony *, Fuzzing project *, GnuPG *, libffi *, Linux Kernel Self Protection Project *, OpenSSH *, OpenSSL * R * as well as the programming language. ● upgrade of Intel for developers and partners to Linux-based solutions: Intel’s Clear Linux * distributions launched Clear Linux developer version, which includes a new installer and application store, plus tool kit to provide developers with a All operating systems already support Intel hardware functions. In addition, Clear Linux range of use is also being extended to provide end to end integrated and optimized for Intel’s hardware capabilities and support for critical workloads depth study and data analysis software stack. High performance, security, ease of use and customization advantages Clear Linux makes an excellent choice for Linux developers. Β° Deep Learning Reference Stack is an Intel? Xeon? Processor optimized for scalable high-performance integrated open source software stack. It includes Intel? DL Boost (Intel Deep Learning Boost) instruction set designed to accelerate image recognition, target detection, speech recognition and language translation and other artificial intelligence applications. Β° Data Analytics Reference Stack is the use of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark * Intel? Xeon? Extensible development platform designed to help companies analyze, classify, identify, and handle largedata. ● implement new applications in the automotive and industrial automation: Today, more and more important safety function, the integration of the workload is very complex and crucial. As we depend on for software-defined systems is increasing, virtualization becomes more important than ever. Intel is trying to change the definition of software environment to support a variety of prominent security requirements, safety requirements but does not highlight the timeliness of critical workloads to support the realization of automotive, industrial automation and robotics application scenarios. Β° Fusion Edge Stacks device using ACRN * virtual machine, Clear Linux operating system, Zephyr project * and Android *, needed to support today’s connected device integration workloads. Β° Intel Robot SDK is a collection of Intel hardware and software integration advantages by optimizing computer vision stack simplifies the creation of artificial intelligence, robotics and process automation solutions. Open source software-defined infrastructure drives, which changes the contemporary data center and creating a data-centric era. Currently, the vast majority of public cloud running on open-source software; Intel’s latest contribution will create all of the software-defined future, including new areas of automotive, industrial and retail. Intel has more than 15,000 software engineers, and continue to invest in software and new standards projects, optimize workloads, unlock the strong performance of our processors. In addition to significant contributions, the Linux kernel and OpenStack * Chromium OS * Intel is still the open source community leaders to promote the progress of the industry, birth of a new model for emerging workloads hardware and software interaction. Intel has a unique advantage, an important partner of the industry can unite , jointly reduce development complexity in various architecture and workloads, and accelerate large-scale deployment of innovative technologies. As one of the key pillars of Intel, Intel software is essential to achieve all-round progress in architecture, process, memory, interconnection and security.

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