Oriental Internet industry perspective: first collapsed, after overtaking

Recently, the American PTC company announced a $ 470 million acquisition of Onshape company, strode to the software industry into the cloud of. Siemens, Dassault, SAP and other big industrial software giant also frequently fierce and precise acquisition of outstanding software industry, building on its strong product lines and competitiveness. In sharp contrast, domestic industrial software companies there is a small scale, weak technical cooperation scattered, poor business environment reasons, can not form a company with foreign giants to compete effectively. Industrial software is the brain and nerve manufacturing, no software industry, there can be no modern industry. Worryingly, 90% of the industrial software market is monopolized by foreign companies, sustainability and security of China’s manufacturing industry constitutes a significant hazard and risk, especially after ZTE, Huawei and other events, attention and development of the local software industry around the corner. Local industrial software company in the end how to formulate their own development strategies? Eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom. Lao Tzu in the “moral” wrote: “whether with students, ease of complementary and length comparison, compete with dumping, constant also.” This means that the conversion with and without each other, complement each other hard and easy, long and short compared with each other and appear, and under high against each other exist, this is the eternal truth. I believe that I learn from this four sentences, seize new opportunities for industries such as the Internet, you can build a local software industry development strategy under four kinds of big Internet industry background.
“whether with students’ actual situation along the trend of integration of the Internet industry throughout the United States GE, Germany Industry 4.0, Japan’s Internet industry, Internet industry and the intelligent manufacturing and our other strategic Control Engineering Copyright , the core technology can be summarized as cyber-physical systems CPS (Cyber-physical systems), it reflects the development trend of new generation of information technology based on the physical entity and the depth of integration of digital virtual body. GE companies in the “Industrial Internet: to break the boundaries of wisdom and the machine,” a book with emphasis: “intelligent machines, intelligent systems and intelligent decision on behalf of the material world by a machine, device group, network facilities and systems posed by a more in-depth the main way to connect, and analyze large data composed of a converged digital world. “German industry 4.0 lengthwise, end to end, horizontal and other three integrated enterprise through digital, networked, intelligent production and service delivery model, to some extent speaking, similar to the Internet and industry. Where vertical integration is the enterprise different IT systems, physical devices (numerical control machine tools, robots and other digital production equipment mainly) to conduct a comprehensive application and integration within the enterprise to build people – people connected, machine – machine interconnection, people – machine – the Internet of the Internet business. In reference to German industrial 4.0, GE Industrial Internet, made in China and other strategies on the basis of 2025, Japan proposed the “Internet industry” strategy in 2017, and as Japan’s national development vision. “Internet industry” is to “achieve by connecting people, equipment, technology and other value creation of the Internet industry.” In our country, whether it is integration of the two, two of the depth of integration or smart manufacturing and industrial Internet, has been to industrialization and information technology integration the main line, promote the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing. From the above United States, Germany, Japan, Shikoku related strategic point of view, in the industrial process intelligent Internet as the main technical means, the fusion Control Engineering Copyright by deep physical world and the digital world [123 ], to create one of the actual situation, to virtual reality simulation, industrial control software system of virtual reality is the development trend of the industrial sector. This is what I talked about, “whether with students’ physical entities closely linked to tangible and intangible cyber virtual body, mutual promotion and even transformation. From the perspective of industrial software development can be summarized as the following two trends. 1) Flex closely by products, such as digital equipment and network, as part of the entire intelligence system, to enhance efficiency, product quality and user experience. By industry software, implementation and production equipment, production facilities, materials and other physical world interoperability, digital, networked, intelligent production and service delivery model. Through high-performance remote data acquisition devices or products, to achieve ROMS and predictive maintenance, and so on. Software industry is no longer a pure information system, and integration of the physical world is a trend. 2) OT and IT depth of integration for manufacturing companies, industrial software not only improve production efficiency and product quality of the multiplier, it is rich in container carrying the invisible industry knowledge. By industry software, people – the interconnection and collaboration of people, such as OA connect all the staff together, PLM R & D, technology and other personnel connected, ERP to connect business operations management, MES will connect workshop various types of personnel, SCM supply chain-related enterprises will connect …… by industry and software industryThe depth of interconnected business processes, information sharing, collaborative work and knowledge reuse, agile and efficient development, production, operation and service. This trend in MES manufacturing execution system performance development is also very obvious. Since 1990, MES concept was put forward after MESA associations have developed rapidly in 1997 to further define and improvement, it has become the core information systems in manufacturing enterprises. Now many companies and organizations have gradually raised MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management, translated into Chinese manufacturing operations management) concept, its essence is to emphasize the depth of OT and IT integration. For example, in 2000, the US Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society (referred to as ISA) issued ISA-SP95 standard, for the first time established the MOM production operations, maintenance, operation, quality of operation and inventory tied up and running, and to expand the traditional definition of MES. The position of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (referred to as NIST) in the Intelligent Manufacturing ecosystem models will also MES upgrade to MOM, it reflects these ideas. Specific to the industrial areas of the software industry, SAP, Dassault, Siemens and other international companies to further respond to and vigorously promote the MOM and other concepts. In China, blue light innovation proposed the “six-dimensional intelligent” MES system in 2015, breaking the traditional concept of MES pure information technology, respectively, from the planning schedule, the process of collaboration, Interconnect, materials management, quality control and decision support six aspects of the production process to create digital, networked, intelligent control, embodies the characteristics of information systems integration with the physical world and business depth. Grandson stresses “skilled persons, help of trend momentum,” reflects the actual situation integration, hardware and software combination CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , is currently a major trend in industrial software development, software companies and industrial research should take advantage of resort . “Ease of complementary”, built piecemeal platform as Professor Yang Xue-shan and Ningzhen Bo researcher emphasized that “Industrial workers are not Internet surname surname network”, the Internet industry and the software industry is to serve the industry, with a strong industrial property, carrying with a huge amount of industry knowledge and long-term precipitation, not like the Internet software that can be quickly developed, fast on the line, there are practical difficulties in development difficult, difficult to deploy, difficult to use, difficult to maintain, difficult to promote and so on. To GE Industrial InternetExample, GE in 2005 do for predictive maintenance of aircraft engines, in 2012 proposed the concept of the Internet industry on a global scale, and put thousands of engineers, but after ten years of development, GE Industrial Internet is twists and turns, the prospects Not optimistic. Specific to the software industry, such as global high-end CAD / PLM market, basically monopolized Germany’s Siemens, France’s Dassault, American PTC three companies. In these areas, in recent years the gap between technology and the market share of domestic companies are not narrowing, but rather increased. Which can be difficult to see the industrial development of the software industry and the Internet, local heavy industry software company responsibility. As it involves a wide range of equipment, services, personnel, etc., deploy and maintain software industry and the Internet industry are much more difficult than Internet software. In Germany Industry 4.0 eight action plan, the second is the “management of complex systems”, in manufacturing companies how to deploy these complex systems, allowing different ages, educational level is not high plant workers to master the use of these systems is good, not only German headache, industrial software and Internet industry is the success of the application of a major difficulty. In recent years, with the advent of new technology micro-services, industrial and other APP, show the latest development of industrial research and development of Internet technology and industrial software. On the one hand, more powerful system, development, deployment, use, maintenance is more difficult, but on the other hand, thanks to the new concept of micro-services, industrial APP and other new technologies, the Internet or a complex industrial industrial software can be broken down into a number that can be deployed independently, mutually convenient micro-services portfolio, rapid customization system may be implemented, rapid deployment and ease of use. Since each micro-services focus on a specific business, the development is also very easy, few people team can easily develop a micro service. Those kinds of industrial APP carrying the industry knowledge and experience, can also be quickly grasp the user, and complete a variety of design, analysis, and management tasks efficiently. By “difficulty with students’ thinking, the use of micro-services, industrial APP these advanced technologies, will be a huge, complex industry or the Internet industry software into many simple, flexible, can be combined with each other using the” elf “-like micro services and industry APP, achieved anything easy, decentralized, can be a good solution to the traditional industrial software development difficult in the past, difficult to deploy, difficult to use, difficult issues such as maintenance. “Compared with length” segments treeSince the early barriers to development time and the financial strength and other reasons, foreign industrial software giant through a long period of research and development and mergers and acquisitions, forming a huge product chain even ecosystem, in order to build a strong attacking the weak, short to long to play a competitive strategic advantage. Such as Siemens, Dassault, PTC and other companies, through a series of major acquisition, the company’s industry-leading software industry mergers and acquisitions, opened the design, analysis, processing, process planning, production execution, operation and maintenance management, product data management, full life cycle management of the product chain, and through long-term business, forming a large scale, the strength of the partners, agents, executor, these are domestic industrial software company is difficult to break through the defense. I phrase “length compared”, originally long and short compared with each other and show where the idea for the local industrial software industry can take a short length win development strategy. Huawei is China’s best companies, a principle important to its success, than with a competitor than the length of the product chain, instead of using “pressure principle”, the company concentrate its limited resources on one point, in the configuration strength much higher than its competitors, breakthroughs in key areas, and then quickly build on this, ultimately leading system. International company’s strengths are often the product chain length, but because of global different countries, different industries marketing, functional versatility, it is difficult to take care of a breakdown field , which for us local industrial enterprises to provide software development opportunities. We can rooted in certain segments, Plow, give full play to the industry understand the profound depth knowledge of the advantages of precipitation, the depth of cooperation with customers, the industry knowledge and customer needs into the software, so that their software functions in this area stronger , easier to use, more cost-effective, more timely service, to form their own unique competitive advantage. Now, CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, ERP and other industrial software almost monopolized by foreign software, but this is in the field of MES has been fundamentally changed. Despite the influx of foreign MES systems, but because of MES itself has a strong industry attributes, foreign MES system is difficult to meet the domestic different industries, different needs of enterprises. In contrast, some industry sectors focused on the professional MES companies have run a resounding success. For example, the blue light of innovation in military enterprises, machinery manufacturing, Shanghai up software in the semiconductor, solar photovoltaic field, Shenzhen Yu Chen in the clothing and other fashion industry. These publicDivision by virtue of professional products, quality service, to become the de facto industry leader. Industrial complex nature of the software industry is highly aggregated industry knowledge industry, and this is precisely the opportunity to local software company’s survival and development. We should not cross their faith in a short time how many, how large, how long the product chain, but to have the spirit of artisans, in close coordination with our customers, concentrated research and development Control Engineering Copyright , play flexible, fast, deep industry precipitation and other advantages, at some point a competitive advantage, will create its own strong viability of the “bunker”, “bunker” more naturally be able to build up a defense of foreign companies “steel wall “to provide independent and controllable quality products and services for the Chinese manufacturing industry. “Compete with dumping” on the effectiveness of the fight landing cloud “to compete with dumping” originally refers to the high and lower against each other exist, where “high” to mean “cloud platform” high deployment of, as well as AI Artificial high intelligence and other technologies; “down” may be understood as a pragmatic landing specific industrial software products, as well as the application of technology is not tall but can be solved business problems. “Compete with dumping” is understood to these different solutions, due to the different application objects, different application scenarios, can complement each other, complement each other and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing intelligence, do not blindly pursue the tall, everything should be solved customer value-oriented practical problems. 1) because of different enterprises, the deployment of high and low levels of government now attaches great importance to the Internet industry, issued a series of supporting policies and specific targets, to encourage cloud on the device, the enterprise platform. The cloud platform can make a lot of small and medium enterprises save money and manpower investments in IT hardware, network construction, system maintenance, to achieve a comprehensive interconnection human, machine, material, supply and demand information through socialization, information resources, production and service capabilities and other aspects of sharing, promote manufacturing new models, new formats of profound change, and promote the iterative reconstruction of industrial ecosystem and comprehensive upgrade. For large manufacturing companies, especially the military and other enterprises, there is a wide range of equipment, sophisticated management features, there are high requirements for reliability, timeliness, safety, you may not need the cloud, but needs a lot of features custom made. This requires industrial software company based on deep industry knowledge and experience, according to customer demand, industrial software for the carrier to achieve machine in all aspects of development, production, management, etc. – machine interconnection, people – people exchange, man – machine collaboration, improve enterprises tubeManagement level and market competitiveness. Software is deployed in the cloud or local, independent businesses are still running on the platform, which are required according to the actual situation may be, but not the pursuit of the so-called trend, not formality. 2) the effectiveness of the king, not to compete in the technology manufacturing companies, many people hope that through robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other so-called tall technology, the production process of “self-awareness, self-analysis, self-decision, self-executing, since learning “to create one kind of person and even less intelligent unmanned production model. While these techniques in some scenarios enterprises can be well applied, but there are too idealistic mode of production investment, high risks, and less so on the application scenario, companies need to be pragmatic and more urgent landing technologies and products to solve current main problem. A few years ago I called for “intelligent manufacturing, not the pursuit of the tall, can start treatment cure deaf dumb stupid rule began.” Now most businesses are not Smart (ingenuity), is far from intelligent (Intelligent), or even “stupid deaf” and so widespread. For example, a machine with no exchange of staff and the outside world, are stand-alone work independently, which may be called “deaf”; equipment operation status, fault information, production information so opaque, there is a problem “can not tell” dumb devices , the post is dumb; device status, production schedule, quality information is not automatically a timely manner informed decision-making in the establishment of such a data base of people will inevitably be not timely, unscientific, or even wrong, this can be “silly “to summarize. These “deaf silly,” the production and management model will inevitably lead to low productivity, high cost, product quality is not guaranteed, has seriously affected the competitiveness and development of enterprises. Companies can network through the device were to achieve interoperability equipment, the company’s CNC machine tools, heat treatment equipment, robotics and other digital devices to achieve equipment network communications, remote data collection, assembly management, big data analytics, visual presentation and intelligent decision-making support, equipment stand-alone mode change from the previous work of digital, networked, intelligent management, equipment from “dumb” to the “wisdom” of qualitative change. By MES manufacturing execution system planning, scheduling, dispatching, material, quality, decision-making and other functions, to achieve the level of precision planning workshop, lean inventory, sophisticated management, all posts are melting the entire information system, affect the situation body, do business, “Big World, vigilant,” the leader based on real-time,Network, intelligent information system, so that the “visible, say where made of” intelligent control of the production process. While these technologies and systems not to mention tall, but at a lower cost can help manufacturers achieve good economic and social benefits, to lay a solid foundation for enterprises to the intelligent manufacturing. This is the “compete with dumping” inspired in industrial software development process. He said, “the world is difficult, will be in easy; world affairs, will be in fine.” As a local industrial software company, we must seize the new opportunities brought by the Internet industry to take precise and flexible competitive strategy, anything easy, in fierce competition in the rapid development, but also the courage to shoulder the historical responsibility, through long-term Plow, to create a company able to compete with foreign products self-control, intelligent transformation of China’s manufacturing industry to upgrade escort. “All roads lead to Rome.” Due to the different industries, different foundation, different stages of development, different competitors, such as differences in each company’s competitive strategy and different development paths are also doomed. This article summarizes the four development strategy, the industry reference purposes only.

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