Delta to join Alibaba launched the “data center in Panama Power” IDC power supply technology to create innovative applications

Global power management and cooling solutions provider Delta , today (20) announced to join Alibaba launched a new IDC (Internet data centers, Internet Data Center) in Beijing Supply Scheme – Panama data center power. The efficiency of its power modules up to 98.5%, high reliability and simple architecture, to ensure uninterrupted power supply system for five years running. Compared to traditional data center power supply scheme, the amount of equipment and construction project can save 40%, 50% reduction in area. Panama subvert the traditional IDC power supply infrastructure, the electric and magnetic circuits fusion innovation, direct transfer from the intermediate pressure 10KV AC 240V DC, replacing the traditional architecture from an intermediate pressure is introduced into the apparatus between a number of DC output, so that the transmission power in one step, more efficient and reliable.
Figure I Alibaba data center infrastructure senior expert Liu Shui Mong (left) and Delta Data Center Power R & D leader Zhan Zhiqiang (right), in 2019 the data center annual summit site declared that “data center in Panama Power” was officially launched.
Alibaba data center infrastructure senior expert Liu Shui Wang said that Panama IDC power compared with traditional power supply solutions, power module efficiency of 98.5%, the number of devices can be reduced 40%. Delta’s power management technology combined with Alibaba extensive experience in cloud computing, to develop a 10kV direct transfer of 240V DC (or 336V DC) power supply Panama, pushing IDC power supply technology towards a new stage. In 2019 data centers annual summit site Control Engineering Copyright , Alibaba data center infrastructure senior expert Liu Shuiwang, Delta Data Center Power R & D leader Zhan Zhiqiang, Hang in Hangzhou Electric general manager Zhao Taichun jointly declared that “data Panama power Center “was officially launched. As the completion of the Panama Canal in 1914 cut dramatically shortens the voyage between the Atlantic and the Pacific, was born in Panama data center power, will bring new breakthrough IDC power supply scheme. Panama 10kVac integrated power distribution, isolation transformer part, modular DC power source and an output power distribution unit or the like. Such that the product ultra-high efficiency, high reliability, high power density, high power capacity, and easy maintenance. Modular expansion can be due to a single set of system capacity up to 2.5MW or more, does not fitTo the data center products, high reliability, Wisdom, high performance, rapid deployment and other core requirements.
Figure II data center in Panama IDC supply power to subvert the traditional architecture , so that power transmission in one step, more efficient and reliable.
Delta power electronics as the core technology capabilities, deep plowing decades in the field of power , now provides energy-efficient power management solutions for many customers worldwide. With the global Internet Big Data explosive growth of data center energy consumption, reliability are put forward higher requirements. Delta The cooperation with Alibaba launched Panama Power , can improve data center power efficiency by 3%, reduce the investment cost for a total distribution of 20%, is designed to address the enterprise and the Internet communications service provider data centers DC power requirements of the latest generation of DC power products. Ali has been successfully applied in Zhejiang, a data center and a data center in Jiangsu Ali.

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