Mondelēz implemented using flexible manufacturing PlantPAx and FactoryTalk

First, use the formula of raw materials and juice drinks dozens more, to produce a consistent product that is a huge challenge. However, to rapid changes in consumer tastes of today’s trends, as well as to deal with the threat of the brand change, to make sufficiently rapid response becomes more difficult.

In order to respond to and overcome these challenges, Mondelēz (Argentina) recently conducted a system integrator LC Tech Cooperation in Buenos Aires with the eight-month project [ 123], the project so that the original manual powder mix and juice factory located in Villa Mercedes, Argentina’s automated. The program includes a new PlantPAx process control system, and a variety of software tools FactoryTalk even integrated fixed and the container carrier material 2,000 kg of automated guided vehicles (AGV). Pedro Ollier LC Tech Group Account Manager, said: ‘right to make snacks” The plant focuses on the production of Royal, Tang and Clight and other beverages, and like other well-known brands, Mondelēz main objective is to it by the more than 20 engineers composition, has been completed in seven countries / regions more than 920 projects, Rockwell automation authorized systems integrators
“Mondelēz use three strategic principles to achieve this goal: accelerating consumer-centric growth is performed by drive operational excellence and the establishment of a successful growth culture. However, due to the rapid development of channels of the digital revolution, the emerging competitive brands, welfare initiatives, as well as local product-related production and delivery speed, consumers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) mode is changed dramatically. The first “

CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , Ollier resolved in the course of 2019, before the opening of Rockwell Automation Fair, held this week in Chicago’s McCormick Place program User Group (PSUG) of two days meeting CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , describes “how Mondelēz achieved through flexible manufacturing PlantPAx and FactoryTalk. “ motive migration
report that Ollier, the basic process plant juice is: dry mixing; material management; macro, secondary and micro-measurement; combined with the quality control laboratory based; filler; and an end By the end of traceability
Ollier: “All of these features were previously completely manual, and the recording paper. “” However, these processes also has some special features, because you want to deal with 100 different raw materials, formulation and dosage. The challenge we face is how to classify them all, to achieve and maintain product consistency, especially in the face CPG model, cost optimization, flexibility and traceability and other threats.
“should be adapted to the speed of the process plant changes in the modern market, therefore, Mondelēz have to make some decisions, such as the use of batch and traceability standards 21 Part 11 of the CFR,” Ollier explains. “It started with 12 fixed to the container or tank mixed powder from a batch cell migration, and then used in conjunction with the movement of the AGV 6, the AGV can be transported to 2,000 kg material .Mondelēz there are some aspects in AGV experience, and want to do more. “
adaptation and adoption of automation
with the help of LC Tech, Mondelēz to balance all of its production requirements and responsibilities by implementing PlantPAx DCS solutions that enable the operator to make the right decision-making, better management of recipes
, without the need for user programming skills required to help maintain material traceability record , to provide more accurate and timely data and key performance indicators. In addition, the use ThinManager and VersaView thin client software enables the user to access an overview of the many production platforms and devices.
“We have also installed a ControlLogix controller, as you can integrate all these devices and software” Orchestra “and to create a shared data channel of all data using Stratix switches and EtherNet / IP network.” “These solutions allow Mondelēz be reduced by formulation changes .C better matching apparatus according to the number of ingredients to be dispensedontrolLogix, FactoryTalk Batch and ThinManager minimizes the required operator activities. FactoryTalkBatch and FactoryTalk Material Manager increases the flexibility of the new formulations and products. It improved the flexibility of batch report, ingredients, recipes and production date of the template-based software. Finally, virtualization and PlantPAx library templates speeds up the engineering and deployment. “
new and future earnings
Ao Lier said, adding that Rockwell Automation’s software platform and also makes it possible to optimize the formulation, repositioning of raw materials, adjust the order of ingredients, automated reporting, and quality through ensure the implementation of the agreement, “the United States Code of Federal regulations” traceability volume 21, part 11, or even use a digital signature.
“the plant’s production lines are more flexible than ever before, more adaptable, but also to automatically saved supervision records. “He said we can even reduce the area of ​​production in the factory, reducing energy consumption, and some of the batch increased by 50%.”
in the future, Ollier reported that Richmond Shields plans to use its various automation software solution.
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