A cover hard to find: BYD, OPPO, etc. 700 technology companies do cross-border masks!

The new crown pneumonia epidemic raging around the hospital, soaring public demand for masks, masks become extremely scarce commodity: “Money can not buy, hard to find a cover.” To deal with the domestic gap masks, masks Japan, the United States, Myanmar and other countries are buying overseas enthusiasts and repatriation, into front-line medical, surgical masks to make up for the shortage. Domestic companies also face mask to give up New Year holiday emergency return to work at full capacity. Suzhou, a cut-off 570 days, entered bankruptcy liquidation of enterprises masks, only to realize production resumed within 96 hours. Masks stocks also rising, masks plate one week rose over 40%. Many companies have joined the ranks of cross-border production masks in the past.
eye ​​in the sky to check statistics to industrial and commercial registration change information as a standard, since 2020 January 1 to February 7, the country’s more than 3000 business scope of the new “masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, measured Wenyi, medical equipment, “and other services, of which nearly 700 for the promotion of science and technology, information technology services and other software companies. Masks shortage According to the Ministry statistics, China has one day produce more than 2000 million masks capacity. February 5, Deputy Director, Division for Social Development and Reform Commission said the country’s daily output has reached masks 14,800,000, capacity utilization 67%, N95 masks 116,000, other medical masks 9.98 million. And reiterated once again, after the outbreak of surplus production, they meet the criteria, the state will be purchasing and storage. So now masks in the end how much the gap? Take a look at the most serious outbreak of Wuhan. January 26th Hubei Provincial People’s Government Information Office on the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control held a press conference, the mayor of Wuhan Zhouxian Wang said that there are 900 million people stay in Wuhan city. Wuhan only 9 million people to calculate, for example, per person per day with only a CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , masks daily consumption of just nine million. If strict accordance with the ordinary surgical masks used for about 2 hours, N95 masks used for about four hours to count, Wuhan required masks in more than 20 million daily average. Hubei Province and extended to the entire country of 1.4 billion people, masks demand is huge. Domestic production, there is still not a small gap with the actual needs of the next burst epidemic. According to Customs figures show that 24 to 30 January, China imported more than 56 million masks only 7 days. among themJanuary 30th, the same day masks imports more than 20 million , to make up the current gap masks. However, with the development of the epidemic, the global masks were involved in the supply stage.
February 8 UN microblogging news release said the media briefing held in Geneva in the new coronavirus has been two days consecutive decline, but prevention still not be careless, upside still exists, in addition to being the world faced with the problem of the shortage of protective equipment, masks, disposable gloves, goggles and other personal protective serious shortage of resources, and the current consumption is usually 100 times, but the price is more than 20 times the normal level. 700 technology companies cross-border production “mask” eye in the sky according to investigation statistics show that just over a month to nearly 700 science and technology, information technology services software company to change business registration, start interbank production of masks and related products production line. Production has now publicly announced no shortage of masks related businesses Foxconn, BYD and other large coffee industry through the media. Phone foundry giant “Foxconn” bursts of two announcements: Nissan masks 2 million first-occupied Foxconn announced that in the new production of medical masks, is in the context of the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and treatment, based on the implementation of the local government requires rapid needed to respond to the epidemic. Foxconn with its own capabilities and advantages in terms of production management, marketing collaboration, technology export, etc., open up the procurement of raw materials, equipment manufacturing, production and so the whole industry chain, increase production and supply of medical masks from the source. Now expected in late February to achieve 2 million of capacity planning, priority for nearly one million employees Foxconn Technology Group internal production epidemic prevention protection, do not take up social resources, needs to make room for the public mask. Meanwhile, as the case Foxconn future positive output of external support to provide strong support for the current epidemic prevention and control work. Foxconn in Longhua Park for the first time introduced into Nissan’s first production line of 100,000 masks, and on February 5 the smooth realization of trial production, product certification is still pending. Repairer Gangster “BYD”: Nissan expects 5 million face masks medical protective severe shortages of supplies, BYD rapid deployment of resources, set out to design and manufacture of protective material production equipment, production aid masks and disinfectant to meet today to urgent needs protection materials. According to BYD introduced, masks and disinfectant is expected to be back in production before 17 February shipments, masks capacityEnd of this month up to 5 million / day, disinfectant production capacity of 50,000 bottles / day, until the epidemic mitigation and elimination. SAIC-GM-Wuling: Nissan 1.7 million February 6, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SAIC-GM-Wuling) announced jointly by the way suppliers converting masks rebuilt production line. After the completion of the production line, daily output will reach 1.7 million masks. Li-ion battery manufacturing equipment manufacturers “win together technology” to develop cross-border mask production line wins in Information Technology published a study showing that it has developed and produced medical emergency plane, surgical masks and automatic machine, and signed a cooperation agreement with Zhende health care, to develop masks KN95 (M95) automatic production line. Technology has taken to win together with the Shenzhen Municipal Government reached a first supply agreement for medical mask production equipment, and strive to complete the fastest delivery of 100 devices. In addition CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , recently circulating on the network that, due to insufficient capacity masks, OPPO vivo tissue and employees and production capacity were masks. OPPO side responded that, indeed deployed a number of technical staff and workers, mask production support related businesses. At the same time ordered the recovery of the enterprise production and management, OPPO hope to use their experience and ability , for the epidemic prevention and control slightly effort. Netizens point win praise for technology companies this wave of cross-border rapid response to epidemic prevention and control. Analysts say let Control Engineering Copyright , after the outbreak, more companies may consider investment in automation and information technology to enhance the transformation aspects of the production line. Because if the enterprise high level of automation, human factors epidemic suffered little effect, adjust and cope with the faster speed of response.

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