Artificial intelligence, cloud computing welcome policy a major positive core underlying see here

Recently, the Ministry of Science and other five ministries issued “to strengthen” from 0-1 “Basic Research Program of work.” Program noted that the national science and technology plan to support major scientific problems highlighted key core technology. The national needs, to give long-term support for major scientific problems critical core technology. Key support AI, network collaborative manufacturing, 3D printing, laser and producing, Basic materials, advanced electronic materials, structure and function of materials, manufacturing techniques and the key member, and a large cloud data, high-performance computing, and new broadband communications network, major areas of Earth observation and navigation, and integrated optoelectronic devices, bio-breeding, high-end medical devices, integrated circuits and microwave devices, major scientific equipment and other CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and promote the key breakthroughs in core technologies. According to Deloitte speculated that the future of artificial intelligence by 2025 the world market will exceed $ 600 trillion in 2017 –2025 compound annual growth rate of 30%. From the industry perspective, the traditional large size of the market will continue to lead the field , 2030 Manufacturing Industry, media and communication services, natural resources and materials will be respectively 16%, 16% 14% growth rate occupy the top three.
AI global market size. Source: Deloitte & Touche
China market CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , according to IDC forecasts , to 2022, China artificial intelligence market will reach 9.84 billion US $ 2021, about 75% of enterprise applications will use artificial intelligence. New Times Securities pointed out CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “from 0-1” original policies to boost innovation, research linkage and conversion, and long-term help China enterprises to accelerate and promote the use of technical landing “program “the launch will help enhance basic research” from 0-1 “original results. With the joint research and achievements, it is conducive to long-term Chinese enterprises to accelerate and promote the use of technology floor. “0-1” original innovation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other major positive welcome policy.

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