China Overseas New Energy Industry Institutions Promote Implementation of New Energy Strategy okorder

In the third quarter of 2018, China Overseas New Energy Industry Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “China Overseas”) signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. and South Network Energy Company respectively. Enterprises have deep cooperation in many fields and dimensions.

It is reported that China Overseas and China National Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. will use their respective brands and resource advantages to conduct in-depth cooperation in electric vehicles and their derivatives to jointly provide users with better solutions. The two sides will cooperate in “Internet + travel”, use the advantages of the industrial chain, apply smart car networking technology to practice, realize the interconnection and data sharing between the two electric vehicle charging cloud platforms; in the construction and operation of electric vehicle charging facilities, Overseas will cooperate with State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. to explore and study the construction and operation mode of large-scale charging stations for electric smart heavy trucks in key transportation trunk lines. In addition, the two parties will also conduct in-depth cooperation in new energy related technologies, products and services. The current hot technologies of chain technology, power battery and commercial energy storage service will appear in different prospects and forms in the future cooperation planning of both parties.

In the cooperation between China Overseas and South China Energy, it is more dependent on the advantages of both the new energy vehicle operation services and the construction and operation of new energy vehicle charging infrastructure. At the same time, in the promotion and sales of new energy vehicles, investment in intelligent charging network systems, new energy-related technologies, products and services, the two sides will also explore and develop a richer cooperation model to jointly build smart energy, green new energy and electric intelligent heavy trucks. Value industry chain.

China and the United States bring their alliance companies to become “selling and developing new energy vehicles smart travel, electric smart heavy truck R & D and manufacturing, smart logistics, new energy vehicle charging facilities investment, construction, operation nationwide Sexual integrated energy service providers are the goal of struggle. Adhering to the user-centered, energy management and information technology, with the development direction of “Internet + Smart Energy”, the new energy industry chain with “Smart Energy + Smart Manufacturing + Smart Logistics (Capacity) as the main business core” The life cycle full-service business model is built to explore the practical application of V2G and V2X advanced concepts under the conditions of the 5G era.

State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Corporation. It adheres to the national power grid management philosophy, fulfills the social responsibility of central enterprises, implements national energy strategy, air pollution prevention and energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and undertakes the state. The main responsibility of the power grid company for charging and replacing business development is to build an open, intelligent, interactive and efficient electric vehicle charging and replacing service network.

Nanwang Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in integrated energy services under China Southern Power Grid. It is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive package of comprehensive energy utilization solutions. It ranks in 2017 “National Energy Service Company Top 100” name. The intelligent charging service platform for electric vehicles independently researched and developed by the company has covered the five provinces of South China Network and gradually realized nationwide networking.

The achievement of the strategic cooperation between China Overseas and State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. and Nanwang Energy Company in the third quarter of 2018 will not only greatly promote the development of the three companies themselves, but also promote the enterprise. The goal of achieving mutual benefit and win-win results; more through the cooperation between enterprises, comprehensive implementation and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s proposal to promote the energy consumption revolution, promote the energy supply revolution, promote the energy technology revolution, promote the energy system revolution and all We will strengthen the new energy development strategy of international cooperation and promote and promote the sound development of the entire industry. At the same time, it also shows that China-Overseas new energy industry institutions have been officially implemented in the new energy field.

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Mid-Autumn Festival parent-child hand-made moon cake festival, spring broadcast opens the wonderful world of ingredients okorder

Another year of Mid-Autumn Festival, except for “Who is going to the festival,” “Which mooncakes the whole family eats this year is also a “proposition: the elders want to buy traditional moon cakes, inherit the culture, and have a long-term meaning, but come to the children at home. It is said that high sugar, high oil and high calories are common. The key children are completely uninterested in the mooncakes with the shape and rules and styles. They want to try some net red models, and the stuffing is all over the world. However, the materials and processes are not clear, and they are not sent directly to the family table.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Broadcasting and Niujiao Village will help you “a solution to solve the problem, jointly create a “moon cake hand-made parent-child festival.” On the weekends of the Mid-Autumn Festival, parents can take their children to the store and use the spring sowing to provide peace of mind and healthy ingredients under the guidance of the bakers in Niujiao Village, and cooperate with the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes to enjoy a beautiful time.

“Traditional mooncakes, it will take dozens of minutes to bake, will children like it? Ask such questions, children are happy, this big friend, you really don’t understand Yeah ……

Transforming Super Mooncaker to create a new and delicious space

Now you can easily taste the global pattern snacks, but will you make traditional Chinese style delicious? In the funeral festival created by Niujiao Village, the children are like a personal interpretation of “a delicious magic, a manual brain, no less: how to turn the flour into a group, divide the big dough into three equal parts, and divide the six into equals. Size, hands and work together to evenly wrap the dough, how to operate the mold, control the strength of the moon cake without breaking, you can also understand the whole process of food baking & mdash; & mdash; making traditional moon cakes are also so “burning brain.” Many parents will also feel that they play various applications on weekdays. Every night, the game leads the team. “Eating chicken, I didn’t expect to return to the chopping board. I actually changed the second.” The hand is not a party?! Of course, more representatives represent the mothers. Retained the basic strength, some people are interested in big hair, almost big bags, but fortunately by the children sprouted “eyes to kill timely control, consciously stick to the auxiliary posts.

Figure | Children’s joy to experience hand-made moon cakes

Spring soothing and healthy food escort, traditional delicious and enjoyable

Figure | Spring sowing provides safe and healthy ingredients to support parenting Moon cake

Figure | Spring broadcasts a wonderful world for children to open their ingredients

Not only do you have fun in the event, parents can also feel free to let their children enjoy the food they created. The ingredients used in this activity, such as water milled glutinous rice flour from Thailand, Hetao wheat snow powder, direct mining Miyun Chai eggs, Weishan Lake salted duck eggs, etc., are all peace of mind and healthy ingredients provided by spring sowing. Contains no preservatives or artificial colors. Coupled with the scientific formula guidance of Hongjiao in the Niujiao Village, professional baking production, children and parents can enjoy the burden without burden, colleagues can also learn a lot of food stories: the original was ridiculed by the netizen “wonderful five-in-one moon cake rich in content, the main raw materials With your daily integrated nut meal & ldquo; teacher out the same door; sweet red bean paste can also be handed into a new sprout, the production process is very “healed, and even the egg yolk is delicious CP (combination); glutinous rice flour from Thailand And the river set of classic wheat flour, across the country must also achieve a crisp soft palate, all kinds of fillings can be assured “arranged — & mdash; those seemingly ordinary ingredients, approached to discover the wonders.

Spring Breeding, which is the escort of the event, is an e-commerce platform dedicated to providing healthy and healthy food. It provides Chinese consumers with fresh fruits, peace of mind vegetables, meat and poultry eggs, seafood, peace of mind, and food and oil. Wait for 11 major categories, about 3,000 ingredients and food. Chunbo has a coalition of producers in its own planting base and conscience, and cooperates with government representatives and food industry associations of nearly 30 countries around the world. Based on the consensus of “safe, fresh, healthy and delicious”, they are recommended to recommend the most. Representative domestic quality products.

The Mid-Autumn Festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018, the Mooncake Handmade Parent-Child Festival, opens the door to the world of ingredients for children in the game experience. As Ms. Wang Wei, the founder of Spring Broadcasting, said: “Every time you spend, you are voting for the life you want. At the Mid-Autumn Festival, the spring festival broadcasts the safety and quality of food for each family’s gathering and reunion.

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Lightly tutored into the “2018 China Education Industry Hard (Quasi) Unicorn List” hard unicorn TOP20 okorder

On September 16th, the national primary and secondary school online and online general counseling brand gently tutored, announced by the entrepreneurial dark horse, i dark horse, entrepreneur, matchbox jointly organized “2018 education industry unicorn summit announced The “2018 China Education Industry Hard (Quasi) Unicorn List” was selected as the TOP20 of the education industry hard unicorn.

Image from the web

“Talking about unicorns, it is generally a one-size-fits-all with the standard of ‘1 billion dollars & rsquo;, in addition to this capital unicorn, we would like to find a number of industrial unicorns deep in the industry. They put technology into the education industry, they are in the leading position in the education industry, and their scale of revenue growth is sustainable, they are & ldquo; education industry hard unicorn & rsquo;. The organizer’s entrepreneurial dark horse said this in terms of selection criteria.

A total of 74 investment institutions participated in the project selection, 197 educational enterprises signed up for the election, 2,126,618 person-times participated in the online voting, and 15 experts (listed company representatives and investment institution representatives) participated in the selection and finalization. Named 20 hard unicorns and 30 quasi-unicorn companies.

The light tutor was established in 2014. After four years of rapid development, it was highly recognized by users. In October 2017, it announced the completion of the $55 million D-round financing. The list of hard-nosed unicorns is also Water is a matter of course. Its original “home classroom teaching service model” provides a combination of online and on-site personalized teaching services, which makes teaching and learning more intimate, transparent and efficient through technology and data. It is reported that the number of professional teachers on the tutor platform has exceeded 30,000, and the average teaching age is more than 9 years. Each teacher has his own dedicated page, which shows the teacher’s teaching characteristics, teaching records and credit evaluation. Parents choose the right teacher according to their characteristics. In addition, the light tutor internal system also has a unique set of algorithms, which can be used in a large number of different dimension label data among the mass teacher group according to the characteristics of the subject, the characteristics of the academic situation, the background experience, the teaching characteristics, the word-of-mouth evaluation, the time and the geographical location. Dynamic matching is used to help parents find suitable teachers for their children, which greatly saves parents’ choice and the time cost of trial and error. At present, the light tutor has provided more than 6 million hours of “home class service” to 190,000 families across the country.

Lightly teaches CEO Liu Changke, “Online or online, only the teaching scene is changing, the underlying logic has not changed. At the heart of providing high-quality teaching services is data-driven instructional control, teacher supply, and instructional empowerment. Lightly tutoring originality & ldquo; small light intelligent teaching method covers teaching plan, pre-class preparation, online audition, after-school homework, classroom feedback, stage summary, etc., comprehensively check the teaching quality and teaching status, and turn the whole teaching process into The transparency specification is controllable. Parents who only have to check the progress and course information of Xiaolight’s intelligent teaching method can grasp the children’s learning situation at any time, and can score the quality and effect of the teacher’s teaching, so that the identification and evaluation of the teacher is more accurate. .

This time, I got the affirmation of the entrepreneurial dark horse. Lightly tutoring will continue to establish and improve the teaching service chain at the bottom, and continue to empower the teaching scene, using technology and data to create a new teaching ecology. The quantity and quality control advantages accumulated by the supply side redefine and configure the educational resources and service modes so that children can enjoy high-quality teaching services at home.

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What about the cliff scenery? I know it when I went to Chongqing Ordovician. okorder

September 6th The unfathomable cliff is a forbidden place in the eyes of others, but there is a place in Chongqing where the cliff is no longer cold, but it can be close, and it can be ridiculous. It has attracted many urban people who are under pressure to come to the card. Recently, the author was informed that the famous Orchard of Chongqing, famous for its high-altitude projects in the country, is about to open a number of projects in version 2.0 this month. These newly opened and characteristic projects on the edge of the cliff also mark the characteristics of mountainous landforms. Chongqing finally ushered in the first cliff scenic spot.

Numerous Pro Cliff Projects are coming online

& ldquo; Currently, the newly opened Cliff Project It is in the final stage of commissioning and it is expected that the first six extremely exciting cliff projects will be opened in the first half of this month. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Dream Ordovician said in an interview with the media.

It is reported that these six projects are built on the edge of the cliff, namely the cliff machine, the glass ladder, the cliff ladder, the cliff screaming, the cliff flying and the 20-meter terrorist swing.

Among them, some projects are called a super-enhanced version of traditional playground equipment. For example, the Jumping Machine is a traditionally built-up jumper built on the edge of a 300-meter cliff, allowing visitors to experience the horror of the cliff when they ascend to the top. The volley flying is an enhanced version of the high-altitude flying chair, the height is increased from 10 meters to nearly 50 meters, and as the height rises, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the cliff landscape. The ultimate experience of picking clouds in the air.

The first batch of open projects also have new projects that have never appeared in Chongqing. For example, the glass ladder project is on the edge of the cliff, and the stairs that will be used for visitors to climb up are built into a transparent glass staircase. Compared with the traditional glass bridge, the actual experience will be even more shocking and let you feel. A strange stun experience that climbs to the top. For example, the real-life climbing project fills the gap in Chongqing without a real-life climbing project. Visitors can experience the thrill of conquering a 300-meter cliff through a soft rope covered from the bottom of the valley to the cliff.

In addition, the 20-meter cliff swing broke the record of the 18-meter cliff swing of the Ordovician network, and it is bound to become another hot red-hot project. & ldquo; Moreover, the 20-meter cliff swing compared to the previous 18-meter swing, not only the swing length is longer, the distance from the bottom of the valley is also deeper, the degree of stimulation burst. The person in charge said.

Chongqing Cliff Scenic Area Formally Formed

Tourism expert Wang Ning said that Ordovician The representative of Chongqing Hongjing District has always been known for its high-altitude projects, whether it is the world’s longest cantilever glass promenade and the mdash;— sky gallery, which combines the perspective of glass and the shaking feeling of the suspension bridge. The glass suspension bridge is still the 18-meter cliff swing that the British “Daily Mail” admired. The world’s nine most thrilling high-altitude projects selected by foreign media are “suddenly struggling, built on the edge of the cliff. In September, with the opening of a large number of new Linya projects, the concept of the cliff landscape in Ordovician is bound to take shape.

He said that Chongqing is one of the most popular tourist resources in the city with high landforms as the main tourist resources. The major scenic spots are competing to build a temporary plank road. example. However, Chongqing did not lack a scenic model that could combine cliff resources and interactive experience, so that the cliff is no longer a cold carrier, but an experiential project that can be played and played.

& ldquo; From this perspective, the cliff scenic area Ordovician filled this gap. Wang Ning said that with the opening of a large number of new Linya projects, it is bound to make the Ordovician concept of cliffs more shaped, and China has added another kind of scenic spot. (Correspondent Li Yang)

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Say goodbye to the cumbersome, the fourth Tibet Expo will fully realize the wisdom of reception okorder

Friends who have participated in large-scale exhibitions should have had such an experience. When you arrive at the exhibition venue, there are a few pages, and dozens of pages of conference processes, itinerary, traffic guides, and catering arrangements will be delivered. In your hands, it is almost impossible to find your own travels quickly and easily. Once the exhibition schedule and projects have changed, it is a horrible workload to notify thousands of guests.

However, all this is held on September 7th at the 4th China Tibet Tourism Culture International Expo (below) The abbreviation “The Tibet Expo” will be completely subverted. It is understood that in this session of the comprehensive adoption of the “Smart Reception System”, Tibet Gaochi Technology Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. built an information management platform for the Tibet Expo, allowing the guests and receptionists to pass this The system realizes real-time and seamless informationized wisdom reception.

Smart reception, & ldquo; brush face awareness meeting arrangements

In recent government work reports, it has been mentioned many times that the Internet + Action Plan has been mentioned many times. With the rapid advancement of Internet + actions, Internet + technology has been widely integrated into many fields such as e-commerce, mobile payment, sharing economy, and government affairs. In order to speed up the interconnection of information systems, open up information islands, and implement one-stop services, the 4th “The Expo will implement the concept of informationization and thoroughly bid farewell to the cumbersome human affairs organization and reception era through the Internet and mobile Internet. Really embrace the guests with information intelligence.

The reporter learned that the smart reception system is divided into a guest face recognition smart reception machine, and conference reception management APP and the collection of the mobile phone official website of the collection of the Expo are three presentation forms. Through this system, the entire process of conference management can be realized.

Before the conference, the organizer invited the guests to submit their personal information and itinerary information to the organizer for input by electronic invitation. After the guests arrive at the conference venue (Lhasa), they can get information on the vehicle information, the next destination, accommodation arrangements and other information in time by checking the mobile phone. The organizer can also check the mobile phone to understand the reception and conference arrangement of the guests, and flexibly handle the guest car and the subsequent itinerary. Mobile sign-in and automatic identification not only save a lot of labor costs, but also greatly improve the reception accuracy.

Smart meeting, information cloud processing to achieve data flow loop

In this smart reception system, there is also a very eye-catching technology: brush face card! Enter the guest information During the reception system, guests only need to provide a photo of the ID card. They can use the ID card without any documents at the time of the meeting, and they only pass through the conference halls and reception places.

Smart reception system realizes inter-departmental cross-level information data exchange, pick-up, transportation, check-in If any of the service receptions are modified, the system will push the information to all user terminals simultaneously. For example, the guests attending the hotel change, the receptionist used by all the relevant receptionists will display the changed hotel information in real time. In terms of conference services, automation services will also be launched. According to the type of participants, according to the seat matching rules provided by the conference group, the conference management system will automatically divide the seating area and seat number.

For the organizers, intelligent information cloud processing has also greatly improved the efficiency of work. Staff can check the sign-in status of each point of the guests through the mobile app. The data will be synchronized to the app staff of the relevant staff and the personal center of the participating guests. The organizer can view the data in real time through the web and mobile phones, and monitor each Breakdown traffic.


Through the design of a comprehensive intelligent conference omnipotent butler, unified entrance, on the Internet to achieve participant registration, pick-up arrangements, accommodation management, conference release, electronic sign-in More than 10 conference services before, during and after the conference. The realization of the traditional reception mode with the fundamental change of intelligent conferences has greatly saved manpower, material resources and financial resources, and enhanced the perception of the participants in the modernization, informationization and intelligent city construction in Tibet.

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MoUSER again won the annual Global Excellence TE Connectivity Services Distributor Award

We focus on the introduction of new global authorized distributor of electronic components Trade Ze Electronics (Mouser Electronics) won the sixth TE Connectivity (TE) awarded the annual Global Excellence Award for service distributors. TE is connected with the sensor in the field of world-renowned companies, this award affirms MoUSER 2019 outstanding performance in sales growth, market share growth, customer growth and performance aspects of the business plan.
TE, senior vice president and general manager of Channel Business Unit Karen Leggio representation CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “MoUSER provide excellent service to our mutual customers, we are here to get to MoUSER and gratifying results congratulations. Mouser TE Six Degrees awarded the annual global Excellence Award for service distributors, and TE have a close working relationship control Engineering Copyright , we will continue to work together for a better future. “trade Ze Electronics president and CEO Glenn Smith said, “get TE global Excellence Award for service distributor Mouser it is a great honor to thank TE Connectivity Mouser recognition, these awards are the results of our work team fully affirmed .TE is the industry’s leading companies, is also very important to our business partners, we look forward to bright future together. “last year, control Engineering Copyright , Mouser won the TE of APAC customer development Award, Japanese customers development Award, EMEA customer development award, the Americas business application tools distributors year Award, and the American data and equipment industry Department Year Award distributors. In addition , Mouser also were in 2013-2017 and the year 2019, six times won the TE Global Service Excellence Award distributors. Mouser TE product inventory that apply to a variety of industries and applications, including automotive, industrial, harsh environments, data communications, consumer electronics and aerospace and defense industries. As an authorized distributor, Mouser Electronics is committed to the rapid introduction of new products and new technologies to help our customers to design advanced products and make customers’ products to market faster. More than 800 manufacturers of semiconductors and electronic components by Mouser will bring their products to the global market. Mouser only fully certified to provide customers with the original product, and provides a full range of manufacturers traceability. Mouser Electronics has extensive product line and attentive customer service, actively introduce new technologies, new products to meet the diverse needs of design engineers and procurement staff. We have a vast inventory of new electronic components, provide support to customers of a new generation of design projects. Mouser site not only has a variety of advanced search tools to help users quickly understand the product inventory Control Engineering Copyright , and the site continues to be updated to continue to optimize the user experience. In addition , Mouser site also provides data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering reference for users with a wealth of information tools.

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