How should we correctly evaluate Dangdang?

How should we correctly evaluate Dangdang?

This question is actually what standard we should use. Evaluate a business.

We are likely to make a mistake, that is, to use the only criterion of being bigger and stronger, to evaluate Dangdang, which is also the deep-rooted way of thinking we have formed for a long time —— from market value and scale Look, Jingdong is bigger and stronger. In contrast, Dangdang is inferior, so JD should harvest applause and flowers, and Dangdang can only get pity and criticism.

But is it bigger and stronger to evaluate the company’s only standard? Obviously not.

Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are no two identical companies in the world. Different companies have different genes, different mission vision values, different development paths, different business models, different customer groups …… naturally cannot be evaluated and compared with unique criteria.

Although JD’s business practice with Dangdang is to sell books, there is also a competitive relationship between the two, but the former Selling goods, pursuing & ldquo; more fast and better provinces, spending a lot of money to build their own logistics, creating an excellent shopping experience for users; the latter sells culture, recommending good books to users, launching cultural public welfare activities, for authors The draft fee, the book fee, and the fight against piracy, all starting from the point of “culture confidence, so that cultural people have dignity.”

Two different starting points and logics, which are located in the market terminal are two different user experiences. Jingdong is a better shopping experience, and Dangdang is a better cultural experience. As Dangdang founder Yu Yu said, the seller’s electric Dangdang is not as good as Jingdong, selling books as a “dark”.

Two different starting points and logics, which are listed in the financial statements, are two different performance indicators. Jingdong has 100 billion revenues and less profits. Dangdang has 10 billion revenues and more profits. .

Two distinct industrial circuits, two distinct value systems, have no meaning. Jingdong, a large-scale large-scale company, is a good company, and it is also a good company to deeply cultivate the book culture industry.

The paradox is also that “Dangdang will be acquired by the news itself. “The argument that the company is a son to raise pigs is a long-standing discussion in the corporate world. The story of Li Guoqing and Yu Yu and his wife was founded in 19 years. It is very likely that the company’s control is next to others with equity transactions. This story seems to be a pity. But does this mean that the business has failed? Obviously, it is not.

From the time dimension, what kind of relationship should enterprises and entrepreneurs be?

The long-term and century-old stores are the goals of many entrepreneurs. . However, once the time dimension is enlarged, people usually ignore two points: First, the life expectancy of a company can be much greater than that of an entrepreneur’s career or even life; second, in a sense, an entrepreneur is likely to become a limitation of enterprise development.

As far as entrepreneurs themselves are concerned, such perceptions require a pattern and a mind. In fact, this is what Yu Yu said, Dangdang’s prefix and suffix, do not have to hang Li Guoqing or Yu Yu forever. Changes in the equity level reflect the increasing number of options in our time. Even if the transaction is completed, Dangdang is acquired, which is also the actual needs of the company’s development. For Li Guoqing and his wife, Dangdang is not the bondage of their lives. It does not mean that their entrepreneurial journey will stop.

How to evaluate Dangdang depends on our evaluation criteria, and our evaluation of corporate standards largely determines the purpose of our business. How to evaluate Dangdang’s acquisition depends on our vision and mind, and our vision and mind, and to a large extent, determine how far we can go.

If a company disappears, what will the world lose? This is the question that Microsoft CEO Nadella asked himself when he led Microsoft’s transformation. The answer is actually the value of the company’s existence, and the answer itself must be rich and colorful.

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Chain City Billion Shares Sharing Eco-Chapter City Billion Consulting Dako

Chain City Billion Purchase In the past year, the chain city billion shopping mall has advertised numerous new retail reforms in all walks of life, with the recovery and innovation of traditional retailers, the chain city billion app has Internet e-commerce In the battle for the giants under the line, there are unmanned retail blushes and continued hot. What is the nature of the new retail chain that the chain city buys new retail dazzling? What is the prospect of physical retail in the chain city billion-buying ecosphere in 2018? The chain city billion-buy believes that fish farming focuses on water conservation, and the chain city billion-buy bonus system raises the tree Raising the roots and raising people is important in raising the heart.

Chain City Billion Shares Ecosystem

At present, physical retail is at its best The times are reflected in: First, the support of government policies; Second, customers are returning to physical stores, the online and offline price differences are narrowing; Third, physical stores are not going to the end, and the integration of physical stores and online is increasing. The retailer recreates the experience and needs to redefine the customer base. To return to the essence of retail is to seize the customer base and become a retail enterprise with temperature.

Chain City Billion Shares Ecosystem

At the moment, industry giants are involved The new retail, retail industry hot topic is how to “stay out.” However, for many small and medium-sized retail enterprises in the region, there is no need to pay too much attention to and consider the problem of standing in the queue, but to make the housekeeping skills become a unique skill. A qualified enterprise can also try another way. In the future, retailers and e-commerce companies must also stick to their original intentions, make conscience products, and have channels of temperature. They will continue to spread and practice the business values ​​of integrity, tolerance, sharing and inheritance. A platform and enterprise that has a brand vitality.

Chain City Billion Shares Ecosystem

Internet trends are coming, who is Unavoidable, it is better to put your mind in peace and take advantage of the situation. The chain city billion purchase is aimed at the characteristics of the enterprise itself, organically combines the sharing economy with the new retail, finds its own survival opportunities, and realizes differentiated operations. In addition to the traditional convenience store category, the unmanned convenience store purchased by Chain City has to adjust the category structure according to customer needs. The unmanned convenience store is paid by mobile phone, so the young people after the 1980s and 1990s are their main consumer groups. As long as we grasp the current consumption hotspots, we have a greater chance of survival.

Investing 998 yuan to become a consumer, you have to set a gift (imported red wine + tea gift box) to promote a consumer The company returns 16 yuan of coupons per day (equivalent to 16 yuan in cash) and 100 cash withdrawals. The same day, the day arrives, more than one push! Nobody supermarket plus online mall! New retail, new economy, new era, you are a merchant You can stay in our online store for free! Let your products sell well all over the country! There are more bonus systems!

We have a WeChat investment briefing at 8:00 every evening. We are interested in sweeping WeChat reply 8 to enter the Merchants Group!

Chain City Billion China Leaders WeChat: QQ1941314943

Chain City billion buy Chinese leader docking mobile phone: 13922893139

First-hand information, docking national leaders!

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Xiaomi Life shares the motorcycle reward system, come see it!

Xiaomi shared tram, purely profitable mode:

Step 1: Buying 880 is only a set of products to become a Vip member of the shared tram, consumption is equal to 0 investment;

Step 2: Share 1 Vip member, reward 15 per day for 365 days, total 5475; share 10, reward 150 per day, total 54750 for one year, share 100 Vip members, reward 1500 per day, 547500 per year.

Step 3: Reward every day, go to the designated bank card every week.

Do you understand? I believe it is the starting point for success

[Little Honey Tram叮当旅行]

880 yuan to become a VIP member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Rights You can recommend members, for example, you recommend A to enjoy the benefits of 15 venture capital per day. For 365 days, you can get 5475 venture capital rolls. If A recommends B, you can get 2 / day of income. Then a total of 6,205 venture capital volumes are obtained.

Rights If you consume 11 sets of products, you will get 168 venture capital/day income, total income 61,320 venture capital volumes

Benefits You will get a motorcycle subscription Right, and get 70% share shares. For example, an electric car purchased at home is used for 10 days in a month, so 2/3 of the time is idle. Today in the Xiaomi Life Circle, you can share resources to earn wealth. By ordering 3,980 yuan for a motorcycle, you can get 70% of the income. For example, if you earn 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. Continue to take 3 years, how much do you calculate? You must have never thought that a motorcycle can bring you so much wealth!

& ldquo; Xiaomi Life Circle Smart Platform

Xiaomi Company always surprises honey friends to tell you two things:

1. You should pay attention to your sesame credit score. If the sesame credit score reaches 650 points, free deposit! Deposit ❗️

2, you will see a jingle motorbike at your doorstep, and if you are a Xiaomi member, free of deposit! Free deposit ❗️

If your Sesame credit score does not reach 650 points, find me to talk, take you to bring you to the gray!

Consumers create wealth, Xiaomi changes life

VIP members and regional agents

1, VIP member

Consumer 880 purchases package products in Xiaomi Life Circle Mall and becomes an official VIP member. VIP members have three rights. First, there are a lot of commissions for promotion; Second, after the motorcycle is placed, it is possible to ride without a deposit. Third, the right to subscribe to the motorcycle. Here we will focus on the promotion commission. As a formal VIP member, if you successfully promote a VIP member, then the company will give you 15 rewards for the vouchers for 365 days; if you promote the VIP member and then successfully promote a VIP member, Then the company will give you 2 rewards for virtual vouchers for 365 days. There are only two layers of promotion commission as a VIP member, because the company’s purpose is to have a real number of members. Venture vouchers can be withdrawn or consumed in the mall. Finally, let’s talk about the subscription of motorcycles. Only the VCs can subscribe to the motorcycles. The subscription price of motorcycles is 3,980 yuan/one. The person who subscribes to the motorcycles has 70% of the profit after the motorcycles are put on, for 3 years, because the motorcycles The service life is about 3 years and you don’t need to manage it yourself. According to the current use of shared bicycles in Shanghai, the average daily consumption is 30 yuan. Then the average profit of a motorcycle is 21 yuan to subscribe to the person, then 3 years is 22995

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9349146

2, regional agent

The regional agent is based on the district and county, and some county towns cannot do it because the urban population is not large. Traffic congestion is not terrible. The district refers to a district under the jurisdiction of a city, such as Huadu District, Baiyun District, Panyu District, Yuexiu District, etc., and how many districts have regional agents. Therefore, the regional agents that can be done are limited. At present, hundreds of regional agents have been successfully signed. How many districts in the country can you think about, they are all rushing, and when they are optimistic, they will be robbed. It is. As the motorcycles landed, the regional agents quickly filled up. At present, the regional agent needs 100,000 yuan, of which 20,000 yuan in cash can be signed with the company, and the remaining 80,000 will be deducted from the promotion commission of the regional agent until the end of 80,000. The commission of the regional agent, in addition to all the rights of the VIP member, is based on him. Each time a VIP member is generated, the company rewards 50 venture capital bonds at one time, of which 25 venture capital companies deduct the deduction of the 80,000 yuan. After the completion of the recovery of 50 venture capital rewards; regional agents recommend regional agents, the company rewards 10,000 yuan at a time; regional agents recommended regional agents below each generation of a VIP member company to reward 5 venture vouchers. There are also follow-up regional agents who are responsible for managing the day-to-day management and maintenance of all landing vehicles in the region. Subsequent launch of the shared car and 020 smart farm has a superior agency. There are also secondary agents and first-level agents, which will be introduced later. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9349146

Xiaomi Shared Tram Income Statement

✅Investment 880880


✅Investment five single 4400 (66 yuan per day for 365 days)

Commodity + annual income of 24,090 yuan

✅ investment ten single 8800 (150 per day) Yuan lasts 365 days)

Commodity + annual fee of 54750 yuan

✅ investment 11 single 9680 (168 days per day for 365 days)

Commodity+year Received 61,325 yuan

✅ The maximum amount of each account, the dynamic income is more!

100% withdrawal, cash withdrawal on Tuesday, arrival before Friday

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9349146

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Subversion, innovation, full coverage Ashimadun new hood big guess

In the first half of 2017, ASD Denton held the 2017 Paris Kitchen and Bathroom New Product Launch Conference in Paris, France. It was the first in the industry to promote the Chinese manufacturing of the kitchen appliance industry for the first time overseas. Recently, Ashland released a notice that it will hold a “Sea of ​​Heaven” feast in Sanya, Hainan, to win the future National Distributors Summit, and will launch a mysterious new product.

At the press conference in Paris, the double-boiled water heater and a net hood were a big hit, and they were well received by the market once they were launched. After a series of floor-to-market marketing activities such as “New Product Promotion Conference,” “New Product Promotion,” “President Shili,” the two new products have been greatly promoted. Not only has sales created one record after another, but also made consumers’ brand recognition of Astonyton reach a new height. That time, Hainan Sanya’s “Haitian Feast” to win the future, what surprises are waiting for us?

In the preview video and e-invitation, we saw the information of “subversion, “innovation,” and “full coverage” of three keywords. It can be inferred that The new product of Poetanton should be a brand new range hood. This hood has subverted all the hoods on the market and broke the appearance of the side hood, ceiling suction, integrated stove and other hoods. The innovation of Ashden’s range hood market, the smog of the hood, opens up a new category of hood industry. This new product covers all the pain points of consumers, solves the smoke of smoke machine, slow smoke absorption, long distance of oil smoke, etc. All questions.

Golden Horse Emperor, famous actor, film director & mdash; — Chen Jianbin once again joined hands with ASD. The first three-minute sales advertisement for the kitchen appliance industry, the three-minute advertisement of fried pepper starring Chen Jianbin. Presumably, this new product should be cooperated with the movie emperor. The same model as the movie emperor is the best test of product quality.

Austin’s new product, has not yet released the aura that has been recommended by the film, will be released when What kind of grand occasion is displayed in front of everyone? What kind of subversive innovation is in appearance? What is the hood that can solve all the problems of consumers?

All questions are at 11.28 on Ashland’s “Sea of ​​Heaven” feast for a win-win future.

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Why do you like to search for “Top 10 Water Purifiers”?

I often hear some consumers on the Internet asking, “What brand of water purifier is good,” “How about the top ten rankings of water purifiers. Many people may not understand why so many people like to search for the top ten rankings of water purifiers. Think about it, it seems that even you all like to search for “the top ten rankings of water purifiers. In fact, this is ultimately not surprising for the improvement of our living standards and the improvement of health awareness.”

First, people like to search “ top ten rankings of water purifiers, which is the embodiment of people’s health awareness after water pollution

Water is the source of life, and drinking clean and healthy water by the public is a basic human right. However, the hazard incidents caused by water pollution in recent years have deeply shocked people. The water that we are accustomed to, which we are used to, has become unclean and unsafe, and it will undoubtedly not cause people to worry about the quality of drinking water. According to research by the International Health Organization (WHO), the most effective way to enjoy healthy and safe drinking water is to install a water purifier at the terminal of the water supply pipe network, which is the best-selling water purifier on the market, so that water pollution can be fundamentally solved. The problem is that it is recognized as the most effective solution for improving drinking water in the world. The water purified by the water purifier can not only meet the needs of drinking water in the kitchen, but also meet the needs of household consumption, bathing, washing, etc. Aspects of life needs. As people’s health awareness continues to increase, water purifiers have begun to enter thousands of households.

Second, people like to search “The top ten rankings of water purifiers because they lack understanding of water purification brands

With the rapid development of the Internet, everyone is accustomed to finding information on the Internet, one to save costs, two to save time, and three to be quick and convenient. Every friend who wants to be a water purifier agent and buy a water purifier wants to choose a brand of water purifier. But because there are so many brands, many of my friends don’t understand the water purifier related expertise. Such a complicated water purifier brand, of course, will appear to be a little powerless. Under the guidance of no professional, I can only turn to the network, I hope to get a good answer. Of course, I want to be a water purifier agent and buy clean water. Friends of the device can learn more about the water purifier brand information by searching the top ten rankings of water purifiers. After all, the brand is trustworthy, and the quality and service aspects are more reassuring to consumers. The brand’s dependence is relatively high.

Third, people like to search “The top ten rankings of water purifiers come from lifestyle habits

Now it is the whole population” In the era of the Internet, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. This kind of search habit is not only reflected in the search again, “the top ten rankings of water purifiers, people buy things, order take-outs, taxis, etc. are all realized through the network, when encountering problems that are not understood or uncertain problems Of course, out of curiosity, to see how others think about this product or service, this product and service is good, so go online search.

The society is changing and people’s living habits are changing. This also reminds the water purifier practitioners to follow people’s living habits and consumption habits. To make the corresponding sales strategy, in order to win the hearts of the people and win the market.

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“King Guan Rushui. Wang Zhengying Calligraphy Art Exhibition” was held in the Kaifeng Cultural Living Room

On the morning of October 10th, the National Museum Foundation of China, the Kaifeng Calligraphers Association, the Kaifeng Municipal Association of Calligraphy and Painting, Kaifeng The Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Mingyue Breeze · the Cultural and Art Communication Center of the Four Sides of the Taiwan Strait, hosted by the French Gao & rsquo;s Gallery, the Kaifeng Cultural Living Room, the Central Plains Lanting Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and the “Cheng Guan Rushui · Wang Zhengying Calligraphy Art Exhibition” The Kaifeng Cultural Living Room was grandly opened.

China Dr. Qiao Liang, National Museum Foundation; Mr. Hao Wenzhao, President of China Publishing Yearbook; Professor Li Shiyuan, Cultural and Historian, Macao University of Science and Technology; Ms. Wang Mingqing, Senior Media and Famous Moderator; Li Shihong, Secretary General of Beijing Huaxia Culture Promotion Association Mr. Zhang Ming, a well-known cultural scholar in Singapore; deputy director of the Standing Committee of Kaiyuan City, the famous calligrapher Mr. Wang Guizhi; Mr. Chen Chuanzhi, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC; the former vice president of Henan University, Mr. Guo Tianbang; vice chairman of the Henan Calligraphers Association, Henan Mr. Zhao Zhengan, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the College of Art, Mr. Cheng Chongzheng, Secretary of Kaifeng City Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Mr. Cheng Chongzheng, Chairman of Kaifeng City Calligraphers Association; Mr. Guo Zhangkai, Secretary General of Kaifeng City Federation of Literary and Artists; Chairman of Henan Calligraphers Association, famous Mr. Liu Zhaoying, calligrapher; Mr. Zhao Xiaoan, Chairman of Huangshi City Art Association; Mr. Xu Wei, Secretary General of Zhuhai Printing Association; Mr. Zhang Wei, a young engraver; Mr. and Professor of Music and Dance Academy of Henan Normal University Mr. Duan Xuan; Vice President and Professor of the Art College of Henan Normal University, Mr. Du Xuguang; Dean of the Kaifeng Municipal Association of Calligraphy and Painting, Mr. Guo Xin; Mr. Xie Dongwei, Deputy General Manager of Kaifeng Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., and other guests attended the opening ceremony. formula.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Qiao Liang, National Museum Foundation of China, History Professor, Professor Li Shiyuan of Macao University of Science and Technology, senior media person, famous host Ms. Wang Mingqing, vice chairman of Henan Calligraphers Association, secretary of the Party Committee of Henan University Art Academy, and dean Zhao Zhengan delivered speeches respectively! Wang Zhengying thanked him!

Han Moliu Fangyuan, the book is fragrant. Wang Zhengying is a calligraphy talent who grew up from the cultural fertile soil of Kaifeng. He has always had deep feelings for the art of calligraphy. He has been working quietly and hard work in the calligraphy field, and devoted himself to his favorite career. His calligraphy has profound skills, strict rigor, high ancient elegance, vigorous and beautiful, dynamic and static, both form and spirit, and distinct personality. He took the inheritance and the Chinese national civilization as his own responsibility, and formed a unique artistic style, which became a wonderful flower that bloomed in Fucheng.

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He made a light intelligence system that opened up hundreds of millions of dollars in the market!

In 1988, Deng Xiaoping first proposed that science and technology are the first productivity argument.

Four years later, during Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour, he once again stressed that the speed of development of world science can be driven by a breakthrough in high-tech, which will drive the development of a number of industries, and China must not fall behind.

The third stop of the southern tour route is Shenzhen & mdash;— the gathering place of technology giants such as Huawei, Tencent and Dajiang Science and Technology. Today, it has become China’s “Silicon Valley.”

Little known is that there is such a company in Shenzhen. It was established less than a year ago, and relying on the power of science and technology, relying on a set of optical intelligent systems, it has not only become the first mainland enterprise in the energy technology reform cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Taiwan Province since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and has landed in the 2017 National Double Innovation Week. At the same time, the energy saving rate of this system is as high as 80%, “one year can save the power generation of a Gezhouba power station for the country. Founder He Lei said.

The name of this company is called Tiantian Intelligent Cloud Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tiantian Smart Cloud). Its goal is a blank market with potential value of tens of billions of dollars in China; it is side by side with technology companies such as Huawei and Tencent, using its own technology to drive the entire industry forward, and jointly shoulder and practice Deng Xiaoping’s “China cannot fall behind”. Science and technology revitalization and the mission of the times.

& ldquo;Glorious man

Say He Lei is “Glorious man is not at all Because, because he has been dealing with light all his life.

After graduating from college, He Lei has been working on communication and optoelectronic technology research and development. In 2004, He Lei and his friends co-founded Shenzhen Ruiguangheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., whose main business is the development and production of LED products.

During this period, He Lei discovered that LED products have huge dividends in China. The US market research firm CIR also gave a similar argument: At that time, China’s LED industry penetrated the market at an annual expansion rate of 20% to 30%; by 2008, the LED market industry value would be as high as 6.8 billion US dollars. At the same time, there were fewer than 10 companies in China that were capable of mass production of LED products. Therefore, since the establishment of the company, it has been smooth and smooth, and He Lei has earned a lot of money; and the arrival of 2008 has made He Lei the real peak.

The financial crisis of the past year made the domestic and international economy sorrowful, but because of the wide range of LED applications and the low dependence on consumer products, it has hardly affected much; not only that, because of the LED signal And the fields of indications, displays, large-size backlights, etc. have great potential for development. He Lei believes that its potential economic growth will be greater than in previous years.

However, other executives of the company do not agree with He Lei’s insights —— in the premise of a bad environment, people are easily affected by the “flock effect.” In desperation, He Leili ranked in the public opinion, insisted on expanding production capacity and increasing the research and development of new LED products, which became an unreasonable “madman” in the eyes of the peers.

The 2009 answer sheet proves the unique vision of the madman: In the same year, Ruiguangheng’s revenue increased by 10 times, and the company became a leading domestic company.

After enjoying the peak, He Lei’s desire to challenge has begun to shake. At the end of 2009, after resigning from the company’s administrative position and director status, he established Shenzhen Tiantian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in the second year to continue the LED industry. This time, he turned his attention to the light source module of the LED street light.

The biggest highlight of LED streetlights is their low energy consumption, low failures, and tens of thousands of hours of life. At that time, there was no reliable LED module integration technology in China, so they all relied on imports. This consumes a large amount of national foreign exchange reserves and poses a huge obstacle to the development of national infrastructure. With independent integration technology, this is not only related to the efficiency and competitiveness of itself and the company, but also closely related to the fate of national development.

But the limited technology at that time became a constraint for independent research and development. Therefore, He Lei found a cooperation with Purui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., making the company the first national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen Gaoxin, which focused on streetlight LED light source at that time. Technology companies, and quickly become the leader in LED street light source.

However, since 2014, due to overcapacity, capital madness and other reasons, LED street light sources have begun to decline. After enjoying the second time to win the industry leader, He Lei knows that it is time to drum new things.

He quickly resigned as general manager (retaining the chairman) and conducted a two-year world visit. This time, his research topic is “LED ultraviolet light.”

Using a set of “nuclear weapons to open another era

He Lei opens up new horizons An important reason is not the overcapacity of pure LED products, but the chaotic competition behind it and its negative consequences.

After the Internet matured in China, it became another major export channel for LED products; one result of the market becoming bigger was that competition began to become disorderly. Many commercial households with miscellaneous brands and uneven quality LED products have absorbed most of the consumption flow and market resources in the form of low-cost networks, while genuine products have become unsalable due to price reasons.

One of the consequences of this is the intense light pollution caused by the uneven and uneven stray light source, which has a more negative impact on printing production, night driving and high-precision production and processing.

At the same time, LED applications are very broad, such as optical communication and light curing, and the Chinese mainly apply it to lighting, which is too limited to the development of LED and life tension; in contrast, harmful to human body mercury The lights are popular in the fields of medical care and public health.

He Lei knows that the chaotic situation will one day be stopped, and the era of replacing the mercury lamp with LEDs will come in an era of replacing it with more environmentally friendly, more efficient and low-energy LEDs. . The new technology that replaces the old era LED is “deep ultraviolet light.”

On March 25, 2014, Ritsumeikan University of Japan issued a statement saying that they have developed a technology that can efficiently produce deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at a very low cost, and is expected to become the UN. A deep ultraviolet light source that is widely used after mercury is used.

During this time, more LED technologies for deep ultraviolet rays have been frequently transmitted from Taiwan and Hong Kong. To this end, He Lei has been conducting deep ultraviolet light exchanges with experts from various countries and regions, and together with Professor Fan Ganglong and Professor Sun Bingsheng of Taiwan, formed the “deep ultraviolet research group” to study the application of deep ultraviolet light and LED ultraviolet light. And development, and achieved many technological breakthroughs and mastered a large number of key technologies.

Time came to 2016, He Lei’s prejudiction became a fact: In April of that year, the 20th meeting of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the People’s Republic of China decided to approve production banned from 2020 And import and export of mercury-containing products (Water Margin Convention).

This LED industry is undoubtedly a big wind —— energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source is supported by the state; and this is also a problem: the Chinese LED industry has focused on gaining market benefits. The technical threshold is low on the lighting, while ignoring the function and field expansion of the LED. In addition to China, there are only a handful of foreign companies that have mastered deep ultraviolet LEDs. The introduction of the Minamata Convention has completely smashed the LED industry: one side is a mouth-watering favor, and the other side is highly likely to become a state without lights.

And this has become a chance for He Lei —— if he produces domestic deep ultraviolet LED, light curing or optical communication products, then he will absolutely rectify this market and open A new LED era.

And this day is finally coming.

In early 2017, He Lei brought back the best LED UV technology and intelligent equipment and management system to China, and created Tiantian Intelligent Cloud. He hopes to help domestic enterprises to carry out more environmental protection and energy-saving transformation and contribute to national construction.

On May 30, He Lei’s “nuclear weapon was born —— a light-curing module named “UV-C LED” (short-wave sterilized UV light-emitting diode) was unveiled in 2017 Shenzhen Scientific and technological achievements report exhibition. After testing, the power of the module is as high as “65~75mW/cm2”, which is consistent with the world’s most advanced UV-C parameters successfully developed by LG American Laboratories (February 23, 2017); and the line source of the module It has the advantages of long life, cold light source, no heat radiation, high energy, uniform irradiation and non-toxicity.

With more than ten years of hard work, he has created a domestic brand that rivals foreign brands. He Lei has finally developed his own era.

Unearthing the tens of billions of markets

The first battle is successful, Tiantian Smart Cloud has opened “&ltquo Invincible mode: On June 10, 2017, Tiantian intelligent cloud fiber intelligent coloring curing system was successfully developed and applied for national invention patents; on June 23, 2017, Tiantian Intelligent Cloud won the contract of the Ministry of Economics of Taiwan Province for energy technology reform project Participated in the Ryder CD surface curing technology reform project and became the first mainland enterprise to participate in this project after the founding of the People’s Republic of China; on July 5, 2017, the world’s first 3000m/min UVLED intelligent fiber color curing machine successfully passed the test. Received high attention from the industry; On September 15, 2017, Tiantian Smart Cloud was invited to participate in China’s highest technology event “2017 China National Double Creation Week, which was highly appraised and affirmed ……

Fully calculated, Tiantian Smart Cloud has more than 30 international and domestic patents with core components, and all of this is achieved in less than a year.

But on the other hand, the number of patents does not explain any problems —— market share and profitability are the core of a company’s survival.

For this, He Lei said that there is no pressure: “China is the world’s largest printing market, accounting for 70% of the global printing volume; 90% of the world’s fiber is produced in China, after the 5G era, This number will be even larger; and the products we serve include print surface curing and fiber surface coloring. If all of the fiber is converted into our UV (light-curing) energy-saving system, we can save the power of a Gezhouba power station for the country in one year.

The traditional carrier for surface curing is a UV high pressure mercury lamp. During the printing process, mercury lamps have problems such as wrinkling deformation, yellowing of materials, high power consumption, and high temperature hazards. The UV-LED technology completely solves these problems. The technology has the advantages of no radiation, low energy consumption, no heavy metal pollution and long life. The data shows that the UV-LED curing system is designed to consume 80% to 90% less than the mercury lamp in terms of cost of use, consumables and electricity.

Not only that, but Tianzhi’s smart cloud business also covers the fields of electronic ink surface curing, CD printing surface curing, and military,Many industries such as agriculture and medical care. Tiantian Smart Cloud and the CD surface curing equipment developed by Taiwan Ryder Technology Group, the energy saving rate is as high as 85%, which makes Ryder gain a greater cost advantage in customer competition; the cooperation with Focas (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. The third-generation fiber surface coloring and curing system has an energy saving rate of 80%, which makes the company widely recognized by customers in this field. “Almost, the industries and companies that you can think of and see are inseparable from our services. He Lei said.

Profitability is a market share. In 2016, Heraeus in Germany reached 2.35 billion US dollars in curing system revenue, Japan’s NIKKISO’s UV light source and system revenue was 1.21 billion US dollars, Taiwan’s Taiwan’s Silicon Technology’s revenue in the curing system exceeded 1 billion US dollars … … these are just foreign The gains from a single brand of a representative company. In fact, in 2016, the global solidified coatings market was as large as 37.8 billion US dollars, so the sub-segment into China, the potential value of the UV industry is absolutely above 10 billion US dollars.

For He Lei, the significance of doing UV is not as simple as profit: “Although the state has proposed prohibiting light pollution, due to the strength of the enterprise itself, industry and technical barriers, the country’s slogan has almost become a dead letter. Problems such as light pollution, energy consumption and inefficiency remain high. At the same time, & ldquo;Made in China & rsquo; has long been in a weak state in the world. I hope that with my own resources and technology, I will bring inspiration and help to more colleagues, do a little for the country, do something for the early realization of the Minamata Convention, and the rise of & quoquo; Made in China & rsquo; Revitalization contributes to one’s own strength.

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Internet lone ranger: 15 years of no operation, selling old books sold 500 million yuan

In this awkward world, Sun Yutian is an alternative existence.

In 2002, Sun Yutian created the Confucius Old Book Network (hereinafter referred to as At that time, Taobao and Jingdong Online Mall had not been created. Since then, Kongnet has maintained a growth rate of 30% per year. The number of transactions per day exceeds 40,000, and the annual transaction volume reaches 500 million yuan, becoming the world’s largest Chinese old book trading platform.

However, inconsistent with the rapid development of the business, Sun Yutian, who has been in business for 15 years, does not have a set of his own house. There is no independent office. The company does not recruit and promote operators, and does not integrate into any Internet. Circles, basically do not participate in commercial activities, it is difficult to search for a few of his news &mdash on Baidu; — he may be the most independent of thousands of Internet entrepreneurs.

Our interview was conducted in a narrow room. In front of a small round table, Sun Yutian said lightly about his dream of promoting Chinese traditional culture and his understanding of the Internet.

As Sun Yutian said, this is not a business story.

Questions and Answers

On November 27, 2015, Sun Yutian sent the first WeChat circle of friends:

In front of the gray-walled library Gao Xiaosong, Yu Dan and Zhang Dachun and other cultural circles are lined up in a row, Sun Yutian wearing a down jacket, standing on the far left.

On this day, the library opened.

The corner of the library

In 15 years, Sun Yutian met many collectors and friends. In order not to bury their vast collection of books, in order to turn the rigid book into a vivid cultural value, several collectors and the famous Chinese musician Gao Xiaosong hit it off and established a large private public welfare library —— Gao Xiaosong served as curator.

The library, covering an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters, contains nearly a million old books, such as celebrity manuscripts, late Qing Dynasty journals, and Ming and Qing Dynasties. The collections are rich in content and have immeasurable document value. You can buy one or two suites in the Imperial City with a set of old treasures.

Subsequently, the library was a hit with the filming of “Xiao Shuo” and “Xiao Shuo Qi Tan”. The towering black bookshelf, rich ancient books, and the simple reading atmosphere make many Wenqing and The researchers came here. Despite the remote location and inconvenient transportation, it still welcomes 70,000 readers in one year.

Looking at the endless stream of readers, Sun Yutian was happy, but the people around him were anxious for him.

The volume of ancient books in the library is huge, which means that the restoration project is huge. Sun Yutian deliberately recruited ancient books and library students from Beijing to carry out restoration work, 30% of which belong to graduate students and above, high labor costs, plus water and electricity and rent, the library has no income every year. The net loss is about 3 million yuan.

Friends know that Sun Yutian is very “slamming.” In the 5 years of starting a business, the company did not recruit any employees. The office was previously housed in a residential building. Nowadays, it is also chosen to be in a remote area outside Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road, but it is too willing to invest so much in the library, which surprised them a bit.

“ Qian Zhongshu’s letters received for so many years, there are more than a dozen sacks. In Yang Lan’s later years, the babysitters were all torn off and thrown into the garbage dump, so that the smashed smashed Thousands of pieces have been pieced together in the pieces, which is of great value to the study of Qian Zhongshu. Sun Yutian said excitedly.

As a trading platform for old books, Kongnet has gathered a large number of ancient books, and Sun Yutian has also made a lot of collectors with rich collections, and has gained popularity and influence in the old book trading circle. He hopes that in his lifetime, he will collect the rare books scattered by the people, form the essence of Chinese ancient culture, and fill the gap in ancient culture research as much as possible.

& ldquo; In the future, everyone wants to study Chinese culture, where to find books? Sun Yutian throws questions to reporters, but it seems that this is more like an answer.

Essays, big wealth

This answer, Sun Yutian explored for 15 years.

Compared with Internet elites such as Li Yanhong and Zhang Chaoyang, Sun Yutian’s entrepreneurship is very grassroots. He was born in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics. The original idea of ​​starting a business was to create a website to help seniors sell old books to freshmen through the Internet. Prior to this, the old books of graduates were traded through street vendors.

It is conceivable that the traffic on this campus website is very low, which makes Sun Yutian feel frustrated and turn his attention to the social group.

At that time, many old books happened to be in the hands of the ruined people. They didn’t have the channels to sell books, and they didn’t even know who to sell them. The real collectors and intellectuals did not have the purchase channels of old books. There is a serious information asymmetry between the two sides.

Old book trading market

Sun Yutian immediately It is decided that Kongnet only serves as a C2C user platform, allowing people in need to trade independently. Based on the user’s needs to develop the website framework and positioning, he unconsciously practiced the Internet’s user thinking and used it throughout the website operation process.

At that time, China’s C2C e-commerce began to sprout. International giant eBay just entered China through the acquisition of eBay. Alibaba, which focuses on B2B, will start its Taobao business only one year later.

Sun Yutian did not know that he had inadvertently entered a blue ocean in a vertical field. In the early days, he was like a headlessFly, can’t find direction. Fortunately, I met some like-minded friends on the Internet. He calls his friends every day to talk about the old book market and the needs of users, usually lasting more than an hour. Gradually, Sun Yutian figured out the general situation of the old book trading market.

The proportion of reprinted books in the annual book distribution is large, which means that the book that was just bought today may become an old book on the second day, but it can be circulated repeatedly. The old book market is divided into four categories: rare books with high value of collections, out-of-print old books that are no longer published by publishers, special books with higher stocks, and second-hand books.

What caused Sun Yutian to pay attention is that with the improvement of economic level and cultural demand, people have a strong interest in the collection and research of ancient culture books, and the rare books of ancient books have risen in the market. However, the value of antique calligraphy and painting, the rare books of ancient books is difficult to determine, the price definition is vague, and the way of open auction is popular.

So, Sun Yutian began to redesign the website, introducing the online auction trading area, which is divided into two parts: “Rare Auction” and “Popular Auction”, which is convenient for the majority of book friends to auction rare books or higher value. The old books, and the auction information are all publicized, realizing the transparency of the transaction, and introducing an evaluation mechanism to achieve supervision transactions.

The first method of introducing auction means, the hole network spread in the circle. More and more small bookstores have entered the network, and many collectors and scholars have heard of Taobao. Ancient books accounted for 20-40% of the platform, nearly one million books could not be bought in other channels, and the number of users of Kongnet increased.

After 15 years of development, there are 12,877 large bookstores on the Kongnet platform, 42,049 private book stalls and 88,788,839 books. The number of transactions per day exceeds 40,000, and the annual transaction volume reaches 500 million yuan. The country’s largest old book trading platform.

Collectors said that before buying old books, they went to Panjiayuan. Now they will buy old books and search for them on the hole network. It has become an irreplaceable trading channel and even the pricing standard for old book transactions in the country.

Internet world lone ranger

The Internet is a fast-fishing world of fast fish, companies frantically financing, staking, and then continue to expand, continue to expand, valuation geometric multiple growth, office The office building that moved into the Internet center, the founders frequently appeared in various conference forums and media, expanding to create personal IP, and the company is expanding at a high speed.

Of course, the capital side is also actively involved in this capital movement. The nature of bloodthirsty allows them to spread the net, force the project to expand rapidly, create beautiful business data, and then go out of price and turn to the next prey. . The profit-seeking nature of capital has accelerated the speed of the Internet.

As the earliest C2C project, the nation’s largest old book trading platform, Jingdong, Dangdang and Sequoia, have expressed their favor. Regardless of how the capital lobbied, Sun Yutian never dared to let go.

Looking at the Internet’s intensive capital operation and rapid development, Sun Yutian reveals envy. However, the nature of capital gains makes him worry that once the capital is introduced, the company will be kidnapped by the operating data and lose the original intention of the company. The bleakness of Vanke and Jumeiyou is the lack of physical strength and rapid expansion.

He has repeatedly mentioned to employees that capital profit and entrepreneurial intentions are often difficult to balance, and ideal entrepreneurs are afraid to introduce capital.

Looking back at Sun Yutian’s experience, he was born in engineering, but he has a special liking for literature. He tried to write an article, and he has a dream of editing the article. The establishment of the hole network is also deeply rooted in the heart. A recognition of culture. In the first five years, the salary of the website was subsidized by wages. However, as a migrant worker in North China, the low wages were unsustainable, and he returned to his hometown in Shanxi to open a computer training school to back up the website.

Sun Yutian

The user was charged any fees until the end of 2006, the number of platform users soared, and the operating costs increased. Sun Yutian only thought about the profitability of the website and introduced the charging mechanism:

Two-way charging for the auction sector, the sellers extracted 3.5% of the turnover. The buyer draws a turnover of 3%; the platform bookstore extracts 4% of the turnover of the old book, and receives a service fee of 100-600 yuan per year.

Sun Yutian has always been satisfied with the charging mechanism designed by himself. He does not use the auction ranking to charge extra service fees, which increases the additional burden on the business. Only when they successfully trade, will they draw commissions and increase the merchants. Psychological acceptance.

It is worth mentioning that the company had its first employee and first office in 2006, and the office was hidden in the residential building. Since then, he has been working in the residential building until he moved to the creative industry base outside Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road three years ago. He has not recruited any promotion staff for 15 years, and Sun Yutian himself does not have an independent office or even buy a residential house. .

Fortunately, as an early vertical subdivision platform, Kongnet has absorbed a large number of book stall sellers, and more and more scholars and book lovers have entered the network to form a benign growth. Maintain a natural growth rate of 30% every year.

In 2008, Kongnet visited an average of 1.2 million visitors per day, making it the fourth largest traffic portal in the C2C industry. In Internet Weekly, it was ranked fifth in the China Business Internet Ten-Year Leadership Summit and Top 100 Business Websites, second only to Taobao, Amazon, and Dangdang.

Unexpectedly, Sun Yutian did not know the selection and never attended any awards ceremony. He has very little contact with the outside world. The outside world knows the existence of the hole network, but rarely sees Sun Yutian, the low-key boss.

When the number of Internet business users and the turnover of a family rises year by year, they can make resources, build the founder IP, and preachThe company’s feelings and ingenuity stories are so busy that Sun Yutian lives in his own business world and plays the role of a lone ranger.

Catchers in the field

Living in a rented house, when they are in trouble, they go home to start a business and make up the website. For many years, Sun Yutian is in a stretched position. What is the power? Support him to the present?

Sun Yutian said that he liked literature from an early age, and his desire for money has not been strong. In the early years, a person raised a website for a long time, and later he was hired to recruit employees. His staff also said that Sun Yutian is not a professional, happy every day, traveling, reading, reading, eating, and living a life away from the dust.

On a large scale, Sun Yutian was pushed away by fate and inadvertently entered a blue ocean market. As the market continued to expand, he became the most important beneficiary, and this was the success of the library. As can be seen. However, Sun Yutian, who has been casual and sloppy for a long time, plans to speed up this year.

& ldquo;Why is this time?

In the face of reporters’ questions, Sun Yutian explained that after 15 years of precipitation, all aspects of resources are sufficient to support the rapid development of the network. After the rapid development of the Internet and the disillusionment of the bubble, the cost of recruiting talent will be reduced. More importantly, he hopes to build Kongnet and the Library into a business card of traditional culture, and organize a more comprehensive database of ancient books, so that more people can feel, learn and study Chinese traditional culture.

Sun Yutian said that his picture has always appeared in his mind: he is holding a grandson in his sorrowful years, and telling the story of the past emotionally, may not be thrilling, but every step is solid enough.

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Visiting the Ukrainian car: “The travel empire” under the puzzle mode

Lei Jun said that standing on the wind, the pigs will fly. Entrepreneurship requires a light asset light model to fly higher.

Lu Zhengyao, chairman of China UCAR, said, “Entrepreneurship is a marathon with no end. It’s not so fast, the key is to see who can run to the end.

In the era when companies are doing subtraction, UCAR is doing the opposite and constantly making heavy Car travel assets, marching into the upstream and downstream, will be the most important model of heavy assets. In the “slow” and “slow,” and “run”, “light” and “heavy” games, found their own answer.

On August 29, 2017, the business media group teamed up with the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine to jointly launch “ Elite and famous enterprises visited and went to the Shenzhou U-car with Xingtai SMEs to solve the mystery of the heavy asset model.

Entering the Shenzhou UCAR headquarters, the duplex and individuality “Silicon Valley style decoration style makes the company’s corporate tonality more stable, heavy and full of technology.

Shenzhou UCAR Central LED Large Screen

Time Meeting Room

Personalized Rest Room


Childhood Playground

After half an hour of visit, everyone is still coming to Shenzhou The car owner’s conference room began to further study and analyze the heavy asset business model of UCAR, and launched a heated discussion.

Under the sharing of Shen Zhongtang, vice president of UCAR, the entrepreneurs for the first time deeply realized the powerful potential of the Shenzhou UCAR model.

Because of the “heavy mode”, it was questioned by the outside world that it was not enough Internet, and it was not enough to share the exclusive car of China. Now it has completed its own industry closed loop. From the business dimension, Shenzhou UCAR has four business segments: Shenzhou Car Rental, Shenzhou Special Car, Shenzhou Buying Car, and Shenzhou Car Flash Loan, covering car rental, network car service, car e-commerce, auto finance, and deep service car travel. Full life cycle needs.

At the moment when the Internet dividend hits the top and the Internet vents are slowly extinguishing, the B2C business model and ecological layout of the UCAR, which has been widely questioned, has begun to truly show its thick and thin trend.

Reinventing the human-car ecosystem

On the one hand, after the landing of the new rules of the local car, the UCAR is the biggest beneficiary. Not only won the nation’s first network car license, but also became the first platform company in the country to be approved to carry out network car service.

On the other hand, the quality-oriented and outstanding online and offline service capabilities of Shenzhou UCAR also reflect its core product strength.

Behind the dual recognition of the market and the government, it is the advantage of the layout of the excellent car model in China.

Under the premise of the heavy mode strategy, Shenzhou UCAR proposes to reshape the human-car ecosystem and build a car industry including car sharing, auto e-commerce, auto finance and automotive aftermarket. Chain closure, and ecological synergy.

The manufacturer resources of Shenzhou Car Rental, the customer resources of Shenzhou Car Rental and Shenzhou Special Car and its automobile big data resources are highly synergistic with the purchase and purchase of cars in China. For example, while buying a large number of vehicles in the early stage of renting a car in China, you can sell the car by buying or buying a car. Shenzhou buys a car and can also digest the quasi-new car used in China’s car rental and special cars, helping the car rental in China to open the entire industry chain, which will bring more surprises and more imagination.

This is the underlying logic behind the Shenzhou UCAR model.

The sharing of Shen Zhongtang, Vice President of UCAR, made the visiting entrepreneurs excited. In the subsequent discussion sessions, everyone raised their own questions and opinions and the atmosphere was active.

Entrepreneurs are seriously studying

Hebei Baoan Security Technology from Xingtai Liu Enyang, technical director of the company, raised the question: “In the light mode and heavy mode game, both sounds seem to have their own unique features. For the traditional business owners facing transformation, how should we interpret these two trends and apply them to their own enterprises?

Yu Zhongtang replied: “Do not blindly pursue the so-called light Or heavy, some companies, some models should be light and light, the weight should be heavy. For travel, it must be heavy, otherwise how to ensure security, how to guarantee the quality of service? We are not a pure Internet company, we are an O2O, online and offline combination of service platforms, since it involves offline, you must &lsquo ; heavy & rsquo; get up.

Xu Mingxiao, general manager of Xingtai Yihe Trading Co., Ltd. also expressed his views and questions: “Shenzhou UCAR covers four major sectors, which seem to create a closed loop, each involved, but each business segment Looking at it alone, it is a highly competitive Red Sea market. In this context, the UCAR has to disperse resources and fight in the fourth line. Will this be a dilemma or risk for the current enterprise?

Yu Zhongtang praised this question.Very good, & ldquo; This is indeed a strategic consideration we have. It does have its own competitors in every industry, but Shenzhou UCAR is not a pure network car company, car rental company or car finance company. It is a company that focuses on the ecology of the industrial chain. The ecology is interdependent, mutually supportive and mutually develop. All of us are in synergy, which is the hematopoietic and recycling abilities that several other companies do not have. In a single field, we may not be the absolute strongest, but on the whole, we really can’t stop it. Still, don’t deliberately entangle the mode and find your own business model, and stick to it, right.

In the famous book “Unbearable Lightness in Life”, Kundera once questioned Parmenides’ words “lightly positive, negatively negative, and summed up: “Light and heavy The opposite is the most mysterious and the most ambiguous. Perhaps even more so in the enterprise.

This visit to the China Special Vehicles gave the visiting group entrepreneurs a big touch. After a full visit to the afternoon, the entrepreneurs of this delegation attended the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine & Ellipse Sharing Dinner. During the banquet, entrepreneurs are enthusiastic and continue to share industry development and business management experience.

Business The Business Leaders Club, which is focused on by the Media Group, is committed to helping China’s economic towers and is committed to building China’s first interactive platform for wisdom and resources across the country. “No wine is not a feast, no wine is not a gift. The centuries-old Luzhou Laojiao wine is deeply loved by elite business people because of its fashionable temperament and the focus of elite business wine, and has become the first brand of elite business wine in China. The two sides work together to help the elite grow and co-host the elite enterprises to visit.

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Chu Chu pushes the official website registration center to find Xu teacher

Chu Chut is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship, which is invested by Tencent and is the only e-commerce investment of Softbank after Alibaba. As a black horse of social e-commerce, Chu Chu pushes to detonate the whole industry once it is launched. It is favored by the world’s top investment institutions. Tencent strategic investment shares. After Softbank invested in Alibaba, the only investment in the e-commerce field is optimistic. The development prospects are bound to grow into the next Alibaba

Join the 20 reasons for the Chu Chu push, hurry and join us

1. Top investment background: Strategic investment by Tencent, Softbank Alibaba’s only investment in the e-commerce sector. Lenovo, GGV, and the new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of tens of billions.

2. National Policy Support: Respond to the country’s call for the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and enjoy the policy dividend of social e-commerce.

3. The call of the times and the trend of the times: At the meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the development of China’s e-commerce in 2017 has far surpassed that of the United States, and e-commerce is gradually becoming the most fashionable way of consumption for Chinese people.

4. Strong company strength: the parent company vinegar slip technology, the scale of the billion, the company has Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong, Chu Chutui and other platform business groups, has a strong accumulation in the field of social e-commerce .

5. Innovative business model: no need to stock, ship, and sell your products with your fingers. A mobile phone can start a business, buy money yourself, and others buy money.

6. The big names are gathered, and the categories are rich: tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected goods, and the world’s top buyers, first-hand sources, genuine guarantees.

7. Factory price, rejecting high prices: unlike traditional e-commerce and offline supermarkets, Chu Chu pushes down agents and intermediate links at all levels, saving advertising costs, logistics costs, personnel costs and other increases. Eliminate huge profits and let quality goods spread directly to consumers through community word of mouth.

8. Rich commission income: Commodity commission is as high as 20%-80%, the same pay, higher return, easy to enter over 10,000.

9. Seven-star shopping guarantee: All goods support 7 days without reason to return, realize the security concept that is left to you, and the risk is left to me.

10. Quick lock powder, binding revenue: Anyone who clicks on your product link for the first time or scans your invitation code will be locked in. All of his consumption, you have a profit, lock the powder is to lock the market, quickly lock, directly lie.

11. Beautiful material, easy to publish: All the material you need to publish, have professional small series in advance Ready for you, you can release it with your finger.

12. Real-time incentives, cash withdrawals at any time: real-time revenue display, commission withdrawal, one second to account.

13. Easy promotion experience: Users can purchase your recommended items directly on WeChat, support WeChat payment, without any jump. You can also download the app and purchase it yourself through the app.

14. The top team in the industry: core executives from Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other well-known Internet e-commerce giants and top micro-business brand traders, with more than 10 years of experience.

15. Strong operational team: 1000-person technology R&D center, 500-person global goods operation center, 300-person customer service center, 100-person marketing planning center, and 100-person training center. A professional team of 2,000 people will escort your road to entrepreneurship.

16. Complete training system: The sales director will bring you the door, and the professional courses of the business school will help you to continue to grow.

17. Time is highly free: Chu Chu pushes the user’s time to explore deeply, and maximizes the fragmentation time, just use your finger and share it with one click.

18. A wide audience: Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can realize your dreams.

19. Broad development space: Excellent VIP shopping guides can be officially signed with the company, enjoying basic salary, social security, and annual salary is not a dream.

20. Excellent Opportunity for Micro-Business Transformation: Chu Chu pushes e-commerce and social integration to provide a new type of entrepreneurial platform and opportunity for micro-businesses seeking transformation.

Global Social E-Commerce Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Preferred Platform & mdash; Chu Chutong, is the first barrel you earn on your entrepreneurial road Golden opportunity. Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, moving his fingers in WeChat, you can make money by doing business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. Advertising can be spent on money, spokespersons can spend money, and fame can spend money on speculation. These are all replicable. Only investment relationships are truly unique and hard power.

For everyone who is interested in starting a business, starting from 0 to 1 is really a very difficult process! Today, you can use the platform to achieve your dreams and achieve your career. Take off.

Come and join us. The first 10,000 people can become our Vlp shopping guide with only 299 internal recommendation code

The first batch of leaders of the Chuhu push official website to bring you a million micro signals: QQ9968134

January 1, 2018, the price increase, join the early day one day Make money, realize your dreams one day!

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