How to choose laminate flooring okorder

Composite wood flooring (reinforced wood flooring) is one of the most commonly used home floor covering materials. However, due to the many brands and models on the market, the performance, price and other factors are also very different. When consumers choose composite wood flooring, they often feel at a loss. To this end, we introduce you to the following aspects of the purchase of laminate flooring: First, the wear value of wear resistance is expressed by the number of revolutions, the greater the number of rotations, the higher the wear resistance, the price The higher. As a home environment, the wear resistance value is about 10,000 rpm. If you choose too high wear resistance, it will sometimes cause unnecessary waste. Second, whether the purchase of the mouth is straight The integrity of the mouth is directly related to the service life of the wooden floor. Third, pick the color and wood grain When choosing color, wood grain, we must consider the size of the room, furniture color, style and personal hobby. Generally speaking, the room is large, and you can choose a floor with a deeper color and a more complex wood grain. The room is small, the choice of light color, wood grain and elegant point is better. Fourth, the board surface finish The composite floor is roughly divided into: groove type, pock surface type, smooth type and so on. These breeds don’t matter which one is good, it all depends on your personal hobbies. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that since the floor will have a little loss during the paving process, you must buy a few more pieces to ensure the normal number of laying. Also be sure to protect the corners during handling.

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Flat-panel TV extended warranty service will be followed in the future okorder

The Implementation Regulations for TV Extended Warranty Service was promulgated and implemented by China Electronic Video Industry Association. This means that the flat-panel TV extended warranty service is well-regulated, thus regulating the market for the extended warranty service in the fast-growing but uneven market in recent years. At the same time, the “Technical Specifications for Flat Panel TV Mounting Brackets” was also promulgated.

It is understood that the “TV Entitlement Service Implementation Specification” is the first extended warranty service specification for TV products in China. At present, most of China’s extended warranty maintenance services are provided by third-party service agencies contracted with extended warranty sellers, and consumers often mistakenly believe that they are provided by the original manufacturer, coupled with the lack of relevant regulations and the incorporation of some unqualified enterprises. In this area, related consumer complaints have increased in recent years, damaging the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and producers. Therefore, the specification stipulates the relevant responsibilities of TV extended service providers.

According to the introduction, the “Specifications for the Implementation of TV Extended Warranty Service” mainly stipulates that when the TV extended warranty supply company designs the extended warranty business, it must sign the service support such as spare parts supply and technical support with the product producer. Cooperation agreement, and pre-reserve special (or substitute) spare parts of the variety and quantity corresponding to the type and model maintenance and service guarantee period of the extended product to be sold, to ensure that the service entering the extended warranty period can be carried out normally; The enterprise shall have a professional after-sales service team and a perfect after-sales service network, which clearly stipulates that the product cannot be repaired within 90 days due to the extended warranty supply enterprise. The extended warranty supply enterprise shall replace the same type of product for the customer (or the function is not low) In the original model of the product). The code also stipulates that the extended service contract must be clearly stated in order to control the risk and better protect the rights of the extended warranty users. The extended supply company must insure the insurance company in the Mainland of China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) and the TV extended warranty. The supply enterprise and the sales enterprise may, in accordance with the probability of occurrence of the extended warranty service risk, different period of extended warranty liability, etc., make provision for the compensation liability.

At present, there are many types of flat-panel TV brackets, and the number of consumers who choose brackets to use with flat-panel TVs is increasing. However, the technical standards of TV brackets are not uniform, and the quality of the brackets leads to TV products. Damaged events also occur from time to time. In response to the above situation, China Electronic Video Industry Association organized domestic professional bracket manufacturers and backbone TV manufacturers. According to the production and use status of domestic TV mounting brackets, and with reference to relevant foreign standards, the “flat panel mounting bracket technology” was formulated. The Code, from the terms and definitions of flat-panel TV brackets, structural requirements, performance requirements, accompanying accessories requirements, and test method requirements to ensure the safe use of TV brackets, has made comprehensive provisions for the safe use of flat-panel TVs for consumers. Bracket products provide protection.

Hao Yabin, vice president of China Electronics Video Industry Association, pointed out that TV sets have entered the era of intelligence, and the TV after-sales service in the intelligent era is a technical and social work, involving a large number of The immediate interests of consumers, as well as the interests of TV manufacturers and related service providers, are an indispensable part of the quality assurance system for TV manufacturers. They are also an important driving force for enterprise development and industrial transformation and upgrading. Under the guidance of the competent authorities and the care, support and supervision of the community, we will jointly build a harmonious TV consumer and market environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s TV industry.

Release date: 2012/3/20 11:22:19

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Explosion Vanke fully decorated rooms use a lot of Anxin brand inferior poisonous floor okorder

A netizen named “Li Xiaoyan” broke the news in a forum that Vanke has used a large number of oversized and inferior Anxin brand flooring in some tens of thousands of fully-decorated housing projects in more than 10 cities in recent years. The amount of formaldehyde released in the batch exceeds the contracted standard by 5 times, which seriously endangers human health. The thickness of the inferior floor surface layer is seriously insufficient, and the service life is only 20% of the qualified products.

For the ‘Poison Floor’ incident, Netease Real Estate Home Reporter interviewed Vanke and Anxin Flooring for the first time. Vanke responded to the exclusive response to Netease Real Estate, saying that it suspends the purchase of Anxin Floor and seriously traces the incident. The quality inspection agency assists in the inspection. Anxin Flooring firmly denied the incident and insisted that this post was a malicious slander of the company by Anxin’s retired employees. NetEase Home has tried to contact ‘Li Xiaoyan’ several times, but the only contact information provided by it – the mobile phone number has been shut down. For this ‘poison floor’ incident, Netease Real Estate and Netease Home will continue to make comprehensive tracking reports.

Formaldehyde exceeded 5 Bianxinxin floor infiltrated into Vanke Real Estate

According to the sticker, ‘Poison Flooring’ supplier Anxin floor was built by Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Anxin Weiguang Timber Co., Ltd. are two enterprises, referred to as ‘Anxin Floor’, English abbreviation ‘A&W’. The company’s registered places are Shanghai Qingpu District and Suzhou Wujiang City. Since 2008, Anxin Floor has formed strategic partnerships with Vanke Group, China Shipping Group, Greenland Group, Forte Group, Longhu Real Estate, R&F Properties, Hebei Kaiyuan, Greentown Group, Yanlord Real Estate and other Chinese real estate companies to provide fully renovated rooms. The floor is needed, of which Vanke is its main customer.

From January 2010 to November 2011, Vanke purchased Anxin solid wood composite flooring totaling 560,000 square meters, mainly for teak and eucalyptus with a panel thickness of 0.6mm. If the average building area per house is 100 square meters or the use area is about 75 square meters, and the pavement floor area is 55-60 square meters, only in the two years of 2010-2011, Vanke paved the formaldehyde to be seriously toxic and inferior. There are 10,000 sets of fully furnished rooms on the floor.

Post content said that in October 2011, Anxin Flooring Co., Ltd. sent the factory to the ‘Shanghai National Building Materials and Decoration Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center’ to test the substrate for the production of solid wood composite flooring, formaldehyde emission Up to 2.5mg / L, is the E0 level of floor formaldehyde release limit of ≤ 0.5mg / L 5 times. More importantly, this inferior floor is seriously over-standardized due to formaldehyde, and long-term exposure may cause cancer of the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract.

Panel cut corners Anxin floor life reduction 8 into

The broketer also revealed that Anxin provided Vanke’s composite floor, the thickness of the surface layer is 0.6mm, the actual thickness is less than 0.3mm, and the partial or even the skin is not carefully seen, revealing the soft plywood. This is because in order to save production costs, Anxin purchases only half of the thickness of the qualified raw materials.

The post pointed out that the thickness of the composite floor is insufficient, which directly leads to a significant shrinkage of the product life. There are two main reasons: First, the dough is too thin, easy to foam, crack, especially with a wet mop The back edge of the ground is very easy to foam; the second is that if the dough is too thin, the dough will not be repainted after it is broken or worn. Usually, the service life of composite flooring qualified products is 30 years, and the surface of Anxin, which is like a thin paper, has a service life of no more than 5 or 6 years. If it is used in public places such as shopping malls, it will be completely scrapped in one year. It can only be renovated and replaced with new flooring.

Vanke ghost caused a quality inspection loophole?

Post content also revealed that Vanke has always been rigorous in the quality control of decoration materials supply. The reason why the poison floor can flow into Vanke is mainly because Anxin Company and Vanke’s Song surnamed employee ‘established communication’ and learned about Vanke. For the details of the supplier ‘flight check’, the Anxin Shanghai factory and the Suzhou factory are prepared in advance, that is, the products produced by the ‘special test substrate’ to cope with Vanke’s ‘raid’ inspection.

Because Vanke’s employee and supplier’s prior venting report caused Anxin’s inferior quality of formaldehyde and serious insufficiency of panel thickness, it was an unimpeded reason to send it to Vanke.

If the toxic floor situation is the owner of the industry can have the right to request check-out

It is worth mentioning that the person who broke the news also said that he had consulted a lawyer, Vanke used the toxic, inferior Anxin floor Most of the renovation properties have been pre-sold, some of which have been delivered to the owners, and the injured owners can fully defend their rights according to law.

The lawyer believes that before the judiciary has not taken criminal justice actions against the above-mentioned criminal acts, the owner’s rights protection needs to prove that the floor is a poor quality, toxic and unqualified product. The lawyer believes that the floor is an important part of the fully renovated room. If the panel thickness of the floor is seriously insufficient or the formaldehyde content test does not meet the E0 standard, the owner has the right to request Vanke to check out or obtain the corresponding economic compensation from Vanke.

Respond to both sides of the incident

Vanke exclusive response: Suspension of procurement of Anxin flooring will be seriously pursued

A recent article on the network questioning the quality of Anxin flooring products, our company This is highly valued and an emergency investigation procedure has been initiated. The relevant issues will be seriously traced and Axin Weiguang (Shanghai) Timber Co., Ltd. will be fully explained. If the investigation finds that there is a problem with the quality of the products, our company will strictly assume all the obligations and responsibilities of our company and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.

Before confirming the survey results, our company suspended the purchase of Anxin brand flooring; the Anxin floor that has been purchased and not yet installed, all sealed first; our professional department has begun to develop re-examination related quality indicators, including Re-examine the installed floor and invite the quality inspection agency to assist in the inspection.Measurement. Our company will also conduct an internal investigation of relevant procurement management work.

If the investigation finds that there is a problem with the quality of the products, our company will strictly assume all the obligations and responsibilities of our company and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.

Anxin exclusive floor response: the old employee left the company’s malicious slander

Netease home reporter called Anxin floor marketing manager Wang Rufeng, said that Anxin flooring company has been informed online posting Content, and insisted that this post is a malicious slander of the company by Anxin’s retired employees. The picture text was taken unilaterally and randomly changed. ‘This old employee is dissatisfied with the company. We are now looking for this old employee through lawyers, but for the time being. Not yet connected. ‘

The manager also denied that Anxin’s floor was supplied to Vanke as ‘formaldehyde exceeded 5 times inferior floor’. ‘Wanke has a very strict monitoring process. If there is a problem with our floor, how can it enter? Their engineering project’. It also pointed out that Anxin Floor has not communicated to Vanke that ‘Vanke’s fully-decorated rooms use a lot of Anxin brand inferior poisonous floor’.

User questioned:

On this topic, the reporter found the voice of netizens questioning in the NetEase forum. An anonymous nande netizen said that there were several doubts in the report of the reporter.

The netizen pointed out that the article mentioned “As an insider, I pay more attention to the authenticity of the content of the material, and I am not willing to investigate the motivation of the person who broke the news.” After reading the U disk content, the certification “except for audio files, most of the data is a scanned copy of the original voucher”, but the latter paragraph said “intuitively, this information is true and reliable, but I considered the tax evasion and commercial bribery. Question… “This place is unreasonable. Is the real report file identified by Li Xiaoyan based on his “intuition”?

In addition, the netizen questioned the field investigation of “Li Xiaoyan”, saying that it only told the Duanxin floor store in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai to ask questions about the thickness of the floor, on the floor. Other problems such as the presence of formaldehyde do not seem to be actually investigated.

For the users’ doubts and the reasons and intentions of the reporter “Li Xiaoyan” behavior, NetEase Real Estate has repeatedly tried to contact “Li Xiaoyan”, the only contact method provided by it – the mobile phone number has been shut down.

Formaldehyde: the killer of human life and health

Formaldehyde is a colorless and harmful gas, long-term exposure may cause cancer of the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract. The formaldehyde in the house is mainly from various types of decorative wood, furniture, flooring and paint.

Children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, and the harm is even greater. Long-term living in a low concentration of formaldehyde environment will affect the infant’s intellectual development, and infants with weak constitution or sensitive constitution may become dementia seriously. Long-term exposure to low-dose formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, leading to mutations in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colon cancer, brain tumors, menstrual disorders, and nucleus, affecting DNA single-strand cross-linking and DNA-protein cross-linking, and inhibiting DNA damage repair. Increased pregnancy syndrome, causing neonatal chromosomal abnormalities and leukemia, resulting in decreased memory and intelligence in adolescents.

Release date: 2012/2/17 9:34:21

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Prospects for the development of wood flooring industry for fast-growing raw materials okorder

Forestry is the only industry that integrates the three functions of ecology, economy and society. It has an important strategic position. With the emergence of energy crisis and climate warming, the basic role of forestry has been further strengthened. Mitigating climate warming, developing biomass energy, promoting farmers’ employment and increasing income, and maintaining rural harmony and stability all require greater development of forestry, and the forestry industry needs to make greater contributions. At this stage, China’s wood flooring industry is an important branch of the forestry industry. The wood flooring industry’s leading products, solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring, are made of natural forest precious wood, which is one of the largest industries that consume natural precious wood. The reduction of virgin forest resources and rising prices have led to an increase in the operating costs of China’s wood product manufacturing enterprises, especially in China’s solid wood flooring production enterprises. In addition, China’s economy is currently facing the key to transformation and upgrading. Relying on scientific and technological progress and innovation to develop a low-carbon economy, achieving sustainable development has become the starting point and the foothold for accelerating the transformation of economic development. The fast-growing raw material has a fast production speed, a short material-forming period and a strong carbon-fixing capacity. It has become a tree species widely promoted by various countries and is a growth point of forest coverage. However, the fast-growing materials are characterized by soft material, low density, easy deformation and low strength, which make the commercial value low, increase the income of forest farmers with little or no, and dampen the enthusiasm of forest farmers to plant trees, raise trees and protect trees, making forest resources low quality and benefit. difference. In the past few years, domestic and foreign research institutes and enterprises have actively invested in the research and development of fast-growing materials instead of natural forests. At present, surface solidified solid wood flooring and chemically impregnated solidified solid wood flooring have been put on the market and exported to foreign countries. Among them, the surface layer solidified solid wood flooring production technology uses physical modification technology, the raw material required for this technology is fast-growing material, especially the domestically produced fast-growing high-yield forest poplar, Chinese fir (Chinese fir quotes, fir manufacturer list), eucalyptus (Yushu market quotes, eucalyptus manufacturers list), can also use the US Southern Pine, European spruce (spruce quotes, spruce manufacturers list), Russian Pinus sylvestris (Scotch pine quotes, Pinus sylvestris vendor list), etc. All the fast-growing materials can reduce the harvesting of precious hardwood and protect the original forest; the wood products produced are clear and natural in color and have the color texture of hardwood; this technology is pure physical wood modification technology. Safety and environmental protection; this technology overcomes the loose material of the fast-growing material, poor dimensional stability, poor corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and at the same time makes the wood products produced have good dimensional stability, high surface hardness, large static bending strength and elastic modulus. Such excellent physical and mechanical properties, thus achieving the use of small materials, inferior materials. The wood obtained through this technology can be used for the production of furniture, flooring, wooden doors and stairs, etc., and can be used as an emerging industry such as structural beams and high-grade automobile floors. The implementation of this technology industrialization is in line with the spirit of the National Forestry Industry Revitalization Plan (2010~2012), which will promote the upgrading and development of the fast-growing forest economy. Due to the huge demand for solid wood flooring in the market, and China’s largest fast-growing forest planting area in the world, the maturity and low cost of the industrialization technology of fast-growing solid wood flooring has caused strong concern in the industry and positive affirmation of consumers, ordinary families. Easily own solid wood flooring, which will surely become a new growth point for the wood flooring industry. In 2009, the construction area of ​​real estate development enterprises nationwide was 3.196 billion square meters, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year. According to the ground decoration area accounting for 80%, the floor decoration area totaled about 2.557 billion square meters. In 2009, the total domestic wood floor output was 378 million. Square meters, accounting for only 16.34% of the floor decoration materials. Moreover, according to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the total area of ​​urban housing in China in 2009 is 17.7 billion square meters. According to the decoration of the house every 10 years and the renovation of the non-residential house every 20 years, China needs at least 3.885 billion square meters per year. Floor decoration material. This provides a huge space for the development of the wood flooring industry with fast-growing materials as raw materials. Release date: 2012/2/8 14:45:20

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How to match dark floor? okorder

1, dark wood flooring is more suitable for large-area use, does not make people feel dull; and small space is not suitable for the use of dark wood flooring, will give people a feeling of depression, can be used under the guidance of professional designers.

2, dark wood flooring is suitable for creating a classic style, so retro-style furniture is a good partner. But dark wood flooring is not only suitable for retro style, but people who like Chinese furniture should also choose dark wood flooring.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170748829.jpg”>

3, dark wood flooring can not be long Sun exposure, so pay attention to proper sunshade, otherwise the wood floor will fade, the original content will be lost, and the whole home will be eclipsed.

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4, dark wood flooring use The skin care products are very important. Different floor waxes will also have color difference, so it is best to choose colorless multi-purpose floor wax.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=” 48-62.jpg”>

In addition, whether the interior is suitable for dark wood flooring has to be matched according to the decoration style and main color of the whole home. If the owner does not understand the collocation knowledge, Can consult a professional partner.

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Anti-corrosion wood floor installation tips okorder

1. When installing the floor with anti-corrosion wood, it is best to set the keel to a width of 50 cm. It should not be too wide or too narrow. When handling the keel, it is best to use the anti-corrosion material to delay the whole. The service life of the floor. When laying the floor, pay attention to distinguish the front and back sides of the anti-corrosion material, and put the relatively well-treated side on the upward side to make his wear period longer.

2, no need to add any protective coating when installing, its anti-corrosion wood has anti-corrosion effect, has a certain degree of protection. If the consumer is not satisfied with the color of the purchased wood, if it is necessary to change the treatment, it is recommended to use oily or water-based paint, so that the performance of the two coatings can coexist, and the wood will not be treated. Cause damage.

3, the difference in the structure of the wood and the speed of cell development will cause some cracks in the application of anti-corrosion wood. However, these cracks do not have much influence on the degree of fixation and use of the wood. Generally, they are small cracks. If small cracks appear after long-term sun exposure, they can heal even after the rain is wet. It can also disappear, so consumers don’t have to worry. However, the installer should pay attention to the weather conditions at the time of installation. It is best not to choose rain or snow or exposed weather for installation, which will affect the anti-corrosion function.

4, the installed floor must be covered with a layer of shelter, at least for a week, wait until the anti-corrosion floor is completely dry before removing the shelter, which can reduce the floor Cracking and deformation.

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Fenghua Environmental Protection was approved as a qualified enterprise in the “Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Treatment) Specification Conditions” okorder

Keywords: Fenghua Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Equipment

In recent years, with the gradual deterioration of atmospheric environmental quality and stricter emission standards in related industries, the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and its scale has grown. However, problems such as weak innovation ability in the industry, difficulty in promoting advanced technology and equipment, and serious competition in low-end homogenization have gradually become prominent.

At present, green development has become the new normal of economic development. The construction of ecological civilization puts forward higher requirements for the effective supply of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and the industry has entered a period of strategic opportunity for all-round development. On June 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the list of enterprises that meet the requirements of the “Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Administration) Standards”. Guangdong Fenghua Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fenghua Environmental Protection) was listed on the list.

The environmental protection company has independent research and development and innovation capabilities, and has established research and development institutions such as technology centers and engineering research centers. At the same time, equipped with the corresponding full-time research and development staff. The company has strong technical strength and rich experience. Since its establishment in 1992, it has continuously researched, innovated and developed new products and new projects. It has 68 patents for environmental protection and plant protection spray equipment projects. All patent achievements have been transformed into productivity, and the scale of industrialization has been formed. More than 20 energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust-removing, dust-reducing and cooling spray machinery products are leading in China.

It is reported that Fenghua environmental protection products have obtained the national mandatory 3C certification, and the products have passed the “National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” inspection, and passed the EU CE certification, “National Plant Protection Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” The inspection was qualified, and the “Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Appraisal Certificate” was issued. At the same time, the long-range wind-driven sprayer won the “Independent Innovation Product Certification Certificate” issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in 2009, and “High-tech Product Certification Certificate”. The products produced meet the relevant national standards, industry standards, group standards and other enterprise standards.

At present, Fenghua Environmental’s leading products are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust spray spray equipment, mainly with a range of 60 meters to 200 meters. All types of “environmental dust-removing air-assisted sprayer,” long-range wind-driven sprayer, “railway coal transport curing agent spray device,” “control air quality exceeds the standard water mist dust suppression device and other proprietary patent products. In line with the requirements of national noise and other processing standards, the products produced will not cause harm to the ecological environment and the health of users during use, and will not cause secondary pollution.

At the same time, there are stretchers and self-applications for agriculture, forestry, urban landscaping, sanitation and epidemic prevention. More than 30 kinds of spray machinery series, such as walking, hand-pushing, vehicle-mounted, air-feeding, towing, lifting, etc., with complete functions, complete supporting, high degree of automation control, environmental protection, energy saving and high cost performance. Fenghua Environmental Protection has high automation control, small fog particles, uniform atomization, high spray range, long range, wide spray width, remote control system control, high-point spray, safe and convenient use, low noise, high work efficiency and environmental protection. Energy saving, water saving and high cost performance.

Fenghua Environmental Protection will continue to move towards the sustainable and healthy development of the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry, continuously adjust the industrial structure, optimize product quality, and contribute to the supply-side reform of the atmospheric treatment equipment manufacturing industry.

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Wood floor or tile? Which one do you have an idea? okorder

Floor or tile? Which is better? Not only look at your own home improvement needs, but also can be used according to the requirements of different regions. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom are all tiled on the wall, and the bedroom and living room floor are paved with wooden flooring to give play to the advantages of both.

Several reasons to love wood flooring

The natural wood gives a natural texture, comfortable and beautiful, there is so-called ‘ Upper grade ‘advantages. If the living room is paved with wooden flooring, not only the foot feels comfortable, but also can greatly reduce the impact sound on the floor, so that the room is warm and quiet.

wooden floor is more ‘gentle’, if the family has old people, children fall, wooden mats are not easy to go, causing too much damage, but if it is a tile, it will It fell more seriously.

wood floor defects

wood flooring is good-looking, but it requires more care. The wooden floor is greatly affected by the weather and moderately. It is easy to be deformed and uplifted after flooding; it needs regular waxing maintenance; it is easy to be scratched by sharp objects; the composite wood floor has formaldehyde release; it has shorter service life than the tiled wood floor. .

Preference for ceramic tiles

There are several obvious advantages of ceramic tiles: easy maintenance, easy maintenance, and not easy to hide. No air pollutants, long service life, generally not scratched, uplifted, etc. If you are more convenient, choose a magnetic ring. The size of the tiles is also very rich, and the effect of the decoration is comparable to that of the wooden floor. It is easy to handle, just sweep it and wipe it clean.

Several defects in tiles

The comfort of the tiles is poor, cold and cold, and the feet feel hard and hard. Not warm enough; thermal insulation is also poor; tile paving is complicated, construction is cumbersome; slippery in the wet season.

Compared with the characteristics of wooden floors and ceramic tiles, I believe that everyone has more understanding of them. When choosing home, the choice of floor tile materials is a key project. As the two major floor materials on the market, wood flooring and ceramic tiles have their own advantages.

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Why is the floor quality product difficult to find? Quality can not only look at the logo okorder

Recently, some wood flooring products were marked as superior products on the floor quality inspection report issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021721401010.jpg”>

Why is the floor superior? Quality can’t just look at the logo

The price of flooring is very expensive.

Published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine On the floor quality sampling report, the reporter found that, for example, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (reinforced flooring), only 10 batches of products are marked as superior products, and most of the others are labeled as qualified products. Due to the Spring Festival holiday, most building materials The market has not yet opened for business. The reporter visited several home improvement companies that have opened to see the floor displayed there. According to the floor salesperson, most of their products meet the standard of superior products, but according to industry practice, they are generally marked as qualified products. The relevant national regulations also meet the needs of consumers for environmental protection, psychology, aesthetics, etc. The dragon floor promotion staff introduced that one point of price is divided into goods, and the floor of superior products is selected from the source, processed products, packaging, and related departments. They are all stricter and the price is naturally rising. Floor 610 × 125 × 18mm red sandalwood (iron wire), the general quality of the price is 255 yuan / m2, superior products will be more than 600 yuan / m2. A well-known brand of Zhejiang, the floor said that the superior products in the Nanjing market There are not many people to buy, they will automatically ‘degrade’ as qualified products to cater to the market taste, so that it can quickly move and reduce inventory pressure.

The reporter is still on the phone Interviewed the heads of eight flooring companies in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and six bosses said they would not be the top sellers. The two bosses thought that the stores could show samples. As for whether they can sell, they don’t care. The reporter also understands At the time, consumers are generally unaware of the floor of superior products.

There is little or no risk in the floor market

Li Jiafeng, president of the Association’s Floor Professional Committee, said in an interview with the Express reporter that the floor of superior products is indeed higher than the qualified products in terms of appearance and certain items. Take the blockboard as an example, in terms of appearance and curvature. The national standard has made a strict distinction between superior products and qualified products, and the requirements for superior products are higher. The parts are more demanding.

But why is it better to find better flooring on the market? Li Jiafeng revealed that it is not difficult to make superior products in the flooring industry, but because Some of the requirements are higher than the qualified products. If the problem is nominally ‘excellent product’, once the problem occurs, the relevant departments will not be ruthless if they are punished, which is equivalent to the floor enterprise has to face but give itself ‘land mines’. Li Jiafeng In order to avoid the risk of sampling inspections by functional departments, many manufacturers have always labeled them as qualified products even if they produce products with superior specifications. In addition, the national standard stipulates that there are many differences between the superior and the qualified products in appearance. Few manufacturers are willing to spend their time on this unsatisfactory ‘surface work’. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the floor products in the market do not see superior products.

Floor quality can’t just look at the logo

In the purchase of floor products, consumers look at the labels to find superior products. It is not foolproof. Zhang Xiaoqiang, president of Nanjing Decorative Materials Trade Association, believes that the quality of flooring products is not written by the logos of ‘excellent products’ and ‘qualified products’. Many miscellaneous brand floorings also dare to be labeled as superior products. In fact, they still fail to achieve the quality of qualified products. And texture. Large brand flooring products, even if they are nominally qualified, may actually have reached the level of superior products.

Zhang Xiaoqiang reminded that if the floor meets the standard of superior products, it is definitely better, but consumers should also know how to compare. In addition to looking at the product logo, it is also more credible than the floor brand. In the line of equivalent word-of-mouth, it makes sense for consumers to select good products and superior products. But if consumers are too eager to pursue ‘excellent products’, they must pay attention to the cost and their own economic affordability. In fact, the products of the formal flooring company, as well as the quality products of the big brands, can fully meet the needs of home decoration.

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Wood floor maintenance has a trick to achieve 3 points to win all maintenance methods okorder

Dustproof, shockproof and waterproof are the three-proof functions of the mobile phone we often say. For wood flooring, maintenance needs to do the following ‘three defenses’.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021721461011.jpg”> 1. Protect against strong long-lasting sun exposure to prevent strong long-lasting sun exposure to prevent the paint from being exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time. Prevent aging and cracking in advance. Avoid hot and cold wind blowing and bake the floor of household appliances. 2. Soak the floor with rainwater to prevent rainwater from soaking the floor, prevent overflow in balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Please close the faucet when going out or stopping water; In particular, it should not be in contact with hot water. If it occurs, it should be dried in time. 3. Anti-heavy metal sharps prevent heavy metal sharps, glass tiles, studs and other hard objects from scratching the floor; when moving furniture, it should not be pushed and pulled directly on the floor. Lift and move gently. Frequently moving furniture can be glued to the bottom of the rubber. For consumers to buy wooden flooring, it will look at its stain resistance, water resistance and wear resistance, but the wooden floor is still mainly Need to be carefully cared for.

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