visual inspection equipment has always played an important role

machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, visual inspection equipment has always played an important role in the factory automation system. When it was first developed, it was only used as a substitute for human time. However, with the improvement of skills, the application of machine vision in the production line gradually deepened. Now this skill is The speed and accuracy of identification are comparable to those of the human eye. According to the research institute, the global output of machine vision will exceed $14 billion by 2022. From now on, the key skills in the next few years will include robots, 3D vision, and industry. Sensors, impression processing skills, robotic manipulation software or algorithms, and artificial intelligence skills, among which 3D vision and robots will be the primary. In the early days of visual inspection equipment, Taiwanese manufacturers mostly used machine vision products imported from abroad, and then integrated the system for customer needs. Later, the industrial computer industry was booming. Taiwan-related manufacturers began to focus on the development of machine vision, plus shopping malls for industrial intelligence cameras. With the addition of products such as picture capture equipment and impression processing, and the need for application, visual inspection equipment has grown substantially in terms of skill or application.

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It is a typical solid-state imaging device

CCD is currently the most commonly used image sensor for machine vision inspection systems manufacturers. It integrates photoelectric conversion and charge storage, charge transfer, and signal reading. It is a typical solid-state imaging device. The prominent feature of CCDs is the use of charge as a signal, unlike other devices that use current or voltage as a signal. Such an imaging device forms a charge packet by photoelectric conversion, and then transfers and amplifies the output image signal under the action of a driving pulse. A typical CCD camera consists of an optical lens, timing and sync signal generator, vertical driver, and analog/digital signal processing circuitry. As a functional device, CCD has the advantages of no burn, no hysteresis, low voltage operation and low power consumption compared with vacuum tubes.

2) Lens

Industrial lenses are important imaging components in machine vision systems. If the system wants to fully perform its functions, industrial lenses must be able to meet the requirements.

The telecentric lens selected when detecting the bottle mouth can correct the parallax of the traditional industrial lens, and it can make the image magnification not change within a certain object distance range. The situation that is not on the same surface is a very important application. Due to its unique parallel light path design, the telecentric lens is ideal for high precision machine vision applications.

Fig. 3-1 Comparison of lens shooting effects

3) Light source

Specially customized according to requirements to ensure the best image. The top ring light source provides different angles of illumination, which can highlight the three-dimensional information of the object and effectively solve the diagonal illumination problem. The surrounding surface adopts knurling design to expand the heat dissipation area to ensure the service life of the light source. Different diffusing plates are available depending on the PET preform specifications.

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The system can quickly learn and train all kinds of image defects

machine vision inspection systems manufacturers with binocular bionic eye design for large field of view while having strong recognition capabilities Technical support such as identification and large field of view measurement to meet the testing needs of large industrial products and large industrial castings.

Not only that, in highly automated manufacturing, the 3D machine vision inspection system enables instant online detection of target objects. For example, in the production process of industrial castings, there are various defects in the shape of the casting, such as positional deviation, dimensional difference, and unclear identification. In the automated production line, human eye detection is susceptible to proficiency, resulting in large differences in detection accuracy and efficiency, and high cost of manual inspection. Therefore, companies need better technical methods to achieve automated inspection of production lines.

In response to this problem, Yuyang has developed a casting intelligent defect detection system and achieved remarkable results. The system can quickly learn and train all kinds of image defects of the product, so as to achieve high-precision recognition and judgment, and the KINEYE® 3D vision system has an amazing response speed of 0.3 seconds, which can fully realize online application and greatly improve production efficiency. Compared with the traditional visual technology’s lack of ability to identify complex product defects, the accuracy of Yuyang 3D machine vision system will continue to be optimized as the amount of data increases, enabling full control of production quality data and providing process optimization and process reengineering. Critical data support. In the future, 3D visual quality inspection solutions will fully empower the industry.

Yuyang’s industrial vision solutions for the needs of the new era of industry include high-performance industrial 3D vision inspection hardware and innovative software toolkits. Through the combination of hardware and software, it can cover a wide range of application scenarios and is suitable for industrial application scenarios. At the same time, Yuyang also provides software optimization, enabling customers to develop solutions with lower power consumption, lower cost and more flexible development.
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Greek small apartments have been refurbished to make room for newborns

A young couple from Ceres, Greece hired Normless Architecture Studio to renovate their 115-square-meter apartment to make room for their newborn. The apartment is located in a building from the 1970s in the city centre and does not function as the homeowner needs, leading the architect to design a new layout that separates the public living space from the private bedroom. The resulting design combines the couple’s classic tastes with minimalist aesthetics to provide them with functionality.

The classic herringbone pattern of wood flooring provides a warm texture. The contrasting colors in furniture and materials give a more vivid feel.

The guest bathroom has double sinks and white marble tiles, while the main en suite bathroom features black marble tiles.

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Prefabricated weekend house in Morelos, Mexico

On-site construction takes only a short time, and SOA SolerOrozco Arquitectos takes a different route at the weekend holiday home in Morelos, Mexico. Casa Molina is a prefabricated, off-site structure that is transported by truck to the appropriate land. The structure in the workshop has been completed, as well as light roofing, electrical, partial piping, and preliminary decoration of the floors, walls and ceilings in the bathroom area. When the house was made up, it was laid out by the foundation and prepared for the day of the migration.

The home consists of 7.2m x 2.4m modules for road transport. There are two bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a year-round covered terrace.

Once the modules arrive at the site, they are assembled and the doors and windows are installed. In order to complete this work, exterior stone, as well as bathroom fixtures, lighting and decorative details are added.

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Kitchen that can be used for dining

In a dining kitchen, you can have a mix of furniture, which is a combination of a dining table and a kitchen island. The transition from one to the other can be seamless, or the design can clearly distinguish the two, as in this case.

Another hybrid can combine a kitchen cabinet module with a breakfast table. There are many different ways to do this. For example, this is a very fashionable design. The table has an irregular geometry and is connected to the cabinet, which is an extended counter space.

You can also choose to eat at the breakfast bar instead of at the regular dining table in the kitchen. In this way, you can position this surface at the continuation of the kitchen counter or at a 90 degree angle to form an L-shaped surface.

The kitchen that can be used is very meaningful, especially in a small house with no space. In the context of an open social area, the kitchen and dining area are treated as the same space, giving you more seating and rest space.

In many cases with open social areas, the kitchen island doubles as a dividing line between functions. In this case, adding table extensions to the island doesn’t make much difference, especially if the layout is similar to what you see in this image.

It’s too early to rebuild your home and get rid of the separate dining area and switch to a dining kitchen. Maybe you can simply get a table that you can eat in a similar way to the one you see here, but you can use a variety of other methods, such as a bar.

A lot of kitchen islands with seats have a clear distinction between the design of the counter and the bar, basically you can add a desktop extension later without letting it see Not suitable. This way, almost any type of kitchen can be a dining kitchen.

In some cases, if you can also use the bar as a table, you may feel that it lacks comfort and is not suitable for that particular function. This is a problem mainly related to the height of the table. A better option is that the design in this case is similar to this one.

This is another great way to get the most out of the kitchen: the kitchen island is a separate, self-contained piece of furniture, but there is also a breakfast table/bar that connects it to the cabinet module and is also a space divider .

Maybe you are not the kind of person who likes to cook regularly or eat family dinners every night. In this case, when a small breakfast bar or kitchen island extension can be done well, it doesn’t make sense to waste space with a large dining table.

If your kitchen has plenty of space and you want an idea dedicated to places for dinner and general dining, you should consider creating a platform with tables, some for tableware and others. Storage and seating of things. Obviously, if this is what you want, you can simply bring your table into the kitchen. The table can be part of the kitchen design (in this case it is true).

Another idea is to extend the counter on the kitchen island enough to create a surface that looks and feels like a table. It may be convenient to place it next to the cooking area.

In some cases, the transition from the kitchen to the dining/dining area is so seamless and natural that you can think of these two functions as A versatile space.

Some people will say that eating in the kitchen is not elegant, but look at this gorgeous marble island with its sophisticated and sophisticated design. This is one of the kitchens we can think of.

The idea of ​​having a dining kitchen brings many benefits. One of them is that you can choose some very beautiful and elegant chairs to match your kitchen island/table.

The table is cleverly integrated into the design of the kitchen island in a variety of ways. For example, this contemporary work has a contrasting and asymmetrical layout.

When a mixture is involved, such as a kitchen island, which is also a table, one of these two functions tends to outperform the other, making it difficult to achieve a perfect balance. But then again, why are you trying at time?

The built-in LED strips bring futuristic and glamorous look to this minimalist and sculptural kitchen island. They also help to highlight the form and the fact that the counter can also be used as a table.

Many of us don’t feel the need for a full-size dining area, so a small surface like this is more than enough. This is actually a very useful and versatile feature, especially for family homes. This table can also be used as a home work station.

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The most amazing modern pedestrian bridge in the world

Completed in June 2018, this “Golden Bridge” was built in less than a year, and the original design was created by TA Landscape Architecture. You can find this magical bridge in the mountains above Da Nang, Vietnam. Located at 1,400 meters above sea level, it is supported by a pair of huge hands and looks like it is carved from large stones and has a weathered surface. The bridge is 150 metres long and offers uninterrupted views of the entire mountain.

This is a very special bridge that allows you to walk across the water, reminiscent of the biblical story, and how Moses split the Red Sea. The bridge was built because it is located in Halsteren, a line of defense consisting of a series of fortresses dating back to the 17th century. Of course, the bridge arched above the moat is not suitable for such an area, so RO&AD Architecten created this invisible bridge, which blends in with the landscape. The bridge is entirely made of Accoya wood and is water resistant.

The Claude Bernard overpass is about 100 meters long and is not only a beautiful and modern bridge, but also a symbol of unity in the 19th district of Paris, France. Designed and built by DVVD EngineersArchitects Designers, the bridge is exceptionally challenging. The arched wood structure is connected to the urban development zone, with a refined design and geometric shape, a very continuous and smooth appearance, and the use of sophisticated digital tools to create metal frames.

The spiral bridge is great during the day, you can admire its sculpture, double helix twisted design, but wait until you see these tubes at night with LED lights illuminate. This is a pedestrian bridge designed to cross the Singapore River. It was designed and built after the international design competition held in 2006 by Cox Architecture and Architects 61. The roof of the bridge is made of glass and perforated steel.

Designed by Vaumm, this pedestrian bridge in Spain blends in with the surroundings. In other words, the bridge’s mirror-polished aluminum cladding reflects the surrounding environment, allowing it to disappear into the city, which makes the structure so special. The design is fun and fun, blurs all boundaries and looks very futuristic. If you have been in this area, please pay attention to this awesome bridge, because if you are not careful, you can easily miss it.

This beautiful golden ribbon welcomes people to the historic city centre of Tiel, the Netherlands. Known as the golden garland, this bridge has a very smooth and elegant design that traverses the water diagonally and gently descends onto the grass slope, seamlessly addressing the difference in height between the two banks. Designed by wUrck, it has a concrete base and a steel fence painted in bright yellow.

The Lucky Knot Bridge from Changsha, China, was named “one of the most striking bridges” by CNN, thanks to the unique design created by NEXTArchitects. The bridge is 185 meters long and 24 meters high, connecting multiple layers of different heights, including river banks, roads and parks. The design is eye-catching, fascinating and practical, inspired by the Mobius ring principle and Chinese knot art.

Workshop Mark ThomasArchitects was commissioned to build a bridge in the canopy of the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa. The project required a lot of planning and required minimal damage to it. There were no trees felled during this process. The bridge features a lightweight steel structure and a slatted timber deck. It squats through the canopy and visitors can enjoy views of the ground more than 12 meters. The bridge is 130 meters long.

The High Trestle Trail Bridge in Madrid, USA, is half a mile long and connects more than 600 miles in central Iowa. It is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the United States. . Developed by RDG Planning&Design, its unique structure is inspired by the history of the region. The bridge mimics the structure of an old mine, such as a tunnel or steel crib. The angle of these steel components makes the bridge look like a time travel tunnel, especially on nights when the blue LED lights are on.

If you look at the bridge from a distance and height, it looks like a traditional Chinese ornamental item. It is S-shaped, usually made of jade, which symbolizes good luck. Designed by ZZHK Architects, Ruyi Bridge connects the urban area and the green landscape on the north side of the intersection of Daya Park in the south and Jiannan Road in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

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New plug wall light

Earlier this year, Humanhome introduced a plug-in light that cleverly bypassed the need for hardwired connections. Now, they have returned with the ODIS wall lamp, a hand-crafted design that combines minimalist style with industrial advantages. The luminaire consists of a round-edged steel frame and an American black walnut insert that instantly glows warm when illuminated. The ODIS wall light has a plug-in design that allows you to mount it anywhere close to the socket, making life easier.

ODIS is available in white or black and is equipped with a braided rope made in the USA. The brass wire tension is machined to keep the rope against the wall. The 15-foot rope is supplied in length enough for placement and is equipped with an on/off foot switch for easy opening and closing.

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Amazing container houses around the world

One of the most encouraging projects related to the storage of container homes is the collaboration between Cocoon Modules in Athens, Greece, and Coco-Mat, a high quality mattress manufacturer. Together, the two companies came up with a plan to design and build an easy-to-build prototype house that is cheaper, more modular than prefabricated structures, and tailored to the user’s needs for comfort, privacy and aesthetics.

The resulting container houses are modern and stylish, with bright interiors, sustainable buildings and environmentally friendly pieces. In addition, it can be shipped to any location. The project generally promotes environmental design but is also designed to respond to the specific needs of modern nomads. This structure has many possible uses. There is a bathroom inside, a social area with sliding glass doors and a sleeping area.

This container house was designed and built by PoteetArchitects for a client living in San Antonio, USA, on a former industrial site. The customer was curious and excited about the experiment in transporting the container, so the architect tried to keep the design of the new house as realistic as possible.

One of the main goals of the project is to create a sustainable structure, which is why customers first choose to recycle a container. The transformation of the house is spectacular, with large windows and sliding glass doors to ensure that the interior is closely connected to the surroundings, such as the garden. The deck acts as a connector between the two areas.

The green roof is a very cool feature. It helps this freight container module blend into its lush environment. Another nice design feature is the use of bamboo plywood linings to spray foam insulation. Moreover, we like containers with this steel-like blue appearance, which helps to maintain their industrial appearance.

Of course, you don’t have to be limited to one container. The RDP home, designed by architect Daniel Moreno Flores in collaboration with Sebastian Calero, is quite complex for container houses. It consists of seven 20-foot containers and one 40-foot container. Architects and their customers agree to preserve the worn and weathered appearance of the container to simplify the design and give the house an industrial look.

The project is quite complex, but it is easier and faster than building a traditional home. There are a total of four construction phases. First pour the concrete foundation and then position the container. The third phase involves the installation of steel beams between containers designed to support the roof system. Finally, a series of pulleys and tension cables were installed, which were used to support the auxiliary roof system and the glass wall that connects the containers. So you see, the container house plan and all the related things can be complicated.

One of the most important things for container houses is that they promote and encourage freedom to live anywhere, and can do it in style. To this point. Architect TY Kelley built his own container house and did a great job to make it look stylish and modern. The house is small but very distinctive. It has a bedroom, a bathroom floor plan, a glass back facade, lots of handcrafted features and cool detailing, including an outdoor shower, wood stove and vibrant colours.

When you have this freedom to really participate in the design of your container floor plan and basically place the structure wherever you want, you can get a lot of detail creativity. For example, Backcou y designed this very cool transport container house, which can also be used as a workshop, and has a small roof terrace with a very small gold court. Of course, there are more. The spatialization of the interior design allows many functions to be packaged in a very small area.

The prototype of the container building designed by MB Architecture was completed in 2009. It is an artist studio located in Amagansett, New York. The studio consists of four containers and is called the Insta House. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and a living room. The entire structure takes only eight weeks to complete, while the other day is installed on site. The project received the American Institute of Architects Chapter Architecture Honor Award. Structures like this can now be purchased and installed throughout the United States.

If you want to experience living in a container home, you can rent a Containment house in Saugerties, New York. This is a charming cabin housed in a container. Inside, there is a lounge area with a wood stove and a comfortable sofa bed, a kitchenette with all the basic appliances and features, and lots of cool features like a writing desk, phonograph, yoga platform, hot tub, and even outside. A hammock and a fire pit.

In 2010, James & Mau completed a 190 square meter L-shaped plan container house. The house is divided into two structures. On the first floor there is a living area and an open plan kitchen, and the home office and bedroom suite are located upstairs. Both structures are very popular and have stylish and modern interiors and décor.

The interior and exterior design of this container house is quite different. The exterior has a strong industrial atmosphere, and the interior does not imply this style in any way. In addition, the color tone is also very interesting. The exterior of the house is blue and has the appearance of a typical shipping container. The ground floor room has a glass surface that opens towards the landscape and the surrounding environment, while the upper level is more private with small, horizontal windows.

There is a rather unusual house designed by María José Trejos in Escazu, Costa Rica. This project has a few interestingthing. First, the house was built with recycled containers. Another unusual element is the cedar tree that grows through the deck. This happens because the house is actually built around the tree, and it is designed to follow the plan so that every room can see the tree.

Materials used in the project are especially important. The main goal is to ensure minimal environmental impact and is the same as design, as it relates to materials and energy-saving systems throughout. The focus is on renewable, reusable and recyclable materials, so choose to use containers. They must also be durable and low maintenance. The house features wooden surfaces, concrete floors and a range of bamboo elements. In addition, there is a rainwater harvesting system for irrigation, where solar panels are installed on the roof of the house.

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