How do domestic coating companies compete for high-end market in the crack?

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Paint is not commonly used by people However, it is an indispensable building material for home decoration, or it can be used on walls or furniture, so the environmental standards of coatings have become the focus of consumers. However, looking at the paint brands in the domestic market, the level is uneven, there are still many problems. In the future development, the capture of the high-end market must be an inevitable development trend of the paint industry.

The current waterborne coatings have been favored by more and more people, and the comprehensive properties, fullness, film hardness, abrasion resistance, service life and color formula of the waterborne coatings are all To have a higher level, that is, advanced products in water-based paints, advanced products also have higher requirements in terms of production cost and technology, which have always been a concern in the industry.

And for advanced water-based coating products, the equipment and technical level of the smaller-scale enterprises are still not up to standard, and only a few companies in China can produce them. However, in the future development, high-end coatings must be a major development trend. How to seize this market will be a big problem related to the success or failure of enterprises.

Consumer demand growth promotes the development of high-end water-based coatings

In the morning, we will see people exercising, and there will always be many people stopping at the market stalls marked with green food. It is the social reality. People’s living standards have improved, and their attention to health and other issues has increased. People’s needs in living and living have also been reflected. Although the paint is not commonly used by people, it is an indispensable building material for home decoration, or it can be used on walls or furniture. Traditional paints contain high volatile chemicals, which are very good for people’s health. The big threat, so many consumers often spend a lot of money to buy paint, which shows that people’s consciousness is changing. Because water-based paints use water as a solvent, they are rare, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odorless, and have become more and more popular in the market.

In 2018, changes in China’s national policies will have a greater impact on the industry. According to Xiaobian, the state has corresponding regulations and standards for each industry, as well as coatings. From architectural coatings to wood coatings to industrial coatings, each department has corresponding standards to regulate the market.

The introduction of coating standard regulations not only regulates the industry market, but also improves the overall quality of coating products. At the same time, it also has clearer regulations on volatile hazardous substances in coatings. For example, on October 1, 2010, the “GB24613-2009 Limits for Hazardous Materials in Toy Coatings” was officially implemented. The total lead content, volatile organic compounds (VOC), benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, etc. were clearly defined. The regulations, and the introduction of these standards, can also promote the development of the specification of the toy coatings market.

Industry reshuffle: How do domestic coating enterprises compete for high-end coatings market

Speaking of industry reshuffle, it is necessary to talk about the situation of China’s coatings market, from China’s 7,754,400 tons in 2009. In terms of output, China’s coatings industry seems to have developed very well, but people in the industry know that although China’s coatings industry has large output, its product level is uneven, and the scale of enterprises is relatively small. There are only a handful of real large enterprises. Types also tend to be in the middle and lower levels, and the real high-end coating market share is still in the hands of foreign brands.

However, with the development of society, coating products with high performance will naturally be loved by consumers, and the market space for these products will also become larger and larger, and products with poor product performance will naturally Will be eliminated by the market.

Chinese coatings companies still tend to develop high-end products. Industry insiders have also said that many domestic coating companies also have the ability to develop and produce high-end coatings, but it depends on whether they have the courage to go abroad. The company is going to compete in this market and play its own brand in the high-end coatings field. Since the high-end coatings market is a trend in the future, domestic companies must have their own high-end coating products. Xiaobian hopes that under the baptism of the industry, more and more enterprises will have better development opportunities.

In life, paints play a great "ownership" for many industries "growth and color", of course, the development of China’s coatings industry has been very large, since 2009 Since the beginning of the year, production has leapt to the top in the world. However, China’s coatings industry is large but not strong. This is because China’s coatings companies still have a large gap with coatings technology and high-end raw materials supply. This is the crux of China’s coatings industry. In the future coating industry, the high-end market is an inevitable development trend of the entire coatings industry. This requires more attention from local companies, and continues to develop the technical level of coatings, allowing China to enter the ranks of coatings.

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You can also have a high-quality water purifier: brand water purifier purchase strategy

Now the water purifier has become a must-have artifact for the family, but there are so many brands of water purifiers. I think everyone is guilty of purchasing the water purifier brand. Then, Xiaobian will introduce some brands to everyone. Water-selling tips, hurry to collect!

First, the selection of water purifiers

First of all, the first point to pay attention to when purchasing is whether the water purifier contains a nanofiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis membrane. Because of the complicated water environment in China, the water in the home is rich in water and scale and heavy metals, and the water also contains bacteria. Harmful substances such as viruses, and the use of nanofiltration membranes or permeable membranes can filter these harmful substances to achieve the effect of drinking water directly, but some microfiltration and ultrafiltration water purifiers cannot filter these harmful substances at all.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water purifier is a barrelless design. Because of the long use time, the bucket is easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria, and the barrelless design can better avoid this situation because it can Filter out fresh, pure water at any time, and avoid buckets occupying room space.

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water purifier saves water, because the purifier is used at a high rate. If the water is treated, there is too much waste water and too little pure water, the purpose of saving water resources cannot be achieved. Sometimes it seems that there is not much water to be wasted, but it will accumulate in long-term use, so everyone should pay attention!

Second, the correct use of water purifiers

1. The water purifier is deactivated for a long time (more than 3 days), when it is turned on again, you need to rinse the water purifier for 5 minutes before you can Normal use of water purifiers to produce water.

2. When the water purifier has a poor water quality, water volume and water volume, please cut off the water source of the water purifier immediately, contact the after-sales service or find a professional. It cannot be disassembled by itself.

3. The longer the water purifier is used, the more water is produced, and the life of the filter element will be shortened accordingly. To avoid secondary pollution and prevent water purifier failure, please reach the life of the filter. Replace the filter before.

4. Clean the water purifier filter once every time. The cycle of cleaning is related to local water quality, usually about 30 days.

5. On the scale problem, many consumers responded to the installation of water purifiers and scales, and that the water purifiers have a role to play, especially in rural areas. Because most of the rural use is groundwater, there is more scale. I am here again to remind everyone to go to scale, please buy a double water purifier or RO reverse osmosis water purifier. Ultrafiltration water purifiers are not capable of removing scale. The inability to remove scale is not a problem with the quality of the water purifier, but some water purifiers themselves cannot remove scale.

6. In some areas where water pollution is serious, it is recommended that you use a combination of water purifiers instead of just purchasing one type of water purifier, otherwise the life of the household water purifier filter will be greatly reduced and the net The life of the water.

Finally, remind everyone to try to buy a big brand of word of mouth, so as to avoid problems in the later water purifier.

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Inferior floor smells pungent

The new home decoration for Ms. Hu has been plagued by the pungent taste of her family for two years. All her family members have been diagnosed with different degrees of respiratory diseases. After many investigations, the roots are on the wooden floor. Recently, Ms. Hu asked the industrial and commercial department for help. Ask the dealer to make a refund.

According to Ms. Hu, once her relatives spent the night at their home, the next morning they were dizzy and unable to get out of bed. Their relatives said that the room smelled too pungent and could not live. His four-year-old grandson is particularly ill, and he has a constant cough. Ms. Hu’s family realized the seriousness of the problem and immediately carried out a comprehensive investigation of the place where the family might smell, removed the door and changed the bed, but the taste was still heavy. Ms. Hu also asked the staff of the indoor air purification to carry out a treatment of the air in the house. The staff worked at home for 4 days and spent nearly 5,000 yuan. After a week, the pungent taste appeared again. Finally, Ms. Hu also contacted the wardrobe dealer and asked him to send someone to dismantle the wardrobe at home. The installation worker said that it might be the reason for the floor. When the installer removed the wooden floor under the wardrobe, the pungent smell suddenly disappeared. It floated up from below. Ms. Hu finally knows where the taste of her family has been plagued for two years.

Nowadays, my family’s health is damaged, and the air has been spent a lot of money. I also have to worry about whether the body will leave any sequelae. Ms. Hu, who is angry, has found a wooden floor dealer to ask for a refund. The wooden floor dealers agreed to first test the removed floor and then process it. The test results showed that the floor was damp and mild, and it was not a quality problem. Ms. Hu lives in a dozen floors and is less likely to get wet. Subsequently, the person in charge of the wooden floor dealer went to Ms. Hu’s home to conduct a field inspection, and he could not stand the taste. Afterwards, he agreed to give compensation. Ms. Hu said that she should at least 10,000 yuan, and the dealers would agree to a maximum of 5,000 yuan.

In the face of the fact that Ms. Hu and her family are ill due to taste, there are other aspects of labor costs, lost time and other losses, industrial and commercial personnel said that 10,000 yuan compensation is not high, and ultimately Ms. Hu retired One step, with a compensation of 9000 yuan for a one-time settlement, at the same time the dealer is responsible for replacing the new wooden floor, the difference is more than a small amount.

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Chengdu Mobile signed and Zhongxing, the Western Zhigu data center officially launched

Today (January 18, 2018), China Mobile Communications Group Sichuan Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Mobile), and Chengdu Hezhongxing Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Wuhou West Zhigu Data Center to build and operate The signing ceremony was held in China Mobile Sichuan Co., Ltd. After the project is put into production, large Internet application companies, large-scale Internet of Things application companies and related government and enterprises will be introduced.

In the era of information explosion, more and more users want to get a faster experience of mobile internet, whether it is video pictures, mobile payment, location services, remote scheduling, mobile music, social activities, mobile games, etc. Rich and colorful mobile Internet applications, as well as smart government, smart medical, intelligent transportation, digital urban management, smart education and other government and service applications, are inseparable from the support of high-speed data centers. At the same time, big data and cloud computing are profoundly changing the various fields of society. All of these network devices, links, exchanges, and the operation, calculation, and storage of big data require a large number of data center rooms. At this time, it is very necessary and feasible to build a high-efficiency, low-energy, and environmentally-friendly data center in the region. The mobile western Zhigu data center was born in Wuhou District, Chengdu.

West Zhigu is located at the northern end of Chengdu Wuhou Industrial Park, on the outside of the Third Ring Road in Chengdu. It is connected to the freight avenue of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. It covers an area of ​​750 mu, with a total construction area of ​​over 1 million square meters and a total investment of nearly 3.3 billion yuan. The park is adjacent to the 1200-acre Southwest Logistics Center, about 5 kilometers from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, about 5 kilometers from the West Railway Station, and about 6 kilometers from the South Railway Station. The logistics is cheap and the traffic is convenient. In addition, the 55-mu comprehensive supporting service facilities planned by the park will provide talented apartments, business hotels, exhibitions, banks, law firms, accounting firms, catering, supermarkets, fitness, leisure and entertainment related services for the enterprises. Investors realize the convenience of all modern life while achieving exclusive use of office space. Up to now, there are 89 enterprises that have built industrial production bases in the park, 51 have been put into operation, and there are about 30,000 employees in the park. Many well-known brands and high-quality enterprises have settled in the park. A group of Fortune 500 companies such as Emerson, DuPont and Taiwan Lianqiang, as well as Sichuan Dazhisheng, Digital China and Rainbow Group, which have important influence in China, have settled in the park.

Data Center Interior

This West The signing ceremony of Zhigu Data Center was highly valued by relevant leaders of Wuhou District and relevant leaders of China Mobile Sichuan Chengdu Branch. They believe that the completion of the construction of the data center of the Wuhou Zhigu Park will greatly contribute to the development of the industry in Wuhou District and even Chengdu, and help the construction of the wisdom Wuhou and the wisdom of Chengdu!

It is understood that the other party in this contract —— and Zhongxing Company belong to a large IDC service cluster. The cluster focuses on data center operation, construction and network access for 16 years; accumulated operational data centers up to 20; investment and construction machine data centers 4; 2017 consultation and construction data centers 2; IDC data center business nationwide 50 Node resource. The cluster is designed to provide Internet companies with secure and worry-free data services. The business segment covers T3+ five-star data center construction, operation, and lifecycle maintenance; high-defense, multi-line, CDN acceleration and other value-added services; secure public cloud, Private cloud (government cloud), hybrid cloud construction, etc., is the first batch of ISP\IDC service providers in China.

Pre-communication survey site map

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What is floor leather? Floor covering and service life

Floor leather (also known as coiled floor), a new type of flooring material, belonging to plastic products, is one of the indispensable floor materials for modern living room decoration, thickness of 1.5 mm or more, wear layer of 0.1 or more, generally Use a flat glass or double coat. The plastic floor leather belongs to the soft floor. It is a floor material produced by the process of coating or calendering on a continuous substrate of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives.

How to shop floor leather

First, first measure the structural size of the room, the measurement should be accurate; then cut the floor leather according to the size. Note that the width of the cut should be slightly larger than the desired width to facilitate overlapping and trimming when laying. The finished floor leather should be placed at room temperature of not less than 15 ° C for about 24 hours to allow the curled portion of the floor leather to be fully stretched to prepare for the final lay. A special adhesive for floor leather applications. The indoor floor should be treated before paving. The first is to clean and remove oil stains or dust sand;

Second, the bulge should be shovel flat, and the depression can be adjusted into a paste with a weight ratio of 1:2 by using 107 glue and cement. Level the spatula and dry it with sandpaper. After the floor is smooth, clean and dry, it can be glued and laid. Gluing is the last step before paving. The tool should be a toothed scraper. When applying glue, apply glue on the floor according to the size of the floor leather, and apply a piece of paving, in this order. At the seam of the leather, a width of 10 cm should be left without glue, so that the seam is finally treated. The glue coated on the local surface can be spread after being touched by hand. When affixing, pay attention to aligning the edge line. When using it, use a long handle to brush out and catch it. Floor joints are generally spliced ​​by overlapping cutting methods, and the width of the overlap is preferably about five centimeters. Use a long steel ruler to align the center of the overlap, cut it with a knife along the ruler, and then remove the cut edge strips (note that there should be two side strips, don’t forget to take the one below), brush with a paint brush Appropriate amount of glue at the seam, and then use the pressure roller to close the seam and compact. The excess glue extruded at the seam should be wiped clean to avoid affecting the appearance. Apply a layer of thin seam along the seam with the joint fluid.

Third, you should also check whether there are bubbles, whether it is flat. If there are air bubbles, the suction air can be inserted into the syringe and then compacted. Finally, use the washing powder to remove the residual rubber marks on the floor leather. If it can’t be removed, wipe it with alcohol. The entire process is completed.

Floor leather · Service life

In fact, it is necessary to maintain the long-term beauty of the floor leather, daily maintenance and maintenance is also very important. First of all, keep the floor clean, no sand, dust and rubbing the floor surface; remove the dirt in time, be careful not to scrub with organic solvents such as acetone, cyclohexanone or concentrated alkali water to prevent the surface color from fading, degumming, cracking or Warp, clean with a detergent or detergent. Clean it with a semi-dry mop on weekdays to prevent dirty water from penetrating into the seam and destroy the bond. In this way, the floor leather is very durable.

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The seven advantages of granite flooring

Now, most of the mansions are made of granite floors, fascinated by their luxurious surface and elegant appearance. This natural stone can be used for floors, walls and countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. It can be used in a variety of rooms as it has the form of tiles. There are many aspects to explain this flooring, which is widely used in home and office spaces.

Advantages and characteristics of granite flooring:

1, elegant appearance: the most advantageous feature of natural stone is its chic and delicate appearance. It can enhance the appearance of the entire home or office.

2, Variety: Granite flooring is available in a huge variety of patterns and colors. Because it is a natural stone, each pattern is unique and unique. It can improve the appearance of the floor by combining different styles and colors.

3, durability: One of the most important advantages of using these tiles is its durability. It is the hardest natural stone known. The floor remains intact even if heavy objects fall. It is generally rare to retain any stains when coffee, juice or other beverages are spilled onto it. It can also be used in high flow areas as it does not cause wear or damage.

4, low maintenance: Because this natural stone is durable, it requires almost no maintenance. The appearance of these floors can be maintained by regularly cleaning it with a wet mop. The gloss of the color and floor surface can be maintained on a periodic basis by applying a sealant.

5, safe and non-allergic: This type of floor is completely safe for people with allergies because it has almost no dirt or dust. In addition, there are anti-slip floor surfaces that can be used to prevent the risk of falling.

6, versatility: the use of these tiles in different areas. It can also be used in hospitals, ticket counters and other areas as it is safe and hygienic.

7, affordable: Granite flooring is more affordable, in most online stores, at a reasonable price ratio. There are many stores that offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

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What precautions should be taken before the construction of the epoxy floor?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170340797.jpg”>

Epoxy floor can be roughly divided into: epoxy grindstone floor Epoxy resin color sand sand floor, epoxy self-leveling floor, epoxy mortar type floor, epoxy resin flat coating type floor.

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Difficulties or opportunities, how does Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang stand on the cusp of the industry?

“Flourishing, but chaotic, the agarwood industry is now facing a best and worst stage.

With the upgrading of consumption, the awareness of national spiritual consumption has risen, and the return of agarwood culture has satisfied the psychological needs of consumers. The market of agarwood is very good. The recovery of the investment market, the rapid development of the industry, the diversification of products and the expansion of the scale of transactions have made the entire agarwood industry regain its vitality. However, the fake goods are rampant, the development of the company is uneven, and the market supervision is weak, but it also pushes the agarwood industry to the forefront.

Crisis and opportunities coexist. Who can establish a standardized business model in this mixed industry, who will be able to kill a bloody way and lead the industry’s next slogan. All successful companies around the world are all.

Hainan Xiangshu agarwood, deep ploughing industry for more than ten years, through standardized base production, product technology innovation, fragrant culture The empowered “three-step strategy” created the first “China Agarwood”, which led the next slogan of the agarwood industry.

staking the land: seize the resources and establish industry barriers

As a typical representative of the resource-based industry, Aquilaria is known as “the gold in the wood, the production resources are precious, and the agarwood The reserves are the core competitiveness of industry practitioners — who has enough high-quality agarwood reserves, who has the right to speak in the industry.

On the one hand, the agarwood tree is extremely demanding on the natural environment. It is mainly distributed near the Tropic of Cancer and south of it. It is a hot, rainy, humid tropical and southern subtropical monsoon climate. In China, Aquilaria is mainly produced in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, and these places have become a must for the Chinese agarwood industry.

On the other hand, the formation of agarwood is the result of nature’s unintentional interaction with time, slow fragrant and low yield, coupled with the market’s awareness of the health benefits of agarwood in recent years. The increasing demand for it makes the aloes wild resources less and less, and the high quality agarwood is increasingly difficult to find.

Under such a background, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang preemptively took Hainan Island as the core, radiating two major producing areas of Guangdong and Guangxi, forming the agarwood planting base circle of the Iron Triangle, and occupying the strategic commanding heights of the industry. Through more than ten years of staking, using the model of self-built planting base + farmer cooperation + research institute, the production chain of the agarwood industry of one sea and two wide has been integrated, and the integration of core resources has been completed.

First of all, Hainan Island, as the first core battlefield of Aquilaria, has irreplaceable strategic significance. Xiangshu Shenxiang takes Hainan as the base camp, and conducts concentrated research on the white wood fragrant tree resources of Hainan Island. Through screening, the best quality white wood fragrant tree seedlings are selected for key cultivation, and their own white wood fragrant tree planting base is established. Now Hainan Xiangshu The agarwood base that was planted by Aquilaria has spread all over Hainan Island and has been enriching its own resource reserves.

Secondly, for Hainan’s local family-type agarwood growers, Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood adopts a cooperative model to integrate these small and beautiful agarwood resources.

Finally, through the exploration of the scale of agarwood production in Hainan Island for more than ten years, Xiangshu Shenxiang will extend the mature development model of “company + base + cooperative + farmers” to Guangdong and Guangxi for replication and expansion. And from the selection of seedling & rarr; standard planting & rarr; scientific research, production and processing & rarr; health tourism & rarr; product sales throughout the industry chain to upgrade.

Nowadays, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang already owns the largest and best quality agarwood planting base in China, and has completed the core resource reserve in the world and established its own unshakable industrial barriers. .

Extreme innovation: research and development of product technology, layout of a large health market

Since ancient times, agarwood has been an important medicinal material in the prescription of Chinese medicine, and its medical value is extremely high. However, as they enter the modern society, people realize the value of agarwood, and exploit the wild agarwood, which leads to the increasingly rare agarwood, and the rising value of the water, making the application of agarwood in medicine gradually reduced.

The demand for agarwood medicine is strong, but the agarwood that meets the medicinal standards is getting less and less, despite the industry facing With such a dilemma, Xiangshu Aquilaria still faces the difficulties and rebounds. It not only re-enters the medicinal agarwood market, but also participates in the revision of the national Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition, the national forestry industry “Agarwood”, Hainan Province “The agarwood quality grade” local standards and other standards have been developed, but also entered the field of big health.

The biggest pain point in the agarwood industry has always been the improvement of the incense technology. The traditional natural way of aroma can not guarantee the standardized industrial production of agarwood, making the commercial development of agarwood always tepid.

is both a challenge and an opportunity. Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang actively seeks change, seeks cooperation with national scientific research institutions, and overcomes the problem of fragrant incense through research and development techniques, and finally realizes the standardization, scale and industrialization of agarwood production.

It takes 8-10 years for the white wood to grow from planting to fragrant, in order to really gain. The scientific aroma technology of Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood has greatly improved the quality of the aroma production. This industrialization upgrade has greatly broadened the operation space of Hainan Xiangshu Aquilaria in the business model.

After the fragrant technology was solved, on the one hand, the production of agarwood began to enter a virtuous circle, and the supply chain entered the routine. The agarwood produced by Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood entered the Chinese medicine market with high quality standards and became a domestic Well-known medicineLong-term supplier of agarwood Chinese herbal medicine.

On the other hand, as the quality of agarwood is improved, its effectiveness is greatly enhanced. Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood extends its tentacles to the big health field ——Starting from the long-standing aromatherapy, the French top cosmetics and perfumes are the highest standards, and the products are mainly aromatherapy, including essential oils, incense, and car. And portable USB incense and so on.

In addition, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang has also actively expanded its cooperation with Hainan’s local scenic spots to create high-end tourism gifts in Hainan and develop Hainan’s signature handwritten letters. In the future, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang will also develop more new products involving big health, tourism and cultural and creative.

In order to scientifically develop and improve the product industry chain, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang invested a lot of financial and material resources, and at home and abroad. Well-known scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning have comprehensive cooperation, both in product development and scientific research, are at the forefront. Xiangshu Shenxiang is also well-received, such as Hainan Province’s top ten independent enterprises, Hainan Science and Technology Awards, and Hainan Province’s leading enterprises in science and technology innovation. And its agarwood series products have been rated as the Boao Forum for Asia for three consecutive years, and won the praise of the leaders of various countries.

Cultural Empowerment: Passing the Fragrance and Creating the First Brand of Agarwood

The fragrance culture of China has a long history and is vast, and the agarwood culture plays a pivotal role.

The formation and growth process of agarwood and the role that modernity has been developed actually contain many Confucian and Taoist ideas in ancient China, and this embodiment has transcended the value brought by Agarwood itself. .

For example, agarwood must undergo trauma to form agarwood, whether external or internal, which is a prerequisite. Just like people nowadays, you must have a wealth of experience, whether it is frustration or pain, to grow and mature. Many Taoist masters, masters of Buddhism and Ascots like to smoke and burn incense in the meditation and enlightenment to reach the realm of the gods and distractions. This is also the embodiment of agarwood in spiritual values.

Comprehend the incense and benefit from the incense. In the creation of the agarwood culture, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang has stepped out of its own road of creation.

With the revival of the agarwood culture, the local government actively promoted and built a Hainan’s largest agarwood culture industrial park in Yanfeng Town, Haikou. The park brings together the outstanding agarwood products from Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Southeast Asia. In the Agarwood Cultural Experience Center, it displays a series of agarwood products from Xiangshu Shenxiang Company. At the same time, it will provide aromatherapy, fragrant performance and colorful agarwood. The combination of cultures creates Hainan Xiangshu Aloes Ecological Industrial Zone, which combines health, well-being, leisure and high-grade.

In addition to leisure, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang invites local friends and poets to the Aloes Culture Hall. In the middle, the poetry and literary recital will be held, and the aroma will be used to make a fuss.

The display and dissemination of the agarwood culture requires a professional fragrant artist to perform, and Hainan Xiangshu Aquilaria also has an original system in professional training. In 2016, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang organized a large-scale fragrance artist training program for the whole country. While inheriting the traditional Chinese fragrant culture, it also trained more than 300 outstanding fragrant artists. These excellent fragrant artist resources have finally become the core strength of Hainan Xiangshu Aquilaria on the cultural journey.

Culture is the most effective way to demonstrate the value of a company’s brand. Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang knows its roots. The troubled agarwood industry, in addition to the lack of an industry standard, lacks a voice that leads everyone, and Hainan Xiangshu agarwood has been making its own voice through its own way.


The most moving place of agarwood is its “sinking”, which contains calm and restrained qualities. In fact, whether it is to do business or to spread culture, it is necessary to “slow the temperament & mdash;— In the agarwood industry, which is immature and needs time to test, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang goes very step by step. “Stable, it is not necessarily the fastest one, but it must be the one that goes the furthest. .

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How does the KAA platform make money? KAA’s business model?

Korean KAA Business Model

Platform Mechanism

KAA Token

Token: KAA can be used as a digging in addition to trading with mainstream currencies. Mine awards, dividends, gift rewards, wealth management investments, commodity redemption, voting on the currency, etc.

Hosting Selection

The anchor submission data review is completed by —— completing the corresponding course tasks in the platform ——

Fans vote for the main broadcast, and the number of votes reached the top fifteen—— the anchor can successfully open the live broadcast room.

Anchor Broker and Earnings

Fans voted for the main broadcast and successfully opened the live room After that, become the anchor of the “broker,” brokers can enjoy 10% dividends on the rewards of the anchor.

KAA Direct Video

Token’s Currency Trading

In addition to the mainstream exchanges, KAA will also trade on the embedded exchanges launched by the platform. It can also be consumed in the mall inside the platform, including: physical goods, fan ecology, training courses, financial management strategies, etc.

Repurchase and Destroy

For a large number of rewards, the possible inflation may lead to the depreciation of the KAA currency, and the KAA officially deployed solution. The KAA official will take out 15% of the platform’s profits and use it to regularly repurchase the KAA in circulation and destroy it, and increase the dividend of the user TOKEN to protect the interests of the holder. According to the KAA repurchase model, the difference in the price of the KAA will affect the proportion of the final repurchase in the cycle, which has played a positive role in the stability of the TOKEN price.

KAA’s first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

The source of profit for the KAA platform?

Today we saw that all our income is based on KAA’s profit. basically. So how much money does KAA make? Take one of our sections for example. We will have our own exchange, a general exchange with 50W fans, and 5W people will trade every day. The transaction fee for one day is 100 million yuan. This is the exchange. Pure profit. Will be evenly distributed to our VIP level.

Example: In the first stage, we have a 100W fan exchange fee income of 100 million yuan / day

Achieved VIP1 has 1W people 100 million net income of 3% dividend is 300W then every People can be divided into 300 yuan per day

Achieving VIP2 has 5,000 people with 100 million net income of 5% dividend is 500W, then each person can be divided into 1,000 yuan per day

Achieved VIP3 has 2000 people 10% of the net income of 100 million net income is 1000W, then each person can be divided into 5,000 yuan per day

Achieving VIP4 has 1000% of 100 million net income, 15% of the dividend is 1500W, then each person can be divided into 15,000 yuan per day.

And this is just the income of the exchange, we will also open live awards, voting, purchasing, shopping malls, games in the second stage. Every sector is a big profit margin. Our VIP shareholders can be divided, and KAA will take out 80% of all total revenue. Such a big pattern will surely embrace the world and let us come together to meet the future.

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