Reconstructed multi-level house

Neostudio Architekci took over a multi-level 90square meter房Transformation. The house has five floors and it is difficult to communicate with each other. In addition, the house lacks natural light.

The goal is to bring in as much natural light as possible and mix a large amount of high-quality artificial lighting.
The wall is painted white, and the shiny white paint of the kitchen cabinet helps to bounce the light in the kitchen and dining room.
glass panels replace solid walls and are used to reduce Sound problems, and let the light pass through. On one of the stairs, they installed the shelf, which looks like the stairs support the books and hide the extra lighting.
The bathroom is a bit compact but simple in design, using one type of tile from floor to ceiling.

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Artek recently exhibited the new collection of furniture designed by designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Rectangle and round table sizes, a desk, a wall shelf and a small round shelf.

The chair adds all the necessary parts and textures, legs, armrests, backs and many other expressive details. The design of the table tends to require only a horizontal surface. The design has not changed much over the years, so Bouroullecs decided to develop a new system based on an innovative table leg that can accommodate a variety of desktops of all types and sizes. Their idea was to use wood and curved steel bars to create a powerful support system with symmetrical wings. The same idea applies to wall shelves, it uses only half of wingsComponents as a stand.


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Architectural Kitchenware – Contemporary Kitchenware Collection

launched a new collection of contemporary kitchen pieces inspired by architecture. forminimal composed of fashionable sculptural works with practical functions, you will not want to leave your counter. The collection is made of durable polypropylene, and the surface treatment of the sea shell powder gives it a ceramic texture. They are white or gray.

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Blowing glass by hand brings weird creatures

ArtistScott Bisson Express his love of nature through the eternal blown glass art. He created colorful and whimsical creature sculptures like frogs, geckos, octopuses and snakes. Each has its own characteristics,Bissonin the works through intricate details for them Bring unique qualities.

AlthoughBissonBecome a glass blower already 19years, but his fascination with materials is far more than that. BissonEven from his hometown of Oregon to Murano, Italy to further hone his craft.
For artists, the ability to produce these sculptures is not enough. I have incorporated a small part of myself into every piece of art I created. This is how I bring life to every work,”Bisson writes. He hates restrictions and is proud that he can seize opportunities that other artists may avoid. Skills are a huge raw material that drives and energizes it.

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Modern Falcon Perch

Italian DesignerMassimo FaionAndCarwayThe gallery collaborated on a device called PosaProject, the unique Falcon shelf will be 2015 Part of the Dubai Design Day of the year, including live Falcon performances.

FaionAdding his own modern rotation to the classic training eagle, he has extensively studied the accuracy of the technique Sex. The new interpretation highlights the characteristics of modern materials such as sturdy beech, Italian marble and pure copper components made by Milanese artisans. Each copper element is in De VecchiLabs are plated in pure gold, rose gold, shiny and matt silver.
Every piece in the set is not only functional, they are also elegant sculptural objects that can be self-contained.

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Create your own Japanese Zen Garden

Architectural StudioTalmon BiranDesigned this garden that allows viewers to rearrange. AROUND ABOUT is a dry landscape installation, inspired by the concept of Japanese Zen Garden. A group of large circular roads were placed in the inner areas of the gravel, which were inspired by agricultural machinery.

When visitors interact with the device, their footprints will disrupt the orderly pattern of gravel. Then, when someone else turns the device in turn, the circular path of the garden returns to its natural state. The purpose of the device is to establish the tension between the existing order and the disorder,Design company explained.
If you want to see these beautiful patterns, you can visit Quebec’s International Garden Festival, festivals until 9month27 is over.

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KYUZO desk accessories collection

Kyuzo Collection is a mixture of all kinds of minimalist designs, by New York designerVisibilityCreate. A wide variety of desk mixes and accessories are designed to provide departmental segmentation through subtle hierarchies.

The focus of various materials used is on the production capacity of each material. The focus is on purity and combinations, including cast iron, aluminum, wood, glass and marble.
Items have specific functions and are suitable for desks. This includes paperweight, which allocates extra space for important documents, a double-layered holder, a bookend, a pen and pencil tray, and a tray with a soft, sloping surface in three sizes. While each item has a fixed function, they are designed to provide flexibility and allow them to be used in a variety of ways.

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Ghent Festival of Lights

As part of the Ghent City Light Festival, from now on2Month1Day, artistKlaus Obermaier正Showcase a dance room, this is an interactive projection mapping and sound device that makes people The house can be twisted according to their movement. Standing in front of the projected display, visitors can swing or swing their arms back and forth, and as the body moves, the exterior of the building changes. Visitors can collapse the building or simulate the look and sound of the wind.

This will be the third lighting festival in Ghent, Belgium. ObermaierJust this year44One ​​of the different lighting artists, in the past few years, the Festival of Lights has welcomed more than one million visitors. The British Guardian previously listed the Ghent Festival as one of the top ten lighting festivals in Europe.

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Mirrored cottage on the beach

A recent unusual scene on the beach in Worthing, England—— A mirrored cottage by local companyECE ArchitectureDesign. They want to create a device that can interact with locals. So they found itCreative ForagerMark SephtonHelp, the team spent six weeks designing and building a typical beach huts structure, and other on the beach The size of the cabin matches.

The team covered the laser-cut mirror acrylic sheet on a wooden panel and applied it across the gap between the sheets Dark gray to help define the shape. The cottage is on a Saturday morning4The point is installed on the beach.

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Chopping board design tips wooden cutting board

Make a wooden chopping board in a simple way, and more interesting is the etching tool. Customize a simple chopping board and experiment with a variety of cute and interesting designs. You can also find this type of design in the store.

This design is not much but definitely a bit unusual of. This is a handmade chopping block,So everything is unique. Price 21USD.

Adding a simple little detail to the wooden cutting board makes it more interesting. This chopping board has two pieces of wood as feet. The exposed texture and the original edge are very commensurate with it. Price 56USD.

This is a sturdy board. It looks huge and heavy,But it also has a stylish and modern look. It can also be used as a cutting board. Price 36USD.

by environmental protection,Can be quickly regenerated bamboo, These cutting boards are shaped like puzzles,so they can put together,Form a larger block. This is an interesting idea. Use them individually or in pairs. Price 40USD.

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