Incredible dog house

Two years ago, a cute abandoned dog was named Steve Minty man found. He is a big fan of the Pixar movie “Flying House Global”, he even named his dog friend Dug. Now, Dughas a wonderful new house for its name. MintyBest friend,Esteban, sign up for himYouTubeSportsSuper-Fan Builds, where they are super fans Build unique items. They decided to Dugbuilt a miniature flying dog house belonging to it, plus a group Balloons——just like in a movie.

Proper ProducerTim BakerAnd his team began to process the wooden frame initially, and magic began to happen. They are dedicated to making every detail, covering the roof of the dog house with wooden shingles, wind vanes, hoses for garden watering. The whole process is really impressive, especially when they are arranging balloons. They created a huge mold that used more than 750a small plastic egg to mimic the real shape. There is even a miniaturized CarlLooking out the window.

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O1 desk of Ukrainian design company ODESD2

Ukrainian Design CompanyODESD2Designed desksO1 is part of their new office furniture collection. This is the first piece of the collection, and many of its features make up a compact piece of furniture.

Pick up the panel to reveal the storage space, which hides the wires of the ugly computer electronics. They use chairsC4 Paired with it, the perfect match between the chair and the table.
This simple design makes it a universal smart choice, which is exactly the desk people are looking for.
They even designed to line up the desks or face each other to form a larger work module as an office.

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Bold and stylish hotel in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a stylish house design? Take a look at Rotterdam, the NetherlandscitizenMHotel. It is designed by the designerRob Wagemansand his team designed them to create a bold luxury World Mobile Citizens. Hotel in BlaakRailway and GeldersepleinDistrict’sBinnenrotteThe market is perfect near the market Business travel and excursions are preferred. When we explore this modern hotel that is full of visual treasures behind each corner, we are enjoying it, this is the target design for this month.

Indoor Falls citizenMThe iconic black and red color scheme is full of fun, Modern furniture offers a sense of luxury and strips away all hidden costs.

Spiral wooden staircase byEeStairsManufacture, consisting of a large number of black and wood elements.
The wooden cladding of the stairs adds a touch of warmth.

Public places provide enough seats so you can talk to others.

Each room has a super large bed under the window.

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Calm home designed for restaurant owners

Jon Mikulic is Newline Design, he just completed the house in the suburb of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, which was designed for local restaurant owners. The original house was built in a corner. Mikulic The task is to design a new family home with work, life, play, and art areas

The design has an additional condition that is combined with the original structure and allows New space and greater flexibility.
The wall is opened to connect the kitchen, living room, dining room and study, and is also connected to the outdoors. It can be seen that the blue sky is a key point in the design.

I like them to use primary colors Mix dark and bright wood.

The new design also includes sleeping areas and bathrooms.

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Soothing acupuncture lounge in Shinjuku, Japan

About Shinjuku, Japan, you will findSUMIYOSHIDOMedical Lounge, a soothing soothing Clinic . Byid incDesign, the interior is set to image a straw house with a fresh mint green wall that looks like a pharmacist cabinet, paying tribute to the history of the middle.

Stacked shelves with open drawers showcase natural samples that allow patients to experience materials and test fragrances.
The furniture uses the same green color to maintain the cohesiveness of the small interior. Tables and benches are places where patients receive counseling.
Lounge Painted in all white, contrasting with the rest of the clinic.

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WRK-SHP table from WORKOF

WorkOf is an independent manufacturer engaged in the sale of original furniture, lighting and decoration. Their philosophy is to encourage independent designers and help them grow while providing a good place to shop.

Design MilkWorked with them to launch a beautiful and unique table. wrk-shpTable is an architectRyan Uptonand designerAiri Isodacommended.
Table made of beautiful maple, steel and glass to make. This is a perfect design presentation, wrk-shpUses classic building materials and transforms them into modern products that are both clever and practical.

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KETTLE BLACK Cafe in Melbourne

Not just a cafe, not a restaurant, MelbourneKettle Black The cafe is a minimalist place hidden in Albert Road. Located next to the skyscraper, the welcoming café combines classic and modern touches.

byStudio You MeDesign, furniture fromDesignByThem , cafe interior with soft oak Neutral tones, hexagonal marble tiles and brass finishes.
Matte black steel fittings give a strong contrast to the light interior, while green tones add a fun touch.
Small details, such as the contrast between brass hooks and warm organic linen, excite the emotions of every moment.

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Artists use fire to create exquisite glass sculptures

Use fire to subtly handle thin glass rods, artistEmily WilliamsCreated an organic life form Exquisite sculptures such as coral, seaweed and jellyfish. The fragile fronds, veins and tentacles show ripples under the projection of light, as if every plant and animal was created by the ocean. Looking at the artist’s work, it is a meticulous process to shape a hard glass rod into an incredibly complex glass mesh.

Williams Since childhood, I have been fascinated by art, science and natural history, thanks in part to the influence of her family. These passions have turned into a long career as an artist using a variety of media such as cast metal, glass and welding to shape physical forms. As her ideas and crafts develop,WilliamsLove the use of hand torches to make glass sculptures. Her recent complex glass sculpture of marine life was subjected to 19The influence of Century Technology illustrations and scientific glass models.

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Cracked Log Light for Recycled Wood

Use only recycled wood, artistDuncan MeerdingUse hisCracked Log lights illuminate the forest. by turning them into a container of light, we can recall our inner connection with nature,He said.

This Tasmanian artist explains,This is emitted from the surface of the cylinder High tactile properties of light and my work reflects the life of the natural world of the senses.
Equipped withLEDlights,Cracked LogLights provide a beautiful warm glow for the forest, as if Mother Nature illuminates herself at night. They can also be used as a table or stool, approximately 400mm high and 400mm width. Price600 USD, this weather-proof lamp can be wired to anywhere, a new rechargeable The battery version is under development.

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Rectangular concrete house

SambadeThe house is a Portuguese house located in the countryside of Peñafiel, Portugal.

The house is wrapped in a thick wall with a concrete surface and a floor-to-ceiling glass panel covering the entire wall. The other floor is below the main floor.
The top floor is the main living area, extending to one side of the slender pool and deck area. The flat roof extends to create an overhanging portion that blocks the outdoor balcony.
An open pavilion-like yard welcomes visitors. A weathered slope leads to the door of the yard.
There is a garden in the yard with a tree in the center. The sides of the yard are lined with glass, bringing more light to the interior while creating an open view.
The corner restaurant can be opened on both sides, bringing a real interior/Outdoor feeling.

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