Osaka’s U-shaped houses open to green landscapes

is a residential project designed by Horibe Associates, surrounded by nature and covering an area of ​​84.64 square meters. Located in the south of Osaka, Japan, the U-shaped house faces the wooded area and grows rice crops nearby, which helps to increase privacy.

The exterior is covered with metal corrugated sheets and roofing, which is sticky and simple.

The home has a U-shaped layout with a private outdoor space in the inner courtyard. It also establishes a connection between the rooms that surround it.

The large windows in the main living area open onto the courtyard with views of the green rice and allow natural light to enter the house.

A tree is planted in the center of the courtyard, and each room has a view of nature.

The main living space with kitchen, living room and dining room is lower than other rooms to increase privacy when relaxing in public spaces.

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