Open the whole house custom furniture franchise store, the bigger the store, the better?

Open a full-custom furniture franchise store. The bigger the store size, the better? For the store area, the brand usually has requirements. With more and more brands joining the custom furniture industry across the border, 500-1000 square meters of storefronts are beginning to emerge. So for franchisees, the bigger the store size, the better?

1. Large-area store display Advantages

Custom furniture brands’ requirements for storefronts are also based on creating a good shopping experience for consumers, which is an immersive marketing model. A storefront with a certain footprint can better display more diverse decoration styles for consumers. This kind of shopping experience often allows consumers to have shopping impulses and bring more benefits to the store.

2, small-area stores reduce the pressure on investors’ funds

Smaller-sized whole-house custom furniture franchise stores, for investors, can reduce their financial pressure. Generally speaking, the larger the store area, the higher the rent, and the larger the area, the more the decoration, model and other expenses will increase. For some franchisees who are short of funds, it is a lot of investment. Like some brand stores on the market, blindly pursuing the store area, there is a large store of 1,000 square meters, but failed to keep up with the staffing and service, resulting in a loss of the store.

In summary, opening a full-custom furniture franchise store does not mean that the larger the storefront, the better. The choice of store area, but also the comprehensive market environment, the flow of people and the funds and other factors to consider, is the best for yourself. However, the area should not be lower than 120 square meters, otherwise it will not bring a better shopping experience to customers.

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