New German National Opera Exercise Hall

The design work of the Opera House in Dusseldorf, the capital of the Federal State of Germany, was taken over by the GMP Design Office, which was founded by Feng Gekang, Marg and a partner in a public-private partnership. Under the project operating mechanism, the city government subsidies were obtained.

A new ballet will be built at the base of the Rheinland railway warehouse in the original historic building of Dusseldorf Steinberg In the rehearsal room, the new building is located on the open space between the heritage-protected building track warehouse and the back of the Copernicus Street house. The building features two ballet halls with standard stage, three small exercise halls with lounges and showers, a treatment room and an apartment unit for exchange students, all of which are available for the Opera House. 50 dancers and 55 ballet school students.

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