Negative ion floor has so many benefits

Negative ion floor

Negative ion floor, simply a floor that can release negative ions. The main component of negative ion oxytocin is a crystal structure, belonging to the trigonal system, and the spatial point group is R3m. It is a typical polar crystal. There is no symmetry center in the crystal R3m point group, and its C axis The positive and negative charges in the direction cannot overlap, and there is no center of symmetry. Therefore, the positive and negative electrodes are formed at both ends of the crystal, and in the absence of an applied electric field, the positive and negative electrodes at both ends do not die, so it is also called “permanent electrode”, that is, the negative ion crystal is A permanent electrification body. The principle is:

negative ion

“permanent electrode” forms an electric field around it, because the positive and negative charges have no symmetry center, and have a dipole moment, And the dipole moments are arranged in the same direction, so that the crystal is highly polarized. This polarization state also exists when the external electric field is “0”, so it is also called “spontaneous polarization”, causing the positive and negative electrodes of the crystal to accumulate charge. The strength of the electric field or the amount of charge depends on the distance between the ions of the dipole moment and the size of the bond angle. Each crystal has its own dipole moment. In general, the permanent electrodes respectively attract the surrounding charge, forming a surface charge layer on the surface, shielding most of the inherent electrode charge, so the crystals without activation are not activated, and the static ion generation ability is very low. (generally 50-100/cm3), when the outside has a slight effect (temperature change or pressure change), the ion spacing and bond angle change, the polarization increases, and the charge of the surface charge layer is released, and the electrode charge The amount is increased, the electric field strength is enhanced, and an obvious charged state is exhibited or a microcurrent is formed in the closed circuit.

The mechanism by which negative ions produce negative ions

When water molecules in the air enter the negative ion field (usually a radius of 10-15 micron spheres), they are immediately permanent ionization. H2O OH-+H+ occurs, because H moves very fast (H+ moves at a rate of 1.8 times that of OH-), quickly moves to the negative electrode of the permanent electrode, absorbs an electron, and becomes H2 dissipates into the air, 2H-+ 2e H2; and OH- forms H3O2-negative ions with additional water molecules.

This change will continue uninterrupted as long as the air humidity is not zero, forming a permanent emission function of negative ions (H3O2-) without causing harmful substances to cause other side effects. Practice has proved that the negative ion is placed in a sealed glass jar, and the partial pressure of hydrogen (H2) in the tank increases with time.

The mechanism of deodorization and odor removal by negative ion oxytocin

Generally, indoor odor and odor are caused by poor ventilation and spoilage equipment, and most of them are harmful to the body. Some are even carcinogenic,

The source is:

(1) Formaldehyde, ammonia, TDI and benzene or other organic volatiles released from the decoration materials; Br />
(2) A variety of organic compounds such as H2S and cooking fumes in toilets and kitchens;

(3) The odor of domestic garbage and other spoilage substances;

(4) smoke odor emitted by smoking.

Negative ion oxytocin deodorization to odor mechanism:

(1) Most of the odors, odors, bacteria, and smoke in the air are positively charged, so they are released. If it is negative, it can be neutralized until it has no charge and settles;

(2) Smoke and harmful gases with oxygen free radicals can be neutralized by negative ions;

( 3) Negative ion sparger forms an electric field around each crystal particle and has a micro current of 0.06 mA. The bacteria and organic matter are decomposed under the action of electric field current;

(4) Some harmful gases are in the shrimp process The reaction occurs to produce low-harm substances.

Therefore, the removal of odor is due to the combination of negative ion coating sedimentation, negative ion neutralization, electric field current decomposition and some chemical reactions.

IV. Mechanism of negative ion irradiance to radiate far-infrared radiation:

Negative ion oxytocin is a far-infrared radiation material that is very beneficial to human health. The preferred wavelength is 9.6μm, while the wavelength of far-infrared rays radiated by negative ion oxytocin is in the range of 2-18μm, and the radiation power is 0.04w/cm2, which is slightly higher than the body’s absorbed radiation power of 0.03w/cm2. The above data can be fully confirmed. The far-infrared rays radiated by the negative ion oxytocin are well coordinated with the human body and can be absorbed by the human body.

V. The mechanism of antibacterial inhibition of negative ion oxytocin:

1. There is a strong electric field of 104-107 v/m around the negative ion material. The bacteria are subjected to an electric field in the electric field and a 0.06 mvA microcurrent formed by the electric field, which is killed or inhibited by its division and proliferation.
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