Mousse held high and became a good brand of healthy sleep system in China

For healthy sleep, mousse is destined to be great.

Thirteen years ago, when people only knew about mattresses, Mousse created a healthy sleep system around the world. Just as Simmons invented mattresses in the world 100 years ago, Mousse redefines The soft bed industry.

Instead of simply producing and selling a healthy sleep system, a healthy sleep system is built with a tailored business model. When Mousse proposed and practice tailor-made, many of the peers still don’t know what tailoring is. In recent years, the custom tide that has arisen in the home field can be said to be a bit of a muse.

When the Internet developed rapidly, Mousse used the “customer-oriented Internet thinking”, which is the traditional marketing-centric and dealer-centric tradition with most manufacturing companies. Thinking, the difference is ten thousand miles.

Not satisfied with being the first in the domestic market. Mousse swept across Australia, Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions. In the process of internationalization, Mousse integrates upstream and downstream resources of healthy sleep industry in developed countries such as Europe, America and Australia. Many companies in Europe, America and Australia are mousse. Do OEM.

The scary thing about mousse is that it not only makes products, but also makes a unique healthy sleep culture. It is popular in multinational companies. “All resources will be exhausted, only culture. Life is endless.

In China, the bedding market is a highly competitive market. There are thousands of large and small enterprises. Mousse was born in such a market environment. Only one thing was done through 13 years —&mdash Create a brand of healthy sleep systems in China. This is a feat of the pioneer.

Redefining the soft bed industry

Wu Xiaobo said a word: inexpensive The times have passed and the new era has begun.

The economic rise of any country has a lot to do with the middle class. China’s current middle class will pay more and more for high-quality life. Everyone has a healthy and good sleep demand. When purchasing bedding products, more and more attention was paid to brand positioning, design concepts, and health and environmental protection factors, which became the performance of the middle class.

In line with the consumption upgrade of the middle class, Musi proposed a healthy sleep system as early as 2004, redefining the soft bed industry. Not only that, but also the concept of personal customization is displayed on the mattress of Mousse.

A healthy sleep requires five cycles from light sleep to deep sleep. Deep sleep depends on the fit of the entire sleep system. In the past 20 years, new shoes have to wear for a while to be more comfortable. Nowadays, the shoes are basically comfortable after wearing them. The core is to customize according to the size of the feet. The same is true for the mattress, which is tailored to the human body structure and characteristics.

The 5th generation of healthy sleep system & mdash;— TS smart healthy sleep system introduced by Mousse is called black technology for sleep. It quickly and accurately captures human data and is deeply matched to the millions of databases in the background. The TS Smart Healthy Sleep System emphasizes a one-on-one world customization experience.

The bedding industry has experienced decades of development. It’s not that there are no custom-made companies, but there are very few that can be justified. Mousse redefines the soft bed industry by tailoring a personal, healthy sleep system.

In addition, Mousse will also release a smart mattress system. With this system, people can automatically debug after lying down, and can measure the person’s sleep state, the number of turns, the heartbeat, the time of deep sleep, and so on.

On the road of global resource integration, Mousse has never stopped. Since the innovative introduction of 3D materials in 2007 to create a fully washable mattress, in 2017, Mousse and Toyota Group introduced a new material space resin. The ball material once again leads the subversive revolution in the material of the bedding industry.

Healthy sleep is a slow industry. Compared with the opponent, the speed of the mousse is the most “slow one.” In order to develop a smart mattress system, Mousse combined with three countries to complete the polishing in four years, and only evolved from birth to now. Five generations of healthy sleep systems.

Yao Jiqing, president of Mousse Bedding, said that Mousse has been focusing on mattresses, pillows and other products for 13 years, focusing on healthy sleep systems.

Creating a Healthy Sleep with Services

In addition to focusing on the product itself, the ultimate service Experience is also an important part of the customer center strategy.

Mousse launched the Golden Butler Service in more than 3,000 stores nationwide. Before the sale, sale and after-sales, customers can enjoy the installation, removal and other services. At present, there are 1000 service teams in the country and more than 800 service vehicles. Every year, Mousse will also present Christmas gifts to customers at Christmas.

This differentiated value-added service not only raises the threshold of competition, but also forms a closed loop of customer experience, which makes Mousse own its own moat and raises the service awareness and standard of the entire industry.

In the bedding market, most of the competitors use “experiential marketing as the main service model. When consumers enter the store, most of the shopping guides guide consumers to experience the comfort level of different mattresses. Achieve sales. However, such an experience does not allow consumers to get more guidance than to let consumers feel the difference between soft and hard.

In the terminal store marketing of Mousse, Mousse service personnel appear as professional consultants to provide customers with a healthy sleep reference. Test comfortable bed data according to different people’s height, weight, age, and sleeping position, scientific guidanceThe feer chooses bedding.

Not only that, but Mousse is surprisingly cut into sleep scenes, through the hotel to complete the experience service of Mousse, thus achieving a new “experiential marketing.”

Mousse’s layout of the heavy assets of the Mousse Hotel, only to integrate the experience process of the mousse products into the hotel service, allowing consumers to complete the mousse products without knowing it. Evaluation.

After the customer enters the hotel, the staff will measure the shoulders and neck of the customer, and according to the customer’s physical condition and sleep habits, send pillows that meet the customer’s physical data and sleep habits.

Guests can enjoy a top-notch sense of sleep at the same price as a star hotel. It is reported that the annual sales of bedding products of Mousse Sleep Hotel reaches 10 million yuan. Most consumers buy orders directly on the second day after the experience. Customer loyalty reaches 99.9%, and the introduction rate is 68%. .

The hotel industry is in the field of heavy assets. Mousse combines its products with the consumption scenes. It not only introduces a brand new sales channel, but also redefines the hotel’s “sleep standard”. Such extreme service and high cost are beyond the reach of most bedding industries.

The elite get the world

Successful brands sell not only products, It is culture.

Since 2009, Mousse has been holding a “sleep culture tour” around the world, striving to explore the sleep patterns of countries through travel, and to create a native sleep exclusively for mousse bedding. culture.

Among them, the six theories laid a solid foundation for the cultural exploration of Muse. Through the eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, nose, body, and mind, everything around them can affect people’s sleep. Mousse also launched the “Nine Roots Aromatherapy Sleeping Series”, holding the world-renowned home furnishing company HOLLANDIA. After three years of research and hundreds of debugging, it finally developed the Derucci sleep-sleeping series suitable for Chinese body and sleep habits.

Mr. Yao Jiqing, the leader of Mousse, said that Europeans live very calmly and have a lot of happiness. They enjoy the slow life, and the industry, technology and brand are doing very well. The slowness here is not inefficient, but slow work. It is this attitude that has given birth to the development of the entire European brand and industry.

In contrast, the Chinese middle class appears to be too busy, not aware of the importance of slow life and sleep, and lacks a healthy way of life. Many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are under great pressure. They realize that they gradually bring pressure to their favorite healthy sports. For example, Apple CEO Cook loves to ride a bicycle, Ma Yun likes to play Tai Chi, Wang Shi likes hiking and rowing, and Yu Liang likes it. Running, Vanke asked the management to participate in the long-distance running competition and incorporate the health of the employees into the assessment indicators.

Yao Jiqing, who has been studying sleep for a long time, reminds entrepreneurs that “sleepers” are more important than IQ and EQ. Emotional intelligence is affected to a certain extent, and sleepers can manage them the day after tomorrow.

For Mousse, to achieve the great mission of letting people sleep better, we must first change people’s attitudes towards life, let people slow down and enjoy good sleep.

There are two important brand activities in the cultural system of Mousse. First, “3.21 World Sleep Day, every year, Mousse will unite with the world’s leading sleep research institutions to hold a sleep culture forum; second, Mousse”, a global sleep culture tour, in addition to inviting superstars, celebrities from all walks of life to hold salons, will also go deep into Europe Countries, lead users to experience the local life and sleep culture.

Since 2009, Mousse“ The global sleep culture tour has been held for seven times, and has gone through 12 countries and 36 cities. In this process, Mousse has passed on the sleep products and brand concept to the world, and through the experience of Western lifestyles, constantly deepen its sleep culture concept.


Say goodbye to the industry’s extensive “bed buying and selling model, mousse with personality Transforming, intelligent and differentiated into a global healthy sleep resource integrator, inciting the 100 billion high-end bedding market, becoming a unicorn for healthy sleep.

Not only that, but Mousse will “healthy sleep” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It truly puts the luxury of “sleeping healthy” into the industry for 13 years and continues to innovate, creating a bedding industry. Another new air outlet.

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