“Matthew effect” is getting worse and stronger, and the whole house is customizing the home industry.

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The tide of listing of custom-made enterprises has caused the differentiation of the whole house customization market. The gap between the large enterprises has made the strong stronger and weaker, and the weaker is getting weaker. In the face of such changes, enterprises are in the capacity, The extension of price, category and space will increase their competitiveness and survive in this troubled world.

One of the big changes: “The Matthew effect is getting worse

If this year is the whole house custom home” Capital Year (this year there are six whole house custom home companies listed) Then, next year will be the whole house custom home “Da Mata effect year.

Big waves, strong, strong, weak, weak, why do you say this?

Because, this year’s unprecedented custom home listing frenzy constitutes a watershed in the development of this industry. Before this year, the competition camp of the entire industry was not very clear. After the listing frenzy, the various camps are basically clear.

In the first camp, the European family, Sophia, Shangpin home, Hao Laike, Zhibang, gold, I, Piano, Canoa, Hundred in the second camp Victory, Marg, Shi Niman, Lauka, Kefan, etc., are distinct.

Revenue is widening the gap, Ou Pai Home is expected to have revenues of more than 10 billion this year, and the annual sales of small-scale brands may be only one or two hundred million; the channel is widening the gap, the European home Sophia moves thousands of specialty stores, while small-scale enterprises may only have one or two hundred specialty stores; single-store sales are widening the gap, and Shangpin’s home delivery with Xinju.com can be sold in an O2O store in Guangzhou. Billion, the sales volume of a single city is widening, and the sales of Europa Home in Beijing for 10 months have exceeded 1 billion … …

These gaps will continue in the new year. Pull up!

Liu Shunping, vice president of marketing of Ou Pai Furniture Group, used “leap-forward” to predict the competitive trend next year when communicating with me. Xin Nimin, chairman of Siniman, used “defective warfare” to describe him as a thin ice. In the face of the competitive situation, Zhang Jian, CEO of Paterson, used the word “Awe” to describe the competitive situation he felt.

The second big change: “There is no non-stop for the encirclement sports”

In the atmosphere of the year of custom first year and this year’s custom-made year, the first and second camps launched a vigorous and vigorous atmosphere. The “enclosure” movement, this campaign will continue until next year.

The ongoing “enclosure” is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Capacity Enclosure.

The enterprises in the first and second camps did not expand their production capacity. Similar to the European, Sophia and Shangpin homes, the production capacity in the southeast and northwest of the country has been completed; similar to the black horses such as Bai Desheng and Marg, the national production capacity has been basically completed; Shi Niman is in the middle this year. In Hubei, the land was purchased and built, and Kefan purchased the land in Anhui.

2. Category enclosure.

Nowadays, there are very few companies that simply make custom cabinets and wardrobes. The cabinets, wardrobes, doors and windows, wooden doors, sofas, mattresses, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, etc. have become a trend, and Europe, Sophia, etc. Extending to the soft outfit, Bai Desheng even began to extend to the floor, and Shi Niman began to extend to the siding.

3. Space enclosure.

extends from a single space to multiple spaces, from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room to the bedroom to the balcony to the balcony, to solve the six space, nine space or even more than ten space solutions extend.

4. Price enclosure.

Sophia’s 799 package, the European-style wardrobe’s 19,800 package, the good Lai Ke’s 16800 package, etc., are all in the price of the place to carry out price enclosure.

Big change: “The whole revolution is on the rise

I have been thinking about a question: What is the next outlet for the whole house customization?

There are several entrances to the current home building industry: real estate, decoration, customization, then, what is the next entrance? Why?

The next entrance is a complete installation. The whole installation is not only the next entrance, but also another air outlet after customization!

Because the whole installation faces the 4 trillion decoration market;

Because, In the logic of installation, the whole house custom home is just one of them;

Because the whole assembly can solve the three low-low pain points of low-order, low-efficiency and low-profit; p>

Because, the whole assembly can solve the consumer’s “time-consuming, labor-intensive, cost-consuming, and costly four pain points;

Because the whole assembly can empower the decoration company for consumption. The real realization of “single bag occupancy creation possible.

Just launched HOMKOO&ltquo; The deputy president of Shangpin Home and the president of Xinju.com, Hu Wei, told me very vividly that for thousands of traditional decoration, the whole cloud is “scheduled” It is better to teach fish than to fish. For countless decoration owners, the whole cloud is “to replace the map with navigation, it is a real realization”, WYSIWYG.

In addition, PINGO Pingo International and other organizations are also sparing no effort to promote the revolution.

My judgment is that from finished products to customization to finishing, it is two great revolutions in China’s home building materials industry and home improvement industry. The first revolution made a differenceThe European revolutionary home, Shangpin home with such an excellent listed company, the second revolution will be similar to the great European giants and the big Shangpin home delivery (the volume may be ten times the current size) such an excellent industry giant.

& ldquo;The trend of consumption, the mighty, smooth, and the reverse!

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