Maintenance of the floor is no longer annoying What is the method of dehumidification of wooden floors?

First, the pepper in addition to the wet method

Applicable space: the living room faces the uncomfortable return to the South, Guangzhou folks have always had a traditional.

Moisture-proof practices: One is to place the dried peppers, which can absorb a certain amount of water, but must always replace the new dried peppers. The other is to place a reliable quality gun, because there is sulfur in the gun, which can not only dehumidify but also remove insects.

Although the effect of the earthwork is good, but the artillery has a safety problem, the public should be more careful when using it. In addition, you can also burn a pot of fire in the room to increase the temperature inside the room, so that the water vapor can not condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity.

Second, the newspaper anti-mildew method

Applicable space: the bedroom is wet, the clothes in the closet are often moldy, what should I do?

Moisture-proof practices: long-term open The door of the closet can be ventilated and mildewed, but there is also a lot of dust. If you put a newspaper on the bottom of the closet, you can even put a newspaper on the inside of the closet. The newspaper absorbs moisture and achieves mildew resistance, and the ink on the newspaper can also deworm.

Newspapers should avoid direct contact with clothing to prevent ink stains.

Third, lime moisture absorption method

Applicable space: kitchen, bedroom lime is a simple and easy to do moisture absorption agent.

Moisture proof: 1 kg of quicklime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air. Put the lime in a wooden box and cover it when the weather is not wet. When the weather is wet, open the cover and do not open the large window to keep the indoor air dry and pleasant.

For the average family, buy 5 to 10 kilograms of lime, in a wooden box or carton, under the closet or in the corner of the house, but be careful not to let the children at home.

Fourth, salt bar mopping method

Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen.

Moisture-proof practices: Salt is also a good dehumidifier, although there is no industrial salt snow melting and ice, so salt is more than enough to deal with the dampness of the home.

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