Maintaining wooden floors with expired milk

Speaking of wooden floor maintenance, housewives must have their own tips for maintenance.

After the milk expires, the taste will become sour, which will increase the lactic acid content of the milk, and lactic acid is a natural detergent that can clean the wooden floor. In addition, the protein box fat contained in the milk can form a protective film on the wooden floor, which not only makes the wooden floor bright and new, but also protects the surface of the wooden floor from being excessively worn or scratched. The grease in the milk is rubbed on the surface of the solid wood floor, and the original color is maintained by the wooden floor, which is not easy to discolor or discolor, and it is not easy to deform the wooden floor.

When wiping the wooden floor, first pour the expired milk into the washbasin, then dilute with twice the amount of water. After smearing the rag and wringing it, you can wipe the wooden floor. If the amount of milk in the expired milk is large, you can wipe the wooden floor with milk once a week.

In fact, in daily life, many daily necessities can play a role in the maintenance of wooden floors. For example, the rice water contains crude fiber, potassium and starch. After one or two rinses, the rice water is weakly acidic, has detergency, and can also clean the wooden floor.

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