Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador to the UK: Abe deceives himself and should go to Lugouqiao to plead guilty

Moderator: There are still many people in the UK who, like Mr. Sike, are treated with the Chinese people on the issue of Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine denying the history of aggression. However, some British people have raised questions about why China and South Korea cannot adopt a so-called forgiveness attitude toward history. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming also gave his answer.

Commentary: Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said that the Chinese nation is a broad-minded nation. We have suffered huge casualties under the Japanese military’s aggression, but the Chinese and Chinese people considered the Japanese people during the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. It is also a victim. For the long-term friendship between China and Japan, the Chinese government decided to abandon the war reparations. Moreover, the leaders of the two countries announced that China and Japan will never fight again. This reflects the Chinese people’s forgiveness to Japan. However, the right-wing forces represented by Abe not only have no reflection on history, but instead beautify the aggression and make people unforgivable.

Liu Xiaoming (Chinese Ambassador to the UK): Japan always has forces. Now it is concentrated in the right-wing forces represented by Abe. They have no reflection on history, and they have to drive backwards to beautify the aggression. For the aggression to turn over the case, visit the Yasukuni Shrine. In the absence of any confession and apology by the Japanese leaders, but also the revision of the peace constitution, how can we seek the forgiveness of the Chinese people and the Korean people? Therefore, I think the first thing to ask the Japanese leader, what are you going to do?

Commentary: Liu Xiaoming also criticized the Japanese ambassador to the United Kingdom for arguing against Japan’s misleading practices of the British people, pointing out that Japan should learn from Germany, seriously reflect and repent, and only then can it win the trust of the world.

Liu Xiaoming: Why do Britain and France forgive Germany? That is because Germany sincerely regrets that the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany was shocked, and the current Prime Minister to the Nazi concentration camp (memorial hall) expressed regret and deep shame, and not long ago, German President Gao Ke wrote to Russian President Putin. Apologize for the Nazi crimes in World War II. If Japanese leaders truly repent and reform like the German leaders, instead of whitewashing aggression, but severing relations with past aggression history and opening a new page, then I think Japan will win the Asian people, just like Germany. The respect and trust of the Chinese people and the international community have returned to the international community.

Commentary: Liu Xiaoming also pointed out that people from all walks of life in the UK still understand China’s position. Many people wrote letters to him and expressed support. Many media in the UK also commented and expressed concern about Abe’s right-handedness. The British ambassador to Japan also delivered a speech, pointing out that to correct the mistakes of the past, we must first understand the mistakes, but Abe seems to have no remorse. He continued to defend the homage at the annual meeting in Davos, saying that the external misunderstanding is very large. Liu Xiaoming pointed out that Abe’s statement is self-deception.

Liu Xiaoming: I think that if he (Abe) really prays for peace and never declares war, I think he should learn from his predecessor, Murayama Tomi, and go to the Lugouqiao Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japan Memorial Hall to swear and swear. Never fight again, or go to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall to confess in good faith, apologize to the Chinese people, apologize to the Korean people, and vow that Japan will no longer take the path of militarism. Japan must always adhere to the path of peaceful development. I think only in this way can he win the trust of the Chinese people, win the trust of the Asian people, and win the trust of the international community.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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