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Where is our model unique? Why is this model used in regional agents and membership? Team leader WeChat: QQ9349146

1, strategic layout required

The existing successful sharing of motorcycles and other companies that are eager to try, the market of this shared motorcycle is in urgent need of development. For Xiaomi, it is not allowed to use traditional methods to seize the market. The unique model first occupied the market and then launched. In the form of regional agency, the network is first sprinkled to every city in the country, and then the membership system is used to absorb the accurate fans, which will lay the foundation for the follow-up large-scale launch.

What is it?

Do you know shared bikes and ofo? If you know, you are close to the answer. What we are doing today is to share a motorcycle, and one more word is “electricity. It does not require manpower to drive the car, but is driven by electricity, the so-called electric car.

What is the difference between it and shared bicycles?

Shared motorcycles have won 7 of the 8 regular comparisons, but they are slightly less expensive, but considering 7 items. Indicators Do you care about the cost of money at this point? The pace of life in today’s society is so fast, fighting for time is to fight for opportunities, and to fight for opportunities is to fight for wealth.

Will the tram be stolen after being placed? Is it damaged?

Still because of the front The phenomenon of stolen and damaged bicycles caused by poor management and the quality of Chinese people is frequent. It is because of the foresight of the car that we are afraid. From the following two points, the hardware and management factors of the car are analyzed and verified.

Second, the management factors

In the early stage, through the regional agency and VIP membership promotion system, a group of loyalists was cultivated. Xiaomi fans, among which there are many members who subscribe to motorcycles, they will actively monitor the use of vehicles because of their interest; regional agents will work harder to manage vehicles because of 6% dividends; those who have not subscribed to motorcycles because of the previous period 365 days of understanding Xiaomi and profit, and will unconsciously supervise the vehicle.

Third, small probabilities are stolen and damaged

The law is sound and there are also individual crimes, so today’s Xiaomi management is perfect and hardware is smart again, and it can’t be avoided. The loss, so to say as much as possible to avoid, but also objectively face, the event of minimal probability is within the company’s controllable range.

The above three points are the solution to the problem after Xiaomi’s launch and the attitude towards the objectively small probability event.

How to solve the problem of charging and replacing the battery after the motorcycle is placed?

Pre-cultivation area agent That is to lay the seeds of hope for the subsequent sharing of motorcycle management, waiting for the seed to grow into a towering tree, the motorcycle began to launch. Regional agents are an important management link that is indispensable for sharing motorcycles. Each motorcycle is equipped with two lithium batteries for easy replacement; the charging company provides a charging box (a lot can be washed at one time); the regional agent needs to recruit employees, and the employee’s salary is provided by the company; the subsequent consumables and electricity costs and house use will be given The corresponding subsidy. In short, the regional agents will not be busy, this is a very simple reason, there is no free pay.

Introduction to motorcycle hardware

The shape of our motorcycle looks like a bicycle. The weight of the motorcycle is close to that of the first car. It has all the functions of a bicycle and has The most important function of the bicycle is that there is no need for manpower to brake the car, as well as mobile phone brackets, GPS positioning, etc. Each car is equipped with two lithium batteries, the tires are solid tires, and each car has insurance, can be on the card . The vehicle complies with the national four standards for motorcycles. The maximum speed is set at 20 kilometers per hour. After all, the electric drive is used to limit the speed of the riders. 2. The rear seats cannot carry people, and the rear seats are loaded. Safety hazards; 3, there are foot scorpions, can continue to ride in the case of insufficient power; 4, each car has insurance, if the car has an accident, it can be solved by insurance, avoiding more personnel dispute. At present, there are many shared motorcycles on the market that have been banned by the traffic control department because they do not meet the national standard.

About the late operation of motorcycles

So far, tens of millions of bicycles have been put on the bicycle. And ofo already have 20 million units. Because they are using the Internet + traditional enterprise, there is no intermediate transition management link, which causes bicycles to be stopped and stolen and stolen and damaged. The disorderly movement affects the appearance of the city, and at the same time causes local traffic jams; stealing and damage cause losses to the enterprise. So how can we avoid this phenomenon with our Xiaomi shared motorcycles today? Even if our motorcycles are in full compliance with national standards and the Ministry of Transport encourages the delivery of documents that meet the national standard motorcycles, It will inevitably cause resentment from the local government, and affect the subsequent release of more vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively stop the chaos, it must have a fixed parking space, and how to ensure that consumers will park according to the parking line?

First, our car is equipped with GPS positioning Whether you parked in the fixed parking line, the system can monitor at any time. If you are not parked in place, then you need to bleed. The money is flowing out of your Alipay or WeChat wallet. It is based on 2 km. computational. Because you don’t stop at a fixed parking space, our staff needs to park this car.To the parking location, it is necessary to cost people, so a certain fee is charged.

Second, we used the regional agents and VIP members who burned the money in the early stage to manage these vehicles from another level. The regional agent is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the vehicles in the region. VIP members know how to use it and precautions after a period of promotion, and also monitor and influence the follow-up behavior of the follow-up consumers. Some VIP members have been motivated by the supervision of this motorcycle.

Third, the problem of theft and malicious damage of the vehicle, because the vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning, it can monitor the operation of each vehicle in real time, so if it does not move normally, the system will automatically alarm and the vehicle will also issue an alarm; The battery is a lithium battery and will be scrapped if it is not taken by a non-worker.

Fourth, the vehicle’s power and cruising range can be monitored at any time in the maintenance and supervision system to more accurately replace the vehicle’s battery; the subsequent battery charging company will provide a charging box (a charging box can be placed a lot) Insert the replaced battery into it.

Sixth, shared car

At present, private cars are experiencing explosive growth in the country, almost one car per car. Private cars give us freedom and a good sense of experience. At the same time, it caused traffic congestion and parking became more and more difficult. Even if it was opened to the destination, it took a long time to find a parking space. The private car that brought us convenience and pleasure became a burden. The reason is Road expansion and the increase in parking spaces will never catch up with the increased speed of vehicles. The road expansion and the increase in parking spaces are limited, but the vehicle can be increased in an unlimited amount, so the concept of sharing the car came into being. With a shared car, the efficiency of a car can be greatly improved. Presumably, in the future, you will get off the plane and use our Xiaomi APP to directly unlock the Xiaomi shared steam at the airport. You can drive away directly. At that time, the rental car market will be replaced by our small shared car. This is the trend, the trend has been eliminated. scale. The ground docking team established through the promotion of the previous Xiaomi shared motorcycle will lay a solid foundation for the sharing of the car. Team leader WeChat: QQ9349146

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