“Lazy people consumption data”, find out

The ability to liberate both hands and bring convenience is favored by young consumers. On December 10, Taobao released “Lazy Consumer Data” (hereinafter referred to as “data”). In 2018, Chinese people spent 16 billion lazy, an increase of 70% compared with last year. Among them, 95 lazy demand grew fastest, with an increase of 82%. .

Consumers of different ages have different needs for labor-saving goods. The data shows that the consumption of Taobao lazy household products has increased by 28% compared with last year. Consumers are mainly after 95, mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and Fujian. After the 70s, consumers tend to buy lazy mops, lazy shoelaces and lazy shoes to avoid bending. This type of consumption is mainly concentrated in Beijing and Anhui.

At the same time, smart devices that save manpower are also increasing rapidly. Lazy artifacts such as automatic washing machine, mopping robot, electric mop, etc. are constantly emerging, and high-tech electronic products capable of solving household problems have a market scale of tens of millions. Data show that in 2018, smart electronic devices grew by more than 30% annually. Smart sweepers increased by 50% year-on-year. Automatic window cleaners increased by 150%. The consumption of kitchen appliances related to diet increased by 81%, and the consumption of lazy food such as hot pot and lazy barbecue increased by 150%.

According to the level of consumption of Taobao lazy people, a “lazy consumption heat map” was formed. The lazy people consume more people in the coastal areas. Except for Hubei, Henan, and Sichuan, the Central Plains has not entered the top ten regions where lazy people consume the most. In addition, the northeast and northwest are areas where lazy people consume relatively low. In addition, the per capita consumption of lazy products in Guangdong ranks first in the country. From the perspective of subdivided age groups, Guangdong’s post-80s and Guangdong’s 90s are the top two in the lazy consumption list.
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