Korean speed skating veteran played in the Olympic Games six times in a row

People’s Daily Online, Seoul, February 11 (Huang Haiyan) At the Sochi Winter Olympics men’s 500m speed skating competition yesterday (South Korea time), South Korean player Li Kui-yu, who played for the sixth time in the Olympic Games, missed another time. Medal, but his spirit of challenge has touched Korean nationals.

Yesterday, Li Kuiyu was ranked 18th with a total of 70 seconds in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and missed the medal. However, the Korean nationals sent warm applause to the contestant who played the Olympic Games six times in a row and did his best to complete the competition. This Olympics is also the last Olympic in his life.

The 36-year-old Li Kui-yu has been participating in the Lillehammer Winter Olympics for the first time since 1994. For 20 years, he has been active on the international stage as a Korean speed skater. He has been in the Olympic speed skating legend for six consecutive years, but unfortunately he has missed the Olympic medal six times in a row.

On the same day, the man who played with him in the 500-meter speed skating 牟 too vanadium also regretted to pass the fourth place with the medal, and then he left the game with a dignified expression. Such a scene is very familiar to veteran Li Kui-yu. He encouraged 牟 too vanadium, “just that today’s state is not good.” It’s already very good to get the 4th grade. He also sent a meaningful sentence to all the younger generations, “Don’t bow”.

The Korean media have praised Li Kui-yu’s perseverance and optimism, saying that his true heart in 20 years is the real medal. As one of the commentators, Jiang Hudong also sent a thank-you to Li Kuiyu after the game.

On the 13th, Li Kui will play the men’s 1000m speed skating, and South Korean netizens cheered for his last battle in the Olympics.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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