Kitchen sliding door glass to be transparent vs matte

Is the kitchen sliding door glass transparent or frosted?
   Is the kitchen sliding door glass transparent or frosted better? We all know that the kitchen glass sliding door has a transparent glass and frosted glass, but which one of the two glasses is better for kitchen sliding doors? Transparent glass is well lit, frosted glass makes the space more private, but both have their own shortcomings, so Xiaobian today tells everyone whether the kitchen sliding glass is transparent or frosted.

  Kitchen transparent glass sliding door

  The advantage of transparent glass sliding door is that the light transmission is good, the glass surface is easier to clean and will not break The overall decor of the kitchen and other places. Nowadays, the house is mostly small, the house space is relatively small, the kitchen space is more narrow, and the transparent glass door in the kitchen will make the home space appear bigger, it will not make people feel depressed and occluded, and the transparent glass will be cooked. I can see the situation of the restaurant and can communicate with my family very well.

  But with the transparent glass sliding door, the kitchen should always be kept clean and tidy, otherwise the dirty kitchen will be unobstructed, it looks very bad, and the transparent glass is very dirty, above A little dirty things will be seen and need to be wiped clean.

  Kitchen frosted glass sliding door

   frosted glass sliding door is now generally double-layered, with two frosted layers inside, outside It is flat, which helps to clean the daily routine. The frosted glass allows the kitchen to form a relatively independent space, which can effectively protect the privacy of the kitchen. Even if the kitchen is not dirty in time, it can be blocked with a frosted glass door. To avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

  But the frosted glass sliding door has poor light transmission. If the kitchen is poorly lit, then the use of frosted glass will make the overall environment look darker. For the kitchen, this environment, It is easy to make people feel too depressed.

   According to the above content, Xiaobian suggested that the kitchen sliding door is best to use transparent glass, so the house lighting is better and better, although it is easy to get dirty, but let us raise Good hygiene practices, regular cleansing, keeping the kitchen clean and healthy, is more conducive to the health and safety of family members.
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