“King Guan Rushui. Wang Zhengying Calligraphy Art Exhibition” was held in the Kaifeng Cultural Living Room

On the morning of October 10th, the National Museum Foundation of China, the Kaifeng Calligraphers Association, the Kaifeng Municipal Association of Calligraphy and Painting, Kaifeng The Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Mingyue Breeze · the Cultural and Art Communication Center of the Four Sides of the Taiwan Strait, hosted by the French Gao & rsquo;s Gallery, the Kaifeng Cultural Living Room, the Central Plains Lanting Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and the “Cheng Guan Rushui · Wang Zhengying Calligraphy Art Exhibition” The Kaifeng Cultural Living Room was grandly opened.

China Dr. Qiao Liang, National Museum Foundation; Mr. Hao Wenzhao, President of China Publishing Yearbook; Professor Li Shiyuan, Cultural and Historian, Macao University of Science and Technology; Ms. Wang Mingqing, Senior Media and Famous Moderator; Li Shihong, Secretary General of Beijing Huaxia Culture Promotion Association Mr. Zhang Ming, a well-known cultural scholar in Singapore; deputy director of the Standing Committee of Kaiyuan City, the famous calligrapher Mr. Wang Guizhi; Mr. Chen Chuanzhi, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC; the former vice president of Henan University, Mr. Guo Tianbang; vice chairman of the Henan Calligraphers Association, Henan Mr. Zhao Zhengan, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the College of Art, Mr. Cheng Chongzheng, Secretary of Kaifeng City Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Mr. Cheng Chongzheng, Chairman of Kaifeng City Calligraphers Association; Mr. Guo Zhangkai, Secretary General of Kaifeng City Federation of Literary and Artists; Chairman of Henan Calligraphers Association, famous Mr. Liu Zhaoying, calligrapher; Mr. Zhao Xiaoan, Chairman of Huangshi City Art Association; Mr. Xu Wei, Secretary General of Zhuhai Printing Association; Mr. Zhang Wei, a young engraver; Mr. and Professor of Music and Dance Academy of Henan Normal University Mr. Duan Xuan; Vice President and Professor of the Art College of Henan Normal University, Mr. Du Xuguang; Dean of the Kaifeng Municipal Association of Calligraphy and Painting, Mr. Guo Xin; Mr. Xie Dongwei, Deputy General Manager of Kaifeng Cultural Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd., and other guests attended the opening ceremony. formula.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Qiao Liang, National Museum Foundation of China, History Professor, Professor Li Shiyuan of Macao University of Science and Technology, senior media person, famous host Ms. Wang Mingqing, vice chairman of Henan Calligraphers Association, secretary of the Party Committee of Henan University Art Academy, and dean Zhao Zhengan delivered speeches respectively! Wang Zhengying thanked him!

Han Moliu Fangyuan, the book is fragrant. Wang Zhengying is a calligraphy talent who grew up from the cultural fertile soil of Kaifeng. He has always had deep feelings for the art of calligraphy. He has been working quietly and hard work in the calligraphy field, and devoted himself to his favorite career. His calligraphy has profound skills, strict rigor, high ancient elegance, vigorous and beautiful, dynamic and static, both form and spirit, and distinct personality. He took the inheritance and the Chinese national civilization as his own responsibility, and formed a unique artistic style, which became a wonderful flower that bloomed in Fucheng.

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