Japanese companies push activities to support Sochi. Players receive gold medals and free face gold.

Japanese business promotion activities support Sochi players to receive gold medals for free face stickers

Image Source: Nikkei Chinese Network

Chinanews.com February 18th, according to “Japan Economic News” According to reports, Japanese beauty companies have started the “Golden Beauty Gold Medal” campaign, and Japanese athletes who won gold medals in Sochi can pay for their faces for free.

This “Support Sochi” campaign lasted until February 24. If the Japanese player wins the gold medal at the Winter Olympics, the service of putting gold foil on his face is provided free of charge. On the second day of the Japanese team’s determination of the gold medal, the Japanese team can make an appointment with any of the 13 stores in Japan. A total of 10 people in all stores will end the day. Even if the Japanese team wins multiple gold medals in one day, it is limited to 10 people for free. It seems interesting to support the player himself to become a gold face.

Putting gold foil on your face will enhance your beauty. In addition to this free event, the average cost is about RMB 3,100.

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