JAL Deputy pilot found that the alcohol content exceeded the standard before taking off. He was sentenced to 10 months.

China News Service, November 30th According to Japanese media reports, a male co-pilot of Japan Airlines was found to have a nine-fold excess of alcohol in the body before the plane took off last month. On the 29th, it was owned by Isleworth, England. The court sentenced him to imprisonment for 10 months.

The report said that 42-year-old Shigawa Kemin was scheduled to fly a JAL flight from London on October 28 to Tokyo’s Haneda. The airport security guard found that he had alcohol on his body, his eyes were sluggish and his position was unstable. After a breath test, he was confirmed to have an alcohol content of 0.93 mg, which is equivalent to 10 times the British standard of 0.09 mg per liter, and was arrested by the British police.

On the 1st of this month, Shigawa Kemin pleaded guilty at the London Magistrates’ Court.

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