Italian government website attacked by the world’s largest hacker organization

[Global Network Reporter Wang Zhantao] According to the French “European Times” reported on November 6, the world’s largest hacker organization “Anonymous” on the 5th published online the stolen Italian government departments, political parties and national archives Sensitive data for the library.

The Italian Agi News Agency said that the data mainly includes the data, name, e-mail and password of the Italian National Research Council staff, as well as the telephone number; the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the official debt collection company Equitalia, the national archives Part of the database of the library information system; in addition to the personal data of the Northern Alliance Party, the Italian Brothers and Democrats.

The report said that the previous “Anonymous” had posted a tweet on Twitter that threatened to bring “Black Week” to Italy. On October 31, the organization first published data on the Internet from several Italian university databases and explained the reasons in an interview with Agi News Agency. “We decided to attack the university because we attach great importance to education and culture. They should be open to everyone. The university is the place to write the future of the country, and it is where we want to aim. We want more young people and college students to get involved in this fight. ”

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