It is alleged that North Korea was once again detained by the United States for the B-52 bomber.

According to South Korean media reports on February 17, the former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director and ambassador to South Korea, Donald · Gregg recently revealed that North Korea recently launched the Air Force B-52 bomber. Annoyed, once again detained the Korean-American Kenneth · 裴 (Korean name Jun Hao) to the labor camp.

The Korean media quoted ABC as saying: “Former Ambassador Gregg was interviewed by the Beijing airport on the way back to China, saying that the First Deputy Minister of the DPRK Foreign Ministry Li Yinghao said &lsquo The Koreans’ genes have memories of the B-29 airstrikes, so the presence of a nuclear-armed B-52 bomber over North Korea is a terrible threat. ”

The US Department of Defense has confirmed the issue of the US-led B-52 bomber mentioned by Greg, but did not disclose specific details and tasks.

Greg, 87, has been on a five-day visit to North Korea since February 10, mainly consulting with the DPRK Foreign Ministry on economic development. Prior to this, in order to discuss the issue of releasing Kenneth · North Korea had invited US Human Rights Ambassador Robert · Kim visited the DPRK but then suddenly canceled the invitation, and Greg’s visit to the DPRK date was with Robert · The visit dates overlapped, so they received much attention from the outside world.

Kenneth &middot, 45, is the father of three children, born in South Korea, immigrated to the United States with his parents and sister in 1985. In the past few years, he has led a tour group consisting mainly of Americans and Canadians to North Korea’s “Special Economic Zone”. In November 2012, he took tourists from the North Korean port of North Hamgyong, and was detained after entering the country. In April last year, the North Korean Supreme Court found him “to engage in anti-war hostile behavior” and sentenced him to 15 years of labor reform.

(Source: China Daily News Xinlian Editor: Liu Hongjie)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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