Intelligent building creative product design: curved glass insulated curtain wall in response to sunshine direction

[Guide] This is a magical product from abroad. Do you know?

  HOK, a building and engineering company, recently launched a curtain wall called “circadian” The curved façade’s building façade responds to the direction of the sun and the 24-hour day.

  Imagine an elliptical floor slab building that offers a much higher inherent strength and wind resistance than a flat glass façade, while still reducing A larger bay window area is provided to support the aluminum mullion, thereby transferring wind loads over the main structural frame.

  The double-layer design of the curtain wall has many benefits, including higher insulation and sound insulation levels and potential solar heat absorption wall effects, which are to warm the building or slow down the cooling load. The automatic sunshade effect (the cavity between the inner and outer layers of the curtain wall ensures clean and maintenance-free) reduces unnecessary glare and reduces radiant heat when sunlight is strong.

   It is reported that the solar and thermal models of the 30-storey building show that the “Biology Clock” curtain wall can reduce building energy use by 16%, peak cooling load by 24%, and peak heat load by 27%. %.


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