Inferior floor smells pungent

The new home decoration for Ms. Hu has been plagued by the pungent taste of her family for two years. All her family members have been diagnosed with different degrees of respiratory diseases. After many investigations, the roots are on the wooden floor. Recently, Ms. Hu asked the industrial and commercial department for help. Ask the dealer to make a refund.

According to Ms. Hu, once her relatives spent the night at their home, the next morning they were dizzy and unable to get out of bed. Their relatives said that the room smelled too pungent and could not live. His four-year-old grandson is particularly ill, and he has a constant cough. Ms. Hu’s family realized the seriousness of the problem and immediately carried out a comprehensive investigation of the place where the family might smell, removed the door and changed the bed, but the taste was still heavy. Ms. Hu also asked the staff of the indoor air purification to carry out a treatment of the air in the house. The staff worked at home for 4 days and spent nearly 5,000 yuan. After a week, the pungent taste appeared again. Finally, Ms. Hu also contacted the wardrobe dealer and asked him to send someone to dismantle the wardrobe at home. The installation worker said that it might be the reason for the floor. When the installer removed the wooden floor under the wardrobe, the pungent smell suddenly disappeared. It floated up from below. Ms. Hu finally knows where the taste of her family has been plagued for two years.

Nowadays, my family’s health is damaged, and the air has been spent a lot of money. I also have to worry about whether the body will leave any sequelae. Ms. Hu, who is angry, has found a wooden floor dealer to ask for a refund. The wooden floor dealers agreed to first test the removed floor and then process it. The test results showed that the floor was damp and mild, and it was not a quality problem. Ms. Hu lives in a dozen floors and is less likely to get wet. Subsequently, the person in charge of the wooden floor dealer went to Ms. Hu’s home to conduct a field inspection, and he could not stand the taste. Afterwards, he agreed to give compensation. Ms. Hu said that she should at least 10,000 yuan, and the dealers would agree to a maximum of 5,000 yuan.

In the face of the fact that Ms. Hu and her family are ill due to taste, there are other aspects of labor costs, lost time and other losses, industrial and commercial personnel said that 10,000 yuan compensation is not high, and ultimately Ms. Hu retired One step, with a compensation of 9000 yuan for a one-time settlement, at the same time the dealer is responsible for replacing the new wooden floor, the difference is more than a small amount.

Release date: 2014/10/16 10:18:23

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