Imitation wood grain tile is easy to use? Imitation wood grain tile brand recommendation

Many people choose to lay imitation wood tiles when they are at home in the ground. Achieve the same decorative effect as wood grain tiles, enhancing the overall aesthetics. So is the imitation wood grain tile easy to use? What are the famous imitation wood grain tiles brand? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

Is it easy to use wood-grain tiles

1.Long service life

Imitation wood grain tile has good wear resistance and deformation resistance, and it is not easy to cause deformation and fading during use. Durable and long lasting.

2.Decorative effect

Imitation wood grain tiles have the natural pattern and gloss of wood, and the decorative effect is remarkable, which can create a home for the user. More relaxed, comfortable and natural home living environment, improve the quality of interior decoration.

3.Safe and environmentally friendly

Imitation wood grain tiles are mostly matt bricks, with good anti-slip performance, it is not easy to cause people to slip and fall, safe and secure. At the same time, it also has good environmental performance and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

4.Multiple styles

In the market, there are many imitation wood bricks with different shapes, materials, patterns and styles for consumers to choose. It can be widely used in bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, kitchens and bathrooms. It is the best-selling type of ceramic tile in the major building materials market.

Five imitation wood tile brand recommendation


Dongpeng Tile is a well-known large-scale ceramic tile manufacturer with professional design and development team and production base. It has strong technical advantages in the production of imitation wood grain tiles, glazed tiles, crystal porcelain, vitrified tiles, etc., and can provide users with perfect one-stop home service.


Smick is one of the most popular ceramic tile brands in China, providing consumers with all kinds of high quality anti-static flooring, glazed tiles, glass fossils Such products have certain market competitiveness. Its tiles are made of environmentally friendly materials and strict simulation technology, and the quality of the products is guaranteed.

3. New Zhongyuan

New Zhongyuan is the industry One of the promoters of environmentally friendly ceramic tiles, the products produced by the company not only have a good decorative effect, but also have good environmental performance. During use, they will not produce substances and gases harmful to the human body, and will be well received by consumers. Support and love.

4.Marco Polo

Marco Polo has strong production strength, has a high reputation in the market, can provide consumers with more quality matt brick, imitation wood brick , microcrystalline stone, polished tiles and other product series. Among them, its “China Impression” products independently developed and produced by the industry experts unanimously affirmed and supported.

5. Owenlai

Owenlai is a family One of the largest companies specializing in the production and sale of ceramic tiles, it has great technical advantages in the production of quartz stone and medium and high-end ceramic tiles. After years of steady development, it has become one of the most popular ceramic tile brands and well-known wood grain brick brands in China.

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