How to judge whether the shower head is leaking?

The sudden flow of water after the shower is turned off is a problem that most people will encounter. Sometimes it is turned off after a while, and the time is short. Is this the quality of the shower? actually not. The water that appears after turning off the shower is actually the water in the top spray and shower pipe. So how do you judge whether the shower head is leaking?
Why is the water leaking after the shower is turned off?

In order to pursue the comfort of the bath, the current top spray of the shower is quite large, and the larger it means that the more water is stored inside the faucet. After use, the air pressure and atmospheric pressure inside the shower are in balance, so the water inside will not flow out for a while, and will flow out after losing the balance water for a while. This is a problem with large top spray showers. It is not that the shower leaks or is broken, so you can rest assured that you encounter this problem. If it is a continuous dripping water leak, that is the quality problem.

How to judge whether the shower head is leaking?

1. Hold the spout of the shower head with your palm and use your mouth to align with the water inlet to check for water leakage. If there is a leaking shower head, it will leak.

2. When the shower head is watered, it is slightly sideways when the water is discharged. It is easy to see if the shower head is leaking.

3, multi-function shower head is the most leaky in the case of dual function, some shower heads only do not leak when in a pattern, but it is difficult to ensure that it is not under dual function Will leak.

What if the shower leaks?

1, the leakage of the shower head to the ball

Firstly, the shower head should be unscrewed from the steering ball ring to find the O-ring inside or A similar seal and replace it, then turn the shower head back into place.

2, leakage at the shower head handle connection

Select the appropriate shower hose and faucet according to the specifications, and replace the rubber ring and reinstall it.

3, Leakage caused by gravel or sediment

Rotate the shower head, if necessary, soak the parts with vinegar and scrub the parts. Be careful to avoid scratching it. If the shower head is adjustable spray, carefully inspect all movable parts to see if there are excessive signs of wear. If the rotary handle does not move smoothly, or if the internal cam is broken, the entire shower head needs to be replaced.

4, the shower head water becomes thick and thin mix

The shower shower takes a long time, the water output will become smaller, because the water quality is not good, the water inside With a large amount of alkali, scale deposits at the outlet hole, causing the shower to clog. It is also very simple to solve. For a shower with silicone particles, knead gently. If the scale is serious, use a plastic bag to hold the white vinegar, wrap the shower for a while and then rinse with water.

Although the shower is small, if the problem of water leakage is still very troublesome, the bath is even more uncomfortable. Therefore, when you buy at the beginning, you must not be tempted by small and cheap and blindfolded by inferior products. Xiaobian always believes that the indispensable thing in life is to take quality first, perhaps it is expensive when buying. But it can save the cost of repair and replacement in the future.
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