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Although the sanitary ware products in the building materials city are dazzling, choose among them Small-sized bathroom products are really not easy, and the owners of small-sized houses are often young people who have just worked. They need small-sized sanitary wares that save money and save land. It is better to have a bit of grade.   

For small-sized houses Said that the area of ​​the bathroom can be said to be small and medium, generally speaking, only about 4 square meters. Although the sanitary ware products in the building materials city are dazzling, it is not easy to choose the products suitable for the small-sized bathroom, and the owners of the small-sized houses are often young people who have just worked, they need small and expensive sanitary wares that save money and save land. It is better to have a bit of grade.

1. Wash basin refuses to wash the basin in the small bathroom Don’t install the pedestal, because the column space below is almost impossible to use, unless wrapped in a custom-made bathroom cabinet, the two costs are not as good as buying a narrower On the above counter basin, the money saved will be purchased for an oversized undercounter. Add some small cabinets or brackets to store scattered items, plus soap and soap and towel bar and other hardware, cost-effective and space-saving bathroom decoration is done. .

2. Mirror cabinet and base cabinet bathroom furniture The size is not large, but the trivial facial cleanser, toothbrush cup, razor, etc. commonly used in the bathroom can be subtly hidden behind the mirror, and other washing and cleaning products with a longer period of use can be neatly collected in the basin. In the small cabinet below. Together with the overall mirror design, you can stretch out the sense of space.

3. See the length of the bathtub In a bathtub below 1.5 meters, the depth is often deeper than the average bathtub, about 70 cm. This type of bathtub is easier to stand than a normal bathtub, and does not affect the comfort of use. Smaller toilets should choose a small and deep bathtub.   

4. The wall decoration of the domestic ceramic tile small bathroom does not have to be too particular. The imported high-grade ceramic tile costs a lot, and it is not easy to produce a strong aesthetic effect in a small space. It is better to use domestic ceramic tiles of tens of yuan and one square meter. For example, the flowers of the glazed bright brilliance of the glazed face are made of the internationally popular 20times; the size of 20 cm, and the surface is uneven, and there is a layer of distinct luster under the light, which makes the space large and bright.   

Now, there is also a The waterproof coating specially designed for the bathroom costs about 40 yuan / square meter, and it is also a cheap and good choice. Calculated by a 4 square meter bathroom, the cost of the wall floor will not exceed 1,500 yuan.

5. Small footprint The more common toilets on the toilet market are divided into two types: the whole and the split. The overall toilet toilet because the water tank and the toilet are molded once, the scrap rate is relatively high, the price is more expensive than the split toilet of similar style, and the floor space is larger. Therefore, choosing a separate toilet in a small space saves both land and money. The 70 cm slimming toilet is an ideal choice for small-sized toilets.   

The door frame is inlaid with stainless steel sheets to prevent moisture The door is often in a damp environment, and the door frame is unknowingly decaying. If a stainless steel piece is placed under the door frame, it can be protected from moisture. If the door is damaged, you can saw off the damaged part, do some proper repairs, and then insert a stainless steel piece around the door frame to slow down or prevent the decay of the entire door frame.   

The basin is fitted with a shower or Pull-out faucets are used to bathing their heads at night. After sleeping, they often make their hair messy, so many people choose to wash their hair in the morning. If it is very troublesome to use the entire bathing equipment just for the cleaning of the hair, it is a good idea to put a shower or a pull-out faucet on the basin, just like the treatment at the barbershop.

垛子 can punch holes to place items >

There are toilets for pipes and ventilation There will be more space-consuming scorpions out of thin air. Although they can’t be dismantled, they can be turned into treasure. For example, there are several holes of the same size on the rafters around the bathtub, so that the toiletries have a hiding place. The same tile as the surrounding walls is placed in the cavity, which is both beautiful and expands the storage space, which is convenient to use.   

Hanging above the toilet Above the water tank of the toilet bowl is the vacuum zone in the ordinary bathroom decoration. In fact, without affecting the toilet, we can use this space to make a hanging cabinet. The cabinet can be placed with sanitary paper, hand towel, detergent and feminine hygiene. Supplies, etc.   

The upper basin of the basin is placed on the shelf Whether the board is on the surface of the basin or on the countertop of the bathroom cabinet, too many cleaning products will appear disorganized and easy to knock down. Therefore, it is possible to nail a 10 cm wide shelf at the upper part of the basin. You can put a makeup bottle, a brush, a wash cup, etc. The height of the shelf is not to hinder the use of faucet, the material can be selected from wood, glass, etc.

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